Partnership Between Local Health Departments And Hospitals Can Improve Community Health Article Review

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Health Policy Article Review

1. Authors Proposed Purpose/Goal of the Article

The intended audience of a study by Carlton and Singh (2018) was public health officials in the United States. The purpose of this study was to identify opportunities to improve the relationship between local health departments and hospitals as well as their mutual ability to collaborate effectively on hospital investments in community health initiatives.

2. Analysis of Key Issues

The key issues of interests in this study were the effectiveness of joint community health needs assessments and how they can be leveraged to improve coordination of efforts between local health departments and hospitals. The authors aggregated the results of several community health reports (i.e., the 2013 NACCHO Profile; the 20142015 Area Health Resource File; and the 2015 National Association of County and City Health Officials Forces of Change) and used this data to identify 439 local health departments across the country. The authors also incorporated data concerning the hospitals respective community benefit based on 2014 tax information (i.e., IRS Form 990, Schedule H).

The main strengths of this study included the comprehensiveness of the literature review that provided a context for the analysis as well as the robustness of the analytical model and the use of trustworthy, archived data sets…hospitals improve community health standards and levels. Because a significant majority of the representative sample of local health departments already conduct community health needs assessments using scarce taxpayer resources (Isehunwa et al., 2021), it is vitally important that this information be used in the most effective fashion possible. This means that local health departments must reach out to their hospital partners in their communities to develop appropriate implementation strategies that can address health need deficits in a timely manner. This approach is highly congruent with the guidance provided by Hebrews 13:16 (ESV) which states, Do not neglect to do good and to share what you…

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Carlton, E. L., & Singh, S. R. (2018). Joint Community Health Needs Assessments as a Path for Coordinating Community-Wide Health Improvement Efforts Between Hospitals and Local Health Departments. American Journal of Public Health, 108(5), 676–682.

Isehunwa, O. O., Dobalian, A., Ahn, S., Relyea, G., & Carlton, E. L. (2021). Local Health Department and Hospital Collaboration Around Community Health Needs Assessment to Improve Health Outcomes. Family & Community Health, 44(3), 136–145.

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