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There is nothing that compares to serving in any of the helping professions. In the past, I have come across some articles in the press highlighting some of the most desirable professions and jobs, and in some cases, some of the worst. In a Forbes article titled, the Best Jobs for 2014, what is particularly striking is that "all the positions, aside from tenured professor, are math- or health care-related" (Adams, 2014). What this, therefore, means is that I work in a profession regarded one of the best professions in the entire world -- I am proudly a nurse.

In essence, my responsibilities as a nurse have got to do with not only the optimization, but also the promotion as well as protection of the health of the masses, or those put under our care. This, alongside my colleagues, I do by alleviating suffering and preventing illness by playing a pivotal role in both the diagnosis as well as

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