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The fourth person I will see in heaven is Lisa. Lisa is the owner of my son's daycare. She is a vision of courage and strength because she recently discovered that she has cancer at the young age of 27. While this is devastating enough, she must face the fact that a hysterectomy lies in her future - a future without children which is something she wants so badly. Despite this news, she continues to live her life and if worse comes to worse, she will adopt. In addition to this strength, she also accepts people as they are. When I encountered difficulty finding a daycare that would accept a child with a cleft palate, Lisa had no problems with this at all. She had no experience but was willing to learn. My son started attending that daycare when he was 10 months old, now he is 3 years old, and Lisa is still there to provide a good environment for my son. I would love to see her in heaven just to let her know how much I appreciate her.

The fifth person I will meet in heaven is Sammy, a girl I used to work with years ago. Sammy was the real inspiration that pushed me into college. Before I met her, I always just talked about it. Sammy would ask me questions, like if I had applied and enrolled - forcing to me tell her why or why not. She was going to college as well and she knew her way around and told me where to go and who to talk to about certain things. She showed me that it was possible and showed my how it was possible. She was such a positive influence to…

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