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Labor Unions Outline

Intro: The history of Unions is one that is filled with periods of fervent increases in membership followed by periods of declining membership. Currently the unions are in a period of extended decline, but there are ways to counteract this decline.

History of Unions

Unions begin with medieval trade guilds.

Trade guilds were designed to benefit the Masters.

Industrialization in the 1800's

Craftsmen used monopoly of knowledge to have a strong bargaining position.

Knights of Labor.

1880's first organization of workers in America to include non-craftsmen.

Knights of Labor expand membership and then rapid decline.

Knights appear connected to May Day anarchist bombing.

American Federation of Labor (AFL).

Originally only a group of skilled tradesmen.

Growth was slow at first, until WWI.

E. World War I.

Unions and government work together, membership expands during the war.

F. Post War Period (Roaring 20's).

Businesses fight back against unions, Red Scare and decline of union membership.

G. Great Depression and "New Deal,"

1. Unemployment increases sharply.

2. Roosevelt begins "New Deal" programs.

a. National…

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