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Marketing Vice President

Coca-Cola Bottlers of Southern California

Reaching the affluent, sports-minded markets of Southern California with a coordinated and excellently executed marketing campaign that communicates the refreshing taste and fun times Coca-Cola products has never been more cost-effective. By partnering with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Coca-Cola can now reach 1.9 million residents of the Southern California market, where high per capita incomes and active lifestyles are the cornerstones of this vibrant economy (1). You will also be able to use our state-of-the-art analytics to gain insights into Coca-Cola brand loyalty in this lucrative market.

Consider these facts about the markets that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim connects with on a weekly basis during the baseball season -- and how ideal they are for regional Coca-Cola advertising strategies:

According to MLB statistics the average fan consumes 4 beverages a game, a remarkable opportunity to gain mind-share and loyalty in this competitive market.

Average yearly spending on entertainment per capita is over $250 a year with as many as nine concerts and special events attended in addition to season ticket holders viewing up to 81 home games per year (2)

Hispanic fan base has grown from 10% to 30% in six years (3)

The median family income in Orange County, California is $75,176 (1).

$41.6M is spent annually by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fans while attending games (4)

The Angels are pros at making your marketing dollars pay too. Our use of advanced analytics can tell you which customers learned about Coca-Cola from the electronic billboards in Angel Stadium, from the television spots and from the banner ads on our websites.

We've stepped up our use of multichannel marketing and analysis, so you can get the…

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The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Coca-Cola make a great team. With the Angels' many media opportunities, analytics and marketing programs, Coca-Cola can have an exceptionally strong 2011. The Angels' MVP Media Partners' Program has been in development over the last season specifically to meet the unique and demanding marketing needs of Coca-Cola. As a result, the MVP Media Partners Program gives Coca-Cola the best the Angels have to offer in terms of media exposure, coordinated multichannel marketing, support through television and charity event coverage, and use of an executive suite for all 81 home games of the 2011 season.

Our unique combination of services are ideally suited for Coca-Cola, as our many planning sessions have shown that your brand has the potential to gain significant market exposure and market share in the Southern California quickly. Using advanced analytics, we can also define the best possible dates and times for your commercial spots to run on our network as well.

We have the most advanced marketing analytics platform in major league baseball as well. You can use our online systems to track the impact of

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