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About My Own Social Media Marketing Campaign Plan

Words: 2849 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56272091

Social Media Marketing

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is now considered as one of the most important function of any business. Large companies and programs focus on improving their function of marketing on social sites and blogs like Face book, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. Since, there are examples of many big and small businesses that made huge benefits via social media marketing. Coca-Cola has about 35,000,000 fans and this number increases by 9,000 on average a day. Disney and Starbucks have also made great progress but they still need to make efforts to reach up to the level of Coca-Cola.

When developing a social media marketing strategy, a company first has to choose suitable sites for the business since all of the social sites do not work out. Therefore, the marketing team has to make an analysis and then devise a suitable plan. Once the sites have been selected then the team needs to decide on the target market. Later, the strategies for fitting into the sites are planned so that to ensure the success of the campaign.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing strategies requires careful planning and implementation. It requires focus on economic…… [Read More]

Hitz. (2011, October 13). Brands on Social Media. Retrieved August 26, 2012, from

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PR Class Tweeet Pie The 'Twecipe' Book

Words: 2118 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3491116

PR class

Tweeet Pie: the 'twecipe' book of 140-character recipes

Social Media Marketing has now become one essential ingredient of every business on fire, planning to serve community in most delicious way possible. Seemingly every big or small business can multiply its repute and sales drastically by employing social media techniques. Like the one brilliant step taken by UK cooker brand Belling, eager to reposition its name by grabbing attention of folks socializing on Twitter who love to cook and share their fun and interest with others worldwide.

The campaign was not just all about bringing in recipes of mouth watering treats in a short recipe book bearing the name of 'tweet pie', but its outstanding aspect was to limit the length of every recipe to 140 characters. This was the most engaging feature for twitter fans and audiences (Cooking up the twecipe book, 2011)

People were requested to tweet in their most quick and favorite recipes using the hashtag #TweetPie. The campaign ended up collecting over 200 'recipes' being submitted. That was not it yet, after that Umpf (PR and social media agency who carried out this campaign) got down to discovering the ideal illustrations for the book. Again,…… [Read More]

Cooking up the twecipe book. 2011. Retrieved March 9, 2012, from Brand e-biz:

David Von Drehle. 2009. Can Attack Dogs Be Rehabilitated? Retrieved March 13, 2012, from Time Magazine:,9171,1942950,00.html
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Technology Such as the Internet Has a

Words: 1908 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84212275

technology such as the internet has a negative impact on the news industry and how it is going down. This paper goes on to consider the how modern technology has effected the news industry and in what way and what is being said about this decline on the news by journalists, news companies by examining extant literature on journalists and how they are working with new technology, blogging, twitter and such kinds of technology. The advantages and disadvantages of using such technologies are also explored. The paper also explores how the news industry makes money from technology as well as how the technology might make them bankrupt. Their opinions are sort in this paper. Statistics on the decline of the news industry are also presented as well as the possible long-term effects of technology adoption on the news industry are also explored.


This paper is written within the context of journalism. The aim of this paper is to investigate the danger that internet technology poses to the current and future news industry and how these dangers can be leveraged.


H1: Usage of internet technology leads a decline in the circulation of printed edition news paper and hence low…… [Read More]

Berte, Katrien, DeBens, Elsa, "Newspapers go for advertising: challenges and opportunities in a changing media environment," Journalism Studies, Vol. 9 No.5, pp.692-704.2008

Bird, S.Elizabeth "The future of journalism in the digital environment," Journalism, Vol. 10 No.3, pp.293-5.June 2009
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Southwest Airlines Social Media Using

Words: 3506 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92272980

Only a small percentage of flights are booked using travel agents. The primary means for customers to purchase tickets is directly from the airline over the phone or online at the company's website Using this method, customers have access to offers that are only available on the web.

Southwest's marketing campaign is based on setting itself apart through branding. For instance, Southwest uses a "cattle call" method of seating. Customers are not assigned seats, but board in three groups according to arrival time. This allows the airlines to board passengers more quickly. In addition to this key difference, Southwest allows passenger to change reservations without incurring any additional costs, as with other airlines. However, Southwest does not offer same-day standby on a different flight. This service is usually free on other airlines without upgrading.

Southwest is the bare bones carrier. They offer Snack Packs of prepacked goods instead of the full service meals served by other airlines. On shorter flights, they only offer snacks and a soft drink. Southwest offers free in-flight drinks, excluding alcohol. Southwest has no in-flight entertainment. However, Southwest employees often offer colorful entertainment themselves, spontaneously breaking out in song. They are known for more creative…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
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Paul Klee's Painting Style Reflects

Words: 916 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30609950

"Color has taken possession of me; no longer do I have to chase after it, I know that it has hold of me forever. That is the significance of this blessed moment. Color and I are one," Klee said (cited by Pioch). With this revelation and the expressionist approach Klee learned under Blue Rider tutelage, Klee developed his signature style. After the First World War, both Klee and his friend and fellow expressionist Kandinsky taught at the Bauhaus School in Berlin. Klee taught at the Bauhaus School from 1921-1931. After that, Klee taught in Dusseldorf but was persecuted by the Nazis because of his work (Pioch). He moved back to Switzerland in 1933 and died there in 1940 from a disease called scleroderma.

The Bauhaus School represented a conceptual shift in art, as it celebrated design and craftsmanship as well as philosophical themes. The impact of Bauhaus on the history of art is especially evident in some of Klee's work. However, "Twittering Machine" exemplifies the core elements of both Blue Rider and Bauhaus. From Blue Rider and his experiences in Africa, Klee incorporates playful colors and abstract ideas: shapes, forms, and colors are the key elements of the painting. From…… [Read More]

Bauhaus-Arhiv Museum of Design. "Paul Klee's Elemental Design Theory 1921-1931." Retrieved April 28, 2009 from

"Klee-Twittering Machine." Retrieved April 28, 2009 from
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Using Social Media in Business

Words: 665 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88225838

Social Media Strategy Memo

Internal Memo on the Value of Social Media

VP, Marketing

Using Social Media to Listen and Connect With Customers

The many social media sites that are proliferating today are opening up new opportunities for our company to attract, sell and serve our existing customers and find new ones. The following memo provides a brief overview of the social media options available to our company to connect with customers, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of social media, and a recommendation of how we can use these new forms of communication to build strong relationships with customers and prospects.

Comparing The Advantages and Disadvantages Of How Social Media That Can Help Connect With Customers

Of the many social media sites and applications available today, there are three that are best used for connecting with customers. These include LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIn is a social networking site that is very career-focused with each person having a profile that resembles a resume. Some employers are using LinkedIn as a resume instead of the more formal document as a means to screen potential employees. LinkedIn is an ideal social networking site to use for prospecting for new customers as…… [Read More]

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Marketing in 2012 Demands a Rapid Pace of Change Which Impacts Considerably on Business Practice

Words: 2818 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94023063

Wal-Mart Changes in Business Practices

Marketing in 2012 Demands a Rapid Pace of Change Affecting Business Practice

Over the years, there has been a change in the way organizations market their products across the globe. These changes are influenced by the dynamic nature of customers as well as changes in consumer behavior. It is pertinent to note that the introduction of social transparency has promoted the aspect of customer service in e-marketing. The social media is now considered an instrumental aspect of the marketing of any organization. This study will elaborate the significance of social media to Wal-Mart's marketing strategy. Through social media, customers become the influencers regarding the product consumption and purchase decisions across the market. Additionally, multiple aspects of an organization can be incorporated. These include advertising, public relations, marketing, customer service, as well as e-commerce. Social media website form multidimensional platform for different client engagements.

This study comprehensively articulates the demands of the marketing strategies with the rapid developments in the market. The changes have significantly influenced the practices of much business across the globe as competition stiffens. The use of different social networking sites as channels of communication for different business engagement is also clearly discussed.…… [Read More]

Christian, E.B. (2011). Rock Brands: Selling Sound In A Media Saturated Culture. Lanham [Md.: Lexington Books.

Clow, K.E. (2012). Cases in Marketing Management. Los Angeles: SAGE.
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IPO Leno's Quote About Creating an Artificial

Words: 1067 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6349343


Leno's quote about creating an artificial shortage of fish draws in some lessons about the business world to the old adage. The original adage is the first part of the quote about "Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime." This quote is talking about dependency, where the proverbial man is hungry. If you give him a fish, this is a short-term solution. He eats today, but then tomorrow he goes right back to being hungry with no fish. He needs charity again, because he lacks the skills to feed himself. When you teach him to fish, he then has the ability to feed himself. This is a skill that lasts a lifetime, so teaching the man to fish is a long-term solution to the man's hunger problem.

Leno adds the additional clause to the adage for humor. The clause "Teach a man to create an artificial shortage of fish and he will eat steak" reflects a cynical view of the capitalist ethic. The man, instead of feeding himself, is able to disrupt market forces in such a way that he creates a pent-up demand for…… [Read More]

MSN Moneycentral. (2013). Twitter. Retrieved November 25, 2013 from

Pepitone, J. (2013). Twitter soars 73% in IPO. CNN. Retrieved November 25, 2013 from
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Through New Media

Words: 2584 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81568828

New Media

This work will propose three potential issues or challenges to address and will identify two potential social media communication tools and describe what could be done to solve each issue using these two tools. According to Graham, (nd) Social media includes social networking platforms including Facebook and Flickr but social media can also be such as "bulletin boards, podcasts, blogs, wikis, etc." (Graham, nd) In fact, social media is "anything where users can participate, create, and share content." (Graham, nd)

Issue to Be Solved

The issue chosen to be addressed in this work in writing is the issue of government failure to adhere to constitutional values in governance in the U.S. House, U.S. Congress, Legislature, and Senate and throughout the country various State and County Courts. This is an issue that is worthy of being addressed since enactment of the Patriot and Patriot II Acts have served to cripple the application of the United States Constitution and most specifically the Bill of Rights.

This issue is presently under debate by presidential hopefuls and is an issue that is coming to the forefront of the U.S. public attention most particularly since the bank frauds and Wall Street bankers are…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
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Personal Social Media Audit Reflective Observation Abstract

Words: 1844 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84392281

Personal Social Media Audit

Reflective observation

Abstract conceptualization

Most used websites

Device used

Time of the day using a specific website

Active experimentation

The usage of social media depends on the personal interests and priorities. There are various websites, blogs, content communities, and gaming zones categorized as internet-based social media. The users of social media often do not realize their patterns and number of hours spent in using social media. In order to understand the usage information a seven days diary was maintained. The analysis of diary entries provided an in-depth understanding of the situation. The reflection of observations, assessment of the findings and active experimentation is presented below.

Reflective observation:

Social media comprises of electronic tools, applications, websites, and various community-based blogs that attract the users. The users also utilize their email and contact numbers to share their profile information with contacts. It is also a medium that has increased social reach of its users and as a result it has become largest known social gathering places over internet. The capabilities of most social media websites to allow the users build their profiles and update their interests. The users also spend a lot of time surfing internet and updating…… [Read More]

Kaplan, AM&Haenlein, M2010, Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media, Business horizons, Vol. 53, No. 1, pp. 59-68.
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Bosch Company and Social Media the Bosch

Words: 3060 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74612535

Bosch Company and Social Media

The Bosch Company appears to have a strong and comprehensive presence within the world of social media. This is crucial as social media is a truly powerful and invasive tool that can be used to build relationships with new customers and strengthen already existing relationships with old customers. "Building a social strategy takes time and careful attention, but the point is: you need one. Many of my friends don't watch TV, don't read magazines or newspapers, and get most of their news from Twitter and Facebook. So where will brands have the best chance of engaging my friends? On Twitter and Facebook. Social media builds brand awareness in ways that no other form of media can and reaches customers who would be otherwise unreachable" (Barbara, 2012). The Bosch Company appears to have an acute understanding of this and has worked hard to create a truly invasive presence along social media, striving to stay in touch with customers, potential customers and employees has inclusively as possible.

For example, when it comes to the Bosch Facebook page, the company has diversified their presence on Facebook, a smart and strategic move. For example, there's a Bosch Auto Parts…… [Read More]

Barbara, J. (2012, November 11). Is Social Media Bad For Business? Retrieved from (2004). Basic principles of social responsibility at Bosch. Retrieved from 
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Social Media in Modern Business

Words: 555 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67486687

That is primarily because "tweets" may be answered immediately upon receipt or not, depending on the circumstances of the message recipient. Needless to say, there are countless imaginable situations where phone calls between individuals and (especially) among larger groups such as classes would be impractical for which "tweets" fill the role perfectly (Welch & Welch).

The range of possible administrative and educational applications in the university setting is very broad; it includes many of the informational functions of the Internet without the same investment of attention as traditional Internet communications. Facebook and is also potentially extremely useful in many of the same ways and provides a trade-off of greatly increased full-function Internet capabilities at the expense of the immobility of desktop computers, the inconvenience of relying on a laptop being perpetually available, or the difficulties (and expense) of prolonged Internet use of cell phone devices for those applications.

Aside from numerous routine communications between students, faculty, and administration, universities may soon consider Twitter in particular to be invaluable where emergency messages must be broadcast instantaneously to large numbers of the university community as well. Ultimately, it is likely that Twitter and Facebook will revolutionize personal and professional communications in this…… [Read More]

Johnson, S. "How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live (in 140 characters or less),"

Time; Vol. 173, No. 23 (June 15, 2009): 32-37.
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Business -- Political Science the

Words: 6973 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39808881

Today the outbound telephone marketing industry has given political campaigns the ability to reach out to a large group of targeted voters in a quick and quiet way, just below the radar. This notion went way beyond the small volunteer call centers that have existed for over forty years. It was essential for the technology to be in place and widely utilized. Political campaigns could not have put into production a complete industry of dissimilar companies, large and small, with many thousands of telephones in call centers. This was a revolution as one could target using any criteria from gender, age, vote propensity, income, level of education, to presence of children. One could shape the message even within a single calling agenda, so that they may be calling all women, but the script may be different for younger women in comparison to older women. And maybe most importantly, one can collect information. "If a candidate asks each voter what issue is most important to them, they can not only find out the answers that correspond to 100,000 individual voters but they can then change the way they communicate with those voters based on their answers" (Teal, n.d.).

In September 1998…… [Read More]

Bimber, B., and Davis, R. 2003. Campaigning Online: TheInternet in U.S. Elections, New

York: Oxford University Press.
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Diesel Social Media Diesel Is a Clothing

Words: 1167 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20582894

Diesel Social Media

Diesel is a clothing designer and retailer based in Italy. The company is privately-owned. Diesel is a design house with an emphasis on casual clothing, aimed at younger consumers. The company also runs its own retail shops, in dozens of countries around the world. Diesel operates exclusively in the clothing business, and with their emphasis on consumers in their 20s and maybe 30s, Diesel has emphasized social media in recent years as a means of reaching their target market. The company has five social media platforms in addition to their website -- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. This paper will examine Diesel's social media presence to analyze its potential effectiveness.

The Brand

The Diesel brand was formed with the company in 1978. The brand has distinguished itself with Italian styling, American marketing and an emphasis on the younger consumer (Surendar & Roy, 2010). The brand image is focused on fashionability, blending the Italian and American concepts of youthful fashion. The brand is augmented by the fact that Diesel does runway shows and in many respects behaves like a high-end fashion house rather than mainstream clothing retailer. This raises the prestige of the brand in the eyes…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Surendar, T. & Roy, S. (2010). Diesel founder Renzo Russo knows what matters in fashion. Forbes India. Retrieved October 24, 2013 from

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Symptoms of a Problem Ntn Doesn't Have

Words: 499 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23745866

symptoms of a problem)?

NTN doesn't have a vision that appeal to people. It needs a new identity. For example, Upworthy appels to people on a moral level, yet NTN just focuses on the news.

Why is it of strategic importance to NowThis News (rather than simply an operational improvement)?

Because creating a new vision would open up an entirely new target market. It would necessarily have to change any of its core operations, just tweak the vision to be more relevant to people's lives and create content that is more appealing to the individual user.

How do you propose to develop a solution (your process for research, experimentation or product development )?

NTN definitely needs to do some target market research. First they need to define the target market and then through surveys or targeted interviews find out what they want in their media. Once some brainstorming has been done and the preliminary research offers some insights, the company could use some focus groups to tweak the experimental findings.

4. What resources or collaborators within NTN do you need to accomplish this?

NTN should use an independent consultant. If they try to develop everything internally then their bias will…… [Read More]

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Online Nursing Education as in

Words: 634 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34234718

Certainly, pedagogy may be an issue. Whatever the case, human anxiety is a critical issue in the employment of Web 2.0 technology in nursing education. In an article in Nursing Education Perspectives, the issue is raised as to whether social media such as Twitter could bridge the gap. It appears that Twitter may provide a social media that ties classes together and builds classroom comradery and community in the online classroom. Faculty interviewed in the article have reported success in this area. They report that the ability to send an unshared message to the instructor was helpful and may help reduce student anxiety (Skiba, 2008, 110-111).

It appears to this author that Twitter has tremendous potential, not just in the area of class community building and reduction of student anxiety, but also in developing and adapting the tool because of the handy diagnostic tools available to analyze bands of tweets regarding subject matter. The use in the classroom could be used as a supplement to the standard online courseware in live online courses in order to preserve student privacy, thereby easing the student anxiety about the new technologies.


Certainly, social media is not a panacea and will not cure…… [Read More]

Skiba, D.J. (2008). Nursing education 2.0: Twitter & tweets. Nursing Education Perspectives, 29(2),

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Risks Exposed to Organizations by

Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72845586

93). The threats and risks of social media abuse and use must be minimized by the policy. The social media policy must be specific to the culture and facility of the organization. In order to limit the personal use of social-media networks, a sound social-networking policy is required to be established by firms.


More than five hundred million users have access to Facebook since it graduated from its college roots. Whereas, connecting job seekers and employers to each other was the purpose of LinkedIn, but now it has more than seventy five million members, its scope has got broadened. On Twitter, tweeting is the main thing to do by everybody. More than twenty five percent of employees were revealed to change the settings of their computers in their workplace circumventing the policies of employee communication, in accordance to a recent Cisco study (Lyncheski &, 2010, pp. 32).

Almost 1 and a half of all employees under the age of thirty and at the age of thirty, on employer time, have visited social media sites for meaningless interactive digital games for more than an hour per day, in accordance to Cisco, which is one of the leading network providers…… [Read More]

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Social Media Engagement

Words: 1325 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54163054

super bowl commercials that came out this year and how they targeted different genders. It discusses the role of social media like twitter and websites in speaking out against these ads and criticizing them. The paper lays emphasis on how many companies target certain genders or stereotypes and eventually go on to incur a lot of damage due to the inappropriate advertisements.

The Go daddy commercial was yet another sexist addition to the super bowl line of commercials. Even though the add did manage to get the domain name a lot of business the next day, over all the company incurred a loss of more than seven million dollars for making the commercial (Grinberg, 2013) Surely enough, everyone is used to seeing the sexist commercials every now and then. Sexism and objectifying women has long been used as a media tactic. Apart from objectifying women, gender stereotyping and allotting certain roles to the male and female gender has also been used to target a certain class of consumers. Things are changing as people are getting to post their say and how they feel about this disgusting form of advertisements.

The companies that go on to make these commercials do not…… [Read More]

Grinberg, Emanuella. "Sexist Super Bowl Ads? #Notbuyingit, Some Say." 2013. Web. 20 Feb 2013. < Http://Edition.Cnn.Com/2013/02/05/Living/Super-Bowl-Ads-Notbuyingit >.

Jenkins, Henry. Spreadable Media. New York: NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2013. Print.
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Technology and Social Media on

Words: 1495 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30366447

Turkish Youth Protests

"The rise of a global youth culture in recent decades suggests greater convergence of the experiences of young people in global cities. In Turkey, mass-based youth subcultures with links to the diaspora are emerging, paralleling the fragmentation of Turkish society…Turkish youth are torn between hopes of constructing a more participatory public sphere and disillusionment with the nation-state as the embodiment of modernity…" (Neyzi, 2001, 412).

At no time in the recent past has the world been able to see the raging protests of Turkish youth like what has been viewed over the past few days and weeks. However, many citizens with television sets in Turkey did not see the mass demonstrations by youthful protesters in Istanbul because journalists were afraid to show the live clashes with police on television. According to journalist Barak Ravid, "…many Turkish television channels hesitated to report on the protests for many long hours" (Ravid, 2013). Why are journalists afraid to show the truth about student uprisings? That's because Prime Minister Erdogan has put many journalists in prison for speaking out about his repressive strategies.

"…Over the last five years, Erdogan's Turkey has become a prison for journalists," Ravid explains. The "Freedom House"…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Arvizu. S. (2009). Creating alternative visions of Arab society: emerging youth publics in Cairo.

Media Culture Society, Vol. 31, 385-408.
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Business Use of Social Media Social Media

Words: 1123 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94318992

Business Use of Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media refers to the countless Internet-based sites and tools that facilitate and promote social interaction and networking through digitized means (Bulik, 2008). Social media marketing includes sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and should always be included in an organization's business plan in some capacity. Each platform leverages the power of the Internet to facilitate social interaction and allow people to keep up-to-date with hundreds of others instantaneously (Fredericks, 2012). Social media as a marketing genre has the power to bridge distances and communication obstacles in a highly personalized and direct way.

It is estimated that 75% of the global consumers who use the web regularly visit social media websites (Libert, 2011). Visitors are reported as spending anywhere from 3 to 6.5 hours a day on sites such as Facebook. Subscriptions for social media sites are growing by leaps and bounds. Facebook, as an example, announced over 500 million users in 2011. Similarly, LinkedIn reports over 60 million subscribers; Twitter has 110 million users and MySpace claims of 50 million users in the United States alone (Fredericks, 2012). For businesses, this means excellent daily brand exposure and highly targeted marketing…… [Read More]

Bulik, B. (2008). Wait…Isn't This the Same as Social Networks?. Advertising Age, 79(11), 47.

Fredericks, R. (2012). We Facebook. Do You?. Journal of Housing & Community Development, 69(4), 20-21.
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Social Networking Websites

Words: 596 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8682903

Social Networking

An Examination of the Purpose and Utilization of Social Networking Websites

Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone in the late 1800s revolutionized civilization.

It was not until 100 years later, in the late 1970s, that another such discovery was made. This latter discovery was that of the Internet. Many argue, furthermore, that the discovery of the Internet involves an even greater advancement in human history than Bell's telephone, for nothing has touched so many, so quickly, and so deeply as the advent of the Internet, and with it, within a relatively short time, the culmination of social networking in a variety of websites, utilize worldwide. This paper will offer a quick examination of how such websites, including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn, have been utilized by individuals in the last decade to promote both personal and work-related interests.

People utilize social networking sites for many reasons but, as mentioned above, two foremost reasons are in order to enhance one's personal and professional life. Three of the websites mentioned above are known to cater mostly to personal interests, i.e. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. LinkedIn is a website that promotes connections between professionals and would thus be utilized with…… [Read More]

It is thus difficult to single out the purpose for which a social networking site is being utilized. Though one can generalize, with different world events and a constant evolution of these sites, their purpose is constantly changing, and often times it includes the connection of more and more individuals worldwide, which is a phenomenon to be embraced.

Bellis, M. (2011). "The Invention of the Telephone." Retrieved December 24, 2011, from .

"LinkedIn: The World's Largest Professional Network." (2011). Retrieved December 24, 2011, from .
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Role of Social Media in Business Marketing

Words: 1890 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35452092

social media strategies for business through the works of published commentators on the phenomenon (Mendelson, Haydon) and through two case studies, one a New York publishing house (Saint Martin's Press) and the other a South Carolina-based jewelry design firm (Reece Blaire). The paper argues that social media strategy for business is dependent to some extent on building a social media presence independent of the business (or at least independent of an instant monetizing strategy) as a way of building the face of the brand, and also with an awareness that the different social media platforms reach different audiences, so therefore a unified strategy will not ultimately work.

Social media is, in terms of the business world, an extremely new phenomenon. Of the big six social media platforms that exist in 2014 -- Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn -- only one (LinkedIn) actually existed as a public Internet platform ten years ago, and another (Facebook) technically existed but was still a service exclusively for Harvard University undergraduates. Yet in the past decade, the rise of these Internet platforms has essentially created an entirely new business climate: in order to justify their own market valuation, these services have had to…… [Read More]

Blaire, K. (2014, April 9). Email interview with W. Todd.

Bosman, J. (2013, November 6). A fisherman in New York's sea of faces: Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton. The New York Times. Accessed 12 April 2014 at:
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SWOT for Facebook

Words: 2871 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69819793

emergence of social media as a political, economic and similar forces has been a sight to behold over the last five to ten years. It started a little slowly with MySpace but has since grown at a frenetic pace in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and other similar websites. This particular report shall focus on Facebook as they are perhaps the most obvious and powerful example of what social media has become in the modern marketplace as well as the culture of the United States and the rest of the world. Points of analysis will include segments of the general business environment, forces of competition, external threats, opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of Facebook, a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of Facebook and an analysis of their value chain. While Facebook's arc to the top has not been completely flawless, they rival other dominant companies like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon in terms of just now much of their market that they control.


Of course, the general environment of business is commonly comprise of the acronym PESTEL, which is short for the different dimensions of the general environment. That acronym stands for political, economic, social, technological,…… [Read More]

Bayer, D.L. (2012). Employers are not friends with Facebook: How the NLRB is protecting employees' social media activity. Brooklyn Journal of Corporate,

Financial & Commercial Law, 7(1), 169-194.
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Where Good Ideas Come

Words: 801 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55025657


Goods Ideas: Platforms and Conclusion

The Internet is similar to a coral reef in that both are platforms that provide enormous opportunities for the emergence, growth, and development of other ideas or life-forms. Coral reefs are very dense and diversely populated ecosystems that are entirely dependent on the platform of the coral skeletons that make up the physical structure of the reef, just as the internet has become richly and very diversely populated with different ideas, applications, and capabilities all of which are dependent on the communication capabilities and certain fundamental Internet protocols that allow this information to be created and shared. Both the Internet and coral reefs are also, interestingly, built on other platforms -- computer networks and volcanic islands, respectively -- demonstrating the "stacked" nature of many platforms and platform systems that exist in both the natural and man-made worlds.


McAslan's architectural projects build on their natural environments, demonstrating one use of platforms, but more than this the projects described in the McAslan case study create platforms where the exchange of ideas is more fully and completely supported. The industrial warehouse-located cafeteria that brought people form all parts of a fashion company together serves as a…… [Read More]

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Mobile Marketing in Hotels in

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Analysis of the data was done by within-case and cross-case analysis with regard to the mobile marketing applications. Within-case analysis allows researcher to analyze the interview data from hotels against the previous research or literature, boiling down a large amount of data into readily digestible and easily understood segments. Afterwards cross-case analysis is implemented to compare all cases to each other in order to find common patterns or themes, which also makes it easier to conclude the research. In general, case study methodology requires multiple sources of data. In the case of this study, the observation of mobile application, Internet website and mobile website of interviewed hotels was central to the research. Some hotels also provided the author with some artifacts that are also considered as sources of data (such as a flier and chocolate bar which had QR code on them).


In this chapter, the author has mapped out issues with regard to mobile networks and their use in marketing in hotels. A literature review, research objectives, the research problem and research questions were listed as well as the research methodology and the direction for more research was mapped out in detail.


Android market: google maps with…… [Read More]

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Technology in Education Assessing Three Emerging Technologies'

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Technology in Education

Assessing Three Emerging Technologies' Contribution to Learning

There are a myriad of new technologies emerging that have the potential to completely re-order and increase the level of learning effectiveness and performance of students. With so many new technologies emerging as diverse as mobile-based learning systems on smartphones to the ability to tailor online learning systems and complete networks, the opportunities for educators to innovate has never been more full of potential. What unifies the highest performing technologies in the area of learner involvement and performance are those that allow for students to define the pace, depth and repetition possible for a given subject. All of these technologies share a common characteristic of being able to align and support learner's specific goals and objectives, creating a highly effective educational scaffolding platform in the process (Najjar, 2008). The best technologies can be quickly tailored to each individual student's needs, while also allowing for students to repeat lessons and concepts to gain greater mastery of subjects studied. The potential of these technologies to augment and increase long-term learning for students at all grade and performance levels is significant and will continue to accelerate. The three technologies included in this analysis…… [Read More]

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Strategic Plan Part III Financial Goals

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Bon Secours Project

I n 1824, in Paris, amidst the devastation following the French Revolution, a group of 12 women came together to form the congregation of the Sisters of Bon Secours, French for "Good Help" and the Sisters' purpose was to nurse the sick and dying in their homes (Bon Secours, N.d.). The group later arrived in the United States towards the end of the nineteenth century and has been operating there ever since. The organization has grown to include many locations in several states on the East Coast. The organization still operates with their Catholic heritage in mind and much of the cares provided in these organizations are charity cases. The organization consists of a staff of over 21,000 and well over 60 facilities in six states. The current business model is a regional model. The organization has significant access to resources and there should be no issues funding the project.

Figure 1 - Bon Secours Locations (Bon Secours, 2013)

The organization strategic plan consists of addressing clinical quality, growth, becoming a larger part of the community, and providing long-term value. The annual report states the following strategic goals (Bon Secours, 2012):

Increase its commitment to community health…… [Read More]

Bon Secours. (2012). 2011 Annual Report. Retrieved from Bon Secours: 

Bon Secours. (2013). Locations. Retrieved from Careers at Bon Secours:
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HP Social Media

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Hewlett-Packard (HP) is an electronic devices company that focuses on computers, printing, servers, storage and IT management solutions. Personal systems are around 29% of the total business, printing is 21%, the enterprise group 25% and enterprise services are 20%, with the remaining 5% coming from software and financial services. William Hewlett and David Packard founded a partnership in 1939 and the modern HP was incorporated in 1947. The company has transitioned between many businesses since that point in time. It was rumored a few years ago that HP was going to exit the personal computer business, but those rumors proved false (Loftus, 2011).

Evaluation of Global Presence and Accommodation

Social media are used for both marketing and public relations by HP. The company is active across multiple social media platforms, and generally uses them to address customer concerns, and to promote the company's various products and initiatives. The company uses a number of different platforms for social media. One of the unique elements of the HP social media program is the customer-manned forums. With these forums, the company has customers who are knowledgeable about the systems and issues empowered to help other customers resolve problems. This relieves some burden on…… [Read More]

2013 Hewlett Packard Annual Report. Retrieved April 21, 2014 from (2014). HP Media Aggregation Service. Hewlett-Packard. Retrieved April 21, 2014 from
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Social Perspective

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Symbolic interactionism is the theory suggesting human beings are best understood in "interactive relation to their environment," (University of Twente, 2014). The three core principles of symbolic interactionism including meaning, language, and thought. Meaning refers to the fact that people ascribe meaning to their relationships, institutions, and other social structures. This meaning is what guides human emotion and cognition. Language is the symbolic type of human communication. Like meaning, language also impacts human emotional and cognitive states. Thus, the third component of symbolic interactionism is thought. How a person perceives, judges, and interacts with the world is covered by symbolic interactionism. Symbolic interactionism also suggests that the self is a mirror for others, and vice-versa in what is known as the "looking glass self," ("The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective," n.d.). Symbolic interactionism is an ideal sociological lens through which to understand how social media has transformed the nature of human relationships and interactions.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter require the individual to establish an online presence, through which interactions with other people take place in the digital, online environment. Meaning is already being ascribed to social media. Social media is an example of a cybercommunity, which has "clearly reached…… [Read More]

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Social Media Is an Entirely

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Results for data analysis should be presented in a way that they can be easily readable and will make sense and also be attractive. Charts and tables present a visual way of looking at the data for ease of interpretations. It is also the best way of presenting the data to others as people do not like reading lots of numbers or they may not remember the figures as easily as they would for the graphs or tables.

Once the data has been analyzed and presented using charts or tables it will be distributed to the relevant people. The internet is the best tool for disseminating the data this is due to its prevalence ad ease of accessibility from many kinds of devices and snot just computers. With the use of social media it will be much easier to disseminate the information to more people than possible if one was to use email or placing the information on a website. Social media like Facebook and Twitter can get the information delivered much faster and will reach the targeted audience in a timely manner.

The data collected will assist public health workers to come up with a policy that will enable…… [Read More]

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Human Nature Reading Comprehension Test

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The use of the word MY also suggests that the speaker feels a sense of possession towards the assistant, thus the assistant's departure is seen as a loss of control, not merely a setback to the project as he says.

7. it's an animal urge, Puff. it's nothing to be ashamed of (65)

The word Puff suggests an animal, even if Puff is not an animal -- Puff is being assured that acting like an animal is natural, and not worthy of shame, despite Puff's feelings to the contrary and the ambiguous quality of Puff's name.

8. Remember, when in doubt: don't ever do what you really want to do (69)

This statement goes against the assurances of the naturalness of human behavior and impulses -- go against one's human or animal nature, it suggests, and repress and resist gut instincts. Instead, follow societal dictates and one's own superego.

9. There is nothing that makes you feel dirtier than finally deciding to sell your soul and finding no buyer (76)

After giving up one's morals, and repressing and resisting one's natural impulses, the speaker finds it frustrating that there are no 'takers' to indulge in this corruption.

10. Please, if…… [Read More]

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Internet Technology Marketing and Security

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Internet Technology, Marketing, And Security

Reasons why social media marketing has become exceedingly popular among businesses of all sizes

Business marketing is one of the most lucrative activities that enable a business to reach out to its consumers in the market. The inherent values within business marketing are creation of awareness and traction of customer preferences and tastes towards the qualities therein in the product. Social media marketing is a recent activity or strategy used by businesses in their marketing endeavours. In most cases, the aspects of creation of awareness need to be felt globally or nationally in relevance to the size and commanding power of a business (Tuten & Solomon, 2013).

Social media marketing involves marketing that involves the use of the present day technology. For instance, marketing through online technologies and human daily activities is a common happening in the global and local businesses. These are spacious and small businesses. The social media are a modern code of transport and communication. With urgency to be part of the looming and performing avenues in the society, many businesses engage in social media marketing. Social media marketing is cheap, faster, effective, efficient, and up-to-date. In most cases, the social media…… [Read More]

Anderson, E. (2010). Social media marketing: Game theory and the emergence of collaboration. Heidelberg: Springer.

Evans, D., & McKee, J. (2010). Social media marketing: The next generation of business engagement. Indianapolis, Ind: Wiley Pub.
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Crisis Communication Is an Essential Component of

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Crisis Communication

Communication is an essential component of effective crisis management. This is especially the case in a situation where the basic needs, health, and lives of thousands or even millions are at stake. In a situation where the water supply is at risk, for example, it is essential to establish a communication plan as soon as the risk becomes known. In this way any preventable cases of illness or death can be mitigated. When the risk of water supply contamination by a biological agent becomes known, for example, the main requirement is to communicate this to as large a proportion of the affected public as possible while minimizing the risk of panic or false information. To do this effectively, a sequence of risk-related communication needs to be implemented, including the choice of a risk communication team, communication to the public via the press and via information technology.

The first step of communicating a risk situation and all its associated factors is from the agency managing director to subordinates in charge of communication practices and risk mitigation. One component of such communication is the need to assemble a risk communication team (Clawson Freeo, 2012). According to Clawson Freeo (2012), this…… [Read More]

Clawson Freeo, S.K. (2012). Crisis Communication Plan: A PR Blue Print. Retrieved from:

Covello, V.T. (n.d.) Risk and Crisis Communication: Communicating Effectively in High Concern, High Stress, or Low Trust Situations. Retrieved from: 
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Harry B Sturges K M & Klinger J K

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Harry, B., Sturges, K.M., & Klinger, J.K. (2005). Mapping the process: An exemplar of process and challenge in grounded theory analysis. Educational Researcher, 34(2), 3-13.

Read the article listed above and provide your impressions. In one page, summarize the authors' experiences in conducting a grounded theory study in an educational setting. What were some of the challenges they faced? What are your thoughts in general on conducting qualitative research in the field of education?

Grounded theory is generation of a hypothesis (or assumption) that proceeds from observation and rich qualitative study. The authors wanted to show that qualitative study in general and grounded theory approach in particular could be used in conjunction with the subject of education.

The purpose of the study was (a) to investigate whether and, if so, how, the processes used to identify, assess, and place students in high-incidence special education programs contribute to the overrepresentation phenomenon; and (b) to identify referral and placement decision-making processes that successfully mitigate overidentification and overrepresentation while also providing beneficial educational outcomes for students.

The number of schools (12; racially diversified) and population sampled (71 audiotaped interviews with district and school administrators, related service personnel, and Teachers) was unusually large for…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Creswell, J.W. (1998). Qualitative inquiry and research design: Choosing among five traditions. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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Student Searches Free Speech and Expression and Privacy in the Wired Age

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Student Searches, Free Speech & Expression, and Privacy in the Wired Age

Student searches and in-school discipline for off-campus conduct

Free Speech and Expression on and off campus

Privacy in the wired age on and off campus. (Facebook, twitter, myspace, blogs, cellphones)

What are a students' constitutional rights when it comes to searches and seizures, on and off campus discipline, free speech, expression, and privacy in the wired age when on and off campus? How are students protected by the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights when it pertains to the three items listed above?

Students are often subject to rules and regulations that are associated with school codes of conduct and those rules and regulations are sometimes not reflective of constitutional rights to free speech and free action inside the laws. These long list of potential violations are printed by institutions and are made available to students, in secondary and postsecondary schools. Students are then subject to these rules often as a condition of enrollment. While some schools require students to acknowledge receipt of these codes of conduct most do not make a student sign or read the actual document but in the fine print of enrollment documents…… [Read More]


Williamson, L. (2009). Private Rants Become Public When Aired Online. InsideCounsel, 20(211), 67-68. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.
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Experience Sheringham

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When it comes to creating a digital marketing plan a considerable amount of time and effort is required for it to be a success. There are various techniques which can be used to achieve of the best ways to do this is by using the SOSTAC analysis. The paper will be on the analysis for the commercial opportunity presented by the website for Sheringham town. This will be done using the SOSTAC analysis. The SOSTAC analysis entails six basic elements namely; Situation analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action and Control.

Situation analysis

Before embarking on a decision on where one wants to go they must first establish and fully understand where they are. A common barrier to success when it comes to marketing is the facts that people fail to understand where they are and who else is with them. The situation analysis aspect of SOSTAC enables business people to understand this aspect and ensure that they market it first. Internet marketing has now become the most used form of marketing. Therefore the fact that Sheringham has a website up and running is a clear indication that they are at par with their competitors who are also using the…… [Read More]

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Hazards of Social Media

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social media and increasing access to virtual reality altering or social interactions and expectations? If so, how? If not, then why not?

Just as the internet forever changed how we communicate and how we get out information, social media also has had a profound impact on the way in which we engage socially with one another. For example, Facebook has created an online community of individuals who are able to share pictures, their thoughts, current news and their hopes, fears and joys. With social media were are more in touch and have the power to remain more up-to-date with one another than ever before. However, just because social media provides us with this extreme power and opportunity, doesn't mean that we have to engage in it. Furthermore, just because social media does offer this extreme opportunity to connect and remain in touch, doesn't mean that this particular power of capability is beneficial. The studies on social media and how it impacts our behavior have provided mixed results, which are accurate in and of themselves. This paper will examine exclusively the negative aspects of social media and how those can impact the individual and the collective of individuals in society and…… [Read More]

Jones, H. (2013). Social Media's Affect on Human Interaction. Retrieved from 

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Bobbiebrown Website the Bobbibrown Co Uk Website

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A one stop destination is understood as a store that offers a complete range of complementary products. As an example, supermarkets are one stop stores as they allow their customers to purchase everything from food and detergents to power tools and clothes. Within the cosmetics industry, a one stop destination store would be one in which the customer can find anything for personal care, including deodorants, lipsticks, waxing products and so on. The / website is one which can be considered a one stop destination store and can as such offer benchmarking opportunities in the analysis of the website. As the website only sells makeup products, skincare items, fragrances and tools and accessories, it cannot be considered a one stop destination.

8 -- E-mail newsletter -- customers are presented with the ability of leaving their email address with the company and receiving notifications of new products, offers and so on. It is however unclear if the company issues a regular newsletter to be sent to customer or whether it would only be sending fractions of newsletters.

9 -- Visibility through online forums -- the can be followed on Facebook. The brand strength is medium as the…… [Read More]

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