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A faculty retention plan begins with the skillful selection of qualified candidates. We cannot expect to retain faculty that did not belong at the school in the first place. Therefore, we must screen applicants well during the selection process. Not all qualified applicants will be a good fit for our institution, and not all applicants are committed to academia. We must choose applicants who demonstrate commitment and long-term visions for improving nursing education and contributing to their profession from the position of scholasticism and research. Applicants should also be able to forge and maintain ties between our institution and the community organizations it supports including hospitals, clinics, and private health care centers.

Once hired, existing faculty need incentives to stay. Those incentives only begin with attractive compensation packages that ensure that qualified instructors are not lured away by more lucrative positions in the corporate sector or in a clinical position away from academia. Our administration must budget liberally for the salaries of assistant/associate professors of nursing. Moreover, assistant/associate professors of nursing need to be tracked immediately into a tenured position. A contractual agreement minimizes employee turnover and empowers the faculty member...


We need to create a younger nursing faculty, not because we devalue the role that senior faculty members play in the integrity of our institution but because one of the key problems elucidated in the research that contributes to the nursing faculty shortage is the so-called "graying" of the profession (Hinshaw 2001). Students need younger role models to help forge their careers in nursing and/or in the academic fields of nursing.

Non-financial incentives include the following:

Regular meetings, at least twice per month, to solicit feedback from faculty

Social events to facilitate camaraderie and to create a collaborative culture among faculty members

Ample opportunities for both personal and professional development including seminars and workshops that are paid for in full by the school

Assistance for overwhelmed faculty in terms of resource development and curriculum planning

Student aide program to alleviate workload

Leadership opportunities and opportunities for professional advancement within the school

Opportunities to participate in community development and/or national policy development.


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Hinshaw, a.S. (2001). A Continuing Challenge: The Shortage of Educationally Prepared Nursing Faculty. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing 6. Retrieved online:

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