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Marketing Plan

Mission and Business Objective

Products and Services

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Macro Environment

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Cash Value Added

Cash Flow Return on Investment

This report is a detailed marketing plan for a new financial service company called Online Analyst, Inc. The company is a combination database management company that also specializes in the financial services markets. The company will offer a plethora of information, data and financial-based market services such as online real time market segment analysis, brokerage services and information 'black box' management for the data industries clients. This plan therefore serves as an evaluation and summary of the organization's marketing and business processing options. Online Analyst, Inc. will utilize this foundation document to design, implement and integrate the company's new series of business products and services into a viable consumer and sales blueprint.

On-Line Analyst, Inc. is an organization that takes advantage of existing market analysis and brokerage industry shortcomings. These market segments are currently in a precarious position where they are offering products and services in a climate that has historically been pretty successful but may be at a tuning point. Technology and various legal and regulatory aspects of the industry have changed. The future of the industry will be with companies that can take advantage of the new 24/7 "McDonald's Drive-Up Window" attitude to financial services and data management. The new economic, cultural and business global spectrum entail that it is always time to bank, invest or gather data somewhere in the world. Online Analyst, Inc. And the internet will make this new line of reasoning pay off.

By being forward thinking, Online Analyst, Inc. will not fall victim to these potential shifts in the business climate or culture because the foundation on which the organization has been created is one that naturally and inadvertently reduces risks. Online Analyst, Inc. has created a new Pricing Analysis Model that will assist clients in their decision making processes as well as their products and service purchases. This marketing plan will also address the plan for attracting a strong consumer base because no business can thrive without its customers.

Marketing Plan

Introduction to Company

There is a new player in the realm of the world's financial information based industries. This marketing plan details Online Analyst, Inc.'s new business model. This is a company that recently completed an internal Economic Analysis that clearly showed that Online Analyst, Inc. is currently in a great position to take the online financial industry by storm.

This new financial service company offers a plethora of new and innovative products and services that are ripe for the twenty-first century and beyond. Online Analyst, Inc. will follow a philosophy of organized chaos theory. On the outside it will look as though the company is involved in too many businesses and therefore it will look as though it is out of control or mismanaged. But, just like any major bus terminal or airport looks out of control from the outside looking in even though every person is heading to a specific destination or location.

On-Line Analyst, Inc. will continue to rely on an underlying database and information management protocol that is by nature very logical and organized. Consider that technology has incorporated all aspects of the securities brokerage, banking and related financial services areas into nothing more than very specific information management arenas. So, the company will provide financial services to both individuals and institutional clients, but the true nature of the business will be data management and data modeling. Through its unique use of information management and financial services, the company will provide modeling opportunities, custodial, trading and support services as well as human resource and 401(k) investment, wealth management, custody, fiduciary data management.

These information and data modeling portions of the company also have huge potential client bases from governmental, public and private institutional investors and businesses. And finally, through SWOT analysis, this plan also takes into consideration our internal and external relationships with investors, stakeholders and the social environment.

Mission and Business Objective

This section aims to present a short list of the essential elements of Online Analyst, Inc.'s business objectives. "A mission statement is a key tool that can be as important as your business plan. It captures, in a few succinct sentences, the essence of your business's goals and the philosophies underlying them. Equally important, the mission statement signals what your business is all about to your customers, employees, suppliers and the community." (Unknown, 2003)

In today's highly competitive and global business environment, Online Analyst, Inc. has a mission and business objective that requires the company to go further than settling for mere competitiveness. "Over the last ten years we have seen unprecedented growth in the economy. Faster computers, better software, and accessible, transaction-friendly Web sites helped fuel this growth and allowed many companies to expand at a dizzying pace. This rapid growth has had a profound effect on business processes in both large and small organizations." (Wardly, 2002)

On-Line Analyst, Inc. will encompass very specific elements such as corporate expectations and objectives, sound corporate governance and the organization's internal and external social responsibilities. The twenty-first century financial business spectrum demands that Online Analyst, Inc. conduct its business with an understanding that the organization will be influenced by the markets and therefore subject to the basics of standard competition and profitability needs.

However, Online Analyst, Inc. will also offer more in the way of values and principles for their business objectives will also focus on the overall social needs of the community. That does not take away from the need to meet market and profitability objectives. Actually, Online Analyst, Inc.'s management will be better prepared to meet those day-to-day, short-term and long-term requirements even though the industry is highly competitive.

The company aims to still allow for it to be a good neighbor. "Although this demonstration of value ultimately is a matter of perception and other factors contribute to business success, the voluntary process of stating business objectives and suggesting ways to measure them can have a powerful positive effect on internal and external clients, and can go a long way in demonstrating value." (Carliner, 1999)

On-Line Analyst, Inc. will establish its business objectives to meet certain requirements but will not overshadow the other key aspects of the company's focus. Whenever situations arise that require difficult decisions between the common social good and a legal, safe and profitable option, Online Analyst, Inc. will pursue the option that puts the best financial interests of the company up front. Online Analyst, Inc. will never confuse its business objectives with that of a charitable or social entity. Profit is first and foremost the main objective in our capitalistic business environment.

Profit represents the lifeblood of our organization and all aspects of Online Analyst, Inc. rely on it. "If the corporation was truly dedicated to the fullest possible growth and development of its employees, productivity and profitability might just reach levels undreamed of heretofore." (Pierucci, Naughton, & Clark, 2005)

The mission and business objectives of Online Analyst, Inc. are based on clear and definite time tables and cost schedules which have been chosen for the measurability. These mission and objectives take common financial and business issues into consideration such as:

Competition and the Competitive advantages

Industry factors and trends including demographics, social, economic, technological and regulatory concerns

Environmental requirements

Customer Base

Market and sales approaches as they pertain to the 4 P's

Business operations and options

Short and Long-term goals

Our competitive and global business spectrum has consistently altered the expectations of our customers, vendors and stakeholders and the competition. Online Analyst, Inc. will therefore include the very detailed requirements of success in this marketing plan.

On-Line Analyst, Inc. has been founded on a mission and business objective schedule that provides a viable series of values and principles so that every single employee can work toward the profitability objectives while also considering the common social good.

Products and Services

On-Line Analyst, Inc. sells three main products.

Pricing Analysis Modeling

Data services -- consumer and market segment analysis

Financial Services

The company offers industry 'Pricing Analysis Modeling' for both public and private businesses such as but not limited to Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch, Aetna and Vanguard. There is also a vast market for governmentally sponsored finance organizations like HUD and the SEC and federal banks. Very few members of the population are aware of the significance of Online Analyst, Inc.'s services. In the global and competitive economic, financial and business spectrums, Pricing Analysis Modeling and the analysis of other inherent data is in great demand. The results of successful modeling campaigns are the very fine details that help all professional leaders and management make those difficult decisions regarding pricing of securities, products and services in the financial realm.

There is no doubt that as the world's economy becomes more and more dependent on very stable economic conditions and industrialized nations and smaller and emerging nations, this process will become even more critical for the future…

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