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The Right to Strike Labor Rights and Worker Unions

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1. The National Labor Relations Act ensures workers’ right to strike, especially in sections 7 and 13. Section 13 is most explicit about the right to strike, asserting, “Nothing in this Act, except as specifically provided for herein, shall be construed so as either to interfere with or impede or diminish in any way the right to strike, or to affect the limitations or qualifications on that right,” (National Labor Relations Board, n.d.). However, there are limitations on the right to strike. Not all collective bargaining agreements between labor unions and management will include provisions protecting the right to strike, and this is especially true for industries with services deemed essential. Strikes are legal when the workers affirm a clear purpose for striking; in other words, strikes cannot be arbitrary. The timing of the strike must also be relevant and as non-disruptive as possible. Workers should absolutely continue to have…… [Read More]


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Labor Relation in Public Sector

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Labor Relations in Public Sector

Collective bargaining in the public sector organizations will be quite different from that of the private sector organizations. The factors that drive the collective bargaining process in the private sector might not be present in the public sector. Private sector organizations are more concerned on the profit maximization philosophy whereas the public sector firms are more focused on serving general public therefore their priorities would be totally different and management approaches to collective bargaining would also be different. Moreover, private sector firms project for long-term budget forecasting, whereas in the public sector it is managed through third party legislature depending on the voters. These create challenges for the public sector to formulate a policy document that looks after the labor relations.

The Public Employees Fair Employment Act, commonly known as the Taylor Law, is a labor relations ruling policy document that covers public employees in…… [Read More]

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Labor Union Acts the Rights

Words: 1869 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27926544

This was certainly needed as technology has also evolved from time to time and the nature of labor that was being used in the 1920s or so is not the same as is the nature today. This is certainly commendable. Along with the changes in laws, the emphasis on labor and its problems have also been shifted out of the center stage and matters that were directly being dealt with by the Secretaries Office have shifted out. This shows clearly that importance of the problems of labor have now become of a much lower priority and this is also clearly seen in the patterns of development of American business and industry where many production units have transferred their labor problems by shifting them out of United States. The government has also clearly remained out of the ambit of labor laws as no laws are applicable to government laborers. Thus it…… [Read More]


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Labor Organizations Discuss the Similarities and Differences

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Labor Organizations

Discuss the similarities and differences between at least three labor organizations discussed in Chapter 3.

The Knights of Labor was a standard labor union comprised of individual workers across the nation. They were inclusive in terms, employing both skilled workers in crafts industries as well as unskilled laborers such as coalminers. (Rayback, 1966, p. 168). They had limited political objectives such as the eight-hour workday and the prohibition of child and convict labor. Their broader objectives were social: to improve the image and social status of the working man.

The AFL was not a labor organization, but a federation of affiliated labor unions. (Dubofsky & Foster, 2004, p. 138). The AFL was exclusive, accepting skilled workers in crafts industries and skilled workers in industry. The AFL's goals were economic, they provided financial and political support for affiliated labor unions in contract negotiations with employers. (Dubofsky & Foster, 2004,…… [Read More]

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Labor the Department of Labor Is Present

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The Department of Labor is present today to promote, foster and develop the welfare of the employees or the labor force in the United States. The labor system focuses on the improvement of the working conditions and the fulfillment of opportunities for more profitable employment. As it would be known, rules and regulations are there to keep things in order. Similarly, the Labor system in the country is guided by laws that guarantee the rights and privileges of the labor force of the country.

The Department of Labor has made laws concerning working conditions, minimum hourly wage, and freedom from employment discrimination, worker's compensation and unemployment insurance. The labor system also aids in job training programs and it helps workers find jobs. Everyone needs a decent source of income and if a person has some sort of skill or talent, they should definitely make use of it.

The basic…… [Read More]


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Labor Weak Protections Under U S Law Allow

Words: 678 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80330013


"eak protections under U.S. law allow children as young as 12 to work unlimited hours outside of school on tobacco farms of any size, and there is no minimum age for children to work on small farms. Despite the known risks of nicotine poisoning, there are no special provisions in U.S. laws or regulations to protect children from the unique hazards of tobacco work."

I was aware that there were a few exceptions to child labor laws on family farms. This alone is a sensitive issue given the potential for injury with lifelong consequences, along with the conscription of children into farming labor that may detract from their ability to pursue other careers. Yet until reading this passage, I had no idea that child labor was still permitted in a larger context in the United States, especially in large farm contexts. hen it comes to exposure to pesticides, dangerous…… [Read More]

Work Cited

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Labor Studies Motivations for Taking Up Union

Words: 372 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24500024

Labor Studies

Motivations for Taking Up Union Office

The role of local union official is usually an unpaid position, even where compensation is offered it will be constrained; this indicates motivation for those who do take up the office is unlikely to be financial (Sloan and Witney, 2010). So why do people take up that office?

In a seminal study on the path to union leadership has indicated that several preconditions exist prior to an individual considering taking up union office. An individual will need to perceive themselves as having the suitable qualifications to stand for leadership, and will not stand unless they believe others to hold the same perception (Koziara et al., 1982). In most cases, the qualifications will include previous experience in union administration (Koziara et al., 1982), which itself indicates that standing for office is likely to be part of a progression. The same study also notes…… [Read More]


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Labor and Union Studies Define

Words: 4045 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5326538

All of the employees on an airplane, for example, could form themselves into a vertical bargaining unit if they chose, the unit including stewards and stewardesses, as well as pilots. Similarly, in a school, teachers, janitors, and office staff could all form a vertical unit. In contrast a horizontal bargaining unit unites all those who perform similar work. The fact that the pilots at Spirit Airlines belong to a pilots union that includes pilots from other airlines means that they constitute a horizontal bargaining unit. As well, teachers in the Chico school could form a horizontal bargaining unit if they joined with other teachers at different schools, and even in different districts. Members of a bargaining unit agree to work together because they share common interests and goals. Bargaining units appear either as elements of unions or as workers uniting for a common purpose. An entire union is also frequently…… [Read More]

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Labor Movement the Enactment of

Words: 743 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94180893

The question is should a worker have the ability to stop work as part of their collective bargaining rights at the expense of the public good. And, how much is the public good actually represented by the interests of the organization the company is striking against vs. its own selfish interests?

Ultimatately wokers should have the right to choose when they will work and under what conditions. The Taft-Harley Act is aply labeled the "slave-labor" bill. As economist Murray Rothbard explains,

There is no moral excuse, in a socity claiming to be opposed to slavery and in a country which has outlawed involuntary servicture, for any legal or judicial action probibiting strings-or jailing union leaders who fail to comply. Slavery is all too often more convenient for the slavemasters."

Further, if the public good is truly at stake, public pressure will help ensure that a strike is quickly resolved by…… [Read More]


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Labor and Monopoly Capital

Words: 1197 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87950152

Labor and Monopoly Capital

HAY BAVEMAN's book Labor and Monopoly Capital carries the tradition of Marxist schools. The author focuses on the labor process under the Fordism, arguing that how the work, under the discipline of scientific management, becomes disjointed, dull, and repetitive. According to him, the work is degraded. Like Marx, Braverman is a deterministic and looks into the question of how technological change in Fordism affected the attributes of work and the discrimination of working class.

The labor process under capitalism is one of the central themes of Braverman. Its main emphasis lies in providing a voice to the working-class movement. Taking his insights from Marx, Braverman is considered the latest follower that has accurately appreciated the profundity of Marx's work. Supporting his work from Marx himself, and drawing on his own experience as a trained craftsman, a socialist militant and journalist, and a manager of two publishing…… [Read More]


Harry Braverman, "Automation: Promise and Menace," The American Socialist, October, 1955, pp. 7-12.

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Labor Economics the Economic Impact

Words: 2444 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10232236

In case of a competitive market model, the implementation of the minimum wage for all workers would result in a decreased demand for labor force. Therefore, the reduced employment would generate increased unemployment. If the demand and supplies are extremely elastic and sensitive to the legislation modifications, the increase in unemployment would be tremendous.

In the situation of a monopsony, the monopsonist will tend to correlate his employed staff with the established minimum wage rate. As such, if the government sets a minimum wage higher that his implemented salary, he will also tend to increase the number of employed personnel members. This behavior can be explained by the fact that the monopsonist sees himself in a competitive market.

Occupational Health and Safety egulation

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 is the most important document regulating the internal conditions at the workplace. The importance of this act is given…… [Read More]


McDonnel, B.M., 2008, Contemporary Labor Economics, 8th Edition, the McGraw Hill Companies
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Labor Dispute Resolution

Words: 1480 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36713445

Labor elations

A collective bargaining dispute was recently settled between Major League Soccer (MLS) and its players, on the eve of the 2015 season. The league had just finished averting a dispute with its officials, who formed a union in 2012, when the dispute with the players arose (Parker, 2014). The MLS Player's Union (MLSPU) and MLS had just seen their prior five-year deal expire, and the union was seeking more flexibility for its members. The structure of Major League Soccer is that the league owns all of the contracts for the players. The teams are franchises, and negotiate deals with the players, but ultimately the league has final say over player movements. This restricts the rights of the players with respect to free agency. Soccer players in Europe, where several leagues act as competitors with MLS for playing talent, players enjoy full free agency when their contract ends. In…… [Read More]


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Labor Productivity A Quantitative Analysis in the

Words: 1281 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2345929

Labor Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis

In the aforeposed article Professors Randolph Thomas and Karl Raynar attempt to comprehensively examine the effects on labor productivity resultant from management's deliberate scheduling of overtime hours (Thomas & Raynar, 1997). While such tactics have been highly utilized historically with the intent of increasing productivity, the overworking of employees seems a bit counterintuitive with respect to the enhancement-related goal. This conundrum has been the cause of much controversy because of its potential for unlawfulness (exceeding the mandated 40-hour work week) and its potential for humanistic labor exploitation. In analyzing this litigious topic, Thomas and Raynar collected continuous feedback from four industrial projects for a period of 122 weeks (Thomas & Raynar, 1997). In doing so, these experts narrowed their study into a direct unit-based efficiency model (Thomas & Raynar, 1997). That is, in their selection of the industrial sector as the arena for their work,…… [Read More]


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Labor When IT's Flat on Its Back

Words: 2262 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60574986

Labor When it's Flat on its Back," by Thomas Geoghegan.

Specifically, it will discuss whether I agree or disagree with Geoghegan's question and title of his book.


Geoghegan is a labor lawyer who has a dim view of the modern American labor movement. He believes it is past its prime and usefulness, and will eventually dwindle away, dying a lingering and painful death, and leaving millions of Americans unrepresented in its wake. He believes this will occur if total labor union membership falls below 10% in the United States. "U.S. manufacturing has gone down the drain, and with it, it seems, the entire labor movement. Just 16% of the workforce now [1991], down from 20-25% ten years ago. Maybe it will drop to 12. Once it drops to 10, it might as well keep dropping to zero" (Geoghegan 3).

Unfortunately, the author's predictions seem to be coming…… [Read More]


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Labor Union Giving an Overview

Words: 3220 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15802917

The procedures, rules and regulations for creating the unions are varying in different parts of the world. Moreover, those labors are not accustomed to the working conditions, rules and regulations and provide less desirable attributes for labor works. Hill (2007) also explained with extensive research statistics for the establishment of union programs in different regions such as Mexico.Despite rules and regulations, the labors are forced to work as salves. They are not given the complete incentives that their job description offers. With this in mind, the labor unions continue to present an idea on its rapid growth so that labors can be given their rights with freedoms. According to Hill (2007), labor unions though provide some solutions for immigrant labors however; effective programs and measures are working towards the change that is needed by these unions (Hill, 2007). The formation of labor unions can be useful to control the illegal…… [Read More]


Baldwin, R.E. (2002). The Decline of Us Labor Unions and the Role of Trade. Washington, D.C.: Institute for International Economics.

This book depicts the history of labor unions and tells us the circumstances under most of the labor unions declined. It tells us about the role played by labor unions in the past and what were their failures due to which they faced their decline. Besides this, it also relates the labor unions with trade.

Compa, L. (1993). Labor Rights and Labor Standards in International Trade. Law and Policy in International Business, 165-191.

Compa, in this article describes the problems that labor faces in many companies and how due to these problems many of the members of these unions leave their team. This article tells that it is imperative that labor unions should not involve in each and every matter of the company but should only involve in such matters where they think it is suitable.
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Labor and Union Studies

Words: 1385 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77307508

Conflict, Debate or Struggle in the Contemporary U.S. Labor Movement

The work of utkowski and Dirkin (2010) reports that a kosher food company in Williamsburg is "locked in a battle with former workers who charge they were stiffed out of overtime pay - and then fired when they complained." The investigators for the National Labor elations Board is stated to have found that Flaum Appetizing Corporation "illegally booted the workers, and ordered the company to cough up around $260,000 in back pay." (utkowski and Dirkin, 2010) However, owner of the company, Moshe Grunhut is stated to have "refused to comply -- saying he won't' pay the workers because they're undocumented immigrants." (utkowski and Dirkin, 2010)


The methodology employed in this study is one of a qualitative nature that has involved a review of the literature in regards to case of failure to pay overtime on the part of Flaum…… [Read More]


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Labor and Employment Law

Words: 1948 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38374886

decision will need to be made about the future of each one. Each decision will be supported with an analysis of the situation using the relevant legal framework. In general, companies are allowed to terminate employees if the termination is part of a downsizing, which in this case it is. Naturally, however, the issue of severance will be raised, and must be taken into consideration for each of the employees in question. The format will be a discussion of each individual employee, his or her situation, but then the final decision about who to terminate and how will be conducted at the end of the report. The microbrewery is probably a qualified company, with at least 15 employees, or this discussion would not be taking place.

Employee #1 -- Mike illiams. illiams is a member of a protected group, being Asian. His performance has been above the median, which gives…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Why Labor Unions Prefer Seniority Strategies

Words: 850 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98484476

Labor Relations

Unions give lots of credit to workers who have seniority because unions are known for their wiliness to repay loyalty, for one thing. If a worker has been in a union for a lengthy period of time that shows dedication to the union and the company; and also it shows respect for the union leadership. According to journalist Gregory Hamel, gaining seniority in a union takes a long time, so workers may be "reluctant to quit their jobs because doing so might erase their seniority" (Hamel, 2012). A new hire in a union will receive a certain base pay rate, and a worker who has been in the union for five years would also receive that base pay rate "plus an additional amount based upon years of service" (Hamel, p. 1). Union workers with seniority may get more vacation time, and in the event of a layoff, new…… [Read More]

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Labor Negotiating Practices the Issue of Labor

Words: 1715 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34401992

Labor Negotiating Practices

The issue of labor negotiating practices is one of the most important issues that companies must address. This is because the sensitiveness of labor problems is reflected in their legal implications. The battle between employers and employees becomes more and more difficult and requires advanced negotiation skills.

Company's Stance towards Labor Issues

The company that is analyzed in this case is represented by the companies that joined their forces in order to purchase Twinkies and other important brands from Hostess in their attempt to invest in their revival. These companies are represented by Metropoulos and Co. And Apollo Global Management. The potential of these brands has been acknowledged by the two companies that are interested in opening up new production plants. This means that they will hire a large number of employees. However, the issue in this case is that these companies are not interested in allowing…… [Read More]

Reference list:

1. Feintzeig, R. (2013). New Twinkie Maker Shuns Union Labor. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved May 20, 2013 from

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Labor Elections America Is a Competitive Place

Words: 676 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76460006

Labor Elections

America is a competitive place and many of the economic and social systems in place reflect this quality. Economically, capitalism and all of its market specific rules apply to the many working people in this nation as well. The purpose of this essay is to describe how labor unions are affecting these economic processes and how they can contribute to the greater conversation revolving around the economy and employment issues. This essay will describe a union election from the standpoint of a campaign manager of union candidate to express my personal feelings and strengths towards this analysis. The second part of this essay will address the GMFC case study and explain my actions with a philosophy on employee relations.

Corporations appear to have much of the political power in the country today as far as labor realations are concerned. Labor unions are dwindling in power every year as…… [Read More]


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