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Nursing Research

The study is divided in three parts. The first part identifies the palliative care as an area of nursing research that has improved the patient's outcome. The second part discusses the difference and similarities between nursing process and research process. The final part reviews three articles that focus on the palliative care, nursing and research process, and the paper reviews the abstract of each article.

Identification of area of Nursing Research that has Improved Patient Outcomes.

An area of nursing research that has improved patient's outcome in the United States is a palliative care. Palliative care is a specialized healthcare segment that prevents and minimizes the patients' suffering and pain. Patients suffering from end of life, curable and chronic illness can be placed under the palliative care to improve patient's quality of life. Moreover, the palliative care assists patients to integrate spiritual and psychological aspect of patient care. Essentially, serious illness can cause physical symptoms such as fatigue nausea, and a patient may suffer from psychological symptoms such as anxiety or depression. The palliative care is an effective treatment strategy to relieve patient's symptom.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program prepares nurses for the palliative care because nurses need to possess knowledge on palliative care nursing practice. Typically, BSN prepares nurses the skills to offer a palliative care services for patients. A BSN diploma also prepares nurses in palliative care treatment that can assist nurses to offer timely compassionate and nursing care in accordance with the healthcare practice. Essentially, integration of palliative care practice in the BSN improves the skills and competence of nurses in order to offer a safe and effective nursing care to the palliative care patients. Moreover, the BSN program prepares nurses the skills to develop a holistic plan of palliative care to meet the needs of patients suffering from various diseases. More importantly, the nurse has an ethical responsibility to respect the choice of patient care with respect to palliative care. In case patients make a wrong choice concerning palliative care, it is the responsibility of a nurse to convince patients on the appropriate choice for patients.

II. Similarities and Differences between the Nursing Process and the Research Process

Research is a systematic enquiry leading to the discovery of a new knowledge. However, a research process is a simplified form of nursing process, while there are some difference between research process and nursing process; there are still important differences between the two processes. Nurses are conducting research each time a nursing process is being applied and nursing process has an outcome on specific clients. However, research process is being applied to a large number of people. Moreover, outcome of the research process is to create a new knowledge while the outcome of nursing process is to implement maintenance of changes in patients, family and community.

Despite the difference between the nursing and research process, there are still similarities between the two processes. Both nursing process and research process are similar in the sense that they both involve planning and the success of each step depends on the next step to achieve decisive conclusion. Nursing process is a method of achieving and initiating nursing care, and each step in the process depends on the previous step leading to form an action or decision. The assessment stage in the nursing process consists of active organization and collection of objective and subjective data leading to the logical, comprehensive and systematic identification of client problem. Similarly, the research process also involves planning that consists of objective collection and active organization of data that lead to the logical and identification of research problem that a researcher attempts to address.

More importantly, nursing process involves judgment phase leading to diagnosis of client…

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