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Creative Writing Essays (Examples)

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The Contemplative vs the Active Life
Words: 653 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 52226307
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Contemplation and Action: Both Oriented Towards the Service of God
According to the exposition of Gregory on action (represented by Martha) and contemplation (represented by Mary), monks and nuns with regard to their vocation, are united in Christ by their respective approaches to the Lord. Christ Himself engaged in both methods—the active and the contemplative—during His visible/public life. He spent nights in prayer and he also spent many days healing the sick, teaching those who would listen, and visiting many throughout the land. His example corresponds with the dual example set by the two sisters, Mary and Martha. Martha engaged in the active service of serving the followers of Christ, while Mary engaged in the contemplative service of hanging on Christ’s every look and word. Both are essential to the life of the Church, as each performs a specific and necessary function in the Mystical Body. The Mystical Body is…

Lawrence, C. H. Medieval Monasticism, 4th Ed. Routledge.

writing both fiction and nonfiction reflection
Words: 1107 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53414044
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.....filled with confidence that I was going to impress people with what I had to say. Of course, when my first assignment received constructive criticism, I reeled. Since then, I have cultivated a sense of humility and a greater realism in my approach to writing. I think more about my goals with each piece, keeping in mind my audience. If my audience is hostile to my ideas, and I am writing to persuade them, I anticipate what they might say to counteract each of my points. Then, I start the process of outlining and jotting down ideas. What I used to find annoying, restrictive, and tedious I now find to be the most enjoyable aspect of writing. When outlining and brainstorming ideas, I do not need to worry about form and style, or tone and diction. All I need to be concerned about is the veracity of my statements, the…

Creative Intelligence the First of the Four
Words: 940 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19854192
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Creative Intelligence

The first of the four styles of creative intelligence is intuition. Intuition focuses on results and relies greatly on the past experience of the individual or organization in order to guide future decisions that are made. Educators always give consideration to the importance of the past since it is a common belief that mistakes can be avoided simply by taking into consideration the history of the action. From the perspective of the business, every business organization needs to take into account the different patterns that arise and to exercise caution at all times. Through strategic planning, the organization will be able to prepare for all scenarios by forecasting any possible outcomes owe, 2004.

Some of the largest mistakes that are made are as a result of dependence on past results, but so are the biggest successes.


For those individuals who possess the ability to use their own…


Clarke, N. (2006). Developing emotional intelligence through workplace learning: findings from a case study in healthcare. Human Resource Development International, 9(4), 447-465.

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Creative Theatre Writing Dramatic Dialogue
Words: 495 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12592316
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How long has this been going on?

Johnny: Now Vena, nothing's going on. Rochelle just happened to be with me when I went in to Safeway's.

Vena: (voice rising) "Happened" to be with you? It hasn't even been a full year, and already you've moved on to my family members. Is this what you meant by when you said you wanted to see other people? My family? Who's next, my mom!

Johnny: Please, Vena, don't start again. Remember, this is the whole reason why we broke up in the first place. I was going to be graduating, we wouldn't be able to spend as much time together, and you knew you would get jealous.

Vena: But with my cousin? And in my hometown? Didn't you care about me at all; didn't I mean anything to you?

Johnny: (soothingly): Really, I think you're jumping to conclusions. Rochelle wasn't hanging all over…

Creative Problem Solving the Human Condition Appears
Words: 758 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85443210
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Creative Problem Solving

The human condition appears to be creative in nature. Porter (2010) suggested that "ideas appear to arise by chance only when people are actually looking for them. It does not happen to people who are not curious or inquiring or who are not engaged in a hard search for opportunities, possibilities, answers or inventions, " (p.5). The purpose of this paper is to explain a created problem using the Creative Problem Solving Process (CPS). Specifically, this paper will focus on refining the solutions that were presented in an earlier essay.

Original Issue

Within a particular college class room, some of the students regularly come late to the class and left early. These same students also took extended long breaks and were absent from class most of the time. This was not acceptable by the students who always arrived on time and left at the end of the…


Goodman, N. (2012). A Secret to Creative Problem Solving. Entrepreneur, 23 May 2012. Retrieved from 

Proctor, T. (2010). Creative Problem Solving for Managers. Developing Skills for Decision Making and Innovation. Third Edition. Published by Routledge.

Creative Intelligence in Basic Terms an Individual's
Words: 1333 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48086722
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Creative Intelligence

In basic terms, an individual's creative intelligence can be brought out using four primary styles. These styles include inspiration, innovation, imagination and intuition. In this text, I discuss the four styles of creative intelligence. In so doing, I bring out their key similarities and differences and look at how they impact on organizational decision making. Further, I highlight how mindsets and mental modes are influenced by the five forces while giving examples of how the decision making process might be limited by mental models and mindsets. Lastly, I discuss the most frequently used mindsets and mental modes which would ideally guide and influence the decisions I make at the workplace.


According to Weiten (2010), "creative intelligence involves the ability to generate new ideas and to be inventive in dealing with novel problems." When it comes to intuition, owe (2004) is of the opinion that the same mainly…


Rowe, A. (2004). Creative Intelligence: Discovering the Innovative Potential in Ourselves and Others. Pearson/Prentice Hall

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Creative Business Thinking Key Activities There Are
Words: 957 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41671856
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Creative Business Thinking

Key Activities: There are two key activities in the microbrewery business. These are making beer and selling beer. The two are distinct processes, and are only loosely related. The beermaking process is fairly simple, and there are only so many ways to reinvent that wheel. So the key success factor with that activity is to brew beer that has no technical flaws, but also that has a character that appeals to the modern beer drinker. This means building a portfolio with a mix more lighter, more approachable beers and more full-flavored beers that appeal to beer geeks, like the sour program highlighted in on the Kickstarter site.

The second key activity is marketing. Beer distribution is a challenging business. Laws differ from state to state but there is often a third party involved, the distributor. Even with a distributor, microbreweries need to find ways to generate publicity…

Creative Communities the Focus of
Words: 712 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 71098773
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" (Supporting Actors and Graphic Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs, 2005) Creative industries are stated to be reliant upon "the connections to other businesses and industries that can be made in New York." (Supporting Actors and Graphic Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs, 2005) Stated as the biggest cluster of all is the "city's non-profit arts community" which are stated to "generate content that serves as a magnet for tourists from all over the world." (Supporting Actors and Graphic Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs, 2005) It is related that the market in New York City is conducive to the creative community and in fact it is specifically stated "whether you're a harpsichordists or a handbag makers, an appreciative and discerning public stands ready to appreciate quality work." (Supporting Actors and Graphic Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs, 2005) The educational and workforce training scene for New York City's creative sector is described as "vibrant and complex."…


Supporting Actors and Graphic Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs (2005) Center for an Urban Future. December 2005. Online available at: 

Creative New York (2005) Center for an Urban Future. December 2005. Online available at:

Creative Powers it Is a
Words: 2842 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65825873
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Full creativity allows the production of greater wealth, for a stronger and more evolved society.

Further in defense of the moral systems or perceived lack thereof in terms of newly created wealth, D'Souza asserts that most wealth currently created is the result of personal effort, rather than means such as inheritance. The wealth can then indeed be seen as the reward for effort, rather than wealth as a result of luck in its pure sense. Morality's role should then not be concerned so much with justifying the accumulated wealth, but rather with using it wisely for the benefit of humanity, creativity, freedom and evolution.

Another characteristic of freedom, as seen above, is the recognition of new and revolutionary ideas, and implementing those when they are superior to the old. In terms of economy this is as true as in terms of morals. Those in power for example refuse to accept…

Creative Thinkers Lead the Way in Nearly
Words: 628 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2381129
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Creative thinkers lead the way in nearly every field because they are willing to take intellectual risks, according to Kanar and Hopper. Risk-taking involves a leap of faith and even a willingness to fail. The creative thinker has an insatiable hunger for knowledge and understanding, and "does not take no for an answer," (Kanar and Hopper 51). However, creativity alone is insufficient for developing the type of mind that excels in fields like science and technology. Critical thinking is also crucial, because it provides the toolbox for analysis, learning, and intelligent comprehension. Ideally, analysis and invention combine in the dynamic individual.

According to Bloom's Taxonomy, there are six levels of learning including knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. These six levels of learning suggest that there are multiple approaches to solving a problem. A creative thinker knows that if one angle of thinking is not yielding results, that another…

Works Cited

Harris, Robert. "Introduction to Creative Thinking." Virtual Salt. Retrieved online: 

Kanar, Carol and Hopper, Carolyn. The Confident Student. 7th edition.

Creative Process Incubation Is One
Words: 647 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 59321846
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Sublimation refers to this channeling of emotional intensity into creative work: to transform basic psychological or sexual urges into sublime revelations.

2. The collective unconscious is a term most commonly associated with the work of Carl Jung, a student of Freud's. Jung posited the existence of a grand database of human thought to which all persons have access. The idea that there is "nothing new under the sun" reflects the widespread belief in a collective unconscious. Common dreams, shared imagery, and similarity among world religions are extensions of the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious also serves as a wellspring of images, thoughts, sounds, and ideas that artists, musicians, and creative thinkers draw from during the creative process.

3. Archetypes are in fact part of the collective unconscious. Universal symbols or proto-ideas like "mother" or "father" are archetypal. Archetypes are what Plato referred to as the Forms. Jung deepened the theory…


Nash, J.F. (1994). "Autobiography." Retrieved Aug 1, 2008 at /nobel_prizes/economics/laureates/1994/nash-autobio.html

Watts, T. (1997). "Sublimation." Retrieved Aug 1, 2008 at

Creative Story in the Year
Words: 11101 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21198455
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The men of Mortheal started to march down the battlefield. The Territorial Army of King Oreck followed with stable weapons. The army's march soon turned into a slow jog, and then to a run. The spear-bearers led the way with spears held lightly in their hands as they prepared to hurl them into the approaching horde.

The armies were not far from each other now. Orcen armies had been attacking in groups for the last two fortnights, and had suffered many casualties but that did not seem to lessen their numbers any as they streamed forth across the field with no end in sight. Mortheal's army was now running forward as fast as possible while still maintaining their balance. The spear-bearers launched their weapons, desiccating the Orcen front line.

Mortheal himself was one of the first to enter the fray after the spear-bearers had accomplished their task. An axe came…

Successful College Writing Anne Lamott's
Words: 1276 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 81236072
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This is helpful advice for college students who wish for their work to stand out from that of their peers, for by choosing descriptive words over the general, writers can discover stronger and more vibrant ways in which to present their ideas in a thoughtful and critical way.

Goldberg's essay touches on the vital importance of paying attention to the world around us as we seek to learn the names of everything that we encounter. This is a practical tool that Cheryl L. Dozier cites as an effective way to encourage students to make the connection between what they read in books and what they see in the world around them. In such a way, a greater appreciation of words is created, along with an educational foundation which encourages strong literacy skills. In her essay "Literacy Coaching: Engaging and Learning with Teachers," Dozier writes that "noticing and naming involves an…

Works Cited

Dozier, Cheryl L. "Literacy Coaching: Engaging and Learning with Teachers." Issues in Literacy 18 (2008): 11-19. Web. 15 Nov. 2011.

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Boston: Shambhala Publications, 2005. Print.

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High School Improving the Writing
Words: 3793 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38026582
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The author takes a chance bringing a new form of writing to a middle school, a technique that is innovative but not commonplace, thus would give rise to much questioning, which may be an obstacle teacher's would face trying to implement this type of learning style. This learning approaches views all students as independent, thus in an environment where everything is "sterile" or "sterilized and standardized" this type of learning system may receive some objection. By and large however, once educators realize how significant the improvements are among students adopting this method, they are likely to become more compliant and willing to place more effort at implementing this type of program.

The baseline approach used by the researcher to measure improvement is the ability of students to write using their own thinking skills, so they can in theory, teach others about writing. This is difficult to do, because this learning…


Angelillo, Janet. Writing to the Prompt. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2005.

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Sir or Madam I Am Writing in
Words: 626 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35588298
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Sir or Madam

I am writing in response to your request for a comic book writer to develop an original series for immediate publication. I have a substantial amount of experience with writing, and in writing comic books in particular. I graduated near the top of my class with a Bachelor's Degree in creative writing from New York University. I enlisted in the military so that I could study graphic design, and have spent the past three years learning how to perfect details in graphic art -- which has significantly enhanced my propensity for working in the field of comics.

As per your request in your advertisement for writers at MegaCorp, I have provided an overview of my comic book series and an excerpt from the first issue. It is a period time piece which occurs at the beginning of the year 2000. The protagonists are a group of young…

Rfps Writing Proposals Is a
Words: 703 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 19910010
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It is imperative that the proposal writer makes certain the proposal is a good fit for the funding organization. There are many worthwhile causes in the world and even the richest foundations fund only a relatively few. For best results, writers will help develop proposals that align closely with the funder's mission. Writers should look at the mission of their own organization, and consider its objectives, goals and strategic tasks as they seek funders. Successful proposals match projects to an organization's mission as well as match them to a grantor's mission. It usually does not work to create a proposal just for the sake of applying for a grant. eaders of proposals will have difficulty in justifying funding when the missions of grantor and grantee are too far apart.

Writers will work with proponents within their own organization to develop programs or project ideas that will appeal to grantors. The…


Coley, S.M., & Scheinberg, C.A. (2008). Proposal Writing: Effective Grantsmanship.

Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Creative Exercise I Have to Go Soon
Words: 495 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9408090
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Creative Exercise

have to go soon to the nutritionist. feel really sick and tired. know it sounds cliche but really don't feel good anymore. used to just get such a high feeling when binged and purged you know? But also know need help. Do you know embarrassing it is to have to go up to one of the receptionists, tell them my name, and the reason for my visit? especially hate when they have to take my blood pressure and weigh me.

My blood pressure is always high because take stimulants. 'll go crazy if see the scale go past 105 lbs. My goal is to be under 103 lbs. 'm so close. Maybe shouldn't tell them about the jars. Those jars are the only thing that keep me sane. They hide my secret. Should even let them know? They'll just look at me like 'm a burning ant under…

I'll put hospitalization, 12/23/2013, one week, at Sinai Hospital; reason, depression. Father and mother medical history…well my mom has high blood pressure and suffer from anxiety. My dad had diabetes type 1 and died from a heart attack. He always ate a ton of junk food. My aunt has arthritis in her left knee.

I guess that should be enough. I put the address of the pharmacy I collect my medication. I even the emergency contacts and read all the privacy and patient rights forms. I signed everything. Now I just have to go back to the front desk and hand it all in. Great…now I have to wait 30 minutes for the doctor to come. Is she even a doctor? I'm not sure if nutritionists are practicing doctors. Oh well, the nurse just called for my vitals.

Not bad suppose, 120/80. That's a surprise to me. I never have normal blood pressure. I did wait two days to take any caffeine pills. That's odd, they're asking me if I had any sex lately. No…I never had sex with anyone, I'm a virgin. That's private anyway. It doesn't matter, a bunch of yes and no's and I'm done.

Creative Writer I Am Where I'm From
Words: 657 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 9662275
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creative writer I am, where I'm from and what my parents did and all of that derivative kind of carp. I'm a bad creative writer. I write like Dan Brown. Which would be fine if I got paid like Dan Brown. Instead, I rip off opening lines from popular novels and misspell words that my spellchecker doesn't catch.

My editor wouldn't mind so much -- she's always said that there are no original ideas left anyway -- if I could put together a coherent sentence or two. I went to Santa Fe for inspiration and found nothing but Christmas-drenched enchiladas. And I love non-sequiturs, but not the good kind that make you think, just the bad kind that makes me sound scatteredbrained. No, my editor wouldn't mind me being a bad creative writer if all I had was yesterday's ideas and typos: I don't have any good stories either. My…

Creative Growth
Words: 755 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 86613144
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creativity be taught?

hen attempting to answer the question of whether creativity can be taught, first we must define what is meant by creativity. Examples of creativity which come to mind include Michelangelo 'liberating' David from a block of stone; Einstein developing his theory of relativity; and Shakespeare writing his famous plays. However, these actions did not simply come from nothing, like a bolt of lightning from the sky. Michelangelo studied art for years; Einstein needed to learn the basics of the scientific method; Shakespeare was an actor as well as a writer and based many of his plays upon previous works of literature. Although all of these examples of creativity feature originality, they also highlight the degree to which creativity involves mastering a set of skills that have been developed by others, albeit using them in new ways.

To me, this is the answer of whether creativity can be…

Works Cited

Bond, Samantha Chapman. "Can creativity be taught?" Brain Health. 2 Oct 2013. 20 Nov 2014.

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Creative Techniques Evaluative Entrepreneurship Evaluation
Words: 1756 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89450458
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On the other hand, a new business plan should not be so unrealistic as to fail to take note of existing market conditions and real economic pressures. The balance of personalities of team members, between the more practical and introverted, to the more feeling and extroverted individuals gave our team an excellent personality blend of boldness and caution. There was methodological weight behind the market research we conducted, yet there was also innovative thinking in terms of how the product was structured.

Another great strength of our team was the balance of people who enjoyed beginning new projects, and people who enjoyed bringing tasks to completion. One problem with creative idea-generating techniques such as laddering and SWOT is that so many ideas and potential innovations and obstacles can be generated that idea sessions spiral out of control and there is no grounding in reality and no sense of refining the…


Allen, K.R. (2010). New venture creation (International Edition). 5th ed. South-Western

Cengage Learning.

Bolton, B. & J. Thompson. (2004). Entrepreneurs: Talent, temperament, technique. 2nd ed.


creative expressions in films
Words: 880 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76556101
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.....hottest topic on the lips of film lovers around the world right now is Iranian Cinema, which has Majid Majidi as one of its biggest film producers with several of his films earning global appreciation. Several of his productions showcase the importance of family unity and social responsibility. An example is the movie titled 'Children of Heaven' which though has a story based on a pair of missing shoes; it showcases the beauty of unity between a sister and her brother despite going through life's difficulties (Sreekumar & Balasubramanian, 2007).

The Iranian community and culture is very particular about family and they could get extremely comfortable with each other when in love. They have no problems with letting their partners know about their discomfort, annoyance as well as their affection. Iranians hold their family and family members in high esteem (Gable, 1959). Iranians are also well known for being against…

Creative Work the Wind and
Words: 684 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62857156
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Incredibly, it was "The Wind and the Lion" that started me realizing this.

There is a scene in this film in which President Theodore Roosevelt (played by Brian Keith) is at a shooting range with his children and the Secretary of State. Between firing rounds, Roosevelt takes time to clean his gun and have a conversation with his daughter about respecting one's enemies. It is a very quiet and strong moment...a powerful one.

Elsewhere, the Raisuli (Mulay Achmed Mohammed el-Raisuli the Magnificent, played by Sean Connery), is telling a story around a campfire about his imprisonment by his kinsman. The firelight plays on everyone's faces as they sit enraptured around the Raisuli. They are eating lamb or goat under the stars, and it is just a perfect moment.

The Wind and the Lion" is absolutely full of perfect moments. Roosevelt hunting bear in Yosemite, the Raisuli's conversation with Mrs. Pedecaris…

Creative Resources Three Works of
Words: 2279 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20384065
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The message stays with us because the music and lyrics are memorable. Precious provides images that we can carry in our minds. Unlike text, where we must use our imagination to create pictures of characters and scenes, film does that for us. Anyone who has seen Precious surely finds it difficult to forget the images of violence and despair. The Things They Carried is part memoir. Author O'Brien has written other books about Vietnam, but this one is much more personal. It is the work with which most of us can most identify because there are a variety of character types and one is bound to resonate with the reader, reminding him of himself, perhaps, or someone he knows. O'Brien wrote the book in part as self-therapy. He carries the weight of what happened to him and his fellow soldiers in Vietnam.

The Burdens Teachers Carry

As teachers, we carry…


Daniels, L. (Director). (2009). Precious [Film]. Santa Monica, CA: Lionsgate Entertainment.

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Precious. The Internet Movie Database. Retrieved January 30, 2011,from 


Creative Non Fiction and Essays
Words: 939 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88503686
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Ehrlich's "About Men"

Looking for Identity

The story is scripted in the first person and is likely to be from a woman's viewpoint. The dominant theme is about Gretel's attempt to undo the stereotypes hanging over male ranchers. She is an authority that is eligible to share her experiences because she has lived with male ranchers in Wyoming. She makes a valid attempt to paint a clearer picture that there is a lot more about ranching than the rough and tough impression that the world thinks about them. She highlights the fact that ranchers have their soft and caring side. For instance, she refers to one of the episodes in which she compares their strength to a form of disguised softness while their toughness is compared to a rare delicacy. Her position in view of the nature and character of ranchers is rather paradoxical. Although she knows a lot about…


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Creative Nursing Leadership and Management
Words: 2704 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34142187
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Nursing Theories Practices

Nursing Theories

Sister Callista oy initiated the Adaptation Model of Nursing in 1976. The theory has since then evolved to be one of the prominent nursing theories. The nursing theory defines and explains the nursing care provisions. The model by oy sees an individual as a composite of systems with an interrelationship (including biological, social, and psychological). According to Haaf (2008), a person strives towards retaining a balance across the systems and the outside world, although absolute balance levels do not exist. Individuals work towards living in unique bands that they can adequately cope. The model has four major concepts of environment, person, nursing, and health and its application has six steps.

According to Kraszeski & McEwen (2010), a person is a representation of societal standards, principles, or focus. oy's model positions the individual as the bio-psychosocial being throughout a continually changing environment. The person allows for…


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Orwell in Why I Write
Words: 1573 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10263533
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Orwell presents a rather romantic picture of the life of a writer. A writer is someone who is driven internally, psychically, spiritually. The desire to write might initially be due to an admiration of a famous author, or a personal affection for the Harry Potter books. Or, the desire to write might be due to a want of recognition, fame, or even fortune. Writing can be used as a weapon as with bitter letters to politicians or ex-girlfriends.

Some writing is purely journalistic in tone, whereas other writing is all fluff. With his characteristic humor, Orwell takes a dig at journalists when he states, "Serious writers, I should say, are on the whole more vain and self-centered than journalists, though less interested in money." The essay "Why I Write" is an effective piece of prose because the author is credible, and bolsters his argument with humility as well as…


Orwell, George. Animal Farm. Signet, 1996.

Orwell, George. "Why I Write." Retrieved online:

Classical Myths in Children's Writing's
Words: 8051 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77818389
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He stated that, "I mean printed works produced ostensibly to give children spontaneous pleasure and not primarily to teach them, nor solely to make them good, nor to keep them profitably quiet." (Darton 1932/1982:1) So here the quest is for the capture and promotion of children's imagination through stories and fables that please as well as enlighten. There is always the fallout that once a child learns to love to read he or she will read many more things with greater enthusiasm than before.

The children's literature genres developed in Mesopotamia and in Egypt over a roughly 1,500-year period - proverbs, fables, animal stories, debates, myths, instructions (wisdom literature), adventure and magic tales, school stories, hymns and poems - pass down to the Hebrews and the Greeks. The Old Testament owes much to both Mesopotamian and Egyptian literature (Adams 2004:230)

One can see that, as stated previously, children's literature is…


Adams, Gillian. 2004. "16 Ancient and Medieval Children's Texts." pp. 225-238 in International Companion Encyclopedia of Children's Literature, vol. 1, edited by Hunt, Peter. London: Routledge.

Ancient Babylonia - Gilgamesh Tablet. 2009. Bible History. Retrieved 2 August 2010 ( .).

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Learning to Read and Write in English
Words: 1349 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21447154
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Learning to read and write in English has been one of my most treasured accomplishments in the recent past. To begin with, learning to read and write in English is in my opinion the very first step towards becoming a fluent speaker of one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In that regard therefore, I am convinced that fluency in English is a plus as I pursue my career of choice. Given that English is one of the most common languages, corporations and most organizations would ordinarily hire individuals who can relate well with their customers and clients. Being able to read, write, and speak English will therefore give me a distinct advantage in my future job seeking endeavors. It is also important to note that fully aware that the world is increasingly becoming interconnected; the relevance of learning an additional language cannot be overstated. It is…

Works Cited

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Ethics of Technology Writing Stories
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These are the specific goals that the author will be attempting to achieve in order to address the problem and thus must be achievable units of work when writing the story. While many different stories could potentially be written given a set of objectives, they should all contribute in a similar way to resolution of the problem. The objectives should be in the range of 200 to 400 words.

3) Outline of the Story: This contains the narrative argument and the elements that will be used to construct that narrative argument. Depending on the level of detail the author feels is needed it may range from 100 to 500 words.

4) the Story

5) Analysis of the Story: This analysis explains how the objectives were achieved through the elements of the story. The analysis should be in the range of 200 to 500 words.

6) Peer Review Comments and Author…

How to Write an Epic Poem
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Westopia: An Epic Narrative Describing the History of the West post-Reformation and the Rise of New Peoples and Places in Conflict with the Old

In anno domini 1650, the God of the West -- of the World -- was banned in Maryland. The Pure had come, had been given land, had found shelter under the Toleration Act -- yet acted with intolerance towards those who went to God with hearts much different from their own. The Pure were proud and firm -- like the Chosen People of the Old Testament -- the children of Abraham.

Millennia had passed and the children were grown -- enveloping within them some sense of the God of the West -- Christ Who redeemed them -- yet their sense was separate from that of the past: their doctrine was steeped in the predestinated forms of the Protestors -- of Luther and Zwingli and Knox and…

Victor Hugo Romantic Writings of Victor Hugo
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Victor Hugo

Romantic ritings of Victor Hugo

The romantic period was partly in reaction to the impact that the industrial revolution had on the psyches of artists of all stripes. The move toward an industrial culture had moved many people from the pastoral scenes of the country into the grungy hearts of the cities. Many of the people worked in the factories six days a week for many hours a day, or they worked in mines and other industries to support the industry in the cities. The response from the artistic community was to remind the public of two things. They wanted people to remember where they came from and they wanted to help people see the true emotion of life.

One of the most influential writers of the period was a young Frenchman who was known for his poetry early in his career (Halsall x), but who gained international…

Works Cited

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Psychological the Most Creative Person
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Portfolio: Patients who express suicidal ideation should always be taken seriously. I have read that the greatest risk factor for suicide in previous attempts. Sometimes suicide can be considered a cry for help, and everyone who expresses some time of suicidal ideation deserves evaluation.

Question 14.2

The form of psychotherapy I find the most appealing is the cognitive behavioral approach. It appeals to me since the focus if reparative and based on a desire to change one's behaviors which contribute to the problem which prompted therapy in the first place. Patients who engage in cognitive behavioral therapy require a certain degree of insight into how their behaviors contribute to their own emotions or feelings. The interaction of mind and body can be especially telling; many psychological disorders have physical manifestations and conversely, many chronic medical problems can also manifest emotional symptoms. Cognitive behavioral therapy allows the individual to recognize patterns…


Moscicki EK. Identification of suicide risk factors using epidemiologic studies. Psychiatr Clin North Am 1997; 20:499-517.

Bushman BJ, Peterson WC, Bonacci EA, Vasquez EA, Miller N. (2005) Chewing on it Can Chew You Up: Effects of Rumination on Triggered Displaced Aggression. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Copyright 2005 by the American Psychological Association. Vol. 88, No. 6, 969-983

Caprara, G.V., Barbaranelli, C., & Comrey, a.L. (1992). A personological approach to the study of aggression. Personality and Individual Differences,

Employment Letter Creative Arts Therapist Dear Department
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Employment Letter

Creative Arts Therapist

Dear Department of Veterans Affairs,

I am writing to apply for the position of Creative Arts Therapist (Music), as advertised on the U.S.A. JOBS database ( I am an American citizen and am compelled to treat those who have fought in the armed services. I also have a valid American driver's license, and would be available to relocate on short notice. It would truly be an honor and a privilege to assist the heroes who fight for our freedom.

I am currently receiving my associate's degree in Creative Arts Therapy. Although I do not possess substantial experience, my familiarity with both psychotherapy and dramatic arts ensures that I will provide outstanding service. I am talented in assembling pre-evaluation data, interpreting medical records, review prescriptions issued by the physician, conducting mental and physical evaluations, and finally, developing treatment plans. I have energy and compassion and will…


The New School For Public Engagement. (2012). Creative Arts Therapy. Retrieved from .

USA Jobs. (2012). Creative Arts Therapist (Music). Retrieved from .

Mathematics as Creative Art P K
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if, as Halmos suggests, math is a creative art then math must also be the handmaid of science.

Describing mathematics as a creative art helps students of math better understand the true roles of the mathematician. Numbers, while in many ways central to the art of math, do not comprise the whole lexicon of mathology. Mathematics does stem from "sheer pure intellectual curiosity," enabling students to perceive the world through new eyes (p. 379). Teaching mathematics can therefore be like teaching art. Some pupils will exhibit innate, almost supernatural talents and abilities and others struggle with the language and media unique to each subject.

Because mathematics integrates seamlessly with daily life, however, teachers can easily point out the ways mathematics underlies reality. Teaching mathematics from a multifaceted and creative perspective can enhance student learning, retention, and interest in one of the most…

Fostering a creative child
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Child Development

What follows in this brief report is a review and reaction to a New York Times article about child development. While great strides have been made when it comes to knowing about child development and how to positively move it along, there are still new theories and ideas every day on how to react to setbacks and how to make the child development process even more advanced and positive for the child as they grow and learn for the first time. The article was indeed very intriguing and for a number of reasons that will all be described in this essay. While it is indeed possible to over-coddle and over-fixate on what is good or bad for a child, best practices and habits are what they are based on the current body of knowledge that exists.

The article chosen for this review and analysis was authored by…

Zinsser William Writing About Your
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Source C

Roberts, Rev. Dr. Mark D. "Oprah, James Frey, and the Question of Truth"

30 January 2006.

Tone: Moralistic

Claim: James Frey's book is fraudulent and should never have been published.

Purpose: To explain his outrage at Frey's misrepresentation and the publisher's lack of fact-checking.

Important information in the title: Frey's supposedly inspirational and gut-wrenching story was prominently featured on Oprah's book club and became a best seller.

Important info in the background material: The author was published by the same publishing house as Frey, under a different imprint. He states that Frey was treated very differently than he was in terms of the scrutiny to which Frey's story was subject.

Sentence explaining author's claim and how he/she would respond to the prompt: Some things are factual and facts must be honored.

Important parts of the text that specifically show claim/purpose/tone: specifically show claim/purpose/tone: I'm tempted to say…

Managing Creative Project Ref Proposals
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At the same time, he then acts as an interface and communicates to the team the general directions in which the company is moving. However, the project manager also acts as an internal motivator within the team, a coordinator and organizer.

A similarly important role will be played by the project manager in his capacity to act as an interface between the different entities and shareholders involved in a certain project. In order to control scope, several documents should be used, such as, for example, the statement of work, as part of the requests for proposals, or scheduling and budget estimates. For these, the project manager will work with representatives from other departments (marketing and sales etc.), but also with the clients. At the same time, the project manager will have consulted previously with his own team, thus being able to carry to these meetings their own evaluations and estimates.…

Gravestone Etchings and the Creative
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In point of fact, the article did not even provide enough information concerning whether control had really been lost, or if the new headstone fad was just that; a fad. The article was successful in providing information that a trend seems to be developing for the more eccentric individuals in society, and that trend is to be more creative in death than what has been acceptable in the past, but the article does not answer the implied question 'will this lead to a mass movement in tombstone creativity?' Or if the trend will continue to be confined to the relatively small portion of the dying public that it now concerns?

At one point in the article one of the interviewees told the story of how a widow called him to have a headstone hauled away a few days after the deceased had been laid to rest. The interviewee said, "I…


Heller, S.; (2008) Death, Be not staid, Print, Vol. 62, Issue 4, pp. 90-95

Mechanics of Police Report Writing
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One of the paramedics was Latina, and she translated; the female (Ms. Garcia) was married to the suspect but says she divorced him last year due to his violent episodes and his drinking and drug use, according to the translation from the Paramedic.

Witness Report:

"A neighbor in a nearby apartment knocked on the door and said she had witnessed the female being harmed by the suspect more than once. The witness, Alice Mercado, 27, bilingual and employed as a maid in a nearby motel, said she had heard fighting coming from the apartment in the past on many occasions. Sometimes she was afraid to come to see what was happening because the suspect was unpredictable and explosively violent when under the influence of alcohol and crack cocaine, she said. She told this officer that she once had a relationship with the suspect prior to his marriage to her neighbor.…

Music on Vocabulary Competence Writing Reading Comprehension
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Music on Vocabulary ompetence, Writing, Reading omprehension and Motivation in English Language Learning in High-School


The Effectiveness of Music on Vocabulary ompetence, Writing, Reading omprehension and Motivation in English Language Learning in High-School

Most English language learners in high schools show poor vocabulary competence. The main reason for this is the limited level of exposure to the language. It is generally understood and practically acknowledged that words form the basic unit of language structure. Therefore lack of sufficient vocabulary constrains students from effectively communicating and freely expressing their ideas.

Vocabulary competence is critical to developing reading comprehension skills. Lack of vocabulary development is detrimental to the development of metacognitive skill that is important in comprehending advanced texts. omprehension is a major component of development of vocabulary, reading to learn. Therefore, reading comprehension it is quite challenging for students lacking adequate knowledge of meaning of words.…

Chapter IV: Results and Evaluation

The main purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of using music on vocabulary competence, writing, reading comprehension and motivation in English Language Learning in High school students as a part of the learning process in the classroom. Many teachers of English as a second language as well as the learners consider vocabulary as a critical factor in learning the language. Therefore it is important to develop creative and interesting ways of teaching vocabulary in English class. A qualitative study was appropriate for the research for the reason that the objective was exploratory (Creswell, 1998). The significance that was recognized to the singularities of teaching was examined with hermeneutic methods (Creswell, 2002).

In order to give a reply to the answer of the three research questions, mean scores and standard deviations were computed for each of the two groups on each of the three dependent measures at the ending of study. All three of the dependent measures are considered to be the evaluation of the sight-reading, the evaluation of the playing abilit, and the

Speak or Write Do You Own the
Words: 1058 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 42477190
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speak or write, do you own the words that you have created? What about the thoughts that preceded those words?

What is originality?

In some sense, we are all 'original authors.' We compose our own ideas in our head and transmit them to the world in speech. Yet, on the other hand, it is just as easy to claim that because our words are the result of a series of subtle cultural influences, there is no 'original' thought. Even the greatest scientific innovations of earlier eras built upon the ideas of people who existed previously. Shakespeare borrowed most of his plots. The notion of someone who exists outside of culture is a fiction. Even the language we speak shapes and limits our conceptions of the world.

However, although originality may be a fiction, it is a necessary fiction. Without copyright laws, authors would have no incentive to create new ideas.…


"Common knowledge in academic writing." PK6. 26 Oct 2011. Available: [17 Jan 2013]

Hayes, Niall & Lucas D. Introna. "Cultural Values, Plagiarism and Fairness: When plagiarism gets in the way of learning. Centre for the Study of Technology and Organisation,

Lancaster University Management School. Available:  [17 Jan 2013]

Change the Writings of Dr
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If this is to be achieved, man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love. The tortuous road which has led from Montgomery, Alabama to Oslo bears witness to this truth. This is a road over which millions of Negroes are traveling to find a new sense of dignity… [so] I accept this aware today with an abiding faith in America and an audacious faith in the future of mankind. I refuse to accept despair as the final response to the ambiguities of history…I refuse to accept the cynical notion that nation after nation must spiral down a militaristic stairway into the hell of thermonuclear destruction" (King, 1964).

On the subject of war, King received quite a bit of criticism when he came out against the war in Vietnam. On April 4, 1967, exactly one year…

Works Cited

King, Martin Luther, Jr. "Acceptance Speech / Nobel Peace Prize 1964." Retrieved Dec. 6,

2009, from .

King, Martin Luther, Jr. "Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr.]." African Studies Center

University of Pennsylvania. Retrieved Dec. 6, 2009, from

Psychological Reactions to Writing Revisions
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present this article in a scholarly fashion, which lends credibility to the authors -- an issue that is extremely crucial considering their audience. hile Germano et al. cite nearly no evidence for their argument, Lehr's article is packed with research regarding not only how students see revision and the writing process, but also about how teachers can address the problem. The information is specific, pointing to certain grade levels, activities, etc.

A closer look at these two articles, then, reveals that they have more similarities than differences. In fact, the only major difference between the two is the audience and factual information contained in the articles. In addition, these differences are warranted given the articles' different purposes. Germano et al.' s article can almost be seen as an extension of Lehr's -- encouraging professionals to take the same advice that they give their students. In fact, it is expressly because…

Works Cited

Germano William et al. "Revision as Writing, Writing as Revision." Modern Language

Association. 2007. 15 May 2009.

Lehr, Fran. "Revision in the Writing Process." B. NET. n.d. 15 May 2009.

Strategic Plan Mr Myers I Am Writing
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Strategic Plan

Mr Myers:

I am writing today to impress upon you the value of conducting an analysis of the industry environment when developing a strategic plan, and offering a recommendation for a methodology that can make the strategic planning process simpler.

Environmental scanning is the second step of the strategic planning process (QuickMBA, 2010). The first step, as you know, is setting the organization's mission and objectives. Before the company can proceed from there with formulating and implementing a strategy, the organization will benefit from having a sense of the industry and macroenvironment in which the company operates. This is what is known as environmental scanning. This scanning includes an analysis of areas such as the political environment, technology, the economy, and other broad frameworks such as international trade. The competitive environment is also subject to considerable analysis during this process. It is important, if we are to outperform…

Works Cited:

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Disciplines My Writing for a
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Remembering riting, Remembering Reading

Conclusion -- My riting

This chapter (4) embraces the way in which people become literate. The author interviewed a wide variety of people with wildly diverse literacy experiences, and interestingly, many of those interviewed reflected that early writing experiences involved "feelings of loneliness, secrecy and resistance" (p. 94). The focus in this essay is on reading, but also on writing; what a person takes from this essay is that there are many ways to influence a child to begin writing, and it usually is launched from the reading experience. Yes, I write like I talk, but that is because I haven't really put my nose to the grindstone of learning what goes into a well-written essay or article. How do you influence an adult to become adept at writing well? It has to come not just from the heart, but also from the soul and the…

Works Cited

Brandt, Deborah. "Literacy in American Lives: Living and Learning in a Sea of Change." In

Literacy and Learning: Reflections on Writing, Reading, and Society. San Francisco:

Jossey-Bass, 2009.

Brandt, Deborah. "Remembering Writing, Remembering Reading," in Literacy and Learning:

Creating Writing Anthony Maxwell Gilbert
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Those words had struck him with such force, he had been left breathless. He remembered his mother's face when he questioned her. He remembered Lucia taking him aside and explaining to him how life is and is not always how it seems. "Nothing has changed," she said. "Your mother is still your mother, and life will go on. Be grateful you are not female or your fate would be written." And she was right about that. Had he been born a girl, he would most likely already have been one of Adorabella's whores, just like his mother and grandmother. By the time room and board, medical needs and other essentials were accounted for, the women had little if anything left to save. And the same was true for the men who worked the ranch. No one except Adorabella made money.

It was decided that he should leave and arrangements were…

Linear About Writing Probably the Lines The
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linear about writing. Probably the lines. The words themselves can be beautiful, of course, when we know what they mean. But the look of a page is simple and unchanging, and I suppose in that it has a timeless beauty, if you want to see it that way. But I never did, not when I was younger. But poetry, oh, that POPPED. Words, but not just the words. The way the words looks, the way they feel and roll off the tongue, so essential, so endlessly creative. It was poetry that was the doorway to writing for me, but a strange thing happened as I walked through that doorway.

I realized that I wasn't really a poet.

Oh, I loved the idea of words as structure, that a random syllable can accentuate the beauty of a spectacular line, that words could have color and they could have texture.

I have…

Practice Writing Students Are Being Constantly Judged
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Practice riting

Students are being constantly judged and analyzed based upon their academic achievements. The texts presented question the validity of assessment and question how and why students are limited in their ambitions. Emphasis is put on certain aspects of academia but others are overlooked entirely. There is a decided need for reevaluation of what should be expected of students and how they are judged by those in positions of authority over them.

Students who attend Ivy League schools are supposed to be somehow more intelligent or more capable than students who go to public schools (Easterbook). However, research indicates that the only thing that matters is that a student attends some college. People who go to college will generally earn more money than those that do not, but the type of school does not necessarily impact the income level of the person.

Research conducted by Catherine Rampell found that…

Works Cited:

Average grade awarded Fall term, 1993-2006. CSU Sacramento Factbook. Office of Institutional

Research. Web. 2012.

Average grade awarded for academic year, 1917-1948. Annual Report of the President of Stanford University. Web. 2012.

Easterbrook, Gregg. "Who Needs Harvard?" Atlantic Magazine. Oct. 2004. Print.

How to Motivate Elementary Students to Read and Write
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teacher influence the reading-writing program at his/Her school?

An enthusiastic teacher with a strong voice who is excellent at classroom structure can create students' interest in stories -- even before a reading lesson begins. First, there is no substitute for a good relationship with your students. Let them know you genuinely care about them that you're not just up there because you're getting paid to be up there. This sounds very basic and fundamental, but by empowering them, they know you're listening and that you care. "If kids like you, they'll perform for you," according to teacher Charlene Christopher in Norfolk, Virginia ( "I'm respectful to my students, and in turn, they know that if they're disrespectful, I'll call them it," said teacher Jim McNeil in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. "Also, I use a lot of humor -- that works for me" (

hat is one strategy or activity that you could…

Works Cited

National Education Association (2009). How To Motivate Your Kids To Learn. Retrieved March 22, 2014, from .

University of North Carolina. (2008). Reading to Write. Retrieved March 22, 2014, from .

Jubilee Margaret Walker Margaret Walker A Creative Survivor
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Jubilee/Margaret alker

Margaret alker: A Creative Survivor

Jubilee was the crowning an achievement of Margaret alker's career. A sprawling novel about Civil ar-era blacks, the novel is simultaneously a preservation of alker's family history and a historically accurate portrayal of slavery life for many blacks of the times.

On a more personal level, the novel is a testament to alker as a creative survivor, which she discusses in her essay "How I rote Jubilee." The essay shows Margaret alker as a creative survivor in three ways. First, though her dedication and diligence she kept the Jubilee project alive over a span of many years, fighting adversity, setbacks and practical concerns to finish the project and allow her creative vision to survive. Secondly, Jubilee is the representation of the survival of alker's heritage; the novel is her creative way of preserving not only the history of her family but also the…

Works Cited

Walker, Margaret. "How I Wrote Jubilee."