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When Serbia refused, Austro-Hungary declared war on Serbia, forcing the mobilization of Russia to prevent the destruction of Serbia.

German forces mobilized in support of Austro-Hungary by prior agreement, and declared war on Russia in response to her mobilization of forces.

To avoid a war on two fronts, Germany attacked France because of the fear that France would attack Germany once Germany and Russia went to war against each other.

Britain entered the war against Germany because Germany invaded Belgium to bypass the most fortified approaches into France. By 1917, German attacks on neutral shipping bound for England provoked the U.S. To enter the war as well. Some of the first action of the wider war was the occupation of German colonies in Asia and Africa. By the end of the
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war, England was poised to rule much of the Middle East until after World War II, which control was ratified soon after the end of World War I by the Balfour Declaration.

II - Discussion 2 - Nationalism, Imperialism, Sovereignty, and "Rising Expectations" as Causes of World War I:

Serbian nationalism and long-standing resentment of the oppressive Austro-

Hungarian imperial monarchy accounted for civil unrest throughout Bosnia and Austro-

Hungary. The Ottoman Empire had long imposed an oppressive regime in the region which conflicted with the rising expectations of post-Enlightenment Balkan Europeans who sought greater self-determination. Complex allegiances between nation states still relied on military commitments and mobilization strategies dangerously outdated by international relationships of 1914 and by the lethality of modern mechanized warfare. REFERENCES

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