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Identify examples of problems dealing with educational levels, pay scale, and seniority.

Problems with educational levels, pay scale, and seniority are also issues with merged departments. Smaller departments may not have had the training opportunities that larger departments had, and their officers may not be as prepared or well versed in some areas, such as detective work or gang activities. This can affect pay scale, and different departments may have different scales that do not mesh into one overall scale. Benefits may be cut to save costs during a merger, too.

Which hiring standards related to the different departments in the merged cell are affected?

Hiring standards such as recruits from the police academy, educational requirements, and seniority are all effected by a merger. Each department may have different standards, and some officers may not meet requirements of more stringent agencies.

Polygraph and psychological exams are not required for some police agencies.
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Will all the agencies be required to take the exams after the merger?

It would seem that polygraph and psychological exams would be absolutely necessary in larger departments, in fact, they should be necessary in any department, regardless of size.

How will you evaluate the merged police departments on the following criteria: Efficiency - in most cases, the agencies would be more efficient because they merged duplicate departments, and had more personnel to respond to citizen problems and crimes. Fair play - This is harder to judge, because a large department may become more "corporate" and less attuned to fair play. Accountability - the department would still be accountable to the citizens and the regional government, so accountability would remain high. Cost effectiveness - Most mergers have proven to be more cost effective in the long-term. Literature review - the literature review seems substantial and well…

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