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The host is particularly sensitive to issues related to class, and urged her guests and audience members to think hard about the way social class impacts opportunity. On the other hand, many audience members nodded in sympathy at the genuine desire to bear a child. Motherhood does, in fact, link women together regardless of their social backgrounds. As most of Winfrey's audience members are female, few were not unaffected by the topic. The audience members selected to participate in the question-and-answer sessions asked a range of questions related to their personal experiences with trying to have children. "Wombs for Rent" called into question the notion that motherhood is a right -- or even a duty.

Winfrey rarely gets religious. However, the Oprah Winfrey...


The word "spiritual" is tossed around a lot. Recent episodes have been relatively mundane, though. For instance, an episode on interior decorating allowed the Oprah Winfrey Show to lighten up after the heaviness of "Wombs for Rent." A designer named Nate Berkus was the feature of the episode. Berkus seemed to already be of celebrity status, as a substantial number of audience members seemed familiar with, even enamored by, him.

What can best be called "women's issues" reigns on Oprah. Her show has a cult status because of the host's ability to reach across race, class, and age groups. Moreover, the show touches topics that many women relate to such as issues related to beauty and fashion. Winfrey also welcomes frank discussions about sexuality, especially issues related to female sexuality and the women's perspective of both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. Winfrey seems socially liberal: open-minded about homosexuality and gender-bending but not in an overly sensational way. Thus, the tone of the show is liberal yet subdued.

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