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¶ … minds.blogspot.com/ The first blog discusses the topic of children and does so in a lighthearted way. Because it is a personal experience kind of blog, the information does not seem reliable. The person writing it does not use references or academic sources. The content seems derived from a personal perspective and experience. This is a good blog to read when looking for other opinions on activities for children. However, because there is a lot advertising and many entries merely based on opinion, it does not seem factual.


This is also another personal experience blog. However, it does come from someone with legitimate credentials as a professional working in the software industry. Blogs like these help people looking to go into software development by giving them a heads up on what is expected of them and what responsibilities they may undertake. The ease of convenience is also a big part of why blogs are so popular. Unlike newspapers and magazines, it can be read on a mobile device and easily accessed and shared through...


It discusses ways people may utilize certain tips and tricks to perform better or find out where they belong in business. It seems more legitimate than the other blogs because it has testimonials and references. It even offers books, client list, and contact information. Good blogs enable connection and a sense of community in the reader unlike newspapers and magazines, which seem more closed off and formal. Bad blogs like perezhilton.com offer things that are shallow and make fun of others. Engadget helps readers engage and offers opinions on things they may want to purchase. Davidsuzuki seems credible and offers things readers can learn from. Bad blogs do not offer much in terms of learning, good blogs do.

Topic 2: Twitter

Twitter seems a place to post whatever you want within a certain number of characters. It is a place to interact with; people you admire and respect like scientists, entrepreneurs, and celebrities. It has strengths in establishing community and feeling like one is able to talk to people, they would never have the chance of talking. Its weaknesses lie in the inability to offer much in terms of decent content. Most of it appears offensive and pointless.

It is different from blogs in the sense that responses are very limited and…

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