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¶ … multiverse is a line of thought that that proposes the existence of multiple universes. The hypothesis advances the notion that the set of multiple universes are what together make everything that exists physically and ever existed. These include the whole concept of space and time and all the elements in the universe together with all the laws of physics and the constants that govern the laws. The multiple universes can also be referred to as the parallel universes. The relationship in a particular multiverse and its constituent universes within it depend on the certain multiverse hypothesis that is taken into consideration.

The hypotheses that explain multiverse are from various areas of study. Ranging from astrology, physics, philosophy, cosmology, and fiction. The word multiverse however, was coined by William James a psychologist in 1895. Other referrals have been derived to mean the same as multiverse.Such words include alternative timelines, alternative universes, parallel worlds, alternative realities among others.

Several concepts have been derived to postulate the existence of the multiverse and multiple dimensions. It is indeed acknowledge that the structure of the universe is governed by the multiple dimensions concept. The concept of multiverse is not entirely new. This is because it was discussed in several ancient texts such as those of the Chinese and Sanskrit. Vedic cosmology point it out clearly that there exists countless number of universes which are held together in foam like substance atop a Causal Ocean. The universes however are separated from each other by shells which surround every universe.

Several new scientific theories have been advanced to explain the existence and behavior of the multiverse.The latest concept are the string concept, the superstring concept and the M-Theory among others. These latest concepts makes use of the extra dimensions of space which are more than the three dimensions that we are used to.The other six extra dimensions are however cannot be observed since they are compacted into very small dimensions. They occupy a space that is smaller than the Planck length.M-Theory is however made out of integrating string theory and others and is used to postulate additional dimensions like the ones in our universe.The universe is made up of multiple branes which interact with each other as suggested by certain theorist.In fact it envisioned than the branes are the spherical shells that are mentioned in the Vedic Cosmology.

String Theory

The String Theory suggests that the strings are capable of vibrating at different frequencies thereby creating different particle types in the process. The mechanism can be compared to the plucking of a guitar in order to generate different tones. This suggests that when the 'music' of the cosmos is played, huge and energetic particles are only created when faster string vibrations are initialized.


The M-Theory on the other side suggests that our universe and the other universes that make part of the multiverse were created as a result of massive collisions between the p-branes in the space with the other 11 and 26 dimensions. The number of dimensions in this case would depend on the observer's chirality. Individual universes take the form of D-branes. The other elements and objects that exists within each universe are held within the limits of the universe's D-brane.They however are able to interact with other universes by the action of gravity. This is possible since gravity as a force is never restricted to the D-branes.This is however contradictory to the universe as envisioned in the quantum mechanics concept of multiverse.Dispite the contradiction, both concept can still be put to action at the same time.

The accuracy of the predictions of M-theory is what will determine if it comes out as a unified theory. This will also determine if its theory can stand the test...


The knowledge of matter frequency has been around for several years and holds the potential of presenting other vantage points regarding the hypothesis on multiple universes.

Concept of Time

The concept of time is a very elusive one. As humans we always speak of the past, the present and even the future. The role of our memory therefore is to confirm the facts of the past events, while our future is envisioned through imagination. The future is always a step ahead and is never caught up with. The knowledge of time is known subjectively and it is visualized by the tick of a clock. Time therefore is a persistence of elements of space, matter and energy. This persistence is measured in terms of periodic motions. Any planet or cosmic body that possesses the ability to make regular and periodic motions can be employed in the measure of time. The diurnal rotation of the earth is considered to make a day that consists of arbitrary twenty four hours. It is within our knowledge that according to the Special Theory of Relativity, the rate of time changes with velocity. Using the Special Theory of Relativity, it is possible to determine the dilation of a second of time at very high velocities.

The Time Dilation equation for Relativity is governed by the following equation:

The fourth dimension in the relativistic equation is Time. Some physicists suggest that there could be other dimension to time. However such level of though easily result to paradoxes and is therefore discouraged. A critical analysis of the usage of time in physics reveals that it is measured in units of seconds that are determined atomic vibrations. In this case the vibration is treated as a constant that possesses a constant period. This raises more fundamental question such as the nature of the fundamental vibration. Using the M-Theory, it is shown that a string possesses different frequencies that also have unique modes of vibrations. The nature of the vibration of the string or ring is therefore what determines the behavior of the basic physical particles. This resolution therefore raises more fundamental question regarding the possibility of the existence of a time frequency universe. The method of detection of such universes also comes into question. The hypothesis that postulates the existence of frequency universes can be used to test the possibility of inter-universe communication.

Spin frequency is one of fundamental frequencies that can be associated to the vibration of sub-atomic particles. The spin frequency equation is derived by the combination of the photon's energy with the energy of a unit mass. The equation is as follows:

h-Planck's constant

The constants c and k both contain units of time in their definition. The variation of spin rates would therefore bring about the possibility of non-interaction between photons and matter. This would therefore result in invisibility from our point-of-view. This is analogous to the invisibility of fan blades at extremely high speeds caused by the impossibility of reflection at such speeds (high frequencies).

Scientists have not been able to conduct experiments that involve or investigate the effects of changing of spin frequency of the fundamental particles. It is worth noting that Metaphysics postulates that the other universes are vibrating at a faster rate than our world. This therefore makes it hard to see or sense the other world. This possibility can however be modeled.


The aspect of space is another fundamental pillar in the study of the universe. Several hyperdimensional theories have been used to explore the aspect of space as concerns the existence of multiuniverse.Such theories include the M-Theory, the Kaluza-Klein theory and the string theory. All these theories are centered on the mathematics.

Mathematical model of spatial dimensions other than the three of our day-to-day life are not easy to construct. The visualization of a cube in a three dimensional space is possible, however the visualization of a hypercube in a space of four dimensions is however not…

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