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Letter from Birmingham Jail by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear Sir:

My name is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I am currently imprisoned in a Birmingham Jail as a result of accusations of inciting a riot. On the eve of October 14th of this year, 1958 I lead a peaceful demonstration protesting unfair wages and poor working conditions of the poor people in the city of Birmingham. I would like to preface by saying that I have and will always participate and incite only peaceful protest against unfair conditions and prejudicial views and legislative systems. The disruption that occurred following our peaceful walk was not the result of our actions, but rather the fault of close minded individuals not open to helping others. Justice has not been carried out tonight, and I plead with you to help me pass along the true meaning of truth and freedom through just ways. Justice is not punishing the righteous for their actions, but rather doing what is right despite the consequences. This is what I have done this evening, as I will further explain.

Justice is stopping to help someone even if the consequences of your actions may prove ill fated, as evidenced tonight by my stay in jail. If I do not stop to help other people, then who will I stop to assist?

I believe in peace, in unarmed truth and unconditional love that will defeat all and result in peace. Tonight I, along with several true hearted people, stepped up to defend poor workers against unfair labor practices and wage discrepancies. I risked my status by standing up for these souls, and now will spend an evening in prison. However, I am not just if I can only stand up for myself. I must first stand up for others, and hope that the effects will trickle down, and at some point some will stand up for what I…

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