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Tennis Essays (Examples)

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Management the Volvo International Also
Words: 2456 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 79794337
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The advertising agency has been linked up with past event volunteers who have been approached to provide old video and film clips to be uploaded to Youtube and other video upload sites to aid in a viral video marketing strategy.

e will open ticket sales for the tournament several weeks ahead of the first matches so that spectators can plan for the event. e will highlight donations to charity and potential door prizes for ticket holders to increase interest for the event.

E. Personnel Scheduling.

e will have to line up contractors and necessary organizational employees. In addition, we have to draw up a core of volunteers to help us during the tournament. e will need to set up a seeding committee to assist. e will have to check to see if a racket stringer will is available. If this is not the case, we will have to hire out…

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Advances in Nanomaterials and Their Applications
Words: 2098 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88061981
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Advances in Nanomaterials and Their Applications

Nanomaterials, including carbon nanofibers and nanotubes, are being explored extensively for their use and application in multiple manufacturing domains. One of the most eager manufacturing sectors to incorporate nanomaterials into their midst is the athletics gear and sporting industries. Tennis rackets, surf, skate, and snow boards, skis, ski poles, boats, bicycles, hockey sticks, baseball bats, golf clubs and balls are all potentially transformed by the use of nanomaterials. Other athletics applications of nanomaterials include sports stadium materials, artificial turf, running track surfaces, clothing, and gymnasium equipment (Chunyan, 2011). While nanomaterials are proving promising from design, implementation, and development perspectives, there are also significant safety issues that need to be taken into consideration by engineers, manufacturers, and industry regulators.

The root word "nano" comes from the Greek meaning dwarf because the particles are extremely small and require special technologies for visualization as well as…


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Musculoskeletal Anatomy
Words: 504 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99788189
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Muscles Involved in the Backhand Action of the Tennis Shot

The Muscles That Initiate and Assist in Backhand Motion

The motion that is most important in the backhand motion is the grip. A proper grip is vital in any movement when playing tennis. For the grip, the index knuckle of the dominant hand is placed on the top bevel. These muscles are smaller muscles and include;

Abductor Pollicis brevis

Flexor Pollicis brevis

Abductor digiti minimi brevis

Flexor digiti minimi brevis

Opponens pollicis

Opponens digiti minimi.

The backhand grip enables one to develop firmness that allow maximum power and spin enabling the player to get maximum utilization of the backhand. In addition, the backhand grip reciprocates well the stroke and allows a good leverage in the stroke to handle the ball from different angles. The Eastern and modified Eastern backhand grip are used when the player intends to return a hard…

Facility Research Red Rock Country
Words: 3319 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23245178
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New home construction in the community also alters water usage issues. Bob Wilbert is the head of maintenance of the facility and oversees all internal and subcontracted maintenance and upkeep of the grounds and facilities.

The administrative structure of the facility includes:

Successful criteria employment

General Manger oversees all staff, including temporary and permanent employees in catering and facilities management

Controller facilitates all accounting and financial needs and maintains records.

The facility does not offer a box office or ticketing, but reservations for golf and tennis are suggested. The facility has 550 golf members and over 1000 sport and social members. So use of the tennis and golf facilities are in high demand. The golf shop schedules tee times every 10 minutes and the tennis facility has 30 minute to 3 hours reservations for tennis courts. Availability for walk in is always a possibility but does not take priority over…


Red Rock Country Club Website

Sunrise Company Website at 

Summerlin Community Website at 

University of LV Libraries Website at

Elbow Forearm and Wrist According to the
Words: 1391 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 44216860
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Elbow, forearm and wrist

According to the national data book (2008) there are more than 24 million people who play recreational tennis in the United States. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2008) Playing Tennis has been related to many health benefits such as better fitness level, lower risk of increase in percentage of body fat, an improved lipid profiles, less risk of cardiovascular disease as well as stronger bones (Pluim BM, 2007). It is possible that the increasing popularity of tennis in United States be due to these health benefits associated with it. Yet, as is case with all other supports, tense is no exception and as arm and particularly elbow is used more in this game so the injury of elbow is common.

Current essay is a practical laboratory report based on the case of Jan. Jan is a mid-week recreational tennis player and she has developed lateral elbow pain with…


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Failure to Thrive Is There
Words: 1214 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 1301452
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Eventually, he switched from pre-med to economics, much to the displeasure of his father. When he could play tennis at a competitive level, his parents allowed him a certain degree of liberty given that he excelled in something they knew they could not understand. When he stopped playing, the pressures to get a good job and to marry a nice Indian girl increased. It was like a double bondage. Why should he have to suffer for the careless actions of those men in the truck?

Worse, he could never move himself to either be wholly bad or wholly good -- he didn't have Western girlfriends in college like his friends, he felt too guilty, as if he was betraying his parents. But he couldn't obey his parents either. When his parents tried to pressure him to marry a young woman, the daughter of a family friend, he would not even…

Budget Qs the New Manager
Words: 572 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 32314613
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Decreasing purchases of the items that regularly expire, assuming that such a decrease does not dramatically increase the per-unit cost of each of these items, would definitely present a cost savings to the organization. The other major costs that the organization has some (though not total) control over are the lost balls and the cost of trainers; it is likely that a move to hiring permanent trainers would be more cost-effective than hiring them on an as-needed basis, but more regular participation levels will need to be established for this to be effective. Likewise, it is possible for the organization to reduce lost equipment costs by erecting a temporary barrier to contain wildly hit balls, but the cost of the barrier would need to be fairly low and its durability fairly high to justify this.

6)a. Sales price variance = (25x40000) -- (25x39200) = 20000

Sales volume variance = (20x40000)…

Project Management There Are Several
Words: 1140 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 30977405
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The culture is fantastic, and very distinctive. The county has a blend of Portuguese and African influences. Cape Verdean music is well-known in world music circles and we feel there is tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the richness of Cape Verdean culture. There is a large Cape Verdean diaspora that lends additional nuance to the culture.

The infrastructure is still relatively poor, but has been improving in recent years. There is not much paved road, although the roads to our location from the capital and its airport will be paved. The airport at Praia is brand new, having just been opened five years ago, overcoming a major infrastructure hurdle. The main problem we have now is that most of the flights are domestic -- the only international ones are from Lisbon, Boston and some African cities. e need to see more European flights to that airport if we are to…

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Marketing Plan

Social and Academic Culture at
Words: 622 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 57158474
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Learning should be a natural part of life, not seen as something confined to the classroom.

To improve my school, first and foremost, I would allow for periods of class discussion, so students would have the freedom to question what they have learned. I would have smaller classes, so students could have enough time to discuss the lesson in a meaningful fashion and engage in hands-on problem-solving activities in math and science. I would allow for more open-ended and creative assignments in my humanities and social science classes. I would make the arts, including music and drama, an integral part of the curriculum so students could enjoy the pure pleasure of learning and use their knowledge in the process of creation and self-discovery.

Introducing greater number of extracurricular activities at my current school is essential: sports are a passion of mine, but I would also like to write for a…

Low Cost at Three Cost-Effective
Words: 1336 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16289036
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One of the challenges in determining A solutions for Amos is the lack of resources, both human and material, in the poor, rural district where he attends school.

Before Amos entered kindergarten in the fall, a team of educators met with Amos's parents to begin putting together an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). In attendance at the meeting were the kindergarten teacher, special education teacher, the school principal, the speech-language pathologist, and the school psychologist. he occupational therapist was unavailable for meeting. here are two grade schools and a middle school in the district; the three schools share the services of the O, speech-language pathologist and school psychologist (who is responsible for testing).

Amos is perhaps the most severely autistic student ever to attend his school. he speech-language pathologist, a recent hire, has considerable experience with children with autism because of previous work experience in a larger district. he rest of…

These are the most immediate needs seen by the AT team. As Amos progresses through kindergarten and the rest of his public education, team members will have the challenge of continually seeking solutions to meet the needs of Amos at any particular time. Because of his developmental age and lack of verbal ability, it is difficult to measure just how much Amos knows and how capable he will be in academics. His needs will evolve and AT solutions will have to evolve with him. The biggest challenge is not knowing for certain what will work until the solution is tried.


Beard, L.A., Carpenter, L.B., & Johnston, L. (2011). Assistive technology: Access for all students. 2e Kindle edition. Columbus, Ohio: Merrill.

European School of Economics in
Words: 534 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3312949
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The first is represented by the benefits I would experience from participating to the courses of the European School of Economics, and the second is represented by the benefits I myself would be able to create for the school.

From a personal perspective, I thrive to participate in the educational process of the European School of Economics due to the prestige of this academic institution, but also as a result of the hopes for future gains. I expect the classes to introduce me to a new world. I expect the professors to guide me and help me understand concepts and situations from different and infinitely more complex angles. I expect to collaborate with my fellow colleagues and to set the basis for life long friendships.

In terms of the benefits I can create for the university, I intend to work as hard as possible, to value the educational experience and…

Tort Walk Was Conducted by the Undersigned
Words: 1788 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90298322
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Tort walk was conducted by the undersigned and others at a local middle school in Broward County. The school was examined from the point-of-view of structural anomalies that could cause harm and injuries which could result in an action for a tort. Tort in this case could be based on negligence or injury and damage of property and if the violation of statutes goes with it then the school may be really responsible for the injuries. This position being taken the walk therefore concentrated on the structure of the building, the human traffic areas namely corridors and hall ways, the problems of the physical education set up and the soundness and safety of the school and the playground equipment. These issues are the likely source for injuries and complaints and hence these were examined in detail.

Identification of three areas of concern:

As stated above the building hallways, PE Class,…


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[1959] Implied Assumption of Risk." Retrieved 12 October 2011 from 

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Transportation of Public K-12 Students." Retrieved 12 October 2011 from

Criminal Justice Response Cesare Beccaria
Words: 351 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95459108
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These methods of informal deterrence would help to prevent Bobby's criminal behavior.

Since he already committed the crime, Bobby would certainly need to be punished. However, Beccaria strongly argued that punishment must not be cruel, and must fit the crime. Clearly, Bobby never intended to hurt the homeowner; he broke into the home when he knew she would not be there.

Depending on the amount of property stolen, Bobby would have to pay the consequences. If this is his first offense, Bobby could be sentenced to a public form of community service, such as picking up trash by the roadside. He would also have to regularly report to a counselor. Parents could impose a strict curfew. This mixture of informal and formal methods of deterrence would help to stop Bobby from engaging in more criminal behavior.

orks Cited

Beccaria, Cesare. 1963. On Crimes and Punishment.…

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Teacher To Continuously Learn and
Words: 539 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13996121
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One best example of this is when her parents taught her how to become productive and save money on her own. She has had various part time jobs since she was 15 years old. Her parents have taught her the real value of money and she had experienced herself how it is to work hard for money. Whenever she had free time, she would find ways to earn some amount and save it fir the future. This is the very reason why she is able to save good sum of money which she can use in her own schooling.

Jane Doe may have not excelled tremendously back in her secondary years. Her grades were just the average, but what is special about her is that she was able to balance her academic activities with her extra-curricular ones. She has maintained positive relationship with her friends and team mats in her…

Information Technology IT Varies
Words: 1083 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55171574
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Sparked by my being the eldest girl in the family, my personality developed to become strong, colorful, and well-formed. From as early as I can remember, I felt a keen sense of responsibility, partly fueled by the expectations placed on my by my relatives, parents, and siblings. Automatically placed in a position of leadership since my early childhood, I continue to display initiative, decisiveness, and optimism in all my relationships. My unique personality particularly emerges within the arena of human relationships, especially friendships and family ties. My Korean heritage also has a great impact on my identity, fostering my appreciation for and curiosity about the world around me. I am inquisitive and interested in expanding my horizons. Because I have a tightly knit family with close ties to our traditions, I enjoy being helpful and nurturing to others. My parents don't speak fluent English, and I have always been willing…

Runners World Case Study Sue Koenig Established
Words: 848 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 69305592
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runners world: CASE STUDY

Sue Koenig established Runner World in 1987 at age of 24. The Shop was an immediate success due to certain reasons that are still part of her present strategy. One of the most important factors that contributed to her success was herself: a nationally acknowledged runner. This helped her attract customers as people find it easier to trust someone who was well aware of the needs of runners.

Secondly, when she started her business the fitness craze has just hit the country and people were ready to buy shoes specifically design for running. Thirdly, she had super quality Nike shoes that boosted her profits and added to the number of her regular buyers. However, soon her profits stabilized and her shop has entered the maturity stage of its life cycle.

However, the market in which operated is at a different stage. It is expanding rapidly and…

Implied Curriculum
Words: 1029 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38309723
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Within the modern cultural experience, classroom curriculum takes on a greater role than ever. As society continues to evolve, so must the classroom in order to maintain the rubric necessary -- to educate and prepare students for the challenges of the modern world. There remains a set of challenges, though, for educators, parents, and students alike. With so much new information available, how does the modern school add important new subjects into the curriculum while not crowding the basics and diminishing the ability to provide important tools that each student needs? Thus, the political, social, and cultural changes, most especially those that have occurred since 1970, are in direct conflict with skills in reading, math, and science -- all of which show an uncomfortable stagnation in America's school systems (Erwin, 2004).

In many ways, though, the set of learning of objectives that are planned or guided by the school…


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Success of Phamarcare in Its CSR Activities
Words: 1585 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82536576
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Corporate Social esponsibility

Ethics and Corporate esponsibility in the Workplace and the World

Key stakeholders within the PharmaCare scenario

Stakeholders play a significant role in influencing the performance and the realization of goals and objectives of the organization. They make corporate decisions about the ways in which the organization should carry out its operations meeting the demands of the customers and the legal requirements. The stakeholders of the PharmaCare Company are varied and have varying characteristics. Among the stakeholders, include the employees, customers, investors, and the creditors of the company. The performance of the PharmaCare Company relies largely on the hard work of the employees, the managers, and the members of its board. As such, it implies that the company should provide a variety of services to its employees such as compensation packages to retain and ensure their satisfaction with their job. In addition, the company provides regular training opportunities…


Cragg, W. (2009). Corporate social responsibility. Farnham, England: Ashgate.

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McSpotlight on the Pharmaceutical Industry. (n.d.). McSpotlight on the Pharmaceutical Industry. Retrieved August 11, 2014, from

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR
Words: 1964 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72742291
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The activities of businesses affect different stakeholders within the communities they operate in. They affect customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, financiers, regulatory authorities, and communities. Accordingly, in their pursuit of economic objectives, business organizations have a responsibility to satisfy the concerns of stakeholders affected by their operations. This is the core of corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR theory asserts that business organizations exist for not only profit motives, but also social and environmental objectives (Schwartz, 2011). Indeed, CSR has become so that important governments in most countries around the world have enacted laws and regulations that businesses must adhere to so as to foster community wellbeing and environmental sustainability. Inattention to social and environmental concerns may harm an organization's public reputation or have serious legal ramifications on the organization.

WECAREHealth (WCH), a New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company, is facing serious human rights issues and environmental concerns due to its activities in the…

Venus Williams
Words: 1611 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84856958
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Venus illiams on omen and Sports

Venus illiams made an incredible impact on the tennis world at a very young age. She arose from modest beginnings in California to become one of the queens of tennis along with her younger sister, Serena. Venus, at twenty-two years of age, has provided the sports world with many exciting moments in a relatively short period of time. Her amazing athletic ability and muscular physique are recognized and admired all over the world. Venus has rejuvenated the tennis world with her talent, determination, and conviction, all of which may be attributed to a strong work ethic and the tenacity of her father, Richard illiams. The following discussion will provide an introduction into her childhood years, her rise as a world tennis champion, and her positive influence on women all over the world.

History and Background

Venus was born on June 17, 1980 in Lynwood,…

Works Cited

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Mega Sports Event to a
Words: 3831 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 55599410
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The Wimbledon Tennis tournament as a hallmark-sporting event creates these social and cultural impact of the community. This is because according to theory transient and recurring events act as important methods of collecting identification of host communities. They present opportunities of asserting, reproducing, reinforcing, and contesting prevailing cultural values and beliefs and social norms (Quinn 2009). Hallmark events are identified as functions that support and reinforce the image of established social and cultural norms.

PR Newswire (2012) indicates the unpredictability of the effects of Olympics as its impact may be difficult to evaluate. However, in the case of London's 2012 Olympics, the games left a lasting impression on the socio-cultural context of ritain. According to Dhar (2012), the games led to the unification and social spirit of unity among the ritish during 2012, as compared to the divided and lawlessness associated with urban riots in 2011. The games increased the…


Akerlund, U 2008. Implementation of hallmark events among tourism stakeholders: the discourses of Umea's bid for European Capital of Culture 2014

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Anonymous 2012, Apr 18. Olympics 2012: The Economic Impact Market Assessment 2012. PR Newswire.

Language-In-Use Whether it Is Presented as Text
Words: 2785 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42258460
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language-in-use, whether it is presented as text or speech. The meaning of the term is very heterogeneous and covers more than one approach to this subject. These approaches are very different with regard to their focus, purpose and techniques.

As far as focus is concerned, discourse analysis may concentrate on the conclusions of the discourse itself or on the social processes and structure in accordance to which the discourse is constructed. Systemic linguistics approaches are appropriate for the first category, as there is always a very well defined boundary between language and society, with emphasis on the former. On the other hand, the common discourse analysis in sociology and social psychology has a broader focus and usually rejects the artificial distinction between discursive and social actions -- since "all discourse is action and all action is discursive."

The differences in purpose are not specific to discourse analysis but to social…


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Strangers on a Train When
Words: 2819 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70630922
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In contrast to vertical slats and bars that signify guilt, round signifies innocence in this film (as in the double, round collars that Babs wears), plus, Hitchcock uses light to make Guy's wrist buttons shine brightly. We know by this that Guy's hands are good. They are not the hands of a murderer. He is the innocent man, wrongfully accused and working to clear himself.

At a party at Senator Morton's house, during a discussion about murder, Bruno coaxes Mrs. Cunningham, an older woman, to allow him to put his hands around her throat. She is foolishly flattered by his attention and actually lets him. Ann's younger sister Babs happens to come near and when Bruno sees her, we see Babs through Bruno's eyes. She wears glasses like Miriam did (double lenses) and in the lenses of her glasses two flames appear -- the flame of the cigarette lighter, doubled.…

Sports Center Is a Production of ESPN
Words: 1419 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52298242
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Sports Center is a production of ESPN on cable television. It is a mixture of scores, game highlights, commentary, interviews and human interest feature stories. All of the people who are part of the ESPN broadcast team are, of course, intelligent, well-spoken, and attractive.

A lady by the name of Dana Jacobson was one of the primary anchors doing two of the three shows. She worked with one man named Mike Greenberg and another by the name of Dave Revasine. There were other females involved in the broadcasting, mostly as interviewers who also did a small amount of commentary related to what ever interview they did. There is, besides the gender mix, also an ethnic mix that is actually more diverse for women than men. There are Caucasian, African-American and Hispanic peoples represented by the women and Caucasian and African-American by the men. The gender ratio is approximately 3:1 males…

Sports as a Passion
Words: 482 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Other (not listed above) Paper #: 35048109
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start playing tennis?

When I was five. I took to it right away

When did it start getting serious for you?

When I had the chance to play for the city or county and then with middle and high school. My parents saw that I took to it really well and they enrolled me in lessons.

Do you think they pushed you too hard at all or were you entirely into it?

Oh, I love it. I had a passion for it right away. They stressed several times that I didn't have to play tennis if I didn't want to. But I always told them I loved it.

Do you think they could have spoiled it for you, in theory?

Yea…but it never came to that. They know better than to force that on me or anyone else.

Your best moment?

When I won my first tournament final…I was 12…

E-Retailing Plan for Made-To-Order Athletic
Words: 3982 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 53074972
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Figure 2: Using the BCG Growth/Share Matrix To Evaluate Eleftria Market Opportunities

Star Products

Question Marks

Cash Cows


Source: (Anantachart, 2004)


e-retailing metrics

The e-retailing objectives for Eleftria Athletic shoes and their plans for attaining them are defined here. The first objective is to create an e-retailing strategy that capitalizes on multi-channel management, meaning that e-retailing site will be accessible over the Web, through specialized interfaces on Blackberries and PDAs, and also will have telephone ordering as well. The second objective is to create a completely integrated e-retailing system that connects to pricing, catalogs of shoe components, suppliers to validate the shoes being designed can be built, and shoe costs to ensure when compared to pricing the can be produced at a profit. This back-end system integration needs to be real-time as it allows for greater levels of responsiveness to the customer has a result. The third objective…


Saravudh Anantachart. (2004). Integrated Marketing Communications and Market Planning: Their Implications to Brand Equity Building. Journal of Promotion Management, 11(1), 101-125.

Sulin Ba, Jan Stallaert, Zhongju Zhang. (2007). Price competition in e-tailing under service and recognition differentiation. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 6(3), 322.

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Infinite Jest Was Released in
Words: 2547 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22445128
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S. status quo than traditional SNOOT prescriptions ever were. ere I, for instance, a political conservative who opposed taxation as a means of redistributing national wealth, I would be delighted to watch PCE progressives spend their time and energy arguing over whether a poor person should be described as "low-income" or "economically disadvantaged" or "pre-prosperous" rather than constructing effective public arguments for redistributive legislation or higher marginal tax rates on corporations. (Not to mention that strict codes of egalitarian euphemism serve to burke the sorts of painful, unpretty, and sometimes offensive discourse that in a pluralistic democracy leads to actual political change rather than symbolic political change. In other words, PCE functions as a form of censorship, and censorship always serves the status quo.) (2001).

There's a lot being discussed here, but to highlight the essential argument is to say that even when social justice pedagogy is applied, and there…

Works Cited

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Harper's Magazine. Retrieved from

Henry V Comment Upon the
Words: 1265 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8912523
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/ in peace there's nothing so becomes a man/as modest stillness and humility:/but when the blast of war blows in our ears,

Then imitate the action of the tiger." (3.1. (

This growing awareness of the different demands of wartime in contrast to peacetime, and the demands of hardness it makes upon a man shows that the king is capable of learning through experience, and he has begun to realize that war is not a game. hen Henry is leading his men, he also realizes that he cannot show fear, despair, or weakness -- as early illustrated in his weathering of French diplomacy. This characteristic is sharpened before his experiences leading common men in the field, while it was before only shown before aristocrats whose esteem he was trying to win, and show his current contrast to his old reputation. In fact, towards the French enemy, the king is willing…

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Sport as a Vehicle for Change
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Social Change Through omen's Sports

Promoting Social Change Through omen's Sports Leadership

The problems that cry out for social change solutions

No one who is intelligent, literate, and who is paying attention could avoid the fact that much of the world today is in need of fresh and creative ways to resolve cultural and social conflicts and to build better communities where families feel safe and futures seem secure. ar, bloodshed, racial rage, and mindless military carnage -- in addition to the disturbing, ongoing violence against women -- make up too much of the front pages of daily newspapers. Dramatic social changes are desperately needed, and the plans for those changes have yet to be drawn up by present political leadership in the United States and elsewhere.

Over the first week in October, for example: suicide bombers killed 19 innocent tourists in Bali; car bomb blasts killed numerous citizens and…

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Recreation Sports Recreational Sport Is
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There can be national championships that have been organized between the teams that won in respective teams in a particular area. These teams in that particular area can be maybe football teams of universities in a particular region of a country. These teams then face each other at national football championship event.

Club sports

This include events that have been put in place or specifically organized within individuals, groups or teams with a common interest in a particular sport .this include a wide range of clubs that are competitive. This clubs travel and play in competitions that are of high level. This can also involve instructional clubs that are involved in organizing activities such as tournaments that are in-house or instruction of basic skills. Examples of club sports include a youth club that plays soccer, a swimming club, a basketball club and many more clubs that are popular within the…


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Best Sports Coaching Style
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Autonomy-Suppotive Coaching

Autonomy-Suppoting Coaching

Not unlike the wold of business, many eseaches and pundits have evaluated and looked at the wold of spots as a way to analyze whethe and how cetain coaching styles ae beneficial o non-beneficial in tems of the pefomance and outcomes of the team in question. Of couse, the question is a multi-faceted one and analyzing such a question in a contolled envionment can be difficult. Samples sizes and "apples to apples" compaisons can be difficult. Even so, thee ae many takeaways and points of analysis that can and should be undetaken so as to gauge the efficacy of a team if it is subjected to the suppotive-autonomy coaching ac as opposed to othe methods.

Autonomy-Suppotive Coaching

The subject of this epot is an analysis of whethe autonomy-suppotive coaching is o is not beneficial and effective in boosting pefomance of the athletes subjected to the method.…

references for male and female coaches. Women in Sport and Activity Journal,

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University of Pennsylvania Is One
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The research I perform while at the Wharton School of Business will be in part how to start and manage such an organization, how to receive and maintain reliable funding, and also how to contend with regulations. On the other hand, I also intend to extensively study business and international law to the extent that it impacts my business model.

While at the Wharton School of Business I will not only be studying hard and working with academic advisors on how to craft an ideal path for the future. I will also be one of many other students. The social aspects of my degree program are important to cultivate, and will require a great degree of time management as I balance work, school, and social life. The University of Pennsylvania campus offers a wealth of extracurricular activities, and so too does the vibrant city of Philadelphia. I look forward to…

K-Swiss Company Description K-Swiss Is
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ith respect to footwear lines, the industry is segmented. The segments are often by sport, with Classic being a non-sport addition. The leading sport is running/jogging, which was worth $3.16 billion in 2008; classic was second with $1.98 billion and kids was third with $1.78 billion. Sport-specific segments, including tennis, basketball, soccer, skate/surf, outdoor/adventure and sports sandals are smaller, but can be high growth segments. Many of these segments are intensely competitive and the major players tend to compete in all segments vigorously. Thus, while K-Swiss has attempted to carve a niche for itself, it still faces intense competition from other differentiated providers.

The industry is dominated by two major key success factors -- marketing and design. Firms in the athletic footwear industry spent billions on marketing, including endorsements deals with athletes, advertising, and securing distribution networks. For smaller firms like K-Swiss, distribution is more difficult to achieve, but it…

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Kinesthetic Intelligence -- and Kinesthetic
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Are more encouraged by praise that is delivered physically rather than verbally -- such as by a handshake or a pat on the back rather than by a verbal "good job."

Kinesthetic learners also tend to absorb information when given a great deal of tactile stimulation. I will explore this in greater detail below.

Kinesthetic learners are generally better at expressing themselves in concrete ways. This includes expressing emotions. When kinesthetic learners interact with people who are primarily visual learners there may be significant gaps between the two in how emotions are expressed and understood. For example a kinesthetic learner might offer to change the spark plugs in her boyfriend's car while he (a visual learner) might well prefer to have gotten a card with a romantic poem in it from her.

It should be easy to see from this brief overview of the traits of a kinesthetic learner why…

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Business - Advertising Media Plan
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The aspect of Steve and arry's marketing strategy that emphasizes comparable quality for lower prices than its competitors appeals very directly to all parents who pay for their children's clothing. Whereas teens and young adults respond most positively to any association between products and popular celebrities and sports figures endorsing them, their parents are practically oblivious to those connections, except perhaps to the extent they realize that products associated with celebrity endorsements are likely to cost more than they perceive them to be worth (elch & elch 1998).

Ordinarily, parents are accustomed to arguments, especially with teenagers, over their preference for name-brand apparel despite the similarity in quality. Long-standing authoritative marketing research into consumer buying trends (Ogilvy 1983) suggests that teenagers (and many young adults) are much more status conscious than mature adults.

According to general principles of social and developmental psychology, this is partly because of the heightened importance…


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Access Microsoft Access Is a
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A contact management system, or customer relationship management system, primarily makes use of a database containing profiles and contact information of potential and existing customers. This is very useful for marketing, sales, and customer service. It can help improve a business by targeting a marketing or sales effort to a specific group of people. For example, a company may offer to sell tennis equipment to people who already play tennis regularly. Such people are more likely to respond to the offer than people with other interests. I've created a sample database with an application that can search contacts by interest. Open the database "Contact.mdb" and go to "Forms." Open the "ContactSearch" form and you will see a list of contacts in the bottom list. If you type something in the "Interest" field (example: tennis) and click the "Search" button, it will return a list of the contacts with that particular…


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Philosophy of Sports but IT's
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Even the much despised soccer is popular amongst American youths. Yet Americans cheer on their favorite individual stars in all of these sports, especially if the starts engage in charity efforts to justify their bloated salaries. The tension remains about what good sports do for both the individual or society, and Americans today are clearly using sports as a means of practical self-improvement like the Greeks as well as a means of collective identification like the English: "in the 1950's or 1960's, few people exercised; baseline fitness-consciousness was just above zero. Today, 20% of the U.S. population works out on a regular basis, while an additional 60%+ can be classified as...'Consciousness III' -- those persuaded of physical fitness, but who by their own admission, don't get enough exercise. As behavior lags enlightened attitudes, 4 out of 5 adult Americans are true believers in exercise and fitness." But the protests remain…

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Nike Athletic Apparel Company
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Nike apparel company is a steadfast company in the minds of most athletic gear and apparel consumers and in the industry as a whole, with substantial earnings growth even in the last few years of recession it has still managed to record substantial growth. The company has even coined household phrases like "Just Do It" a mark of American influence over the global market. Much of this success has long been attributed to the solid nature of its upper management, namely its long time CEO and co-founder Phillip H. Knight. Nike recently made international news when it announced the retirement of Knight to the press, which in the business world can mean at least short-term trouble. The announcement was made with less than sixty days to pass before what would call a revolutionary change for the company. Though Knight will stay on as Chairman of the board, his intention is…

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Roger Federer Was Extremely Influenced
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Also, there are many other factors that can influence an athlete besides coaching in terms of how he plays the game and manages his career. This could also be said to be a fallacy of composition, whereby attributes of parts of the 'whole' (one aspect of Sampras' life) is used to make a generalization about the whole itself (in this case, Sampras' entire career). There is also the hasty generalization of assuming that excelling on different surfaces equals overall excellence in a wide variety of environments. Finally another hasty generalization is that there are other ways of measuring 'greatness' in the sport, including the cultural impact and the even the popularity of the player amongst fans. It is also difficult to compare players from one era of tennis to another. Therefore, the argument also shows a failure of ambiguity.

Final argument:

P1: Roger Federer was extremely influenced by the legacy…

Effects of Exercise on Self-Esteem
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Exercise promotes higher self-esteem in individuals of all ages and/or physical capabilities as long as the individual enjoys the particular exercise program or feels there are definite and measurable benefit to participating in the program.

Professional athletes are some of the most self assured individuals in our society. There have been many studies that have shown that these individuals are highly paid yet the majority of them would continue to work at their sport for free. One of the main reasons for these phenomena is that these specialists really enjoy what they do and they feel they get an obvious reward for doing what they do. They literally get paid for exercising.

Exercise provides many benefits. These athletes receive a unique benefit that many laymen simply are unaware that it comes with the turf so to speak. Professional athletes get the benefit of added self-esteem. "Speculation regarding the interactions…

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Marketing Sports Activities
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Octagon Sports Marketing Plan

Octagon Sports Marketing

Octagon Sports Company has been proud to be an industry leader in terms of events management, sports and entertainment marketing, and representation of athletes and personalities al over the world. It was founded in the year 1983 and after wards acquired as sports and entertainment event marketing arm of the Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG) in 1997 by the same company (IPG). Currently Octagon Company is able to employ more than 1000 professionals in the more than 60 offices across the globe.

Octagon Sports Marketing Company has been a pioneer in terms of full service sports and entertainment corporate consulting, bringing together various marketing disciplines and services in a single roof for the benefit of our clients. The in-house resources that our company offers are efficiency and convenience and this is apart from traditional and specialized services offered. In several occasion the company…


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Attending a Formal Government-Sponsored Hearing
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Public Hearing -- Heroin Epidemic

The hearing attended for this paper was on Tuesday, August 26, from 9:30 A.M. To twelve noon. It was held at the Penn State Schuylkill, which is a campus that is part of Pennsylvania State University in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. Schuylkill Haven is located in Schuylkill County in Pennsylvania.

The purpose of the hearing was to present a formal, public discussion on a serious and growing drug problem in the county. Specifically, the hearing was focused on the serious problem in the community of heroin and opioid addiction, and what can be done about it. Also the hearing was held to discuss not just the problems of addiction -- and evidence to support that issue -- but also to bring to the audience's attention preventative measures that can be taken, or are being taken, whether adequate or not in the present context.

This was an…

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Washington Park on Sunday April
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Several other people were on the sidelines watching the game, cheering when someone scored a goal.

All of the tennis courts were full when I was in the park. There are 4 courts near my bench, and I think there are other courts on the other side of the park as well. All four courts were in use during my observation time, although the people using those courts rotated. I couldn't quite see who was playing.

I also noticed some wildlife in the park. Although this is a city park in an urban setting, ducks were everywhere. Geese flew into one of the athletic fields, landed, and stayed there for the rest of the time I was watching. Squirrels and chipmunks ran around the trees and dogs that weren't well leashed chased them.


My experience with fieldwork was probably limited by the time of day and time of year…

Menstruation The Representation of Menstruation
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Serena illiams, one of the most strong and prominent young female role models for athletic women today is shown as using her tennis prowess to 'slam' nature in the face in one recent advertisement. illiams' femininity and her athleticism are clearly interconnected: illiams wears eye-catching outfits and is one of the most accomplished tennis stars of her generation. But according to Kotex, this female athlete cannot work worth 'with' Mother Nature and still be successful.

Sanitary napkin advertisements are very public, and often embarrassing to watch (even for male and female friends watching television together, eyes often head to the floor when they come on). Although it is painfully obvious what the ads are about, and what products they are promoting, the advertisements stress the secrecy and discretion of the product, especially their odor-reducing potential and the smallness of the packaging. In one ad, showing a girl on a skateboard:…

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Product That Could Be Marketed
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Why do you feel this is a good statement? You may pick any company.

A good positioning statement is important, because it helps you and your customers narrow down your target market, your specific product and service and why it is better than your competitor. It is important for your positioning statement to be unique, so it is easily remembered and makes you stand out among competitors. It should also be believable and make a claim that is valid, as you want it to bring in customers, but also keep customers returning to buy more of your products.

Taco Bell has a perfect and simple positioning statement "think outside the bun." In this short statement, it gives an idea of the products sold and indicates why it is better than the competitor. With all the fast food restaurants throughout the country, Taco Bell is easily able to stand out, because…


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Stickball A Window Into America's
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The article remarks with respect to asphalt that "a baseball will get ruined on a surface like this: it's too dense and hard for asphalt or brick, and the canvas-like surface of the ball will get chewed up. Not to mention other problems: in densely populated areas, there are a lot houses near school yards with glass windows, and we all know what happens when a baseball hits a glass window. To sum it up: while baseball is a romantically American game, and was without question our most popular pastime for about 50 years, you can't play it in the city." (Beccary, 1) Foregoing this blanket statement -- given the evolution of inner-city athletic youth programs in recent decades -- the point of Beccary's remarks remains useful. Namely, the unique game that was stickball would come to fruition in response to the desire to play baseball and the absence of…

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Nlf Europa by the End
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Soccer balls can be made of rubber or leather; to develop soccer skills a regular ball is not required. For a European nation to develop into a football playing or football loving nation, the country has to develop the sport at the grassroots. It seems to be too much effort for countries that already have an established interest in several different sports.

The sports that come close to football are rugby, which is played in Europe and many other parts of the world and Australian ules football, otherwise known as footie. Both sports require far less infrastructure than football. Only a specific kind of ball is required. Both rugby and footie does not use specialized protective equipment. Most other countries also play basketball, the European nations play hockey and a few nations even play baseball. But none of these sports require the specialized infrastructure of football.

Quality of Players


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