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In addition to this pressure, the Hays article allows us to deduce that Wal-Mart is also responding to the internal pressure plied by its laborers, who could represent the risk of unionizing to Wal-Mart. It is thus that the nature of the changes made as reported by the Hays article would be poised to alter the course of Wal-Mart's labor orientation. Thus, in 2004, it would announce a set of changes in this area, "including the establishment of a compliance group that will oversee workers' pay, their hours and even whether they take breaks. Wal-Mart is testing a program that will alert cashiers, for example, when it is time for a meal break and shut down their cash registers if they do not respond." (Hays, 1) These decisions represent a newfound concern on the part of Wal-Mart about the way that its image impacts its sales and success.

By contrast, computer and printing magnate Hewlett-Packard (HP) would undergo a much publicized shakeup in 2005 that may be viewed almost strictly as an internally-instigated transformation. Here, the influence of a single executive and her regime would first instigate a major strategic change at the company, subsequently experience widespread failure in this ambition and ultimately produce calls for yet another transformation. In 2005, an article by Fox News reports, Carly Fiorina was dismissed as CEO of HP after a disastrous attempt at reorganizing a company that was sliding in market share.

As Fox News reports, "she quickly moved to reorganize its structure and remove bureaucracy, then launched ad campaigns focusing on HP's innovation. but, observers say, HP lost more than expenses and thousands of employees during the process. Fiorina erased the employee-focused culture once known as the 'HP way,' focused single-mindedly on quarterly profits, and alienated employees." (Fox News, 1) the result would be a recognition within the organizations leadership that there was a need to alter the immediate course of its leadership. Internal pressure for this change proceeded especially from the negative imposition upon its culture that Fiorina's orientation has inclined. As opposed to either McDonald's or Wal-Mart, HP suffered few setbacks in terms of public image. But in a manner similar to Wal-Mart, we can see that HP would be driven in many ways by the general tenor amongst its personnel suggesting that without imminent change, its path would become unsustainable.

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