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Job Analysis Selection InterClean merged EnviroTech, a result, a strategic direction. The company longer sell cleaning products, provide full-service cleaning solutions organizations health care industry.

Job analysis and selection

As InterClean merged with EnviroTech, the resulting company is one with an increased operational complexity. Specifically, instead of simply selling cleaning products, the new firm would also be offering cleaning services to customers in the health care industry. This specifically means that the quality of the products and services delivered has to be of the utmost highest standards, in order to serve the extreme hygiene needs of the medical field.

In order for the company to succeed in its endeavors, it is necessary for it to adequately staff, train or otherwise manage the human resources. This necessity is pegged to the fact that the employees are the ones who create and sell the products, and also the ones who deliver the services. This means that they are the ones who represent the firm in its interactions with the customers. They are as such the ones able to create customer satisfaction and the return of the clients to repurchase the products and services, and as such ensure revenue sufficiency.

The middle manager comprehends this importance of the human resources and makes intense efforts to motivate and train the employees to fruitfully comply with their job specifications. The middle manager represents a combination of line manager as well as human resources manager. In other words, it is the scope and responsibility of the middle manager to implement the strategic decisions regarding production and service delivery, such as meeting deadlines, communicating with customers or ensuring a commodity sufficiency. On the other hand, as a human resources manager,...


The process is complex and does not merely integrate the tasks and responsibilities of the employees, but incorporates specific overall organizational elements, such as the mission (Gross, 2009). In this order of ideas, the company's mission is that of becoming the best provider of cleaning services to the local health care industry. The brand the company would create as a cleaning service provider would help in consolidating the company's position as a vendor of cleaning products.

With this mission in mind, workforce planning comes to identify the primary stages of accomplishing the mission, and dividing the employees in accordance to the respective stages. In other words, in order to accomplish the mission of becoming the number one provider of cleaning services in the local health care industry, a threefold strategy would be implemented and it would be constructed on the following stages:

Adequate staffing

Management, and Products and pricing.

In terms of staffing, one person would be assigned to identify staffing needs and participate to the selection and hiring processes. The role would be assumed by the middle manager, who would continually collaborate with the employees in human resources. Two manager-like positions would be created for the employees, and these would report directly to the middle manager. They would serve as personal assistants to the middle manager and several responsibilities would be delegated to them, as each individual situation would require. At the generic level, the main responsibilities of the two assistant managers would be those of monitoring customer satisfaction and monitoring the functional details of the organizational operations. Finally, at the level of products and pricing, three individuals would be assigned with full responsibilities. They would be in charge of collecting information on the products, developing…

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