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motion? In your response, include your interpretation of the characters' emotional state of mind as they experience these events/

A single mom announces her two little boys that she will have to leave the home alone for a day. The film opens with the stories told from two opposite points-of-view. Of curse, their relationship is one of love and hate, like that between two respectable brothers. The older one, Lenny, is annoyed that instead of going with his friends to Coney Island on Sunday he faces the perspective of staying home and taking care of his little brother. The little one, Joey, is constantly seeking to join in the play of the older one and they constantly reject him. Both brothers are feeling frustrated. Joey, because of his brother's constant refusal to let him join in the play with the older ones, Lenny because he feels pestered by his brother's presence all the time and also has the pressure of responsibility: he needs to act like "the man of the family" as his mother puts it. The little one gets his revenge during lunch, when he makes fun of Lenny while the latter is sulking over his lunch plate. Still upset for not being able to join his buddies to Coney Island the next day, and determined to get revenge at little Joey, at his turn, Lenny is easily convinced to play a prank on Joey. They suddenly become generous and let him play with a real gun they load with a real bullet and let him think he killed his brother. Terrified, Joey takes the six dollars their mother had left them in case they need something and flees to Coney Island.

Q2)Choose one scene when Joey experiences something for the first time while in Coney island. How does the director convey this fact?

After having his picture taken at a photo-stand, curious to see how it works, Joey gets to stand behind the camera and look through the camera lens at the subject in front of him. He sees it upside-down, of course, and he immediately thinks to correct this by placing the board with the headless image upside down in its turn. From a grown-up point-of-view, the solution is absurd because this would be impossible to do with someone standing with the head at the top of the board, to complete the picture of whatever the body pictured may suggest. To the child it looked like a simple enough solution and he leaves satisfied with…

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