Labor Relations Automation In The Workplace Technology Essay

Labor Relations Automation in the Workplace

Technology has changed the workplace with the potential to automat many processes. The jobs which have been impacted may be seen in many industries. Initially, automation was seen as impacting on manufacturing, where the creation of robots to undertake many of the manufacturing process as seen as having the potential to eliminate almost all manual manufacturing jobs (Sloane and Witney, 2010). These were over estimates, as problems have meant that although robots may be used extensively, they have not been able to replace all manufacturing jobs. However, automation is not simply the use of robots, it is any process that ay be automated. Other jobs that have been impacted can be seen where there is the prudential for computers or computer control process to take over from human processes (Sloane and Witney, 2010). Jobs such as dock workers have been reduced due to the use of containers...


Firms that would once have entire departments of accountants may not have only a few, with automated process collecting and processing data increasing efficiency (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2010). This will even impact on the public sector where government employees may face obsolescence.
Automation has a number of advantages for the employers. The use of automated process can create a more uniform level of production, as machines do not need coffee and lunch breaks, holidays of sick time, although they may require maintenance, which is easer to plan for. The ability of the machines to operate in this way also has the potential to increase efficiency and reduce production…

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