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They not only delivered the medical care that she needed, but they held her hand, hugged her, put lotion on her, made her feel that each day was another gift. She became very attached to two of the nurses and I believe they were the people who helped her accept her fate and enjoy the little time she still had left.

As I grew up and encountered nurses at various places I saw their ability to deliver care at the same time they delivered caring.

My purpose for becoming a nurse is to be able to provide comfort and assurance and medical care to those who need it. Whether it is relieving a patient's pain, handling their post surgery care, or helping them recover from a heart attack, it is important to me that they had someone they could count on medically to provide a consistent level of confidence, comfort and care.

The basic moral purpose of nursing -- working for humanity by doing what is essentially a vital, worthwhile and ethically demanding job (Woods, 2005)," contributes to my decision to become a nurse.


The principles of nursing are guideposts to the minimum effort that each nurse should put forth. I believe they provide a blueprint for those who enter the field and a bench mark of consistency for those already in it.

I have demonstrated solid nursing principles in many of my professional activities. The most recent example was when someone came to the floor to inquire about a patient. The patient in question was on my floor and had been for several days. He had complications that were caused by his primary disease which was Hepatitis C He told me one day that he got the disease by using a dirty needle in a drug addicted state.

When someone came to the floor and asked about his care and his condition I carefully avoided answering any questions and directed the person to the hospital administration office to help them. I believe strongly that one of the most important principles of nursing is integrity and that includes protecting the privacy of a patient. I know the new privacy act further insures that this principle is carried out but I have always believed in its importance and practice it even when it would be easy to hint at or allude to information without actually saying it.

Another time that I practiced the principles of nursing recently had to do with a child I was caring for. The child was afraid and his parents had gone to get something to eat. I sat with the child and talked to him and had him tell me stories about his "out of hospital life." I believe that one of the chief principles of nursing is to comfort the patient. The child was afraid. I had many things that I needed to do but there was nothing that could not wait. The child needed an adult to sit in the room and make him feel that things were going to be okay. I did that.

Principles in nursing provide measurements to aim for (Dukes, 1989).

Concerning the future of nursing, I believe that our past history and our present pressures confront us now at a juncture demanding a choice of directions in which nursing may go (Mullane, 2000)." Regardless of the changes occurring in societal history, however, the basic principles and ethics will remain the same.


The field of nursing is an exciting one. Historically nurses have been caregivers but in recent years that element of human compassion and science has become mixed with scientific demands and knowledge. I am in the nursing field because I grew up seeing that nurses are the connective tissue within the body of medical science and the circle of life. Whether it is easing a terminally ill patient into death, helping another patient recover, or celebrating the joyous gift of life through birth a nurse is usually on hand to be part of the process. It is a profession with meaning and ethics and one that I am proud to be a part of.


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