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Moller Skycar Promotions Plan for 2013 Product Introduction

The Moller Skycar is a disruptive innovation that once launched will disrupt the auto, ultra-light aircraft and low-end private aircraft industries by completely redefining the personal travel experience. The success of the product launch is heavily dependent on how well integrated and synchronized product, pricing, distribution, pricing and the unique value proposition of the company are consistent with each other. The most critical success factor of launching a disruptive product is how integrated each functional team is to the product strategy and the unique market position it occupies, all centered on communicating clearly and accurately what makes the new product unique and highly differentiated (Brettel, Heinemann, Engelen, Neubauer, 2011). The Moller Skycar is rich with product differentiation and unique value proposition potential because it can easily symbolize freedom and flexibility, agility and responsiveness. All of these are excellent messages and emotions to associate with the brand.

Promotion Plan for the Moller Skycar

The promotional plans and strategies fulfill a vital link between product-driven communication that is very feature and function-based on the one hand, and the need to associate the product with its branding attributes and emotions on the other (Delre, Jager, Bijmolt, Janssen, 2007). Excellent promotional strategies can do this while also driving interest, trial or first use of a product, and eventually serve as a catalyst of customer loyalty. A strong promotional strategy and program can serve to galvanize all aspects of the marketing mix into a single, unified message that connotes unique value to prospective customers. For the Moller Skycar the emotional value of the brand is rich with opportunity of freedom, agility, responsiveness, and exploration of areas not reachable by


The following areas of the Skycar promotional plan provide guidance on messaging, promotional strategies and the critical nature of cross-functional communication throughout the company to ensure a successful product introduction.

Defining and Executing on a Unique Value Proposition

At the center of any successful promotional strategy is a unique value proposition that successfully differentiates the product being introduced or promoted from the many other competitors in the market (Alvarez, Casielles, 2008). The unique value proposition for the Skycar is freedom and safety, excitement and adventure on a high-end auto budget. The cruising speed of 300 miles per hour and ceiling of 36,000 feet positions the Skycar as a replacement for ultra-light aircraft and low-end personal aircraft. The three-wheel configuration also leads to the Skycar being classified as a motorcycle by many departments of motor vehicle (DMV). These two attributes are critical for the market positioning and further strengthening of the unique value proposition. Traditional auto marketing has reverted to price, cost of ownership, safety and only at the very high end of the market, luxury (Styhre, Kohn, 2006). Nowhere is freedom, safety, agility and the potential for adventure as strong as it is with the Skycar and its inherent strengths as an experience over just a vehicle. Underscoring the unique value proposition's core emotions (agility, safety, adventure and responsiveness) promoting the experience of freedom itself is key to the promotional strategy. Messaging must include these core emotions and show through stories and examples of how a prospective customer could have entirely new experiences and enrich their lives, making their time more fun and interesting. These attributes must be the core of the unique value proposition, which will serve as the catalyst for the following areas of the promotional plan.

Key Influencer Strategy & Media Tour

Critical to gaining the attention and trust of prospective customers is getting key influencers to endorse a new product or service (van Eck, Jager, Leeflang, 2011). The Skycar needs to create a foundation of trust with potential customers through the use of a global key influencer strategy that invites thought leaders in aerospace, private and commercial aviation, and travel to test drive and potentially have a Skycar for 30 days to use. The goal of this key influencer strategy is to create excitement about the Skycar and also fuel the creation of stories and short vignettes of how these thought leaders chose to use the car during the evaluation period. The second goal of this strategy is to gain recommendations form key thought leaders and influencers that will further give the Skycar credibility and lead to potential purchase. A media tour will also be completed to each automotive, ultra-lite, personal aviation and…

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