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The more effective such systems of transport, the easier it is for labor to either to commute to work a fair distance from their home. Cities provide concentrated sources of labor that may not need to commute far distances. Also, the willingness of laborers to leave their home communities and relocate is an important cultural factor to remember, as well as the cost of transportation. Finally, in some areas, gas for cats is quite expensive, while public transportation is fairly cheap, which will affect labor patterns of migration and may be different than one might expect from one's experience in America.


Local attitudes to international companies, towards a diverse workforce, and to employing refugees may vary from country to country.

Labor market:

The diversity of the labor force, whether it is primarily skilled or unskilled, diverse or homogeneous in its ethnic, age, or skill composition will affect what types of laborers are most desirable for employment. What constitutes a high standard of living or acceptable or desirable occupations or employment conditions may also affect supply and demand of certain types of jobs and payment brackets. The availability of unemployment compensation may also play a role.

Labor unions:

One of the reasons Western Europe has such high minimum wages, unemployment compensation, and employment protection laws are because of its strong, popular trade unions, which may oppose foreign nations that do not compensate their employees equally generously -- Wal-Mart, for example, has had trouble adjusting to the different cultural environment and attitude towards unions in Europe. (Mason, 2006)

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