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Recruitment Selection Essays (Examples)

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Recruitment and Hiring Aspects of P&a
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Job Analysis & H Planning

Importance of Job Analysis

As P&A Company, job analysis plays a significant role, and there are a number of reasons for conducting it. The main reason why there is need for conducting job analysis is to make sure that the selection processes we use to select job candidates are lawful and unassailable. One of the benefits of undertaking job analysis is workforce planning. By having an effective job analysis, chosen employees can work hand-in-hand with the company's future casting. This implies that the H department of our company is able to match its necessities with the ability of our present and future personnel. Another need for job analysis is developing our own employees. By making use of the outcomes of a job analysis, we might detect any gaps on a personal level, and help our personnel with their career management (Heron, 2005).

Job Analysis…


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Selection Criteria of New Hires in Public Health
Words: 1803 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21882064
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Action esearch to Identify Superior Candidate Interviewing Procedures

GM505 Action esearch and Consulting Skills

ecruitment, selection, and hiring are two of the primary pillars on which strong companies are built, and they are also some of the most challenging activities that enterprises face with regard to execution. In order to embed effective recruitment and selection strategies in the standard operations of human resources, stakeholder engagement is essential. In many organizations, stakeholders actively participate in the interview processes used to select the "best fit" candidates from the pool of potential new hires. However, even though candidate interviews may be structured and conducted in a systematic fashion, the interviews may not be designed to actually select the most qualified individual who appears to promise both a good cultural fit and high level of productivity.

Action research is one approach to determining how to best conduct candidate interviews. Action research is often used…


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Human Resources Recruitment Strategy and Plan This
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Human esources

ecruitment strategy and plan

This document is about laying down a strategy of recruiting employees in sincere college. Employees move, quit or transfer thus creating a need to open job application for interested candidates. It helps to determine what the job entails, tasks and skills of the employees. It covers an outline of the recruitment plan, job description, methods of recruitment, interview procedures and hiring. The strategy aims at attracting qualified applicants ready to take the job.

ecruitment plan

ecruitment goal

The goal is to attract higher standard candidate with skills promoting the name of the Sincere College. This can be achieved where the faculty of the Davis School of Business should suggest names of people who "know people" in the field who should be called upon to nominate individuals. The other way is posting advertisement in newspapers, journals read by people in this discipline and posting advertisement…


Edenborough, R. (2007). Assessment methods in recruitment, selection & performance: A

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Page Ltd.

Improving Police Recruitment
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ecruiting and etaining Police Officers:

• Discuss the difficulties in recruiting, selecting, and retaining police officers. What suggestions can you offer for improving the recruitment, selection, and retention of qualified police officers? Be specific about the traits you would seek in new recruits, and why.

According to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) report entitled Hiring and keeping police officers, financial cutbacks and negative publicity (particularly in regards to racial profiling) coupled with increased educational requirements has resulted in greater difficulty in recruiting new police officers nation-wide. Further causing shortages in the ability of police to fulfill essential functions is the corresponding increase in training time, often to specifically to expand education in community policing techniques to improve relationships between the police and historically discriminated-against communities. Attrition rates do not seem to be significantly impacted, however.

egardless, there is a delicate balance that must be maintained between improving the qualifications…


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Effects of the Recruitment and Selection Process
Words: 3115 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 26394534
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H strategies differ at times from management strategies. One study conducted in the early 90's highlighted the dominant H strategies of one company. " ... a cost reduction strategy and an employee commitment strategy. These strategies were distinguished from one another on the basis of five realms of H policy and practice: work organization, employee relations, staffing, training, and compensation" (Bamberger, Biron and Meshoulam, 2014. P. 56). Cost reduction strategies aim to augment efficiency through enforcement of employee compliance with detailed procedures and rules as well as basing things like employee rewards on some assessable criteria.

Commitment strategy on the other hand is meant to develop a team of dedicated employees that can be trusted to use their discretion in order to perform job tasks in ways consistent with the goals and aims of the organization. The study established that the organization's commitment strategy is a collection of practices categorized…


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Proposition of New Recruitment and Selection Processes
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knowledge steps required recruit staff important segment workplace demonstrate strategic skills CEO. You share essential strategic administrative steps important function Human esources include metrics evaluate recruitment selection approach implemented.

Director of the HSS Human esource Department,

Proposition of new recruitment and selection processes for senior staffs at HSS

HSS is one of the largest companies within its sector of operations, and the quality of its services, as well as its competitive position are highly influenced by the quality of its staff members. With this realization in mind, the scope of the Human esource Department is that of improving the processes of recruitment and selection for the senior staffs of the company. Throughout the following pages, three methods of recruitment, selection and metrics will be presented, followed by an analysis and a final recommendation of a method to be used.

ecruitment approaches

The three proposed alternative methods to recruiting the higher…


Jacobsen, D. (2013), "16 HR metrics smart HR departments track," Globeforce,  / accessed on April 2, 2015

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Hiring Selection & Training Methods
Words: 1972 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7917133
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HR Case Studies

UPS Management

The author of this report will be answering several questions relating to compassion and proper management skills in the workplace whilst using UPS and their CIP as the prism through which the topic will be assessed. There are a total of four questions that will be answered including whether compassion is something that can be taught in a training program, whether the CIP program can help better manage work/life conflicts, what negative outcomes could result from the CIP training and why only 50 of the 2400 managers with UPS are included in the training. While compassion in the workplace seems to make sense and thus should be used, it can create additional and bigger problems if not wielded and used properly.

Questions Answered

An associate "learning" compassion in a training seminar is a bit of a stretch. Either someone has it in their proverbial DNA…

Recruitment and Selection Methods
Words: 613 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97867815
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Topic ecruitment and selection


ecruitment and selection methodology for a Business Systems Analyst position

Many companies today use their corporate website to recruit administrative and executive staff. This technique has the advantage of self-selecting prospective candidates who have a specific interest in the company, rather than general job-searchers. However, retail companies like McDonald's tend to attract consumers to their website, rather than prospective applicants. This is why these companies may sometimes have difficulty using their corporate websites to recruit candidates. On one hand, using a general job search board will increase the volume of candidates, and perhaps attract candidates who are good at their jobs and have outstanding qualifications, but might not specifically be interested in the restaurant industry. On the other hand, it can attract such a wide candidate base, it is difficult to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Specificity in requirements is essential, to…


Business Systems Analyst. (2011). McDonald's Jobs. Retrieved July 23, 2011 at

Recruitment Hiring and Training of Employees It
Words: 682 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14953522
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recruitment, hiring and training of employees. It involves research approaches to ensuring a hiring process that complies with legal requirements for an equitable workplace and design elements that includes your recommendations for an internal process to design jobs that properly describe the duties and responsibilities of the position and comply with ADA. A recruitment process that guarantees equal opportunity access for all potential employees as well as a selection process that includes all legally acceptable interviews, relevant testing only, a new employee orientation, and training process that fosters a diverse workplace

Job Design Process That Comply With ADA

The process involves analyzing the positions requirements by listing and describing of all the tasks under taken by the position holder. Then follows a careful examination of the performance of these tasks, how the position holder executes the tasks. The process considers aspects of people with various disabilities and the type of…


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Recruitment Training and Compensation
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International Business Machines Corporation known as IBM is an American corporation with headquarters in Armonk, New York. The firm is a computer hardware as well as software manufacturer and marketer. It also deals in information technology infrastructure and hosting. The firm also offers consulting services in fields such as mainframe as well as nanotechnology. The firm started its operations as Computing Tabulating ecording Company (CT) in 1911 after a merger bringing together Tabulating Machine Company, International Time ecording Company and Computing Scale Company (IBM, 2007). The firm adopted its name in 1924, a name that was designated to CT's overseas subsidiaries.

IBM is rated as the second largest employer in the United States in comparison with other firms with 433,362 employees; it also ranked fourth in market capitalization as well as ninth as one of the most profitable companies. Consistent with its large employment base, IBM has established a…


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Selection System for Spy Recruitment
Words: 1013 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84367421
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World War II Spy Assessment for the Office of Strategic Services

As a Selection Specialist to the Office of Strategic Services, my responsibility is to work with a team of three or four other individuals to create a selection system that will be utilized in identifying operatives to conduct a hazardous intelligence-gathering mission. The mission will be carried out behind enemy lines in order to ensure the safety of the operatives. The main goal of this task is to develop a selection system for spies who will work in various countries i.e. Italy, Japan or Germany. This paper examines the development of a selection system for World War II spy assessment for the Office of Strategic Services using the IAPIE case analysis process.

Case Analysis

IAPIE case analysis process will be utilized in examining the creation of a selection system for World War II spy assessment for the Office of…

Recruitment Problem at RTMM Inc
Words: 1076 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83063092
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RTMM Inc. is a software development company that seeks to enhance its success and profitability in the market. This company recognizes that one of the crucial components towards enhancing profitability is recruiting and retaining a highly-qualified workforce. However, the software company is experiencing tremendous challenges in recruitment and retaining such a workforce. While the firm has attracted a considerable number of qualified candidates, hiring and retaining them has proven to be a significant challenge. Therefore, the company needs to develop and utilize a course of action to enhance its staff recruitment and retaining strategy in order to achieve desired profitability and success. This paper examines the current staffing recruitment strategy at RTMM Inc. using IAPIE case analysis process.

Case Analysis

As previously mentioned, the current situation at RTMM Inc. will be analyzed through the use of IAPIE case analysis process. This process/approach provides a comprehensive measure for examining a case…

Recruitment and Retention Plan for Nurses
Words: 900 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73542475
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2015 for a hospital's human resources manager to recruit, prepare, and employ ten new nurses in the space of three months. The statistics indicate the level of difficulty inherent in doing so: Hernandez and O'Connor (2010) quote the forbidding statistics, well-known in the medical profession, which demonstrate that "with a projected shortage of 18,000 nurses by 2015, the employment demand for nurses is widespread and every school has a waiting list" (66). For this reason, the recruitment of new nurses in 2015 requires the most proactive and well-orchestrated strategy that can be devised, and it is up to human resources professionals to involve themselves not only in the most adroit or counterintuitive strategizing for recruitment, but also to lay a heavy emphasis on retention.

The method of recruiting nurses should probably begin with nursing schools. This is the most straightforward and regular strategy, as Hernandez and O'Connor (2010) themselves emphasize,…


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Recruitment Plan and Staffing Plan at Amazon
Words: 1069 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 69959204
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Warehouse Supervisor Recruitment Plan
As Amazon is set to hire 5000 new warehouse workers, the organization seeks an experienced warehouse supervisor. Amazon is increasing staffing at its warehouses and fulfilment centers to improve service delivery and expand same-day or next-day delivery for customers in select areas (Isidore, 2013). A warehouse supervisor is a multifaceted position that includes managerial functions, strategic operations, budgeting and inventory management, and strong organizational skills. This recruiting and staffing strategy covers the steps Amazon will take to ensure compliance with legal and ethical guidelines. The thesis is that Amazon should use standard recruiting and selection techniques to comply with ethical and legal obligations and to promote the best interests of the organization.
Legal Considerations
Recruitment and staffing strategies must comply with local, state, and federal regulations related to non-discrimination and other federal employment laws governed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. When designing the job description…

Aanlyzing Recruitment and Hiring
Words: 683 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93006242
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ecruitment is defined as the process of attracting qualified individuals to apply for positions within an organization at the right time. Hiring the right people requires proper planning that entails evaluating the needs that a prospective individual will fulfil for the organization (Gusdorf, 2008).

Best Practices

According to Gusdorf (2008), H planning must pay attention to the details of the prospects of an organization and forecast accurate future labour needs. Planning for recruitment only begins when all other options have been reviewed and exploited fully.

Online Sources vs. Non-Internet-Based Sources

Internet Sources

Oracle Corporation (2013) says that technology can facilitate automated recruitment and the activities that surround staffing for better quality of candidates, higher productivity, enhanced performance and effective hiring. esources and cost issues have been removed from focus since infrastructure investment is not relevant at this point. The online source is now the infrastructure. Some of the prevailing options…


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Unilever's Strategic Approaches to Recruitment
Words: 3702 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97382276
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We go out of our way to build personal networks throughout the company, not just in our area of responsibility.

4. Our people have a passion for achievement, strive for outstanding results and are determined to get things done.

5. To make sure that happens each and every day, we have created a working environment in which you can be yourself. After all, as a business we need to be as diverse as our millions of consumers around the world.

6. Finally, we believe in everyone's ability to develop and grow. Whatever our function, role or level, we all have an equal right to take advantage of learning opportunities and progress how we want to in our chosen careers (the important things in life 2012, p. 2).

In their online posting concerning, "Fostering a performance culture," Unilever stresses the globalized nature of its performance management processes and emphasizes that these…


'Agile Working.' (2012). Unilever. [online] available:  

Best Practices in Recruitment and Hiring
Words: 1452 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39850877
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Staffing Unit Leadership Talent

Staffing Unit Leadership

Our company's standard procedures for search, recruitment, and selection of employees is designed to ensure a high level of process efficiency, procedural consistency, regulatory compliance, and overall fair[footnoteef:1]ness to all stakeholders. We recommend the following steps to create structure for the recruitment and selection process: 1) Identify the vacancy (vacancies) and evaluate the staffing qualifications needed for the position(s); 2) Develop a job description specific to each position; 3) Develop a recruitment plan; 4) Select a search committee; 5) Post the position(s) and implement the recruitment plan; 6) eview applicants and develop a short list; 7) Conduct interviews; 8) Select the person(s) to be hired; and 9) Finalize the recruitment.[footnoteef:2] [1: Liu, C. (2001, March 11). The fairness factor (I): In recruiting hiring & interviewing. CM Learning. [Web]. etrieved] [2: ____. (2013). ecruitment & Selection Hiring Process, University of California at…

References: 5

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Human Resource Management Recruitment at USC Identifying
Words: 2092 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 29631567
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Human esource Management


ecruitment at USC

Identifying purpose:

Attracting Talent:

Accessing Talent:



Evaluation of emuneration Strategy of the USC

Strategic emuneration

H is Asset

emuneration is Tactic and A Plan

Salary vs. World Class Program

Strategic objectives

Strategic Objectives

Performance Goals

Performance Measures

Organization and Talent Strategies in Emerging Markets

Attracting the most talented pool of candidates and satisfying their needs and retaining them might seem a simple mathematical formula but it is a really tough challenge for many. University of Southern California for example knew that luring and having people on the board was not enough. They had to offer a culture and system that they could cherish for long.


The process of recruitment is formally defined as process of finding a person as per specific job role and matching the job role with the searched person is called recruitment. Employment opportunities of a firm…


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"Recruitment and Selection Process." Recruitment and Selection Process. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Aug. 2013.


Heidrick Interviewing Selection and Hiring Heidrick &
Words: 740 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 85538928
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Interviewing, Selection and Hiring: Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc.

A company is only as good as the individuals working for it. The quality, experience, training and career development of personnel are all critical to the performance and productivity of any organization. This is why strategic recruitment is so essential to the long-term viability of a given business. The investment of time, money and manpower in training and integrating new employees dictates that all efforts should be taken at the outset to ensure that one's company is hiring the best candidates for the job. The case discussion on Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. demonstrates how important the strategy of effective recruitment is to achieving overall business goals.

Brief Analysis

The case of Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. presents us with a company with a unique dilemma. As a growing and flourishing firm in a field that itself is contracting, Heidrick…

Works Cited:

Eccles, R.G. & Laine, D.D. (May, 2008). Heidrick & struggles international, inc., (Case Study). Retrieved from Harvard Business Online website.

External and Internal Recruitment External Recruitment and
Words: 1130 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79602596
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External and Internal ecruitment

External recruitment and its strategy at Coca Cola Company

ecruitment refers to an act of enabling employees take after the various roles and responsibilities within an organization. The act of selecting and employing procedures that ends in having employees fill up various responsibilities within an organization is referred to as recruitment. External recruitment refers to a recruitment process that the human resource of an organization moves outside the organization. The officer in charge searches and selects the best employees who are going to fill up the empty positions of responsibilities. Unlike internal recruitment, the mechanisms that are put in place cater for the organization from outside figures. The organization uses its human resource department to search systematically for workers who can be part of the employee fraternity in the organization (Chan, 2006, p. 34-45).

In Coca Cola Company, stakeholders involve external recruitment as it engrosses various…


Bayo-Moriones, A & Ortin-Angel, P. (2006). Internal Promotion vs. External Recruitment

in Industrial Plants in Spain. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, ISSN 0019-

7939, 04/Volume 59, Issue 3, pp. 451 -- 470

Chan, W. (2006). External Recruitment and Intra-firm Mobility. Economic Inquiry, ISSN

Police Selection the Selection Process for Aspirant
Words: 1282 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26067583
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Police Selection

The Selection Process for Aspirant State Police Officers

Becoming a police officer at the state level requires dedication, courage and tenacity. Indeed, the process for state officers can often be more streamlined, bureaucratic and selective than that engaged at the municipal or local levels. Therefore, becoming a State Trooper will call for a commitment to the recruitment, preparation, testing, and training processes that are streamlined and specific to each state. As the discussion here shows, there are a number of eligibility requirements, guidelines and expectations which can help the aspirant officer navigate the process.

According to the Law Enforcement Preparation Center (LEPC), the process of being hired into a department as a state level officer can actually take up to 9 months. This is because of the lengthy testing, monitoring and training periods which follow the acceptance of the candidate's application. According to the LEPC, "the requirements to…

Works Cited:

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Internal External Recruitment in the
Words: 3202 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11237259
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As shown in Appendix 2 these report gives a complete and detailed picture of candidate's personality type, classifying him to one of five main types: A-director, B - socializer, motivator, people person, C - thinker, analytic, D - supporter, X which means that personality has two types synergized.

Interviewing as the most used employee screening skill

Another very effective method of prospective employee evaluation is evaluation interview. Evaluation interview was a theme of a number of researches and studies, which examine the validity of different interview types. The researches show that structured intrviews have a higher acuracy than unstructured (Huffcutt and Arthus, 1994; McDaniel et al., 1994; Wiesner and Cronshaw, 1988; Wright et al., 1989). In most cases interviews can be planned using job analyses questions or scoring procedures, which can objectively evaluate candidates creditability in prospective field.

Each interview has five common steps: planning and preparing the interview, beginning…


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Managing Recruitment and Selection Being Able to
Words: 1677 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80051822
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Managing ecruitment and Selection

Being able to successfully manage the recruitment and staffing of an entire Human esources (H) department is the foundation of a successful enterprise. For example, eese and French cite the work of Bratton and Gold in saying, "ecruitment is the process of generating a pool of capable people to apply for employment to an organisation. Selection is the process by which managers and others use specific instruments to choose from a pool of applicants a person or persons more likely to succeed in the job(s), given management goals and legal requirements" (2010). This quote aptly highlights the extreme importance of being able to successfully woo and establish a team of competent people who are equally invested in doing an exemplary job with a given company. Thus, the H department needs to understand the nuances and strategies that go into the process of successfully winning over the…


Burton, J., 1998. Managing Residential Care. New York: Routledge.

French, R. & ., 2010. Recruitment and Selection. [Online]

Available at: -


Employee Recruitment When Setting Up and Maintaining
Words: 587 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47065124
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Employee ecruitment

When setting up and maintaining the human resource files, confidentiality and privacy are always significant at workplace. Today most organizations are taking different steps of ensuring that the information within the organization remains confidential and private, however employees on the other hand are seen not to be concerned of this, therefore it is the work of the top managers to make their employees understand the importance of keeping files such as the human resource files as confidential. The human resources professionals should prevent misuse of personal information by safely storing them to avoid unauthorized access. Maintaining confidentiality of information in organization does not only protect the company from the legal hassles, but it improves the productivity of the employee while providing them with a safer working environment and security (Dogra, 2012).

Maintaining privacy and confidentiality for human resource files is important for varied reasons this is because, it…


Dogra, A. (2012). Confidentiality in the Workplace. Buzzle. Retrieved December 7, 2012, from 

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Officer Recruitment Background of Agency
Words: 732 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5030786
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It is also advisable to create a USAJOBS member account so that resumes can be posted online, application status can be found, and automated job alerts received.

4. Interview process -- the best-qualified candidates will be forwarded to the hiring official for that particular job; interviews are done in person or by phone; and selection is subject to Federal Civil Service Laws.

Because Homeland Security is a Federal Agency, and because of the wide range of talent required, Homeland Security has four programs that fit most individuals regardless of the stage of their career:

1. Student and ecent Jobs -- internships, fellowship, and training programs are available in almost every law enforcement opportunity. Some jobs are actively recruited from colleges and universities.

2. Experienced Professionals -- Technical, managerial and other skills (medical, emergency, etc.) professionals are needed.

3. etirees -- Short, long -- and medium terms projects based on part-time…


National Strategy for Homeland Security. (2002, November). Retrieved from

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Online Recruitment Study Recruitment Is
Words: 2117 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54455777
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Once the sampling frame has been defined, the students will be sent a mock-up of a recruitment website and they will be asked to evaluate its navigation, personalization and what factors add to or detract from its trustworthiness online. The mock-up of the online recruitment site will also allow for alerts by specific job category to be defined in addition to personalization of the site as well. Once students have been given the opportunity to review the website, questionnaires will be sent requesting their opinions. To further minimize boas, the students are going to be told this is for a beta test site program for a new job recruitment site specifically developed for graduating seniors.

Data Collection and Analysis Techniques

The data collection and analysis will be initially managed though online survey application Zoomerang, which has preliminary statistical analysis applications included on the site itself. Further analysis of the data…

Bibliography and Reference List

Talya N. Bauer, Donald M. Truxillo, Jennifer S. Tucker, Vaunne Weathers, et al. 2006. Selection in the Information Age: The Impact of Privacy Concerns and Computer Experience on Applicant Reactions. Journal of Management 32, no. 5 (October 1): 601.  (Accessed April 20, 2008).

Susanne M. Bruyere, William Erickson, Sara VanLooy. 2006. Information technology (it) accessibility: Implications for employment of people with disabilities. Work 27, no. 4 (January 1): 397-405.

Employee Selection & Performance Appraisal
Words: 1924 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 65919089
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The Navy's HM strength lies in both its employee selection process and criteria and performance appraisal management program. However, these processes are not without their inherent weaknesses. While ideally, employee selection processes should be objectively conducted through job analysis, it is inevitable that HM personnel will have to depend on both objective measures and intuitive judgment (i.e., based on their experience screening applicants for the organization) to screen and determine the suitability of each applicant for the position. Fortunately, "A school" will ultimately determine the applicant's fit in both the job s/he is chosen for and the organization that is the U.S. Navy. However, to minimize the errors in the process and analysis, it is suggested that the HM should quantitatively determine the minimum mandatory requirements that will help them assess who is the most suitable candidate given that HM needs to screen numerous applicants and must come up with…


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"Navy's Total Force Vision for the 21st Century." (2010). Published by the Department of the Navy Human Capital Strategy.

Employee Recruitment and Selection in Basic Terms
Words: 526 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15266454
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Employee ecruitment and Selection

In basic terms, the behavioral interview model seeks to determine how interviewees respond to various challenges and situations. In that regard, questions likely to be asked in a behavioral interview have got to do with how the said interviewees have responded to specific situations in the past. In this text, I use the behavioral interviewing model to formulate a number of interview questions. The appropriateness and legality of the questions will also be taken into consideration.

The Behavioral Interviewing Model: Examples of Interview Questions

All the questions highlighted below seek to find out how interviewees handled specific situations in the past.

Question 1

Give us an example of an instance where you disagreed with a colleague at work and how you handled the disagreement.

Question 2

Tell us of a scenario where you were called upon to be an agent of change and how you went…


Laton, D. (2006). Developing Positive Workplace Skills and Attitudes. Raleigh, N.C: Lulu.

HR Recruitment Senior Staff Proposal Recruitment and
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H ecruitment Senior Staff Proposal

ecruitment and Hiring of Senior Staff: A Strategic H Proposal

The development of a strong business is dependent on a strong sense of the importance of its human capital. To ensure that the human capital associated with the business is well equipped to help maintain innovate and grow a business is dependent on the organization's ability to recruit and hire effective leaders as well as all those involved in the business. Hiring senior staff is essential to developing core leadership within an organization that fulfills the organizations mission and goals and can lead those within the organization to build cohesion and effective internal development. There are arguments within some of these most effective organizations that stress that human capital is the singularly most important factor in growing a successful business as happy employees are more likely than all others to represent the organization well in…

Resources Management: A Strategic Perspective. Organizational Dynamics, 9(3), 51-67.

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Wal-Mart's Recruitment Process Is the Formation of
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Wal-Mart's recruitment process is the formation of an orientation program where Wal-Mart is presented in an attractive manner so as to encourage prospective employees to sign on and consider working at the store. A preview of Wal-Mart's history is presented as well as an overview of their organizational structure, environment, and culture, and organizational expectations. It is emphasized, for instance, that just as consumers are regularly greeted when entering the store, employees are too. Prospective staff members are also taught how to gauge consumer expectations and are enticed with the prospect of Wal-Mart's diverse training opportunities (Sullivan & Zeno, 2005).

Wal-Mart's training and development opportunities are part of its appeal offered on a de rigueur structure as an integral, rather than external, part of the company on an ongoing process. Wal-Mart also affirms that excellence in programs combined with extended stay at company almost certainly ensure promotional opportunities that accompanies…


Sullivan, L., & Zeno, J. (2005). People first: Talent development is a Wal-Mart Hallmark. InfoWeek Magazine.

Yahoo! Answers. Interview at Walmart & AFRAID!!!!!

Congruence Between the Optimal Selection
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It is essential that prior to the interview process, the objectives of the interview are understood and that the interview is constructed with these objectives in mind. References, although always taken with a grain of salt, are another form of interview that requires specific objectives on the part of the interviewer in order to gain the insight needed to make a useful contribution to the candidate evaluation.

Education and training can definitely help a candidate to move through the recruitment and hiring process, in a couple of ways. The first way is that that candidate can meet firm requirements for the position -- for example a specific educational background or industry training certificate. Many positions consider such qualifications essential, so candidates must acquire the requisite education and training in order to pass the first phase of evaluation. Much of the early part of the selection process is based on quantitative…

Company Selection Techniques Through Nearly a Century
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Company Selection Techniques

Through nearly a century of academic research and clinical study, the field of industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology has attempted to quantify and classify the measures of relative worth which differentiate qualified prospective employees from those unsuitable for recruitment. In that time, a multitude of screening devices and testing techniques have been devised by I-O researchers, including psychological assessments, intelligence evaluation tests, and pre-employment interviews. While the field has invariably expanded to address other concerns, it has been consistently noted that "perhaps the greatest technological achievement in industrial and organizational (I -- O) psychology over the past 100 years is the development of decision aids (e.g., paper-and-pencil tests, structured interviews, mechanical combination of predictors) that substantially reduce error in the prediction of employee performance" (Highhouse, 2008).

The pursuit of perfection within the science of hiring employees began in 1913 when Hugo Munsterberg, a psychologist of German birth…


Highhouse, S. (2008). Stubborn reliance on intuition and subjectivity in employee selection. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 1, 333-342. Retrieved from 

Schultz, D.P., & Schultz, S.E. (2010). Psychology and work today: An introduction to industrial and organizational psychology. (10th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.

Internet for Recruitment Evaluating the
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Given the fact that recruitment online has only been in existence for under three decades, this fact shows how pervasive and effective the nternet is as a recruiting platform. The most critical point however is that the most valuable and most likely successful candidates for new positions are continually striving to learn more about their industries, and how to excel in their careers. As a result, the more professional affiliations a firm has and the reputation of the hiring firm all play a vital part in attracting high quality candidates for hire. How the nternet assists with this process is that it provides firms with the opportunity to vary their approaches of communicating positions, how the positions are conveyed, in what context, while also underscoring the value of the firm's brand and its reputation in the market. Many of these factors are intangible and defy quantification in Web analytics, yet…

In conclusion, these four factors need to be well orchestrated and aligned to a common objective if Internet-based recruitment strategies are going to succeed. Seeing managerial and professional talent as a very vital customer segment is key; it is that perspective of service to a customer that needs to pervade Internet-based recruiting if it is to successful. Underscoring all of these strategies with analytics further quantifies and provides hard evidence of their value.

Examine the reasons why a business may want to use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Myspace in the recruitment process.

Social networks have been developed based on the main design criteria and objectives of Web 2.0 in mind, including ensuring high user participation, interactivity of applications and user experiences, and a high degree of authenticity and transparency (Bernoff, Li, 2008). By their very nature, social networks bring a high degree of collaboration and communication into relationships, whether they are between two friends or between people and brands or companies they admire and like to follow. For the human resources professional, social networks are the future of recruiting, especially for

Job Analysis Selection Interclean Merged Envirotech a
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Job Analysis Selection InterClean merged EnviroTech, a result, a strategic direction. The company longer sell cleaning products, provide full-service cleaning solutions organizations health care industry.

Job analysis and selection

As InterClean merged with EnviroTech, the resulting company is one with an increased operational complexity. Specifically, instead of simply selling cleaning products, the new firm would also be offering cleaning services to customers in the health care industry. This specifically means that the quality of the products and services delivered has to be of the utmost highest standards, in order to serve the extreme hygiene needs of the medical field.

In order for the company to succeed in its endeavors, it is necessary for it to adequately staff, train or otherwise manage the human resources. This necessity is pegged to the fact that the employees are the ones who create and sell the products, and also the ones who deliver the…


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Analyzing Group Process and Skill Selection
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Group Process and Skill Selection

ecent developments at the medical industry increase the life expectancy. Census reported that 36.3 million Americans were 65 and over in 2004 and 71.5 million Americans will be 65 and over in 2030 (see, Therefore, the age related diseases and related industry (i.e. eldercare) have been taking an important part of the American society. Taking care of a person with memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's disease is a demanding task as it requires mental and physical strength. Social supports groups are very helpful to deal with mental and physical distress for Alzheimer's patients' caregivers. In this brief document, a social group session is discussed.



Garvin, Gutierrez, and Galinsky (2004) describe the social work groups in which the social workers participate as part of their professional activities either as participants or facilitators. The interaction between social workers and…


Garvin, C.D., Gutierrez, L.M., & Galinsky, M.J., (Eds.). (2004). Handbook of social work with groups. New York: Guilford Publications.

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International Business Expansion Process International Recruitment and
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international business expansion process.

International recruitment and selection brings a number of challenges for business organizations. They not only face difficulties in hiring the desired skillful staff from the host country, but may also have to deal with severe financial and cultural diversity issues. Through this research study, an effort has been made to highlight the major challenges and issues which make the international recruitment and selection process more complex and challenging for multinational organization.

The research report starts with an ample introduction to the esearch question and proceeds by highlighting the core objectives of the research study. The research question clearly states the major objective of this research study in a quite precise and succinct manner. The most important section of the research report is Literature review which has been written after a comprehensive research from a number of academic and industry journal articles and books; most of which…


Ashamalla, M.H. 1998, International Human Resource Management Practices: the Challenge of Expatriation. CR, 8 (2): 54-63.

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Link Between Recruitment and Selection Practices and Business Success
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ecruitment and Selection Techniques contribute to the Success of an Organization

ecruitment is a form of business contest and it is fiercely competitive. Organizations have to be strategic in order to attract and retain top talent to positions in the company. Competition between companies have become even more fierce and companies are doing all that they can to get the best talent for their organizations. Hence, it is important to have a well-defined recruitment policy in place, which can be executed effectively to get the best fits for the vacant positions. Selecting the wrong candidate or rejecting the right candidate could turn out to be costly mistakes for the organization. Companies understand that having the right people will definitely be difference between success and failure. ecruitment and selection is an ongoing process (Wilson, 2013). Businesses determine the present and future requirement of the organization and increase the success rate of…


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Human Resource Management & 8226 Evaluate Selection Practices
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Human esource Management • evaluate selection practices procedures organisations comparing ' practice' • compare structured process recruitment organisations evaluate methods media •

Human esources Management

Selection processes and practices are vast theoretical concepts, which can be implemented using a wide series of theoretical models. While the availability of scholarly resources cannot be denied, the practical implementation of selection processes and practices within firms is often undisclosed to the public. It is subjected to internal regulations and not communicated to the public. At the Prairie View A&M University for instance (a member of the Texas A&M university system), selection is simply stated to be conducted "by an ad hoc committee made up of faculty within the department of Agriculture, Nutrition and Human Ecology" (Website of Prairie View A&M University). As a comparison to the best practices, a statement can be made in the meaning that the selection process would have to…


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Recruiting and Recruitment Specialists Human Resource Management
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ecruiting and ecruitment Specialists

Human resource management helps to contribute to the development of an organization through the provision of insight as to what resources are available to an organization, as well as what resources are necessary and required for the continued success of said organization. Human resource management helps an organization attain success through the recruitment, training, and retention of valuable and qualified employees. ecruitment specialists are often consulted in order to assure that the most competent and qualified candidates are employed within an organization.

ecruiting, or recruitment, is "the process of identifying and hiring the best qualified candidate (from within or outside an organization) for a job vacancy, in a most timely and cost-effective manner" (ecruitment, n.d.). The task of recruiting candidates for a specific job vacancy within an organization is often delegated to a recruitment specialist, which can be employed by the organization itself and be a…


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2011, from

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"Human Resource, Training, and Labor Relations Managers and Specialists." (2009 Dec 17).

Human Resources Recruitment and Selection
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The key issue is what skills are required to do the job and not what skills the individual employees may have.

Effort -- is the quantity of physical or mental exertion that is needed to perform the job. If the job requires more effort than the other jobs and if that extra effort is substantial and is a regular part of the job then it would not be a violation to pay that person more, regardless of whether the job is held by a man or a woman.

esponsibility -- is the degree of responsibility that is required in performing the job.

Working Conditions - this includes two factors: (1) physical surroundings like temperature, fumes, and ventilation, and (2) hazards.

Establishment -- is the prohibition against compensation discrimination under the EPA and applies to any jobs within any establishment. An establishment is a distinctive physical place of business rather than…


Equal Pay Act. (2004). Retrieved January 30, 2010, from Tennessee Employment Center Web


Equal Pay Act. (2010). Retrieved January 30, 2010, from Web site:

Police Recruitment and Hiring Has
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(Frederickson, 2000, p. 3) Police forces became the fodder for systematic research on the need for and development of improved minority representation in public service as well as a frequently attached public entity with regard to minority status in the community. (Frederickson, 2000, p. 3) As early as the 1960s and 70s police forces all over the nation began to be scrutinized for limiting their hiring pool to white males and began to make changes to support the reduction of this reality. (Broadnax, 2000, p. xx)

The development of police forces within the guidelines of public scrutiny as one of the most significant and public hiring authorities in the public sector has created a hiring protocol that though variant to some degree is similar in most agencies and is reflective of public demand for diversity in representation. Many would likely call the last frontier of this more egalitarian hiring process…


Broadnax, W.D. (Ed.). (2000). Diversity and Affirmative Action in Public Service. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

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Most Important Aspect of the Selection Process
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ight People Into the Wrong Job

Irrespective of the type of business in question, having the right employee holding the right job is what steers an organization towards failure or success. Some disadvantages that may arise from giving the wrong post to individuals (even skilled individuals) are failure and a waste of organizational productivity and employee's potential.


Business success in today's world is gauged in terms of TALENT, i.e., the appropriate aptitude for a particular job. It is stated in Jim Collins' Good to Great that employees aren't the key asset of an organization; rather, it is the 'right' employees that lead a company to great heights. It is vital not only to recruit the right individuals and avoid taking on those who aren't right for the organization, but also to place these right recruits on the right jobs; irrespective of a company type, the individuals within it dictate…


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Human Resources Management Processes Workforce Planning Recruitment
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Human resources management processes: workforce planning; recruitment, attraction selection employees; training, development managers subordinates; personnel administration; compensation; payroll; employee benefits, performance appraisal, labor relations,

Competitive advantage: Four requirements

For a firm to thrive, it must offer a unique product so it can ensure that it can deliver a sustained competitive advantage that cannot easily be undercut by price or substituted by a similar product offered by a firm within the same industry. The following four criteria to establish a competitive advantage are as follows: "(a) the resource must add positive value to the firm, (b) the resource must be unique or rare among current and potential competitors, (c) the resource must be imperfectly imitable, and (d) the resource cannot be substituted with another resource by competing firms" (Wright & McMahan 1992). Finding a physical good or service that meets all of these criteria can be challenging, but Wright & McMahan…


Wright, P.M., & McMahan, G.C. (1992). Theoretical perspectives for strategic human resource management. Journal of Management, 18(2), 295-320.


History of Psychology Applied to Employee Selection
Words: 1202 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21806075
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History of Psychology Applied to Employee Selection" appears in Historical Perspectives in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Although it is a chapter in the book, it provides detailed information and can be used as a stand-alone text in an analysis of the subject. Vinchur (2007) divides the subject into chronological time periods, which is unusual for most essays in the field of organizational psychology. The first section is on the origins and early years of the application of psychological principles to employee selection. Surprisingly, this section covers the Industrial Age until 1930, an era in which psychology was barely recognized as a science let alone human resources being recognized as a field. The next section in the article is about Depression, World War II, and immediate postwar period employee psychology practices. Basically, this section covers 1930 until 1963. Finally, the civil rights era and "beyond" is the section that includes developments…


Brown, J. (2002). Training needs assessment: A must for developing an effective training program. Public Personnel Management, 31(4), 569. (EBSCOhost Accession

Number: AN 9004432).

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Hiring People the Recruitment and
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The advantages of external recruitment consist in bringing people with new ideas within the company and continuing to the diversity of the company. The disadvantages are represented by the high costs and resources this type of recruitment requires. Most companies use this type of recruitment for lower level positions.

When analyzing these types of recruitment, it is recommended to associate them with various situations. This is because they have been developed in order to be used in situation characterized by different conditions, instead of addressing similar situations. The inefficiency associated with these recruitment techniques must be attributed to their incorrect application.

Another important issue derived from the hiring process is considered to be the retention of the employees. In some specialists' opinion, retention problems begin during the hiring process. The recruiting factors that are considered to influence personnel retention are represented by: hiring people focused on money, recruitment sources, their…

Reference list:


Owen, C. (2005). Human Resource Management. International Digest. Retrieved March 13, 2011.


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Online-Recruitment E-Recruitment or Online Recruitment
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Companies are already facing a new fear of attrition.

A espite claiming to be engaged and content in their current position, a new survey of over 1,000 UK employees has found that many are always on the look out for the next opportunity and a company that can offer them a more interesting job. The survey, by staffing company Adecco, found that despite the fact that eight out of 10 believe they will be in the same job in 12 months from now, four out of 10 have nevertheless applied for a job or registered with a recruitment agency in the past year?( nline (recruitment creates? 2006).

Implementation of e-recruitment process

Not only for implementing this particular system but to implement or introduce any sort of new process in an organization involves risk. So, it is necessary and better to consider all the consequences and benefits associated with it. Following…

References; nline recruitment creates generation of job flirts

Management Issues. Retrieved on Aril 2007 at 

Online Recruitment Marketing Council Retrieved on Aril 2007 at

Blue Gum
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Blue Gum HR Practice Overhaul

Recruitment Policy

Blue Gum's new codified and consistent recruitment policy will have an overall emphasis on attracting high-quality and career-oriented individuals for all positions within the company. Annual assessments of labor needs should be used to generate estimates of hiring needs and thus the amount of resources that should be allocated to recruitment efforts. After several years of program operation, estimates based on the efficiency (i.e. conversion rate) of recruitment efforts will help establish more accurate estimates. Advertising in relevant academic and industry journals should take place for specific positions in order to attract more qualified and experienced applicants who already have an eye towards industry development and progress. For entry-level human resource needs, recruitment efforts will consist of increased presence at job fairs, primarily those hosted by colleges and universities in order to attract more educated and qualified candidates. Creating a strong internal environment…

Large Firm and Small Firm on Several
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large firm and small firm on several characteristics. A small firm usually consists of 50 to 200 employees, while a large firm can be considered consisting of more than 1000 employees. The firms with employees consisting of 200 to 1000 can be considered mid sized. For the research, I was able to find two firms: one large public sector firm, which deals with delinquency & crimes, referred to as the Bureau of Crime and Delinquency and one small firm employing 35 employees in a nearby store. This small firm sells local made furniture, including beds, chairs, tables, and other household wood products. In the following, we are going to compare these large and small businesses on several criteria as shown below:

Organization Structure and Management Style

Large firms and small firms are different in the sense that small businesses and large businesses face several of different problems. At the same…


Atuahene-Gima, K. (1996). Market Orientation and Innovation, Journal of Business Research 35(2), 93-103.

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HRM Comprises of Issues Regarding People Management
Words: 2089 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10455348
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HM comprises of issues regarding people management and their development starting from "traditional selection, training, compensation and performance to the alignment of HM functions and activities" with strategic objectives. It is an acknowledged fact that it is the people who constitute the human capital and who are responsible for all that happens and systems, tools and techniques are becoming more and more sophisticated and useful. But, ultimately it is the people who are going to use them by providing the right inputs and make decisions based on the information available. (Module 8: Human esource Management) As the Director of Human esources my ranking of the 6 H functions from the list arranged in order of importance are (I) Human esource Planning (II) ecruitment (III) Training (IV) Performance Appraisal (V) Employee Benefits and Compensation (VI) Equal Employment Opportunity.

(I) Human esource Planning-

An all-inclusive Human esource Planning Strategy contributes a significant…

Resources Planning. Retrieved from Accessed 18 August, 2005

Company Policies - Queensland Health. Retrieved from  Accessed 18 August, 2005

McNamara, Carter. Employee Benefit and Compensation. Retrieved from  Accessed 18 August, 2005

McNamara, Carter. Employee Benefits. Retrieved from 

Accessed 18 August, 2005

Women and Gender Bias the
Words: 13238 Length: 42 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 41373850
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Under these circumstances, an ethical dilemma is born. Should society control its development or leave it to chance? And in the case that it should control it, which categories should it help?

If the person in the above mentioned example is helped, we could assume that in a certain way, the person who was not helped because he or she already disposed of the necessary means, the latter one might be considered as having been subject to reverse discrimination. Yet we ought to look at the picture from an utilitarian point-of-view. Under these circumstances we might state that society as an overall system has more benefits from helping the categories which are in bigger need of help (for example the ones mentioned in the principles of affirmative action).

ut what are the exact principles of affirmative action: let us take a look at them and analyze them. Title VI, section…


"Access, equity and diversity, American association for affirmative action," Retrieved October 27, 2010 from 

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Staffing the Organization
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General Electric Staffing Initiatives


General Electric is one of the leading producers and manufacturers of energy-related products worldwide. The company operates as conglomerate offering technology, media and financial services and is leading name in the business of energy production manufacturing such things as "gas, steam, and aero derivative turbines; generators; combined cycle systems; and renewable energy solutions, as well as provides water treatment services and equipment." (Yahoo Finance)


The company operates around the world employing more than 300,000 employees. And hence staffing and recruitment more major concerns at GE as it looks around for the most talented people with strong work ethic and a serious desire to perform well in a rapidly changing environment. For this reason, staffing is carefully planned and GE takes advantage of the changing trends to hire the very best.

Kim Warne is the manager of the GE…


GE official website. Accessed online 17th Feb 2011 from

Bob Williams, Managing Editor. GE: Clean energy concerns help drive staffing initiatives

Energy. PennEnergyJobs.

"GE PROFILE" Yahoo finance.  

Walmart human resource practices and change
Words: 1685 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84246693
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Wal-Mart, the biggest global retail chain, may be counted among the largest organizations worldwide, with regard to its size, financial performance and business value. This paper aims at examining Wal-Mart’s Subsystem and HR Management change, with particular emphasis on personnel selection, development, performance, training, and compensation management (Thompson 2016). Further it will address the key stakeholders of the organization.

Organization and Major Subsystem in Need of Change

Numerous factors contribute to a company’s success, and a few of them critical to the success of Wal-Mart are personnel selection, development and training (Thompson 2016). The organization needs to ensure its HR department receives adequate support to maintain its reputation and satisfy its business expectations and needs. Its major subsystems include Adaptive, Maintenance, and Management.


Investors’ chief concern is profits. They desire more revenue generation by the company, which would increase their dividends. They also desire minimization of operational…

British Perspective on Total Quality Management it
Words: 5113 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96546326
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British Perspective on Total Quality Management

It has been surmised that there is a particularly British perspective on the idea of Total Quality Management (TQM), and that this perspective differs from the perspective held in the United States or other countries. Addressed here is a review of this concept, in order to determine whether this British perspective is something that is actually seen, or whether it is a myth. Naturally, it is not possible for the British version of TQM to be completely different from other versions, because TQM has certain traits and characteristics to it which must be addressed by any company using it. egardless of this, the way a company chooses to use TQM and which parts of the TQM approach they emphasize can be related to culture. Because the British culture carries over into how business is conducted in that country, it stands to reason that there…


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Human Resource Management Is a Practice of
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Human esource Management is a practice of managing human skills, capacities and talents, to ensure their effective usage in the attainment of organizational goals, objectives and overall competitiveness (Youssef, 2012). Every Human esource manager performs various functions of recruiting, hiring, selecting and training competent employees. In addition, the manager offers competitive compensation and benefits packages, which attract, motivate and retain qualified employees. However, it is the function of the Personnel manager to devise ways, which will increase the employee effectiveness in performing the jobs. These ways include training, offering education and developing the capacities of the employees. As a result, there is an improvement of the employee contribution towards the attainment of organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Effective management of employees' productivity is a crucial element in attaining organizational success (Youssef, 2012). High levels of productivity enable the organization to offer high compensation and benefits packages, which do not affect its…


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Staffing Decisions the Staffing Process Be it
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Staffing Decisions

The staffing process, be it hiring, selecting or deselecting of individuals is usually quite a complex and multidimensional decision making process that can have ramifications on teams, individuals and even organizations. The paper will look at how staffing decisions are made using a particular staffing model or decision making system. It will also give an explanation on the role of validity, utility and fairness when it comes to evaluation of staffing decision. Ethical and legal issues that might arise from staffing procedures that do not meet standards will also be highlighted.

Staffing decisions are those that are associated with recruitment, selection, promotion and separation of employees. Modern jobs are quite complex and therefore for one to be successful in these modern jobs they have to have attributes like general mental ability, conscientiousness, communication skills as well as specialized knowledge. This implies that information on a candidate has to…


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Chapter 6: Staffing Decisions

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Developing a Strong Bench
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strong ench

The concept of a strong bench for an organization suggests that an organization becomes a fort in the today's competitive business environment if it has a strong team of employees to support the organizational goals and mission. This concept of strong bench further illustrates that the workforce is not just for the current situation but is geared to the future needs of the organization. The future needs can only be met if the company has talent and it hones the talents of its employees to prepare them for future responsibilities. So, its not just about having strong talented candidates for employees but it also involves engaging them in activities for a future position. If the company then has a strong bench meaning that a pool of honed and geared-up talent ready to assume more responsibilities then it gives that organization an edge.

This whole article emphasizes the importance…


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Personal Statement Emba Additional Details Hesitate Mail Thx
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personal statement emba additional details hesitate mail.thx SARFARAZ IQBAL PATEL Dubai, U.A.E Mob # 00971506505573 E-mail: -- KEY PROFICIENCIES INCLUDE: • • Business Development • Recruitment selection • Motivation Reward • Key networking skills • Strategic Accounts • Employee Development • Relationship Development • Market Identification ? PROFILE Highly qualified professional strong background Sales, Sales Management, Business Development Account Management collaborative environments.

Personal statement: MBA

I have over twelve years of experience in sales and marketing leadership positions with my current employer Orchid Gulf FZ, an independent trading company specializing in luxury paper. As part of my work for Orchid, I have cultivated relationships with a variety of international companies, spanning from Fedrigoni (Italian), Mohawk (U.S.A), Schefeulen (Germany), to Terraskin (U.S.A). My position has enabled me to become fluent in a variety of business customs, cultures, and attitudes. I seek to broaden and develop this fluency over the course of…

Human Resources Plan the Process of Globalization
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Human Resources Plan

The process of globalization has determined companies to develop innovative strategies in their attempt to create competitive advantage. Human resources represent the most important resource that companies can use in order to improve their position on the market. Therefore, numerous companies focus on improving the aspects that influence the activity of their employees. This refers to improving the recruitment and selection process, to updating the organization of personnel's activity, and to adapting the motivational strategy to the requirements of employees. These are the most important factors regarding human resources that can influence companies' activity.

The deficiencies of the company's human resources system start with the recruitment and selection process. If this process is not well organized and in accordance with the objectives of the company in case, then it is expected that the HR department will not be able to recruit the best candidates for each position.…

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