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Journal Part 2

Odysseus is obviously the protagonist of the story -- seeing as how it's got his name on it -- but is he a hero? Would he be considered a hero today, based on contemporary standards? What evidence can you find to support both sides (heroic and not heroic)?

Odysseus takes revenge upon the suitors occupying his house, both the good and the bad, and he is not condemned for this by the author. Homeric Greece was a pre-Christian 'dog eat dog' society very different from our own. Odysseus is avenging the will of the gods as well as his own honor and his wife and house's honor, given that it was considered a sin to act in an inhospitable manner to a host. A hero today would likely show more mercy -- and also be physically faithful to Penelope. But Odysseus has an almost 'action hero' like quality when he strings the great bow that only he can bend, and returns to fight beside his son. Today, he would be more of an antihero than a purely admirable character, especially given his use of trickery as…

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