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The procedures, rules and regulations for creating the unions are varying in different parts of the world. Moreover, those labors are not accustomed to the working conditions, rules and regulations and provide less desirable attributes for labor works. Hill (2007) also explained with extensive research statistics for the establishment of union programs in different regions such as Mexico.Despite rules and regulations, the labors are forced to work as salves. They are not given the complete incentives that their job description offers. With this in mind, the labor unions continue to present an idea on its rapid growth so that labors can be given their rights with freedoms. According to Hill (2007), labor unions though provide some solutions for immigrant labors however; effective programs and measures are working towards the change that is needed by these unions (Hill, 2007). The formation of labor unions can be useful to control the illegal immigrations and to address the problem of short supply of workers in many areas such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels etc. However, on the other hand it is also essential that the problems of labor unions in this regard should be addressed seriously.

It is commonly considered that the youth of a nation is its asset and it take steps for the betterment of a nation. Good labor unions can be formed with the youth of a nation but unfortunately, the employment rate of youth is quite low. This is one of the problems faced by the labor unions in the present age. For this reason, a statistical analysis has been taken from Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development and other sources. This unemployment rate for the youth has been increasing in countries like Spain, Germany, France, Canada and USA. Moreover, the long-term trends that keep the rate constant are evident from the statistical analysis. The unemployment rates was compared for adults and youth and it was estimated that the youth unemployment is vast in comparison to adults (Martin, 2009). There are number of reasons that describe this trend. First, youth workers have least seniority in their jobs and while downsizing due to economic conditions they are terminated more often than people with senior posts in an organization are. The lack of experience is also another major factor, which accounts for unemployment. They may work for lower incentives but less experience and knowledge of their field will drive them nowhere. According to Martin (2009), youth is inclined towards the financial support from families. They show resistance in working on their own by moving to other places. With the financial support on their side, they tend to show less concern for their jobs, which increases the chances of their likelihood unemployment. The increased ratio of schooling has also contributed in the way that young people remain involved with education for a longer period of time hence they are unable to work professionally. Economy in particular is greatly receiving adverse effect due to this condition. The unemployment rate remains to be 8% for USA in the current year. It is affecting its economic conditions in this era of recession by creating more jobs and less experienced individuals to perform those jobs (Martin, 2009).

Tait (2005) specifically emphasized on the formation of unions and the National Labors Relation Act to control the activities of the labor unions. Unions formed by industrial worker and employees have a strong position when it comes to highlighting and supporting the basic rights of labors and workers (Tait, 2005). The unions are rapidly growing and this expansion was first noticed in 1935 labor unions of USA.


Based on the above discussion, it can therefore be concluded that labor unions have their own significance in every organization. However, in the twenty-first century, it has been observed that these unions are subject to various criticisms and thus face many problems. A number of researchers explained as to how and why the changes in economic development have affected the formation and integration of unions all over the world. The economic conditions of the countries have adversely y affected the formation of these unions (Craver, 2006). The unions have lost their focus and their working and planning is not more than protests and strikes. Long ago, they used to have recognized establishment, which would secure the rights of the labors and help in maintaining their freedom. However, the poor economic conditions of the society has evolved many forms of corruption and manufacturing organization are now looking to apply short cut methods for their businesses. According to Charles, the NIra has failed to keep incompliance with the growing concerns of economy and does not provide any beneficial enforcement for the unions formed. Charles (2009) believed on the fact that different steps can be taken to enhance the role of NIra in the economy. Labor and employment issues are one aspect recessive economies are facing and in the 21st century world, NIra seems to lose its role in function for the labor groups however, the strong employee restraints could not stop unions from forming into strong bodies helping with labor issues. In addition to this, Charles (2009) also reported that the unions must find and focus on their objectives, and education must be the core requirement for every union formation. Apart from this, if greater employment opportunities are provided to the youth, it is likely that firm labor unions may be formed and these unions will easily cover all the problems in their path. Awareness campaigns and other workshops are also suitable reasons for making the people realize about the significance of labor unions and in this way the problems faced by these unions can also be avoided.


Baldwin, R.E. (2002). The Decline of Us Labor Unions and the Role of Trade. Washington, D.C.: Institute for International Economics.

This book depicts the history of labor unions and tells us the circumstances under most of the labor unions declined. It tells us about the role played by labor unions in the past and what were their failures due to which they faced their decline. Besides this, it also relates the labor unions with trade.

Compa, L. (1993). Labor Rights and Labor Standards in International Trade. Law and Policy in International Business, 165-191.

Compa, in this article describes the problems that labor faces in many companies and how due to these problems many of the members of these unions leave their team. This article tells that it is imperative that labor unions should not involve in each and every matter of the company but should only involve in such matters where they think it is suitable.

Craver, C.B. (2006). The Relevance of the Nlra and Labor Organizations in the Post-industrial, Global Economy. Labor Law Journal, 133.

This article tells that since labor unions are not successful in meeting the needs of the workers, they are no more required by the organizations. Besides this, it tells that labor unions have failed to provide the workers with their rights. Craver is of the view that labor unions have reached at their end.

Fitch, R. (2006). Solidarity for Sale. New York PublicAffairs .

Fitch describes that how corruption resulted in ending labor unions around the globe. He uncovers a number of secrets and says that the end of labor unions is not the final destiny. We can proceed further if labor unions continue in an honest way.

Hill, J. (2007). Binational Guestworker Unions. Fordham Urban Law Journal, 307.

This article addresses the topic of labor unions by providing detailed examples of U.S. And Mexico. In addition to this, it also gives some recommendations to the labor unions that they should clearly understand that how communities work.

Hodges, a.C. (2006). Strategies for Combating Sexual Harassment. Texas Journa of Women and the Law, 183.

The importance as well as the need of labor unions is highlighted in this article. It tells that even in this modern age, it cannot be denied that labor unions are of no use. It further reveals the fact that we should remember their dynamic roles played by them in the past.

Martin, G. (2009). A Portrait of the Youth Labor Martket in the 13th Century. Monthly Labor Review, 3.

Martin, in this article describes that a number of changes have occurred in unemployment. Most of the first world countries have faced a decline in its unemployment rates and the reason behind is that the young generation of many countries have no more interest to join the labor unions and fight for their rights. An example of U.S. workers is given who migrated and Mexican unions are discussed.

Polack, R.J. (2004). Social Justice and the Global Economy. Social Work, 281.

Polack describes the significance of labor unions in this article and how effectively they work. In addition to this, this article explains that how some of the social workers are similar to the members of labor unions. Besides this, it tells that social workers can coordinate with the…

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