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At the same time, he then acts as an interface and communicates to the team the general directions in which the company is moving. However, the project manager also acts as an internal motivator within the team, a coordinator and organizer.

A similarly important role will be played by the project manager in his capacity to act as an interface between the different entities and shareholders involved in a certain project. In order to control scope, several documents should be used, such as, for example, the statement of work, as part of the requests for proposals, or scheduling and budget estimates. For these, the project manager will work with representatives from other departments (marketing and sales etc.), but also with the clients. At the same time, the project manager will have consulted previously with his own team, thus being able to carry to these meetings their own evaluations and estimates. We will thus be able to have a coordination linking all the main shareholders of a project.

Risk management and communication management are in fact closely related. In terms of
Communication can be in paper form, as memos, going horizontally and vertically, for example, once a week. However, emails and phone communication is also encouraged. Further more, for better reporting, regular weekly meetings will be held to ensure that everybody knows about the processes that are going on within the organization at different times.

Change management should be related to the concepts of adaptability and flexibility, both detailed previously when referring to the project team as the main cell of…

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