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North Miami Beach Windshield Survey

The purpose of this essay is to highlight and describe the results of a windshield survey of the North Miami Beach urban area. The practical application of the results of this survey are useful in helping guide community health efforts in the right direction and provide a basis of action for leaders and their followers throughout the profession.

This essay will present the data gathered that is divided into several categories. The first section this essay will address is the 8 subsystems that are necessary components of such a survey. These include the physical environment, health and social services, economics, safety and transportation, politics and government, communication, education and recreation. The data will further be explained by describing the strengths and weaknesses of the city. To help guide future research, this essay will also address nursing diagnoses and interventions to address the problems that are recorded in this survey.

Physical Environment


The area is generally considered part of the Miami land area and provides a useful and gracious sample of land to complete this investigation. It is estimated that there approximately 45,000 people that live in this surveyed area.

Health and Social Services

The survey provided useful results in this area as there are an abundance of health centers located throughout the area and suggest a strong awareness to public health. Wellness centers, clinics and independent health care providers are scattered liberally throughout the city. There are a variety of different social service clubs and centers as well that focuses on community problems and issues. Highlights include: Allen Park, Highland Village Community Center, YES center Uleta Park Community Center.


North Miami Beach is an economically healthy area. There is a booming real estate market. The city is busy with commercial activity in the trading districts. The neighborhoods reflect a strong economic status with mostly middle class families with scattered areas of poverty stricken areas.

Safety and Transportation

The safety and transportation aspects of this survey are very positive in nature. Police services are provided by the North Miami Beach Police Department. Fire Services are provided by the Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department. Public transportation in the City of North Miami Beach plays a key role in the overall transportation system of Miami-Dade County. The Miami-Dade County public transportation system provides daily countywide service, with over 900 buses. More than 100 routes offer express bus service from north and south Miami-Dade County, service to all Metrorail and Tri-Rail Stations, and local and limited-stop…

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