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It is only then that true liberty has taken place as it has provided a forum and a backdrop for examination of all sides in an issue and given all parties the chance to determine if they still believe in what they stood for (Mills).

According to the essay Mills also does not believe society or the government has any actual or absolute control over an individual. In the essay he addresses his feelings about the government by stating that a good government really has no more power than a poor government over the people that it serves.

Mills refers to civil liberties and social liberties with his essay and causes the reader to examine the meaning of liberty through his use of examples.

According to Mills there is only one justifiable reason that liberty should be limited an that is for the prevention of harm. He is quick to point out however, that moral harm is not harm in the sense of liberty oppression (Mills).

Moral wrongs may be offensive to some, as is the case with Ku Klux Klan however it is not something that is going to do physical or life threatening harm to others. In fact,. The wearing of robes underscores his belief that opposing opinions should be expressed openly so that others can measure their own thoughts and opinions against them to determine if their opinions still hold to be true and right or if they are decidedly wrong.

In the event that actual and true harm will come from the experience of liberty, Mills believes this is valid and fair reason to allow the government or society to step in and reduce the liberty of that person or group.

It would be interesting to know Mills opinion on the new homeland security measures that were implemented since the attacks of 9-11.

Would homeland security violate his beliefs about liberty or would he support the reduction of liberty on a threat of a possible future problem?

According to Mills in his essay homeland security insults his idea of liberty and freedom because it does interfere with people before they have caused harm.

Mills views on Liberty closely dovetail with what the American constitution voices in its desire for freedom for…

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