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Legal issues are when you are looking at the underlying impact that the law will have upon the actions of the individual. Where, this will serve as a way of understanding how the application of various rules from: society and within professional organizations will define what actions / behavior are conserved to be ethical. Ethical studies are when you are examining the impact of decisions made by various individuals and organizations. As you are seeking to understand how this will affect the general public and the environment. Together, the two different ideas play an interconnected role with one another. As the underlying ethical principal will define what actions are considered to be the morally correct. At which point, these ideas will be reflected in various laws and regulations. The study of the two different concepts will help individuals to understand how their decisions will have an effect upon: the organization and its relationship with the public. In those cases where managers are acting in the most ethical manner possible, this means that they will have a good relationship with local communities. As they are following the most ethical standards ensuring, that they are not breaking any laws. This is important, because the various laws will look at the actions of the individual and their intent. When you are taking morals into account, it is difficult to argue that an individual or organization was intentionally trying to break these laws. The study of the relationship between legal and ethical issues helps, to provide a foundation for everyone to act within the most socially acceptable ways. (Petesen, 2002, pp. 313- 326)

A good example of this can be seen by looking at the ethical behavior demonstrated by Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic. What happened was, a number of countries around the world were in the process of trying to follow the different provision of the Kyoto Protocol. The problem was; that there was no support for developing cleaner alternative forms of energy. Realizing that his airline was helping contribute to the problem, Branson decided to take action, in an effort to make following the different provisions of the treaty easier (over the long-term). As his objectives are to find alternative forms of energy that could replace traditional fossil fuel sources. To support these ideals, Branson pledged $3 billion of the profits generated by his airline, to help fund research and development for alternative energy. This is important, because it is showing how ethical and legal issues are often intertwined. Where, the various moral views of society will determine the kind of actions a person will take on a regular basis. At the same time, various laws will push individuals to go beyond these standards, to have an impact upon the world around them. In the case of Richard Branson, he was influenced by the moral concerns about the environmental impact from global warming. These views were strengthened by the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol and the frustration with the lack of action on addressing these issues. At which point, his morals would guide him to go beyond the provisions of Kyoto and help him to focus on how he can become a part of the solution. As a result, ethics can push an individual or organization to do more than is required, while the law will help to define what actions are most appropriate (creating an interconnected relationship between the two. (Kim, 2008, pp. 437 -- 442)

Identify your Personal Values and Professional Ethics

My personal values include: being honest with everyone and working to support those individuals (who are facing tremendous challenges in their life). Being honest with everyone is when you want to ensure that you are straightforward with them, about the different issues you are discussing. Where, you are not intentionally misleading the individual or the organization they represent about: yourself as well as what you are mentioning. These two elements are important, because they will help to create a foundation of respect among all parties. As they realize that you are being upfront with them, about the underlying issues and have no interest in trying to misrepresent something. Once this occurs, is the point that a relationship can go to the next level, with both parties having a mutual understanding about the most appropriate forms of behavior (because you established a foundation of integrity from the beginning).

Working with individuals who are facing challenges in their life is when you are engaging in selfless actions to improve the world around us. This is important, because as technology has improved and the world has become more interconnected, the overall amount of problems have increased. When you are helping someone who is facing challenges, you are addressing the overall problems (one person at a time). While, this may not have an impact upon the world situation, it will affect the community and help to build a positive relationship with these individuals.

These two different values are important, because they are highlighting the core foundation of my underlying beliefs, in supporting different principals. This is based upon the desire, to help make a difference in the lives of those individuals around us. As a result, consistently engaging in actions that will support these objectives and it will have an impact upon the community.

The professional ethics that are most important include: looking out for the best interests of the patient and always following professional standards / guidelines. Looking out for the best interest of the patient is important because, it will ensure that they are receiving what they paid for and are happy with the goods or services that they have purchased. This is highlighting a major issue that has often been overlooked by a number of organizations. Where, they will see the customer, as just one part of the process in increasing their overall bottom line at all costs. When you are taking the customer's views into account, you are helping the organization to be successful over the long-term.

Always following professional standards and guidelines, is when you are making sure that you along with organization are following various regulations. This could come from governments to self-regulatory organizations, as these laws are establishing the most acceptable forms of behavior. When you are making sure that you are always following them, you are helping to improve the professional ethics inside an organization. This is because they will form the foundation of providing the most appropriate actions for everyone. At which point, you can go beyond these standards, to provide a moral incentive, for how an organization will deal with everyone. This is significant, because it highlights how these standards, will shape the way managers and executives will behave on a regular basis.

Application-Example (of Legal and Ethical Issues in which you used Ethical Theories and Principles) in your Nursing Practice.

In the application of various ethics there are a number of different theories that can be utilized in nursing to include: natural law, deontology, utilitarianism and the value supposition. Natural law is when is you are living within the different boundaries outlined by society through various rules and regulations. The idea is that under this kind of ethical thinking, these different rules will provide the most appropriate course of action, by establishing a basic foundation of the values. In some cases, this could mean that this will be applied through a professional organization (such as the AMA), while at others it could be signified in the form of various laws that have been implemented.

When you apply this to the actual nursing practice, it is clear that this form of ethical thinking will be based upon the rules that are set by governing bodies. As there is the inherent belief that the professionals will know the most appropriate course of action based upon their experiences. This is important, because it will highlight how some health care professionals will pay extra close attention to various standards in the way they practice medicine. As there is focus on always doing the right thing in accordance with the numerous regulations that are in place. (Hanna 2004, pp. 73 -- 93)

Deontology is when the person is looking at the different morals and then they are creating various rules that should never be broken in their dealings with other people. Where, they could place a particular emphasis on a certain principal such as honesty. The moment that someone begins to break this rule, is when the individual may be become unhappy, because a fundamental tenant has been broken. When you apply this to an actual nursing practice, it is clear that this can help and hinder the health care professional. For example, a surgical nurse could have the responsibility of keeping the family informed about the status of their loved one during surgery. If they were heavily influence by deontology, they could have trouble discussing the state of the person in surgery. The reason why, is because the doctor may not know if…

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