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Francesco Jodice Crossing http www mep-fr org evenement francesco-jodice Crossing

Words: 1278 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96897788

Keen observer of human movements, Francesco Jodice provides an atlas of behavior penetrates the spirit of the place." (European House of Photography, 2006)

The technique of timing and anticipation is the most important technique for Jodice with this picture because of his desire to keep the focus on one fixed point. He had to wait for the right time to capture the subjects as well as figure out ahead of time which ons to wait for. Perhaps in his thinking he sought to search for people with similar colored tops. The extended version of the "crossing" pictures shows a woman with a dark blue tank top similar to the "25" man. And the man in white is far off to the end distanced from everyone else.

In photographic situations such as in the photo, where one has minimal to no control or influence of any of the elements in the…… [Read More]


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Galactic Center in Infrared

Words: 508 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30822257

Galactic Photo

This image is of the galactic center, which is the center of the Milky Way. The photograph is taken using infrared light, which changes the appearance of dust particles so that they do not obscure the image. As Wright (2003) points out, the universe is filled with dust, which tends to block the light being emitted from light-giving objects like stars. The composition of most galactic dust includes carbon, silicon, and oxygen (Wright, 2003). The dust can grow in molecular clouds, and are created in the atmosphere of red-giant stars that are cooling off (Nemiroff & Bonnell, 2006).

Infrared allows the exposure of rays that are beyond what the naked eye can see. These rays are beyond or below the red part of the color spectrum, which is why the technology is called "infrared." Below infrared rays are microwave and radio waves. Although not visible to the human…… [Read More]


Cain, F. (2014). What's at the center of our galaxy? Universe Today. Retrieved online:

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Revisiting Erving Goffman

Words: 928 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78583013


Applying Goffman to Modern Advertisements

Goffman and Gender Commercials

Goffman contends that the selection of commercial pictures in advertisements is intentional and serves a specific agenda that is not in service to consumers' well-being or natural interests. He argues this facet of culture is ripe for analysis with respect to topics such as sexuality, gender, power, the means of production, and social reality, among others. His strongest assertions concerns how analysis of the selection of commercial pictures reveals keen insights when comparing them to behavioral practices as experience in everyday interactions. Goffman grounds his hypotheses in concrete methodological practices, with primary aims to locate and define discovery, proof, and presentation. Grounding is his research in established methodology keeps opposition from arguing that his findings and conclusions are wild-eyed, paranoid theories that undermine American culture or the American way of life. He claims that the kind of analysis he proposes…… [Read More]

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Architectural Analysis Unidentified Brick Building India

Words: 1002 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81490889

Indian Architecture

In the photographs provided, the building's architectural context has quite obviously changed over time.

The oldest-looking photo of the three shows little development in the surrounding area, while the placement of trees on the building's immediate ground looks artful.

The other two photos are more recent, as one shows subsequent development in the area behind the building.

One give a glimpse of a large white building whose twentieth-century style does not sit entirely harmoniously with the Victorian-seeming construction of the building under consideration -- and also shows broken windows visible in the main central tower.

The other photo displays recent blight and disrepair on a smaller building -- advertising posters, missing bricks and roof tiles -- although it's not clear whether this smaller building is part of the larger complex around the building under consideration.

One other noteworthy bit of context can be glimpsed in the oldest of…… [Read More]

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Vermont Social and Natural Commentary in Black and White

Words: 658 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6653548

Vermont Photos

Vermont's rich cultural and environmental history is captured visually in black and white still photography. Each of these images offers a distinct glimpse or glance at Vermont life. Some images portray non-human subjects ranging from animals to landscapes to architecture. Several are macro, or close up, shots of Vermont's minutia. None of the images are portraits, which is significant because it allows the viewer to perceive Vermont without the added lens or filter of social life.

An image of a Pullman Car appears in green and fills the frame. The composition suggests movement, as the horizontal lines of the rail car and the tracks beneath it all move in the same directions. The original Pullman Palace cars were decorated ornately on the inside. Yet the viewer is invited to look inside at the big green Pullman Sunbeam, which rolled into Manchester in Spring of 2012 from South Carolina.…… [Read More]

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Spiritual Definitions in Palliative Care

Words: 1200 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78308884

photo novellas to test the creative aptitude of nurses working in oncology and palliative care. esearchers asked how they defined spirituality and were told to select between four to six photographs out of a photo novella they captured from their work in the field to represent these feelings. The participants in the study included five female oncology and palliative nurses, all working within Atlantic Canada. esearchers claim that "these specialty areas of nursing were selected because of the life-threatening nature of patients' illnesses, end of life issues, and the associated need for spiritual care" (Burke & Evans, 2011). Essentially, nurses within palliative and oncology contexts do often help patients with spiritual care as patients prepare to deal with a variety of end of life issues. Ultimately, the primary purpose was then to test the spiritual aptitude of these nurses in a qualitative context, while also including an exploration of how…… [Read More]


Burke, D., & Evans, J. (2011). Embracing the creative: The role of photo novella in qualitative nursing research. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 10(2), 164-177.
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Peer Review Business

Words: 679 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88289459

feature photography as a core element of their businesses. This includes many forms of social media. The author outlines how major social media companies like Facebook have bought app companies that focus on images and photography specifically because of the value those companies offer. The author also discusses some of the start-ups that exist in this sphere.

The work was published in Fast Company, which is not a journal, but a publication that started life as a print magazine. The audience for Fast Company consists of people who are interested in business stories -- so investors, business people and business students. The audience for Fast Company would be interested in the article, because it provide insight into a common trait that some big success stories have, and then notes a number of smaller companies that bear this common feature as well.

The readers are the same as the audience. As…… [Read More]


Kessler, S. (2014). The photo economy. Fast Company. Issue 190, pp. 54-60.
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Social Networking Sites Began in

Words: 493 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37465612

The primary target market for Facebook is between the ages of 22-34. The secondary target market is between 35-54.

The strengths are that it is addictive, has a clean layout is open platform and is a real-world network (unlike Myspace). It has relatively few weaknesses, other than low revenue per user. Threats are other social networking sites, instant messenger services and photo sharing sites. There are opportunities in new markets and for a more fully-integrated platform.

Through our ads we want to efficiently reach our target market so they become more aware of Facebook. We want to build familiarity with the site in a market that has not traditionally understood the benefits of social networking sites. The goals are more sign-ups and an increase in the frequency of visits to the site.

We intend to do this by partnering with party-planning sites that organize reunions, to convince them to leverage…… [Read More]

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Public Relations One of the

Words: 558 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46849178


Facebook is operating on the communication and social segment of the it industry. In this sense, it is offering a multitude of services to its clients, which include, besides the actual chat or forum-like services, photo and video sharing and, increasingly, the capacity to generate an entirely customized and personalized page for the user. From this point-of-view, we can identify primary competitors, competing in the social segment of the industry, but also secondary competitors, who focus on partial components, such as photo or video sharing.

In terms of the primary segment, the most important competitor that Facebook has is Myspace. Myspace has successfully benefited from being launched earlier so as to attract an additional 30 million users, ranking at 100 million users before Facebook's 70 million. Bebo and Blackplanet also provide important competition on the primary market, however, the ain competition is between Facebook and Myspace. Both sites try…… [Read More]

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Small Business Plan for a

Words: 805 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47968663

The first segment is represented by other teenagers. They are most likely to want to buy products that have a social impact, such as t-shirts or mugs with photos of teenager activities. At the same time, they are also the greatest consumers of Internet products, so disseminating the product in an online environment, not only through Snappysnaps, but also through its own website.

The only potentially negative aspect of this fact is the idea that this category of consumers does not have a discretionary income, but is rather constrained by what money their parents are offering them. Another potentially negative element to be considered is the fact that the product competes with other teenage products with social impact.

A distinct other group of consumers are the teenagers' parents, from two different perspectives. First, they are likely to encourage an activity for the teenagers such as this business is. Second, they…… [Read More]

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Crane Dear Sir for the

Words: 705 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14065065

Being old, she has spent a lifetime learning the intricacies of life, providing her with priceless wisdom. All this wisdom however has not prevented her from becoming a beggar in her old age. The girls in the picture are just beginning to be admitted into society, whereas society has finished with the old woman in the story, and thus she sits outside and begs where she only receives money from those not living in the vicinity.

This brings me to the connection points between the photo and the story. One important connection is the fact that the setting of the photo is an industrial school. Thus the setting is hardly luxurious. It is therefore easy to connect the rather drab setting of the industrial school with life in the street. The girls' clothing is also far from what one would expect a rich person to wear. There is thus a…… [Read More]

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Marketing Plan to Everything There

Words: 1834 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15490190

Each calendar at this point would cost $5.45

Developing costs for pictures taken with digital cameras will be approximately $75. This cost adds approximately $.04 per calendar Costs for placement of 1500 books in the library will be $8,175 + $3,270 (40% mark up) to total $14, 171 for calendars sold through the library calendars. Each calendar now $9.45 + $.04 for developing photos = $9.49. The remaining 500 calendars sold through other outlets such as the booth in a high traffic area of the Student Union Building; rented for $3/da y. The team determined to allocate rent for 20 days to total $60; which adds an additional $.03 per calendar of the 500, plus the $.04 for developing photos, which brings the cost for each of these 500 calendars to $5.52. The receipts for MUCs sold through the library for $20 each, as well as receipts for calendars sold…… [Read More]


Blue Letter Bible. (2009). Ecclesiastes 3 - New King James Version. Blue Letter Bible. Retrieved Mar, 12, 2009 at

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Ontela Picdeck Case B 's Quantitative Part Looking

Words: 792 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75539853

Ontela PicDeck Case (b)'s Quantitative part.

Looking at the questions for the survey, it seems that several of these are particularly pertaining to segmentation identification and evaluation. This seemed to be questions such as Q2-4, which define the profile of the consumer in terms of his or her preference for taking photos with the camera. As such, these questions would likely determine the primary interest of the individuals who take photos with the camera: is it quality or is it a quick and easy transfer to the computer?

Q7 to 9 are also important because they define the primary destination of the photos once they have been transferred, allowing Ontela to determine the main purpose of the transfer and tailor its services to potentially better address this. Finally, Q12 and 13 are also essential for segmentation identification and evaluation, showing how much price matters in the final decision of the…… [Read More]

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Book Roots by Alex Haley

Words: 711 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11313373

value of photo ID badges for employees from the standpoint of security. The writer examines the issues at hand and presents a logical argument about the topic. There were two sources used to complete this paper.

The memo stating that recommendations for employee photo badges should go out to all clients based on the study of ten companies is based on limited information. The information provided is not enough to be able to ascertain that the badges were the deterrent.

Upon examination of the proposal one can see that there are several areas of missing information regarding whether or not the photo badges were the actual cause of eliminating employee theft.

One of the first things that is missing is whether or not those companies had ever had a problem with employee theft in the past. The study says that there were ten companies in the study and that none…… [Read More]


Author not available, Shoplifting and Employee Theft Continue to Cost Retailers and Consumers Billions of Dollars., Business Wire, 11-20-1998.

Author not available, Controlling employee theft: Knowing the signs can help protect your., Black Enterprise, 06-30-1997, pp PG.
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Buyers Guide to Flatbed Scanners

Words: 1743 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63802157

uyer's Guide To Flatbed Scanners

Getting digital images is easy with a right scanner. Nowadays, printing productions and websites demand huge numbers of digital images for easy modification, interactive presentation, and professional look of their final products. A reliable and affordable scanner helps out the need both for home and corporation requirement. Among different types of scanner, there is a high preference for flatbed scanner for its working performance, size, and affordable price even for the lower consumer level.

Flatbed scanner incorporates speed and quality into one package. The most common purpose of buying a scanner is to scan pictures and small objects into digital files, and get a close resemblance of the digital image with its original picture. It means, a scanner should be able to identify and produce colors as vivid as the object or image. Clear image is important, as people need to modify, resize, adjust the…… [Read More]


50 Most Popular Scanners. ZDNet Shopper. Web site:

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Keverline, A. Understanding Scanners. 2002. Retrieved December 8, 2002. MSN Photos Quick Shots. Web site:
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Individual and Group Skills Sydney

Words: 802 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93962135

Light police forces are usually meant to command heavy police forces, as it requires more muscle than brain in order to break a riot.

Considering that the group does not seem to be conveying a biased approach in regard to gender or skin color, it is likely that they focus on efficiency, rather than on discriminating. Their stance, the fact that most wear glasses and their facial expressions make it obvious that they want to look good in the photo.

A believes that the people in the photo are not actual police officers and that they dressed up in order to replicate a normal day in the lives of real policemen. She motivates her conviction by claiming that none of the ones in the group appear to know what they are doing.

She believes that there is a probability that the group does not consider black individuals to be equal,…… [Read More]

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Social Realism and the Great

Words: 1168 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40038938

His painting (social realism) called "Approaching Storm" is a remarkable portrayal of a man walking up a hill with a bucket of water and two donkeys waiting to be told what to do. In the distance is a menacing storm. The website (Twecht.tripod) says that this farm could possibly have been a beautiful place to live at one point in time…but now it is gray and windy…all life in the painting ceases to exist" (

Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange is among the best known of all the photographers and artists that contributed to the social realism movement during the Great Depression. Lange's most famous photograph, "Migrant Mother," shows a worried woman with two "tousle-haired children clinging to her, their faces turned away from the camera" (u, 2010, p. 1). A third child is asleep in the woman's arms. That photo -- taken in a migrant camp in California -- is…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Twecht Tripod. "Thomas Hart Benton: Approaching Storm, 1938." Retrieved Dec. 8, 2010,
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Cardsmax Evidence That Would Be Available to

Words: 723 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18375011


Evidence that would be available to the police includes the documentation made in the case notes. (Pearson) explains that the information that would be available if the information is in fact present would include what has been observed at the crime scene. Had the suspects been seen, what crime was committed was there a motivation for committing this crime, who called the police, and were there any victims. The second question that would provide information is that of what crime was committed was stolen, what evidence exists, what statements have been made, what additional information would be needed. The scenario given gives light to some of the above questions that would be noted in the case notes. We know that three people were involved, it was a robbery in a computer store, the men were masked, and there was a third man whom was the driver. There was a…… [Read More]


(). The Crime Scene: Field Notes, Documentation and Reporting. In Pearson Learning Solutions (pp. 53-78).: .
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Red Color News Soldier Questions

Words: 1162 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32763642

5. I was surprised at the idiosyncrasies of Zhensheng's self-portraits. His stance and defiant expression shows that China was not ideologically homogenous at the time. People like Zhensheng found a way to express dissent and anger, even if they often faced repercussions for their brave actions.

6. The Cultural Revolution was not fully extinguished until 1976, after a prolonged power struggle within the Chinese government. This illustrates the vulnerability of ordinary people's lives in a dictatorship: one minute it was 'counterrevolutionary' to support certain politicians, like Deng Xiaoping, and then, not so long afterwards it was considered patriotic to support Deng.

7. The role of women was surprising -- in the countryside, women were often required to labor as hard as their male counterparts, including pulling wheelbarrows to irrigate a field.

8. Early on in the Revolution, children supported the actions of the People's Liberation Army. This made me wonder…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Bauret, Gabriel. "About Li." Red Color-News Soldier. 2003. January 13, 2011.

Zhensheng, Li. Red Color-News Soldier. 2003. January 13, 2011.

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How I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel

Words: 625 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3222180


Perhaps one of the most famous pedophiles in literature was Humbert in Nabokov's masterpiece, the novel Lolita. If that novel shows the reader anything, it's that pedophiles, though monstrous and selfish, are anything but simple creatures. This is absolutely true and reflected in the play How I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel as Vogel has created Uncle Peck, the uncle who molests the main character L'il Bit. Vogel works hard not to present Uncle Peck as an antagonist; she shows him as tremendously flawed, but intricate and compassionate and very attentive of his niece, L'il Bit, as she struggles to exist in an insensitive family where her needs to be nurtured aren't being met even remotely.

This lack of nurturing sets L'il Bit to be a prime target for the attentions of Uncle Peck. Much in the play is made about the size of L'il Bit's breasts as…… [Read More]

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American Experience Being Constructed in

Words: 676 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11889071

he father's naked chest underlines his raw, unprotected state and the lack of protection he can give his children.

A FSA portrait which resonates with the Grannan photograph can be found in the image of a work entitled Destitute pea pickers in California. Mother of seven children. Age thirty-two. Nipomo, California, 1936. he nearly emaciated woman cradles her chin in her face, looking slightly to the left of the photographer, just like the man in the Grannan photograph. wo of the mother's children bury their heads in each of her shoulders, but she looks away from them, as if she is too tired to give them any love. If it were not for the title of the photograph, it would be difficult to believe that she was their mother, given that she has no maternal tenderness in her eyes. he genders of the children are not even visible from the…… [Read More]

The child and her father stare at something slightly to the left of the gazer. It is as if both of them are looking at their futures, and it is bleak. The girl appears almost angelic, with soft blonde hair and tear-filled china blue eyes, but she wears an inappropriately sexual black bikini top with polka dots. Along with the father's cigarettes, the image suggests a young girl forced to grow up before her time because her father is unable to parent her. The father's naked chest underlines his raw, unprotected state and the lack of protection he can give his children.

A FSA portrait which resonates with the Grannan photograph can be found in the image of a work entitled Destitute pea pickers in California. Mother of seven children. Age thirty-two. Nipomo, California, 1936. The nearly emaciated woman cradles her chin in her face, looking slightly to the left of the photographer, just like the man in the Grannan photograph. Two of the mother's children bury their heads in each of her shoulders, but she looks away from them, as if she is too tired to give them any love. If it were not for the title of the photograph, it would be difficult to believe that she was their mother, given that she has no maternal tenderness in her eyes. The genders of the children are not even visible from the photograph because they are concealed by her face and shoulders. It is as if there is nothing she can do but turn away and rest her head in her hands.

What is so striking in the comparison of these photographs is the extent to which gender seems to be irrelevant for both parents: because of the economic circumstances which the family finds itself, the parents are unable to extend either fatherly protection or maternal tenderness to the children. The children have become faceless and anonymous, as if they have no future. The skimpy bathing suit of the girl and her pinched, weeping eyes seems to be a particularly ominous harbinger for the girl in the contemporary photograph; in the FSA photograph, the utterly concealed, 'buried' children seem to have lost all identifying characteristics, and simply symbolize need and despair. Although it would be impossible to confuse the two photographs, the similarity of expression in the faces of the subjects and the staging of the photographers are eerily resonant and haunting.
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Sheikh Majed Al Sabah Was Born Into

Words: 1139 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36470672

Sheikh Majed Al Sabah was born into royalty. He is the grandson of the 10th Amir of Kuwait as well as the nephew of the current Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah. Thanks to the fashion entrepreneurship and style of Sheikh Majed, Kuwait has become a leading fashion capital of the middle east. His journey into the fashion world began with Villa Moda and brands like Gucci, Ferragamo, and Prada, amongst others and currently 21 Carrots and TFK (The Fragrance Kitchen). The Fragrance Kitchen is a fragrance house based in Kuwait that houses a mixture of scents inspired by Sheikh Majed's memories of his beloved grandmother.

With a nickname like "Sheikh of Chic," given to him by Times Magazine, one would expect a larger than life man with a big persona. When interviewing him, I could see that was far from the truth. Sheikh Majed is the most…… [Read More]

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Hollyhock House and Site Integration

Words: 1362 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41364471

One typically does not consider the floral designs required by Barnsdall to be a good match for the harsh lines and square angles used in house.

In order to accommodate the needs of the design and those of the owner, right used hollyhocks and floral designs to help soften the harsh lines created by the concrete. This allowed the work to flow, rather than to bring out the contrast created by these two opposing elements. Contrast is the key to right's work. However, this is difficult ground from a design perspective, as one must be careful not to make the building seem out of place in the natural landscape. Consider the following photo and the contrast between the concrete walls set against the rolling green hills in the background.

Photo Credit: Christy Rogers, 1998

This is an excellent example of how lines were used to contrast and draw attention to…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Friends of Hollyhock House. Hollyhock House (1921). Accessed December 11, 2007.

Galinsky. Hollyhock House: Los Angeles. Accessed December 11.

Lockley, W. California Romanza. Hollyhock House, Hollywood, California. Historic Buildings Survey. 2004. Accessed December 11, 2007

National Historic Landmarks Program. Barnsdall Complex, Aline. Accessed December 11, 2007.
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Visuals the First Image Appears

Words: 1028 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70867952

In this image a large group of Pakistani people are in a mob/protest that is clearly against the United States, most likely relating to the U.S.'s use of Pakistan in conducting its war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. This is known because at the center of the group is a large, upside down American flag being burned and the surrounding individuals cheering in support.

Within this crowd are numerous cameras and video recorders capturing the flag burning, showing that the act is being done not for the individuals at the event but for the effect it will have on the individuals watching its portrayal through video, photos and news. If this image was not broadcast, then it would have a limited effect as its message would be only conveyed to those who already support the group's cause. However, by taping it and broadcasting it, it can be viewed by a…… [Read More]

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Networking Solution Many Different Technologies

Words: 560 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68840957

Unauthorized users will be prevented from connecting to the network by WPA, therefore it is not necessary to control access to DHCP. Access to the DHCP port from the public Internet will be blocked by the firewall's configuration. To provide a firewall controlling remote access to the network services, the desktop computer will run netfilter, configured using the graphical Firestarter front end.

All the computers will offer Secure Shell (SSH) services using OpenSSH server. SSH provides secure remote control and file access even over an unsecured network. Ubuntu's default Gnome desktop environment provides the ability to access remote files over SSH using the same graphical file browser used for local files. FreeNX will be installed on the desktop computer for remote access to graphical applications. Clients for the NX protocol exist for all major computing platforms, allowing for good performance from desktop applications over any broadband connection. The firewall may…… [Read More]

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Moma the Shaping of New

Words: 763 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15709180

" (MoMA, p. 7)

This conceptual shift is ongoing throughout the series of photos and photography-based works displayed in the exhibition. For instance, a great deal of emphasis in many of the early works in the exhibition is placed on the details and features of industrialization. A good example is the series from 1927 by Charles Sheeler, which offers a panorama of the more mechanized features of metropolitan life such as with Criss-Crossed Conveyors, River Rogue Plant, Ford Motor Company. Empty of human life by teeming with the productive output of human ingenuity, this photo captures a particular dynamic of the human experience during the era of industrialization.

By contrast, the slide-show organization of Helen Levitt's Projects: Helen Levitt in Color, shows the quirky randomness of metropolitan life in the post-industrial landscape of the early 1970s. The forty slide presentation employs the medium to preserve the idiosyncratic but mundane moments…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). (2012). The Shaping of New Visions: Photography, Film, Photobook.
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Flame Arrives at City Hall

Words: 514 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9061049

The claim is organized by showing a single photograph. There were no correspondents listed. ("Good Reasons") ("Olympic Ring")

hat is the medium and genre?

The medium is from an online news organization called ITN. It appears as both a still photograph and a video. The genre is a single picture. It is illustrated is through a new event that is occurring. ("Good Reasons") ("Olympic Ring")

hat appeals are used?

The photographer represents themselves as a member of a major news organization. There is no authority other than the assumption that they are an expert. However, this helps to build upon the belief that the information they are providing to the audience is accurate. The logos are being represented through direct observation and by watching the activities of the people on the boat with the flame. The pathos is to invoke an emotional response such as national pride and awe. ("Good…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Olympic Ring. 2012. ITN News. London.

Good Reasons, n.d.
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Targeting Different Audiences Three Advertisements

Words: 998 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74281956

Purchase the cologne and the male wearer will instantly become like the man in the advertisement, the picture suggests -- or your boyfriend or husband will become like the man in the advertisement. Of course, written out directly, this statement sounds absurd. This message is conveyed in a subtle fashion, through subtext and visual suggestion rather than overtly.

Cologne is not a functional product: it is not strictly a 'necessity.' Any additional cost demanded by the manufacturer is based upon the intangible aspects wearing it conveys to the viewer. Rather than practical attributes (even a cream like Oil of Olay has a certain, specific use it must fulfill -- no matter how well-marketed, it is unlikely to be purchased unless it actually helps the wearer's skin) a cologne's appeal is almost completely based upon the wearer's self-image and the image he wishes to project. The image of the man is…… [Read More]

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Waiting Room Some Years Ago I Happened

Words: 532 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93275444

waiting room some years ago I happened upon a National Geographic magazine with an article on some Caribbean island, but what most interested me were the fantastic photos of the beautiful island. Inside this magazine were images of pristine blue waters, beautiful beaches and jungles, and people that seemed to be living in paradise. Perhaps this is what first sparked my interest in photography and my dream of traveling the globe as a photographer. But great photographers are not simply made, it takes a great deal of hard work and education to become great. Therefore, if I am to reach my goal of becoming a photographer, I need to immerse myself in the primary education of such a field and am applying for admission to Kean University in the hopes of furthering my professional ambitions.

Education has always been very important to me, and something that has been supported by…… [Read More]

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Archival Mission and Practice How Does the

Words: 1633 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 346206

Archival Mission and Practice

How does the primary mission of the archives (institutional vs. collecting) affect archival practice (acquisitions, processing, preservation, reference, etc.)?

Historical organizational records often have continuing value to an organization. They may provide evidence of an organization's existence, practice, operations, and day-to-day functions (Fruscian, 2011). One of the key elements in establishing a successful archive is to define its mission or purpose. An archive's mission is often impacted by institutional variations; however, in general the goal is to collect, evaluate, describe, and offer historical records of value to an institution (Cross, 1997). The core elements of the mission include what the organization decides to collect and a definition of the audience the organization serves (Cox, 1998). Archives make legal, fiscal, administrative and proprietary records accessible and help preserve that data which has operational significance to the institution (Maher, 1992). Members of the organization and the larger community…… [Read More]


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Black and White Monochrome

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Grace Taylor

Intro to Digital Photography

The Landscape of Vermont in Black and White

I have had the wonderful fortune of being able to live in Vermont for most of my life. The splendor of the landscape is what first motivated me to pick up a camera over thirty years ago and endeavor to capture its beauty to tell a story. My photographic images are an extension of the world in which I grew up and live in today.

The images in this portfolio of Vermont are in black and white. I chose this medium because for me, black and white, or monochrome photography, comes naturally. When I am photographing, I try to look at how I can use the light, shadow, and composition to capture the character that black and white photography has to offer.

Having both black and white in a shot is important, but just as…… [Read More]

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Gender Studies and Feminism

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Abjection of the Body & Cyborg Jewelry Design

The examples of jewelry located and examined for the purposes of this paper align with the definitions and ideas of the authors that contextualize the conversation. (efinery 29, 2012) Notice how both of the models are positioned side by side, which immediately prompts the audience, viewer, or consumer to compare and contrast. Though their precise background are unknown, it is presumed that both models are Caucasian. Both models have short brown hair. The models do not closely resemble each other, yet there are similarities in the thickness of their lips, the subtlety of their cheek bones, and the composition of the product photos. Viewers are meant to draw more similarities between the models than highlight the differences.

Though we presume that one model is male and one model is female, their similarity highlights their androgyny, their lack of gender or the…… [Read More]


Creed, B. 1993. The Monstrous-Feminine: Film, feminism, psychoanalysis. Routledge, London.

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Refinery 29. 2012 Fashion -- Jewelry. Web, Available from: 2012 August 27.
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Martha Rosler

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photographic work of Martha osler. The writer focuses on how the various photographs depict the 20th century. The writer discusses the use of color, light, image and idea to illustrate the picture painted of the 20th century by osler.

United States artist Martha osler has worked to provide a cataloged version of the spaces and moods of 20th century hearts and minds. She worked through her travels with a camera and shot things that she believed were representative of heart of America. The pictures tell stories that branch off into ideas of their own with the light and the images that are portrayed in them. The combination of people and objects blend a sense of surreal images so that the viewer can either focus on the literal image or the more abstract idea that is born from the idea. There were many photographs over several decades that the artist used…… [Read More]


Martha Rosler
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Gordon Parks American Gothic 1942

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Accordingly, a retelling of their interaction by Brookman (2004) is eye-opening. Here, Brookman remarks that in their first meeting, atson essentially told Parks her life story. Brookman reports that "in August 1942 Parks listened as atson told her story. 'She had struggled alone after her mother had died and her father had been killed by a lynch mob,' he recalls. 'She had gone through high school, married and become pregnant. Her husband was accidentally shot to death two days before the daughter was born. By the time the daughter was eighteen she had given birth to two illegitimate children, dying two weeks after the second child's birth. hat's more, the first child had been stricken with paralysis a year before its mother died. Now this woman was bringing up these grandchildren on a salary hardly suitable for one person.' (p. 1)

As Parks listened to her tell this story, he…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Broookman, P. (2004). Unlocked Doors: Gordon Parks at the Crossroads. Masters of Photography.
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Business Communications the Purpose of

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(2009). Retrieved April from

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Wheatland Rentals. (2010). Photo of Kuala Lumpur skyline. Retrieved April 3, 2011 from,r:7,s:0
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Heritage Site Report the Sydney

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o learn more about the Sydney Opera House, those interested in Australian culture can visit the official Sydney Opera House web site (,which caters primarily to those who want to visit or learn more about the opera house, containing a great quantity of information and photos relating to architecture and events, but few outside links. A similar, but less extensive site catering to tourists and offering information about both tours and events is the 2008 Biennale of Sydney web site (,which also includes a brief history of the attraction and links to other Australian cultural gems. Finally, the Australian Government's Culture and Recreational Portal's information on the Sydney Opera House site (,which caters to educators, students, and those who simply want to learn about Australia is quite impressive and comprehensive, including a long list of links to information and photos. hus, because of both its contribution to architecture and culture,…… [Read More]

The Sydney Opera House: A Monument of Both Architectural and Cultural Grandeur modern architectural wonder, the Sydney Opera House was inaugurated in 1973 and continues to maintain its position as one of Australia's most important cultural and architectural sites. Architectural features of significance include the well-known three shells that interlock on the top of the structure and contain different areas of interest -- including restaurants and a theater -- and the pedestrian platforms that lead to ground level. it's architectural significance results not only from the beauty and uniqueness of its impressive design, but also from the engineering feats that resulted in its construction. Designed by Jorn Utozon, a Danish architect, the opera house is lauded for its glorification of the Sydney harbor as well as its modern technology and feel. Furthermore, the building was constructed with an eye on environmentalism and conservation.

In addition to its innovative structural design, however, the opera house lends additional cultural gems to the city of Sydney. An operational performing arts center, the Sydney Opera House offers a variety of cultural entertainment. In fact, the 2008 season lists performances from modern Rock and Roll wonder Sting to Mozart's classical opera Don Giovanni. Additionally, the area offers a variety of tours, restaurants, and bars that introduce the visitor to the cultural scene of Australia.

To learn more about the Sydney Opera House, those interested in Australian culture can visit the official Sydney Opera House web site (,which caters primarily to those who want to visit or learn more about the opera house, containing a great quantity of information and photos relating to architecture and events, but few outside links. A similar, but less extensive site catering to tourists and offering information about both tours and events is the 2008 Biennale of Sydney web site (,which also includes a brief history of the attraction and links to other Australian cultural gems. Finally, the Australian Government's Culture and Recreational Portal's information on the Sydney Opera House site (,which caters to educators, students, and those who simply want to learn about Australia is quite impressive and comprehensive, including a long list of links to information and photos. Thus, because of both its contribution to architecture and culture, the Sydney Opera House is an important monument in Australia and all over the world. Those who want to learn more about the opera house can do so by visiting a variety of sites on the Internet.
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Human Nature Reading Comprehension Test

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The use of the word MY also suggests that the speaker feels a sense of possession towards the assistant, thus the assistant's departure is seen as a loss of control, not merely a setback to the project as he says.

7. it's an animal urge, Puff. it's nothing to be ashamed of (65)

The word Puff suggests an animal, even if Puff is not an animal -- Puff is being assured that acting like an animal is natural, and not worthy of shame, despite Puff's feelings to the contrary and the ambiguous quality of Puff's name.

8. Remember, when in doubt: don't ever do what you really want to do (69)

This statement goes against the assurances of the naturalness of human behavior and impulses -- go against one's human or animal nature, it suggests, and repress and resist gut instincts. Instead, follow societal dictates and one's own superego.

9.…… [Read More]

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Fuji Xerox Sub-Strategic Alliances & Growth The

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Fuji Xerox

Sub-Strategic Alliances & Growth.

The joint venture between Xerox and Fuji Photo Film to form Fuji Xerox was considered by many to be one of the most successful joint ventures between an American and Japanese company in history. The purpose of the strategic alliance was to overcome growing competition in the global marketplace. Fuji Xerox is only one portion of the Xerox Group, which is comprised of several larger divisions. Much of the competition that Fuji Xerox hoped to overcome was based in Japan. When Xerox began to see competitors such as Canon and icoh growing exponentially through exports, they realized that they had to make major changes in order to remain competitors of scale.

Fuji Xerox uses a single point design and manufacturing approach, similar to Canon's. However, externalities and additions in key export locations now call for local manufacturing and development in the U.S. Up to…… [Read More]


Choudoin, M. 1991. The Evolution of Fuji Xerox. Dissertation. Massachusetts Institute of Technoogy. [online] Available from: < >. [Acccessed August 12, 2012].

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Cultural Observation

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Enhancement Photos Magazines Ads - Artful Ad nspiring Dishonest & Harmful

Fashion has been on people's minds since time immemorial. Whether man, woman, child or elderly, individuals have sought to express themselves through how they dressed, one more conservative, the other extravagant and glamorous. Nowadays, it's quite a technique to skillfully attempt to dress people when being dressed sometimes implies having no clothing whatsoever. This effect is accurately illustrated in Picture 1 in which a marrying couple seem to be wearing, what looks like a uniform for the man, and a dressing gown for the woman. While one does notice the boxer shorts on the man and the extension of a real dress on the woman, the effect is nevertheless substantial. Deeply rooted in ritualized tribalists cultures, body painting nowadays stands for various purposes: it has come to represent either a form of extravaganza, or means by which people choose…… [Read More]

Image retrieved from

Picture 7.2

Image retrieved from
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Technology and Social Media on

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Turkish Youth Protests

"The rise of a global youth culture in recent decades suggests greater convergence of the experiences of young people in global cities. In Turkey, mass-based youth subcultures with links to the diaspora are emerging, paralleling the fragmentation of Turkish society…Turkish youth are torn between hopes of constructing a more participatory public sphere and disillusionment with the nation-state as the embodiment of modernity…" (Neyzi, 2001, 412).

At no time in the recent past has the world been able to see the raging protests of Turkish youth like what has been viewed over the past few days and weeks. However, many citizens with television sets in Turkey did not see the mass demonstrations by youthful protesters in Istanbul because journalists were afraid to show the live clashes with police on television. According to journalist Barak Ravid, "…many Turkish television channels hesitated to report on the protests for many long…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Arvizu. S. (2009). Creating alternative visions of Arab society: emerging youth publics in Cairo.

Media Culture Society, Vol. 31, 385-408.

Darici, Haydar. (2011). Politics of privacy: forced migration and the spatial struggle of the Kurdish youth. Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, 13(4), 457-474.

Giroux, H.A. (2011). Fighting for the Future: American Youth and the Global Struggle for Democracy. Cultural Studies -- Critical Methodologies, 11(4), 328-340.
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Pictures Can Speak Louder Than Words and

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pictures can speak louder than words, and this is clear in the photo entitled "U.S. Navy: An aerial view of damage to akuya, Japan after a 9 magnitude tsunami." The photo initially looks like picture of a tiny child's toy boat, which is floating in a muddy sea of debris. The boat looks brave and cheery, as it floats amidst the muck, garbage, and flotsam and jetsam of people's belongings. However, the first, deceptive glance of the photograph quickly ebbs away as the viewer becomes aware that he or she is bearing of witness to one of the greatest human tragedies to strike a nation, as a result of a natural disaster, in the 21st century. The photograph highlights the smallness and vulnerability of the human condition in the face of epic destruction beyond human control.

Japan's long national nightmare began when an 8.9-magnitude earthquake, the "fifth-largest recorded since 1900"…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Harlan, Chico. "One year later, Japan still in crisis." The Washington Post. 12 Mar 2012. =27889&RQT=309&VName=PQD

McGroarty, Patrick & Vanessa Fuhrmans. "Germany to Forsake Its Nuclear Reactors."

Wall Street Journal. 31 May 31, 2011.
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To Publish or Not

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Publish or Not to Publish?

One of the recurring ethical dilemmas in journalism is whether or not to publish photographs that may be considered offensive to some portion of the public, may promote the goal of a person who committed an offense, or that are extremely violent or graphic. This dilemma has recently recurred in debate surrounding the printing or distribution of photographs or videotapes that show the death of Joshua Bernard and the beheading of James Foley by the terrorist organization, Isis. Many people feel that distributing these photos is disrespectful, not only to the victims, but also to their family members. They believe that the victims deserve to be remembered in life and not reduced to a victim status. Other people worry that distributing images of something like a soldier's death or a beheadings will actually promote hostile goals, by encouraging fear in the population. While those concerns…… [Read More]

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Scheduling Software for a University's

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CELCAT, though, is just one of dozens of vendos competing in the class scheduling softwae industy as well as many open souces options that ae fee of chage, and the thousands of colleges and univesities that have undetaken the selection pocess have done so lagely without the benefit of a set of best pactices that can be used fo this pupose. As a esult, it is easonable to suggest that many of these educational institutions failed to ealize the full spectum of benefits that can accue to the effective use of class scheduling softwae applications based on an inappopiate selection o intenal factos that constained its implementation and use. Theefoe, it just makes good business sense to identify how these educational institutions can appoach the selection pocess and what factos need to be taken into account in identifying the most appopiate softwae choice.

Oveview of Study

This study used a…… [Read More]

references Window...

Reporting and Printing

1. Week - shows the timetable of the whole week (days x lessons) for the selected object type. For example, if Teacher is selected, all teachers' timetables are shown on one screen. The X axis will contain the teachers' names and the Y axis the days and the lessons.

2. Day - shows the timetable of one day for the selected object type. For example, if Group is selected, all groups' timetables are shown on one screen for the selected day. The X axis will contain the groups' names and the Y axis the lessons of the day (see graphic below).

3. Personal - shows a personal weekly timetable of the selected object. For example, if Room is selected, shows the timetable of the selected room for the whole week. The X axis contains the day names, and the Y axis the lessons.
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Strategic Expertise I Am Looking

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To contribute to my professional experience, I have worked all over the globe within the scope of major retail organizations to help compile and execute successful marketing and brand imaging strategies. While working for VOGUE in New York in 2007 as an editorial intern, I helped select current fashion trends through exhaustive research and development. I also had the luxury of helping with the creative tasks of compiling the magazine content as well as assessing story ideas, researching, and copyediting. Much of my experience is also drawn from my time at Michael Kors in New York as a Public Relations Intern in 2006. There, I helped arrange looks for the Golden Globe Awards and photo shoots for high-end magazines, effectively representing the Michael Kors brand image. I also gained experience in managing press contact databases and client files, as well as tracking press coverage and assisting the process of press…… [Read More]

Continuing my education is essential for pursuing my professional goals. I wish to continue to work within marketing and brand management as I have in the past, but within the context of a more executive level. I aim to one day be in the position to make the crucial decisions regarding a company's marketing and branding strategy, rather than being the one to simply carry out a small piece of it, as I have in the past. The knowledge I will acquire through an Individualized program at Gallatin will help give me the tools necessary to survive in a competitive professional world and attain the high positions I look forward to.

While working at Gallatin, I can bank on my already long list of accomplishments and experiences to help enhance my studies. I was born in London, raised in Istanbul, and went to a boarding school in Switzerland; all which have contributed to my multi-cultural background and staunch independence only witnessed in an individual of great experience. To contribute to my professional experience, I have worked all over the globe within the scope of major retail organizations to help compile and execute successful marketing and brand imaging strategies. While working for VOGUE in New York in 2007 as an editorial intern, I helped select current fashion trends through exhaustive research and development. I also had the luxury of helping with the creative tasks of compiling the magazine content as well as assessing story ideas, researching, and copyediting. Much of my experience is also drawn from my time at Michael Kors in New York as a Public Relations Intern in 2006. There, I helped arrange looks for the Golden Globe Awards and photo shoots for high-end magazines, effectively representing the Michael Kors brand image. I also gained experience in managing press contact databases and client files, as well as tracking press coverage and assisting the process of press releases. At Gilan Jewelers in Istanbul, Turkey in 2005, I worked as a Merchandising Intern and gained great training in the field of customer relations as well as leasing with De Beers on Gilan's behalf. Also in 2005, I worked with Channel D. In Istanbul as an Assistant Journalist. Here, I helped translate news from English to Turkish and worked with the montage teams. I also gained great creative experience writing headlines and breaking news.

Studying within an Individualized program at Gallatin will only continue my professional and academic development to help get e that much closer to my goals. Having already amassed great experience within the context of an international arena, I can only imagine how my studies will improve my skills within the marketing world.
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Flags of Convenience and Mrs

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"When a court strikes a contract provision for unconscionability it is declaring that provision is so unfair or oppressive that the court will refuse to enforce it." (Gillespie, 2007). The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that, "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." (U.S. Const. amend. XIII, 1). The contract that the parties signed purported to make Mrs. Lowell the property of Mr. Lowell. Because the Lowells are Americans and purchased their ticket in America, it is unlikely that an American court would recognize Mr. Lowell's ability to contract away his wife's right to be recognized as a legal individual in a contract dispute. Furthermore, the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees Mrs. Lowell the equal protection of the laws, (U.S. Const. amend. XIV, 1)…… [Read More]


Cruise Lines International Association. (2008). Personal safety and security. Retrieved December 9, 2008 from Cruise Lines International Association

Web site:  

Fl. Stat. 731.301(b)(1).

Gillespie, D. (2007). Survey of Illinois law: contract law. Retrieved December 9, 2008 from Southern Illinois University School of Law
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Facility Research Red Rock Country

Words: 3319 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23245178

New home construction in the community also alters water usage issues. Bob Wilbert is the head of maintenance of the facility and oversees all internal and subcontracted maintenance and upkeep of the grounds and facilities.

The administrative structure of the facility includes:

Successful criteria employment

General Manger oversees all staff, including temporary and permanent employees in catering and facilities management

Controller facilitates all accounting and financial needs and maintains records.

The facility does not offer a box office or ticketing, but reservations for golf and tennis are suggested. The facility has 550 golf members and over 1000 sport and social members. So use of the tennis and golf facilities are in high demand. The golf shop schedules tee times every 10 minutes and the tennis facility has 30 minute to 3 hours reservations for tennis courts. Availability for walk in is always a possibility but does not take priority over…… [Read More]


Red Rock Country Club Website

Sunrise Company Website at   

Summerlin Community Website at

University of LV Libraries Website at
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Satellite Imagery Has Recorded Rainfall

Words: 1794 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75958886

The determination was that energy absorption into the clouds and the production of forestation varied by the year. The conclusion was that the rainforests in the Amazon are sensitive to El Nino and the plants that grew, producing carbon flux varied as much as 21% and 18%. (2000 American Geophysical Union) (Koren 1342).

Information obtained via satellite is shared with environmental protection agencies. Created by a Stanford scientist to study the depletion of the Amazon rainforest, this method of satellite detection of aerosols could help fight against illegal logging (ang 2004).

Thus the satellites have a large affect on the rain forests and could have more in the future, in determining how much water will be needed, how the land may be saved from deforestation, how water affects the phenology (plant life) of the forests, and whether there will be enough rainfall for the forest to survive.

orks Cited

Asner,…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Asner, G.P., Townsend, a.R. And Brasswell, B.H. "Satellite observation of El Nino effects on Amazon forest phenomenology and productivity" American Geophysical Union. 1974.

Earth Observatory." NASA News Archive, September 13, 2005.

EUMETSAT Services Overview, 2006. Website found at

Kidder, Stanley Q. And Vonder Haar, Thomas H. Satellite Meteorology: An Introduction. San Diego: Academic Press. 1995
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Consumption and Mass Media

Words: 1145 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47376096

Consumption and Mass Media

What is conspicuous consumption? How does conspicuous consumption influence purchasing decisions? Think about a high-priced item (Rolex) that you would like to buy. To what extent could conspicuous consumption affect your decision?

Conspicuous consumption is consumption for the sake of impressing observers. Most consumers buy Rolex watches not because of Rolex's quality, but because the brand signifies that the purchaser is wealthy enough to afford a Rolex. Although an extremely cheap watch and an expensive watch may vary in terms of their quality, the expense of a Rolex cannot be justified by quality alone. Someone who wishes to signify his social class and economic status to friends and associates 'in the know' buys a Rolex; without these signifiers the Rolex means nothing.

Q2. What is conspicuous leisure? In what ways are leisure activities informed by social and economic class? Provide an example of a popular leisure…… [Read More]

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Fashion of the 20th Century

Words: 1392 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37098077

The only image from the time that we have of the original dress is in the film poster (Image 5), where one can see that the dress showed quite a big of leg, which was considered improper and that is why the film commissioned a tailor to sew up Givenchy's original design, as to not offend anybody in the audience. hat a pity, for today, the dress would perhaps be ever-more popular.

In the third image, however, which is the picture of the dress as seen at Christie's, one can see that one of the photos shows the dress with the slit. Yet this discussion of without or without the cut prompts the thought of the fact that these are two dresses, one created by Givenchy, and one a copy created by another designer, a 'knock-off' almost, that together with the original created a phenomenon of epic proportions. Could it…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

"The Audrey Hepburn Treasures." Google Books. Web. 01 Apr. 2012. .

"Cinemode: Breakfast at Tiffany's: The LBD That Dethroned Edith Head." Fashion in Film: Breakfast at Tiffany's. Web. 01 Apr. 2012. .

Duffy, Martha, and Dorie Denbigh/Paris. "THE MUSE and the MASTER." Time. Time, 17 Apr. 1995. Web. 01 Apr. 2012. .

"Growing Up With Audrey Hepburn:." Google Books. Web. 01 Apr. 2012. .
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Ethnic Cultures' Experience of Art

Words: 2675 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56733059

For example, the ethnic client who paints a huge red heart with an arrow piercing its center is communicating a universally understood message: I have been affected by love/passion/emotion.

Natalie Rogers, founder of the Person Centered Expressive Therapy Institute is a strong proponent of expressive art. In this form of art therapy, the ethnic client is encouraged to "express inner thoughts by creating outer forms."

When treating a client with art therapy, Ms. Rogers uses many techniques of expressive art: drawing, coloring, dancing, musical demonstrations, and the like.

Once these exercises are completed, the participants are encouraged to explore the nuances involved in the interaction: did communication occur? Was it a pleasant experience? Were boundaries an issue? Who led? Who followed?

Despite the fact that this work is not done solely with ethnically displaced clients, the premise remains the same; through expressive creativity, one's self may be realized, recognized, and…… [Read More]


Art Therapy, a Guide for Mental Health Professionals. New York: Brunner/Mazel,


Burt, H. (1993). Issues in art therapy with the culturally displaced American Indian youth. Arts in Psychotherapy. 20: 143-151.

Cohen, B., Barnes, M., & Rankin, a. (1995). Managing Traumatic Stress Through Art. Maryland: Sidran Press.
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Art Exhibit in December 2004

Words: 931 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1967814

The "self-portraits" might perhaps be viewed in terms of the artist's own past illnesses: At 37, Taylor-Woods, having already survived both colon cancer and breast cancer, likely understands, on personal level, the state of "suspense" between sickness and health, life and death. he may, then, have been "bound" to breast cancer (the invisible ropes may symbolize the disease), cured of it, and her body "released to freedom." In my opinion, however, an artistic weakness of these pictures is that their esthetics and size make them look less like serious art than fashion advertisements for bras and panties! For me, "elf-Portrait uspended" is the least effective of the three exhibition subjects. The tension in the subject's body also appears to be that of someone hanging from ropes (which she in fact was); the tautness of her body kept me from "suspending my disbelief" (so to speak) that she was hanging in…… [Read More]

Sam Taylor-Wood: New Work: 29 October - 4 December 2004. Retrieved January 5, 2005 from htm>.

Sam Taylor-Wood: 'New Work' Art Exhibition at White Cube." Ballet-Dance

Magazine. Retrieved January 4, 2005 from
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Ad Description The Color Ad Chosen From

Words: 811 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32602394

Ad Description:

The color ad chosen from People Magazine advertises Thai Airways Southeast Asia Silk Express, the "fastest service from New York to Bangkok." The headline reads, "Less time flying, More time exploring Asia." What catches the attention is the very strange, actually laughable, juxtaposition between the photograph of the ancient spires of what appears to be the Grand Palace on the left frame and an attractive Caucasian woman with her palms pressed together in Asian form and a gold headdress on the right. Whether or not the marketing department wanted this to appear straight or humorous, it draws the viewer. There is very little white space, with the photographs and copy covering most of the page. The signature THAI: Smooth as silk, runs at the end of the page.


The 30-year-old People magazine claims 9.8 readers for every issue printed. Circulation is over 3,600,000, and readership is…… [Read More]

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Decline of Newspaper Readership The

Words: 2416 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88571780

) (Cornog, 2005)."

Newspapers have reflected the change in many ways including more celebrity coverage. hen asked why they respond with "The readers want it."

The editors in Louisville devoted one of their sessions to the subject, "Celebrity Coverage -- here's the Line... And Have e Crossed it?" But in addressing that topic much time was spent discussing how to use celebrity" coverage to attract readers. Lorrie Lynch, who covers celebrities for USA eekend, urged the editors to capitalize upon celebrity" coverage to attract new readers. And the gossip columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune known simply as C.J., offered advice on how to cover celebrities if you don't have the good fortune to be in New York or Los Angeles (Cornog, 2005)."

Covering celebrities was only one suggestion to lure new readers. In addition, there were suggestions about reporting on things that interest young readers including investigative reporting, health…… [Read More]

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____. EDITORIAL: What happened to the news?
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Environmental Science Class Title the Oil Industry

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Environmental Science class.. Title the Oil Industry Environment

APA Guidelines format 4-6 References I 4-6 Pages ritten text photos / data tables

The effects of the Oil Industry on the Environment

In spite of the fact that society has experienced significant moral progress in the recent decades, people continue to associate well-being with financial profits regardless of the effects that their actions have on society and this is reflected by the fact that the oil industry has inflicted great damage on the environment in the last few years. The fact that society has come to depend on oil makes it especially difficult for someone to experience positive results as a result of criticizing individuals involved in the oil business. Communities who have access to free oil wells are privileged and society has virtually learnt to exploit any oil source that it can possibly find. This has devastating consequences on the…… [Read More]

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Consumption Conspicuous Consumption Is Unapologetic Unrestrained and

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Conspicuous consumption is unapologetic, unrestrained, and unabashed consumerism: buying things for the sake of buying them without actually needing them. It is conspicuous because of the social status one perceives when buying certain products. Conspicuous consumption as a social norm fuels marketing, and influences purchasing decisions. A brand name item costs ten times more than a generic, but the logo has status and the consumer is willing to pay more for it.

Conspicuous leisure is also used to convey social class status. It shows that the person has so much money, that they can afford to waste their time instead of working. Types of conspicuous leisure range from lounging in the sun, to riding a $10,000 mountain bike all day, to idly sitting in a cafe. Participants of conspicuous leisure vary considerably in terms of demographic markers, and in fact, some are not even wealthy.

Globalization originally entailed the…… [Read More]


Bacardi "Pussy by Day" advertisement:  

"Conspicuous Consumption." Retrieved online:
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Premature Sexualisation Public Hysteria or Sex Panic

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Premature Sexualisation

Public hysteria or "sex panic" involving the "sexualisation" of children may be getting a decent outing in Australia at the present moment, but it is certainly nothing new: fifty years ago it was Elvis Presley's hips that portended imminent moral collapse, two hundred and fifty and a dance craze called the "waltz" was considered immodest and the "emo kids" of the late eighteenth century were committing suicide after reading The Sorrows of Young Werther. The more recent alarmism -- typified by Emma Rush and Andrea La Nauze's discussion paper on the "sexualisation of children" in the media, or Miranda Devine's predictable whipping-up of outrage over the 2008 ill Henson photo exhibition -- is nothing new in this regard. (At this point, the new youth-related sex scandals can barely keep up with advances in technology, as the Saint Kilda's schoolgirl suddenly resorts to apologizing via YouTube, after conducting a…… [Read More]


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Learn About the Shopping Strategies

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When searching for an item, the website will be designed in such a way that it will suggest some similar items for customer with different color, size, prints and designs. Similarly, the website will be designed to create a unique user profile, and the more customers log in, the more accurate the website will create their profiles. In their profile, customers will provide information on the items they like and the items they do not like. Thus, the user profile will be a system that would know each customer's sizes, and in different brands and this strategy will create a brand advantages for

Typically, has some unique features generally different from websites such as or The features of will assist customers to locate what they are searching without problem. More importantly, will differentiate itself by offering unique shopping experience for customer due to its…… [Read More]


Australian Government Initiative.(2010). Business Plan template. Australia.


Appendix 1: Diagram of the Home Page of

Dresses | Sexy Lingerie | Handbags | Jewelry | Beauty & Care | Women's Shoes Advanced Search
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Politics of Participation

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Community Participation

Examining & Weighing Community Participation

Community means more than people who live in proximity and occupy the same relative environment. Community, when in reference to terms such as community participation and community engagement, means several orders of interaction and motivation. People who participate in their communities are internally motivated. They care about the community socially, culturally, environmentally, economically, and otherwise; their motivation extends into action that supports their belief in their community. Community participation in many parts of the world may be the best and fastest ways for communities to rectify their own problems and establish firm ties with public administration and government.

Bureaucracy, administration, politics, and other factors often interfere with communities receiving the assistance or allocation of resources necessary to solve a problem. They may be issues, sociological ones for example, that may only find firm resolution if it is generated and executed by the community…… [Read More]


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