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Permanent Homes

Foster Care and Adoption

Priority: Protect Children from Abuse and Neglect and Connect Them to Caring Permanent Families.

A lot of money is mismanaged when it comes to investigating child abuse cases and placing abused or neglected children into foster care. Many times the families that take in these children do so to earn extra money from monthly foster care subsidies. They don't even spend that money on the betterment or maintenance of the child and instead spend it on themselves. This may not be the case for some foster parents, but it is often to true for many.

Furthermore, children placed in foster homes often only stay there for as little as a few weeks and have move from one foster care family to another. The constant placement of these children in different homes can have negative psychological effects not just on the children in their youth, but can carry out to the way they act and behave when they are adults. That is why it is important to advocate for better screening and psychological evaluations of foster families, in order to prevent mistreatment or neglect of a foster child.

Abuse is often seen in multiple generations of families. Seeing children placed in potentially harmful families after already being removed their toxic biological family will only exacerbate a child's issues. Poverty and education is important to deal with when it comes to children, but a sense of family safety, and stability, I feel that is the most important priority to discuss. Psychological problems stemming from unstable homes can have long running effects and can change dramatically all areas of a child's life from difficulty learning...



The small scale project that would help immediately to deal with both ineffective foster care and alleged abusive homes is to create an assessment and action protocol. This assessment and action protocol or AAP, will comprise of a series of questions and tests that parents, both alleged abusive parents and foster parents can take to see whether or not they may exhibit any psychological issues and how they cope and handle with stress. Many times abusive parents are abusive because they can't handle their lives the way it is and lash out on their children. Finding out the state of these adult's lives and what kind of work they do, along with any family history, could really help determining not only if these people are abusive or potentially abusive, but could also offer ways to generate viable solutions.

Assessment is one part, the other is action. Once assessment is performed, action can comprise of one or two sets of actions. The first set is if the parents/foster parents interviewed are abusive or are potentially abusive. If they are, then steps can involve removing the child from the home or banning the parents from fostering children and placing the child in temporary care. In the case of abusive biological parents, a court ordered search warrant of the parents' home can reveal any potential instances of abuse or illegal substances, allowing the government to step in and either arrest or offer a rehabilitation/learning program to better their ability to handle children and their lives.

The other set of actions involve determining no instance of abuse or identifying suitable foster families. Actions would include one additional follow-up as needed or bi-monthly follow ups in the case of foster parents. AAP can be done with little to no additional funding, just simply training staff to properly assess and act on these types of cases. The target population, abusive parents and foster parents who house abused…

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