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Lafleur Trading Company

Any institution, firm, company or venture, requires quality leadership and effective management to achieve its vision. However, most people confuse leadership and management, using the two terms interchangeably. Management is a totally different concept from management, and the two works conjointly to produce a desired outcome or objective (Brown & Conrad, 2007). It is, therefore, important for business organization to ensure cohesiveness between the two concepts; so as to ensure that networking within the organization is not impaired. Networking is how the relations between the different departments and people or workers fair. The quality of networking, therefore, is determined by the unity and cohesion among the different departments of an organization (Bertocci, 2009).

Lafleur Trading Company was conceived in 1975 in the wake of globalization of the economy. It is a company that deals with supply of foods and wines across the world. Consequently, having started from a small venture in Vancouver, British Columbia, the corporation has developed at an outstanding pace and become international. The company ships its products to countries all over the globe, which has earned it many partners from...


Their dealing products range from seafood, cheese, fruits and wines. The company has invested greatly in technological advances, consequently gaining more customers through the internet than any other channel. The company upholds very high standards in producing quality product for the clients. Moreover, Lafleur Trading Company offers their products at such consumer friendly prices, making it very marketable. Moreover, the quality that it promises on its website is not compromised in any way. Lafleur Trading Company also has many employees all across its production lines, responsible for customer service, business relations, shipping, quality assurance among other departments and duties. Therefore, it is a large company, with many operations and, therefore, the success it is enjoying both locally and in the international market (Bertocci, 2009).

However, as stated earlier, management and leadership are crucial and pivotal in establishing and maintaining such an expansive business venture (Dalal, 2011). Establishing the company is one step, but the thousand miles the company covers over the years require a continued working relation between the management and the leadership. The management is always the link between the employees and the leadership of the institution (Bertocci, 2009). Some ventures use the management as the leadership. This may work, but for those who use management and leadership as separate entities, the task is balancing the interests. This is the uphill that Lafleur Trading Company is facing currently in ensuring that it continues to remain relevant in the competitive world (Dalal, 2011).

The victory of the business over the years has been largely attributed to the good working relations between the workers and management. The networking among all the institutions in the company…

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