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Another caution that exists for people suffering from lupus is to exercise caution before and after receiving dental treatment. Lupus patients could develop serious heart infections from the streptococci that might be released into their bloodstream during routine dental procedures, even bi-annual teeth cleanings (Blau and Schultz, 174). The infection can travel to the heart when the patient has certain other manifestations of lupus, and, if the patient has developed a condition called verrucous endocarditis, then it can be deadly if the streptococci infect the heart (Blau and Schultz, 174). Therefore it is strongly recommended that prior to and following dental procedures and cleanings that lupus patients receive antiobiotics that can help them to be prepared to defend their body against the streptococci (Blau and Schultz, 174-175).

The antibiotic -- usually amoxicillin, or another member of the penicillin family, or erythromycin in cases of penicillin allergy -- is taken an hour or two before, and again a few hours after, the dental treatment, the exact times depending on the drug. Preferably, put your dentist and your rheumatologist in touch with each other, so they can discuss the best preventive strategy for you (Blau and Schultz, 175)."

Another condition arising out of the deterioration and inability to replace the calcium needed in the body to regenerate bone growth is temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ). TMJ is a painful condition, and it often is found in people with lupus because the deterioration of the jawbone causes the alignment of the jaws to become misaligned, and leads to TMJ (Wallace, Daniel and Wallace, Janice Brock, 2003, 46).

Daniel Wallace and Janice Brock Wallace (2003) says that it is important for people who have lupus to consult their physician and their dentist as to the best tooth filling and restoration materials (64). Everything that is used to treat a lupus patient...


It is important, too, that if side effects are noticeable from a particular material, it be documented for research purposes. Lupus is a disease that remains a mystery in many ways, and the more information that is documented and researched on the condition and the side effects from materials and chemicals that trigger adverse reactions in patient, the better medicine will be able to deal with and treat the condition.
Caution is exercised any time a patient with a serious medical disease receives dental care or procedures. It is always the best practice to follow a safe and informed course of care and treatment. Patients should always discus their condition and treatment with their physician and dentist. The mouth is the gateway to good health, and the patient's dentist should be a part of the patient's overall health consultation.

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