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Morbidity and Mortality Statistics:

Hypertension affects around 1 in 3 Americans and according to the CDC only 52% of people have this condition under control (, 2016). In older men, two-thirds have hypertension, and one-third of white men have hypertension. There are nearly 1000 deaths from hypertension daily in the United States, around 360,000 per year. Hypertension is related to first heart attacks, strokes and chronic heart failure.

The patient also suffers from orthostatic hypotension, which is when blood pressure drops when going from a lying or sitting position to standing. The largest risk for elderly people is the increased risk of falling that this brings. The patient may have fallen because of this condition. It is caused by, or linked to, high blood pressure and prolonged bed rest, as well as other conditions not faced by this patient. Anemia or vitamin B12 deficiency is another potential contributor to this (, 2015). The fact that loss of consciousness may have occurred with this patient due to orthostatic hypotension could indicate a more serious underlying condition.

Hyperlipidemia, or high cholesterol, affects 73.5 million adults in the U.S., or 31.7%, and fewer than 1/3 have their condition under control. People with high total cholesterol
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have double the risk for heart disease as those who do not, according to the CDC. Among white males, 29.4% have high cholesterol. Fewer than half of Americans with high cholesterol are receiving treatment for it.

Coronary atherosclerosis, or coronary artery disease, is a common type of heart disease. Caused by the buildup of plaque in arteries, the arteries narrow over time, partially or fully blocking the flow of blood through the artery, ultimately weakening the heart muscle. Heart disease is related to three key factors -- hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and smoking. The patient has two of the risk factors. A former pack a day smoker, he stopped smoking in 1954. His mother died from a stroke in her 70s, so there is some family history as well. Heart disease kills 610,000 people in the United States every year, nearly 1 in 4 deaths nationwide from all causes. 735,000 Americans suffer a heart attack annually. Among non-Hispanic whites, 23.8% die from heart disease. Heart disease deaths are concentrated in the South, but this is one of the broadest diseases in terms of who it afflicts. Men are more likely to die from heart disease than women, even…

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