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Living Will Essays (Examples)

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Wills Outline of Gilbert Law
Words: 3832 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60528103
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Revival of revoked wills. In most cases, a revoked will is not revivable unless it is reexecuted or revived by codicil; however, if a revoked will was destroyed, it cannot be revived in this fashion.


Dependent relative revocation. These are mistakes of law made by the testator concerning the disposition of property that can be disregarded in the administration of a will.

Components of a Will


Integration. This term refers to the collation of various sheets of paper into a cohesive whole which constitutes a single, entire will which is executed via a single act.


Incorporation by reference. A majority of states allow documents that were not integrated into the single, entire will to receive the same force and effect by referencing them in the will.


Facts of independent significance. This term refers to the description of intended beneficiaries or bequests in a will that…

Living Constitutionalism
Words: 3355 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82896742
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Living Constitutionalism

As the leader of the free world, the United States remains in the limelight as the rest of the world keeps a keen eye on how they conduct their affairs. As it appertains to constitutional interpretation, the U.S. has a sound philosophy dubbed 'living constitutionalism.' In the American constitutional dispensation, as in other countries, the letter of the law is unequivocal. That notwithstanding, many agree that every society is dynamic in nature. As such, as society keeps changing, there is a growing need for the constitution to be equally as dynamic in view of various considerations. Implementing and enforcing the letter of the law as stated in constitutional clauses often has its shortcomings. The concept 'Living Constitutionalism' revolves around humanizing the law. By adding the element of humanity in the law, the constitution gains a dynamic element. This idea relates to the view of the society as contemporaneous,…

References List

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Living With Incurable Cancer at the End
Words: 602 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 3990699
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Living With Incurable Cancer at the End of Life-Patients' Perceptions on Quality of Life

Johansson, Christina Melin RN, Phd-student; Axelsson, Bertil MD, PhD; Danielson, Ella RN, PhD

This article is either a qualitative or a quantitative research study. Identify which, and then complete the table below where applicable. Write no more than three sentences in each cell of the table. The study may not contain all of the elements listed, or the element may be necessary and is not addressed. If the study does not address one of these elements and it is not necessary, simply indicate as N/A in the appropriate box. If the element is not adequately discussed, explain based on your readings and your understanding of the research study.



Research question

How do patients describe their perceptions of the quality of life (QoL) in incurable cancer at the end of life?



Patients with…

Living Rooms Being a Perceived
Words: 1822 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41742388
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One author once wrote, "It is but fair to say that America is not a land of one race or one class of men. e are all Americans that have toiled and suffered and known oppression and defeat, from the first Indian that offered peace in Manhattan to the last Filipino pea pickers...." (esling, 2007, p. 55).

esling went on to quote Bulosan as saying, " America is also the nameless foreigner, the homeless refugee, the hungry boy begging for a job and the black body dangling on a tree.... e are all that nameless foreigner, that homeless refugee, that hungry boy, that illiterate immigrant and that lynched black body. All of us, from the first Adams to the last Filipino, native born or alien, educated or illiterate -- e are America!" (esling, 2007, p. 55). Perhaps that is the reason why an individual with nothing to his name but…

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Living Like Weasels Dillard Is
Words: 370 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 97473713
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Both strong emotions and that is what effect the sentence has on the mood of the piece. She sees a weasel for the very first time, and it is a very emotional experience for her. It is as if she can see inside the weasel's head, and understand its' motivations, and it is a very intimate look into her and the way she looks at relationships, even with natural objects.

This paragraph shows how much she admires the weasel, and that she wishes she had the same tenacity of spirit. She again uses words and phrases that are reminiscent of lovers, and she says, "I could very calmly go wild," which is funny and telling at the same time. "Going wild" means becoming much simpler and less complicated, and that is why the author wants us to live like weasels, they are uncomplicated and simple, something that can be good…


Dillard, Annie. "Living Like Weasels." Personal Web Site. 2009. 9 March 2009. .

Living Organisms Are All Around
Words: 990 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5362034
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The Golgi receives new proteins and lipids from the ER, finishes them up, addresses them and sends them to their final destination. In this way, the Golgi could be the postal service of the city. Lysosomes get rid of unusable waste within the cell and recycles those materials that can be reused, making it the recycling and garbage center of the city. Mitochondria are where ATP, the main energy molecule, is made. It could be considered the city's power plant. Then we have the cell's cytoskeleton, which gives the cell its shape, strength and its ability to move. It can be looked at as the roadways and bridges of the city. ("Chemical Composition of the Body," 2005)

Cells do not act alone and have help from things like enzymes to complete their job. Enzymes are proteins make chemical reactions within cells occur faster ("Chemical Composition of the Body," 2005). ithout…


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Living at Home vs Living
Words: 792 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1735481
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First, dorms are certainly more convenient when it comes to getting to and from classes. Therefore, it would appear that dorms are a more convenient alternative for students. However, getting to and from class is only one concern for the average college student. College students living at home will probably be able to eat home-cooked meals without leaving their residences to do so, have access to private washers and driers, and easier parking access. Therefore, depending on the length of a commute, living at a home may actually be more convenient and provide a student with more free-time than living at a dorm. Once again, one must consider a particular scenario to determine convenience for a student.

The final factor to consider is privacy; dorm rooms offer students more privacy from their families, while living at home may permit students more privacy in their bedrooms. For many students, the move…

Living System the Organization as a Living
Words: 1126 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38530095
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Living System

The Organization as a Living System

There are many different metaphorical models that have been used to describe organizations, from ships to machines to human brains. Another perspective views organizations as equivalent to living organisms or really to any complex living system, where reactions happen both on an immediate and reactionary basis and as a matter of planning and decision making. This perspective can be especially useful when viewing organizations during volatile times and in a host of other conditions; though this metaphor is not necessarily better or more complete than other symbolic ways of viewing organizations, it certainly has benefits in certain applications and situations. Viewing the organization as a living organism can help one to determine how the organization makes its decisions, where the powerful and weak points of the system are, and even predict its behavior as an entity that above all wants to survive…


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Living The Egyptian Dream in
Words: 826 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 18061615
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Any tells his son to soberly build a garden and home and tend it, which is true on a literal level about keeping a tidy property, and also a metaphor for an orderly and moral soul. Do not rely on another man's goods, he says. Do not fall into debt -- credit card debit or otherwise. Treat elders with respect -- rise when they come into the room. But do not strike back at a brawler, or reveal too much of yourself.

However, this last bit of advice that stresses the need for social decorum that may reveal something unique about Egyptian society. Clearly ancient Egypt was a hierarchical society, and perhaps highly politically charged. Treating one's social better with deference, and not revealing too much of one's own affairs was integral to one's personal and social survival. But although the political atmosphere in ancient Egypt was no doubt very…

Living Well and Rightly Moral
Words: 1478 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65831380
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For example, does one really have to think about ethics while they are grocery shopping? ell, perhaps if one is thinking of cutting in line or taking the last shopping cart when there is an elderly woman who will be stuck with a basket.

Aristotle's virtue ethics said that people have to hone their virtues and this is a nice thought. He believes that everyone is born with the inherent tendency to do good, but people have to work on it just as one might have musical ability, they still must train in order to become a professional. Just because we think that we are ethical, good people (and we probably are) doesn't mean that we don't have to work on being better. This is also quite a nice theory, however, utilitarianism is still the best way for one to lead a happy, right life, because, once again, it forces…

Works Cited

Callahan, Daniel. "Moral Theory: Thinking, Doing, and Living." Journal of Social

Philosophy,20(1-2), 1989, 18-24.

Smith, Steve. Ways of Wisdom. University Press of America, 1983.

Living and Doing Business With Australians Word
Words: 1195 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47006304
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Living and Doing Business With Australians

Word Count (excluding titles): 1159

The Commonwealth of Australia has a population of twenty two million and consists of six states and two territories and has the thirteenth largest economy in the world. The majority of the population gathers around the coastal cities and has one of the lowest population densities in the world. Australia is a country overflowing with natural beauty and unparalleled multiculturalism. To do business in Australia requires a deep understanding of the cultural complexity. Home to a great many immigrants this island continent is one of the world's most culturally diversity nation. Nearly twenty-five percent of Australian residents were born in another country. Even greater percentages have parents or grandparents who were immigrants or refugees from a vast range of nations. This rich diversity, coupled with the indigenous population, presents the businessman with unique opportunities and challenges.

Doing Business


Living Out a Dream to Live Out
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9533301
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Living Out a Dream

To Live Out a Dream

I was a boy who loved to read, write, and daydream. Everyday I cherished going to school and my mother never had a hard time waking me up because I knew that one day I would be able to take care of her and my family. My father passed away when I was 12 and he would always tell me that a smart man will opt to use with his brain before his back, and that I could do anything I put my mind to. He was a strong believer in these notions and in my ability, the oldest of 4 children.

It all began when I was 15 years old. Having no option, I needed to work. Everyday after school I would run home and do the necessary chores so my mother would not have to worry. After, I would…

Will Hobbs
Words: 3505 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23082095
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Together they'll face moose, bears, and the terrors of the subarctic winter.

Down the Yukon: Amid the shouts and the cheers and the splashing of oars, it was pandemonium. "Nome or bust!" Jason yelled. In the shadow of the Arctic Circle, Dawson City is burning, changing forever the lives of thousands in the Klondike gold fields. All the talk is of Nome, nearly two thousand miles away, where gold has been discovered in the beach sands. Jason Hawthorn is itching to join the new rush. He and his brothers have been cheated out of their sawmill, and Jason has vowed to buy it back. A race to Nome has been announced, with a $20,000 prize. Jason's partner in his canoe is the girl he loves, Jamie Dunavant, freshly returned from the States as she promised she would. The Great Race across Alaska will be a grueling test for the two…


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Living Memory Disappears Having Read the Second
Words: 2382 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 53276837
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Living Memory Disappears

Having read the second slide in the Power point presentation concerning the deaths of the last French veterans of World War I, what difference do you think it makes to our appreciation of history when those that actually experienced it die?

The appreciation of history is intensified when the living connection to the event is extinguished. That particular time in history cannot be revisited through the stories and tales from the people who actually lived through it, but can only be accessed via books, magazines, newspapers and photos. For this reason, the event actually becomes more significant because it is historical and there is no way to retrieve details of it anymore through the people who experienced it firsthand. The difference in appreciation of history comes from the knowledge that a closure to an event has arrived.

Question 2

Belle Epoque and World War I

If you…

Living Environment Options Guide Variables Having an
Words: 1113 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86595065
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Living Environment Options

Guide: Variables Having an Impact on the Options of Individuals with egard to Living Environments

Older adults require supportive and enabling environments. In addition to being safe and empowering, the said environments must also help in the elimination of ageism. It should be noted that in a way, the well-being of older adults is affected by their immediate living environments (Healy and Link, 2011). In this guide, a living environment will be used as a generic term indicating not only the physical place of residence but also the existing support networks in place.

Insurance and Financial esources

To begin with, it is important to note that insurance does have a significant impact on the choice of living environments. For instance, while some health insurance programs cover most of the costs incurred in an assisted living facility, some plans do not have such provisions. As Wallace (2007) points…


Cress, C.J. (2007). Handbook of Geriatric Care Management (2nd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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Living in Different Societies the
Words: 588 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70627831
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In first-world nations, government processes are usually conducted honestly and in a manner that is consistent with formal rules, laws, and regulations. While they may not always be administrated perfectly, they are conducted legitimately for the most part. In third-world nations, governments are often so poor that those in virtually any position of administrative power or authority tend to routinely use their positions improperly to solicit bribes and kickbacks. In some third-world countries, it is impossible to open businesses without paying off government officials.

Healthcare in the U.S. has obviously been the source of tremendous problems and political controversy. Practically all parties to the argument recognize that the American healthcare system is extremely flawed and in need of immediate improvement in many respects. However, in comparison to the availability (and quality) of healthcare in third-world nations, citizens of any modern country such as the U.S. are extremely fortunate in terms…

Living Things Are Characterized by the Following
Words: 4492 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61564004
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living things are characterized by the following seven characteristics namely mobility, respiration, excretion, sensitivity or response to external stimulus, growth, feeding, and reproduction. Though there may be variations between animal and plant kingdom (ex, plants take in carbon dioxide and prepare their own food), these characteristics are commonly observed among all living things.

iology is a very broad field that encompasses the study of characteristics of living things. It includes botany, zoology and all other sub-disciplines that range from microbiology to evolution and ecology.

Evolution is the branch of biology that deals with the study of natural development of living organisms and the changes in them over time. Evolution refers to the heritable changes that occur in a population over a period of time. All the diversity that is observed currently in plant and animal kingdom can be ascribed to evolution over a long period of time.

Atoms are the…


1) Mark Rothery, "Cells," Accessed on Sep 20th 2005, Available from

Living Abroad in the United Kingdom
Words: 623 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56609541
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....operative word of the study abroad experience at Anglia Ruskin University is versatility. The student life of this university is characterized by a wide range of settings and environments that is sure to suit the needs of any student -- whatsoever they may be. One of the most important facets of student life at this institution is that it is rooted in an urban experience indicative of the postmodern world of the 21st century. Students have four campuses from which to choose, all of which are in some of the most well-known cities in the England, if not the entire United Kingdom. The most prestigious campuses are likely those in London and Cambridge, although newcomers can also opt to study in Chelmsford and Petersborough as well. More importantly, the freedom to choose where one wants to study, work and live is expanded accordingly with an intricate network of partnerships with…

Will the Mesquaki Culture Survive
Words: 827 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20348343
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There is a sense of common tribal identity but every succeeding generation has seen this identity grown more fragmented. Even the purists and the traditionalists who try to define an essential core of the Mesquaki identity are themselves a kind of a splinter faction, rather than representatives of the core of the tribe.

The unity of the tribe now comes through the common economic support provided by the gambling on the reservation rather than from a common sense of culture and identity that links generations. The Mesquaki will likely survive in the future in the sense that the tribe will profit off of the casino and many tribal members will still remain on the reservation to live. But the culture will inevitably fragment and change, pulled in different directions from a number of competing forces. The first force is that of the outside white society which for many young Indians…

Works Cited

Foley, Douglas. The Heartland Chronicles. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press,

Living Off Campus Living Off-Campus
Words: 616 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 9985809
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Many students will also prefer to live off campus because of health reasons. This may not seem an obvious reason but it can be a problem when someone in residence hall or dorm has a contagious condition or if someone is under influence of the weather. With on campus space being closed and cramped, the chances of catching infections are much higher.

Students are also responsible for making their own rules when they live off campus. This means there are no restrictions on visitor hours, entrance and exit hours and simply no one to direct your behavior. Instead students can choose to maintain their own hours and be their own boss. Apart from the freedom that it brings, it also teaches students responsibility and instills in them a sense of accountability to themselves which are some of the things that parents would want their children to learn as they live…


Kimberly Burnell. Students recognize off-campus benefits. [ ]

Living and Decision Making Poverty
Words: 622 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1119719
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Though welfare abuse does, of course, occur, it can not be as prevalent as the misunderstandings about it are. The problem comes from most people's lack of understanding about welfare, the amount of money it provides, who is eligible, etc. A lot of people will write off any poor person as a welfare recipient, which is not the case. In addition, people in poor communities with access to top of the line electronic equipment, clothes, etc. did not necessarily get those goods from government money, and thus a criminal element is unfairly tied in with welfare, which is a fallacy.

Welfare, by its very nature, is meant to help people get out of the worst of circumstances, such as homelessness, starvation, and an inability to provide for one's children. There are several kinds of welfare, some earmarked for use only to buy a specific type of goods (one example would…

Will and Estates Law in Australia
Words: 2779 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74640817
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Australian Property and Trust Law

The objective of this study is to examine a specific scenario. That scenario involves the writer of this work as solicitor for the Goldstone City Council, a fictional authority in Queensland, Australia and head of the property law division of the Council under the direction of the Head Legal Counsel. The Head Legal Counsel has asked the writer to provide a written response to her in regards to the following matter: In 2014, a wealthy local citizen, Mr. obert Kennedy, died. Clause 5 of his Will provides:

"I GIVE AND BEQUEATH the sum of FIVE HUNDED THOUSAND DOLLAS ($500,000.00) to my trustee, the said James Stewart, to establish a fund for the intercultural education of my grandchildren within the Asia-Pacific region AND I DECLAE that the fund so created shall be utilized towards the costs of travel and accommodation within that region and the costs…


Preece, AA (2000) The Impact of the Law of Inheritance on the Family. Paper delivered at the 7th Australian Institute of Family Studies. Conference Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbor Sydney, 24-26 July 2000. Retrieved from: 

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Living in a Time Individuals and Generations
Words: 1561 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 21975750
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living in a time, individuals and generations do not exactly know what they are contributing in their history. Writers might have an idea that their work will be cited and used in the time to come, yet they do not have an exact idea about how their work will be used in the future and what position will it hold. The African writers have been writing about their culture like authors around the world. These writings are a source of information for us today to find what the culture of Africa is. The paper studies how the African authors have defended their culture and the journey of culture through time.

What is the contribution of African writers in defense of their culture?

African Authors

The African writers have taken special interest in writing about the general harmony as well as the common contrasts. Popular African authors like Chinua Achebe, Alan…


Speech by Frantz Fanon at the Congress of Black African Writers, (1959), Retrieved from: 

Munthali, G.C., (2013), "Belated Eulogy for Chinua Achebe: He defended the African Culture,

Our Culture has fallen apart." Retrieved from:

Living on Campus Versus Living Off Campus
Words: 722 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52573029
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College is a time of learning, change, and experience. For the first time, freshmen have the freedom to choose the subjects the study and even how they study them. But college is not solely an opportunity for book-learning - rather, college is social and intellectual hybrid of learning. The students who take advantage of their college's residential life option glean the most from their undergraduate experience - living on campus truly allows the student to immerse herself in the four of the best and most fruitful years of her life.

The most obvious advantage of living on campus as opposed to at home is convenience. (Univ. Of Cincinnati, 1). Dorm rooms are close to the libraries, classes, college cultural events and social events. A student who lives on campus is much more likely to run to the library late at night to check one last fact for a paper; she…

Works Cited

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Jossey-Bass, 1991.

University of Cincinnati. "Advantages to Living on Campus."


Living Theory
Words: 1713 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21400130
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LABO UNIONS IN THE U.S.: Evaluation of Social Theory as Applied to the Concept of Organized Labor

CHAPTE IN BIEF INTODUCTION history of labor unions, their composition and development in the U.S. over time, discussion of the "building blocks" of such organizations

ELEVANCE OF LABO UNIONS ACCODING TO SOCIAL THEOISTS discussion of the relevance of labor unions according to the following social theorists: Durkheim, Simmel, Weber and Marx. Why labor unions are formed according to each of the social theorists; the idea of labor unions as a positive or negative force; labor unions as collective representatives of society; labor unions as reflective of society's need to collectively gather; who is represented by labor unions; economic factors in labor gatherings (Marx, on the idea that labor unions are created to promote the economic interests of employees within organizations)


Labor unions were created for a variety of reasons, in part to…


Hurst, Charles E. Living Theory. The Application of Classical Social Theory to Contemporary Life. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2000.

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Company, 1985

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Will Diminishing Supplies of Natural Resources Limit World Economic Growth
Words: 2202 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31178406
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For most of the time since the subject of economics was first studied, the idea of resource constraints has been irrelevant. The world was simply not viewed as a finite place. The concept of resource constraints was limited, more or less, to the consideration of constraints on an individual economy. Adam Smith recognized that all economies would face resource constraints of one type or another. As Snowdon (2003) points out, "to Smith, it was obvious that all economies were faced with resource constraints and that free trade was a policy that would allow any nation to achieve the most efficient allocation of its scarce resources." This notion was built into the Ricardian trade theory and classical economics. It has not been until recent times, however, that the concept of worldwide scarcity has become relevant. The idea of peak oil and a world with seven billion people (or more) has…

Works Cited:

Alexandratos, N. (2005). Countries with rapid population growth and resource constraints: Issues of food, agriculture and development. Population and Development Review. Vol. 31 (2) 237-258.

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Living the Word How to Engage in Missionary Work in a Non Imperial Manner
Words: 1726 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94925399
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Pastoral Theology: The Modern ole of Mission Work in the Church

Historically, mission work played a critical role in the establishment of the Christian Church. Christians were called to spread Christianity beyond their initial groups of worshippers and the concept of the mission to spread religion gradually developed over time. Over the course of history, these missions have taken varying forms, though mission work has frequently combined the provision of some type of help with introductions to the basic tenets of Christianity. Modern mission work continues to combine these two elements, but in varying ways. Christians are no less called to spread the Gospel than they were in the early days, when Christianity was a new religion and unknown to many of the people of the world. Spreading the Gospel is about more than giving people information about Christianity; for mission workers, spreading the Gospel is about letting people know…


Bevans, S & Schroeder, R 2004, Constants in context: a theology of mission for today, Orbis,


Bosch, D 1991, Transforming mission: paradigm shifts in theology of mission, Orbis, Maryknoll.

Dorr, D 2000, Mission in today's world, Columba, Dublin.

Living Healthy These Days
Words: 931 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36136245
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Healthcare Supply and Demand

The best way that Sunnydale Care can optimize health care options for residents of this area specific to the clinic's field of expertise of obesity is to utilize an artful and efficacious combination of both exercise implementation and nutritional information. Quite simply, residents that are sure to engage in a proper exercise regiment while eating properly and avoiding eating at certain times of day or night can reduce their weight and the incidence of obesity in Sunnydale. Increasing the knowledge of residents in these two aspects of obesity management, then, is the best way to help achieve this particular health care objective.

Key Inputs and Outputs in the Area 3 eimbursement Options

There are multiple inputs and outputs for the strategy related to reducing the incidence of obesity among community members serviced by the Sunnydale Care health clinic as related to reimbursement options. Inputs include training…


Santerre, R.E., Neun, S.P. (2013). Health Economics. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

Living with Chronic Illness
Words: 382 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55665191
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Invisible Support from Family & Friends
How might symptoms of memory loss, paranoia, and verbal and physical aggression be particularly hard for the caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients?
These symptoms might be hard for the caregiver as he or she is human and they might take it personally especially when it comes to physical and verbal aggression. When the patient with Alzheimer's disease becomes aggressive towards the caregiver, the caregiver might feel overwhelmed, sad, and isolated. These feelings are normal as the situation the caregiver finds him or herself in is what is causing those feelings. Memory loss from the patient might result in the patient not recalling some of the basic things and this might frustrate the caregiver as he or she will have to keep repeating or reminding the patient. Naturally, the caregiver will get frustrated and they might lash out too. However, it is vital that the caregiver…

Diversity in Living Arrangements Among the Elderly
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Living Aangements Among the Eldely

This is an eight page pape concening the divesity in living aangements among the eldely. Thee ae six efeences used.
People today ae living longe, which means thee is a lage eldely population in ou society. Thee ae many concens facing the eldely, one of which is housing. The eldely have seveal options available to them and it's inteesting to see how divese they can be.
Befoe we look at the housing options fo the eldely, we should fist exploe the statistics concening the population of this gowing goup. Thee wee ove 35.0 million pesons ove 65 in the United States in 2000. This accounts fo 12.4% of the population o one in evey eight Ameicans. Since 1990, the numbe of eldely has inceased 12.0% in compaison to the 13.3% incease of those unde 65. The statling fact is those aged 45-64 inceased…

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Nursing homes used to be the only stop for seniors who need help. Now there are options.
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Healthy Living Web-Based Guide
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Living a Healthy Lifestyle

It is feared that the current generation will be the first to be less, rather than more healthy than its parents' generation, thanks to the growing crisis of obesity and inactivity. A number of government websites exist specifically designed to promote a healthier lifestyle, most notably the White House's 'Let's Move' campaign. Let's Move is specifically devoted to preventing childhood obesity and provides a variety of resources for readers, including statistics on childhood obesity (it notes that in African-American and Hispanic communities as many as 40% of all children are overweight or obese); suggestions on how to pursue a healthier diet via links to other government websites, and suggestions for incorporating exercise into children's lives. There are also special offers like a contest for 'kid chefs' to submit healthy recipes.

What exactly constitutes a healthy diet is, of course, controversial. The USDA provides specific dietary guidelines…


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Green Roofs and Living Walls
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Suc plants include: prairie popseed, catmint, stonecrops, cornflowers and susans, among oters.

Tese plants are of all colors and are very beautiful wen planted togeter.

Having seen tese benefits, it is quite ard to still argue against green roofs. Yet if one finds oneself in tis positing tere are a variety of specific tings tat green roofs and do for umans. Tey include: cleaning and retaining rainwater, reducing te overeating in cities and reducing pollution, adding beauty, lowering air temperatures, improving air quality, lowering eating and cooling bills, expending te life of a roof membrane.

Tese are seven good reasons wy green roofs are so important to our overall ealt and better lifestyle quality. Tere are also many tings tat one can do wit green roofs tat can keep tem going for a long time, including suc tings as waterproofing, for example, and many more.

Living walls, in addition to…

Living Walls, Youtube. Accessed November 19, 2011.

Gordon Mathews What Makes Life Worth Living
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Life worth Living

In order for life to be worth living it should have a purpose and for our life to be meaningful we must have some aspiration that makes it worthwhile. A life without any purpose or aim is futile. Different individuals have different factors that add meaning to their life. Meaningfulness is an essential component of our life. It gives us the hope, determination and passion to achieve the things that we believe make our life complete.

Most of the people fail to find a purpose for their life and lead a meaningless life. They have nothing to strive for and to achieve. This is because people usually wait for that purpose and they believe that it will come to them by itself. Adding meaning to our life does not necessarily mean that we must achieve something in return. Sometimes giving something to the outside world, to our…


Matthews, G. (1996). What makes life worth living? (1st ed., Vol. 1, pp. 1-425). Berkeley: University of California Press.

Personal Perspectives on Living With a Disability
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Personal Perspectives on Living With a Disability

The objective of this work is to examine a work in writing that provides a first-hand perspective on the psychosocial issues involved with living with a disability of a disabling illness. personal perspectives on living with a disability. Questions addressed in this study include those as follows: (1) what type of disability or disabling illness did the person have? (2) provide a description of how this disability/illness affects the individual's perceptions of his/her identity? (3) What forms of prejudice or discrimination did he/she encounter from others? How did he/she cope with it? And (4) What did you learn from this individual's account of his/her experience that would help you as a therapist in working with another individual who has a similar illness or disability?

Type of Disability or Illness

Anthony Galvez relates that in September 2005 he was diagnosed with a "non-malignant brain…


Galvez, Anthony (2010) Reversal: When a Therapist Becomes a Patient. Health and Fitness. Google Books. Retrieved from: (PT+with+brain+tumor)&source=gbs_navlinks_s

Guidebook for Living in Modernity
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Living in Modernity in Three Easy Steps

Perhaps it is only appropriate that a so-called guidebook to living in modernity is not in fact a book at all, but only a relatively brief overview, encompassing six to nine pages of text, easily condensed for the reader's evaluation into three easy steps. It is short. It can be potentially read and interpreted by a variety of individuals with varying levels of literacy. It is democratic and addresses the reader as part of a collective, but not as someone who is of a particular gender or social or professional hierarchy. It is friendly to those whose attention spans have been shortened by the Internet and the mass media, yet it also creates a program that is inspirational in nature, to the reader's sense of improving the self. It wishes the reader to become a better self, just like everyone else in the…

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Stephen Greenblatt's Will in the
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Greenblatt also provides us with some thought into what be hidden in Shakespeare's strange epitaph. Perspective is also gleaned on many of Shakespeare's works, including the Merchant of Venice, Hamlet, Othello, and King Lear IV. He also goes into how Shakespeare only had one rival, Christopher Marlowe until 1957, when Ben Johnson emerged. The two men were similarly in age and envy. The two men "circled warily, watching with intense attention, imitating, and then attempting to surpass each other" (256). Here we see how healthy competition can spur talent. Additionally, Greenblatt delves into some of the mysterious aspects of Shakespeare's life with a convincing perspective. His marriage to Anne Hathaway is viewed fairly. Shakespeare's early marriage years and why he left for London are still elusive but Greenblatt attempts to ferret out some of the more popular theories regarding these issues. That Shakespeare did, for all intents and purposes, abandon…

Work Cited

Greenblatt, Stephen. Will in the World. New York W.W. Norton and Company. 2004.

Life of Will Rogers In
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In the absence of his cowboy abilities or his personality traits which were obviously the result of a certain life style, he would not have achieved success to the same extent.

A third important step in the life of Rogers was represented by the film in which he starred in 1918, called "Laughing ill Hyde" and done after the homonym novel of Rex each. The film was an outstanding hit and its popularity made the producer house, Goldwyn Pictures offer him a contract. As a consequence he ended up making twelve movies in just two years. This contributed to immensely increasing his popularity. In the 20s and 30s he was basically everywhere. "Newspaper columns, books, motion pictures, radio appearances, recordings, ull Durham advertisements -- in what seemed every way imaginable, the image, voice, and words of Will Rogers were being disseminated all over the country."(Yagoda, 216)

Writings such as "Never…


Rogers, W., Carter, J.C. (1991) Never met a man I didn't like. Harper Paperbacks

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Patenting Living Things and What
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A "New York Times" reporter notes, "But unlike some other patents on animal cloning, this one does not specifically exclude human from the definition of mammals; indeed, it specifically mentions the use of human eggs" (Pollack). Another writer notes that there are virtually no limits on what a patent can be issued for, and so, the patent office can potentially issue patents on any number of controversial or ethical procedures and creations. He writes, "Under this approach, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO or the Agency) issues patents on 'anything under the sun made by man'" (Bagley). Clearly, this policy can lead to muddy waters and questions of morality in the future. Most people agree that human cloning should not occur for any number of reasons, including the ability to create humans and even "perfect" humans to serve as workers or in effect "slaves." This is a moral and…


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Advise the Independent Living Home Management to
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advise the independent living home management to do? Should they oppose unionization?

Happy Trails should oppose unionization because it can create many problems for the nursing home in the form of higher wages, frequent strikes and paid vacations etc. However it will not be possible to oppose unionization without offering employees some additional attractive benefits. It is impossible to avoid unionization without offering some benefits like overtime allotment and bonuses. The reason we say this is because if employees are asked not to join unions, they may actually become more resistant to the organization's request and resent such an order. For this reason, Happy trials needs to be proactive and must reach its employees before the union has had a chance to reach them. Unions tend to fight for higher wages and other benefits but since Happy Trails has been a cost cutting program and cannot afford to raise wages,…

Real Living Individuals There Are
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Finally, Marx supports the idea that the elements of the market economy are each and everyone determinant for the eventual outcome of the society.

3. What is the significance of the term dialectics in Marxist thought -- and how might this be relevant for the study of social change?

The term and the technique used are rather important for the way in which Marx created and supported his arguments. In this sense, dialectics includes a technique of arguments and counterarguments which are meant to underline the strength of one point or another. In this attempt, Marx uses for instance Aristotle's argument in relation to the man being a social animal. Another example of the use of dialects is the presentation of Proudhon's arguments in relation to the idea of social and of society.

4. What does Marx mean by describing "the production of life" as a "the production of life…


Mark, Karl. Early Writings. New York: Penguin Classics, 1975.

Facing Death Living With Life-Threatening
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In this context, the patient and family members provide support to each other by discussing death, illness, and pain in a direct and open manner.

In a family facing life-threatening illness, a closed awareness style would involve a great deal of secrecy. All conversations would have to direct attention away from the prospect of illness and death so as to keep the patient unaware. This would place a great deal of emotional strain on the family members, as they would carry the burden of their knowledge as well as the weight of the secret. The suspected awareness style would be equally difficult, as family members would be placed in the position of perhaps having to actively lie to the patient once they grew suspicious. This would make open and productive communication near-impossible, as there would be a lack of trust on both sides. The conversations in a family operating under…


DeSpelder, L.A. & Strickland, A.L. (2008). The last dance: Encountering death and dying. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

Country Living Is Better Than City Living
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Country Living Better than City Living?

Country Living is better than City Living because Country living results to a holistically healthy individual -- that is, Country dwellers become physically, psychologically, and socially healthy and economically efficient than City inhabitants.

Elements of Country Living

Physical Environment: Natural

Psychological: Laid-back life, No stress

Social: Close-knit relationships because of small community

Economical: Economically efficient because of low cost of living

Elements of City Living

Physical Environment: Urban and Developed

Psychological: Fast-paced and Stressful

Social: Individuated because of Large, Diverse Communities

Economical: High cost of living

Why is Country Living Better than City Living?: A Comparative Analysis of Country and City Living

Industrialization has brought to the contemporary society the joys of closer communication and better living; it has also brought into us societal development through urbanization and migration. For many years, people sought the ideal life of living in an urbanized region or…

Public Space The Living Room
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The presence of water is also central to the architecture of mosques, albeit for religious more than aesthetic purposes.

Conclusion: Two Squares, Two Cultures

The Place de la Concorde shares more in common with the Maidan-i-Shah than is immediately apparent. The two squares are about the same size: around 8 hectares. Both have been used for multiple purposes and whisper the changes that have taken place within their respective cities. Political and social life has centered on each of these public spaces.

More than a century separates the two squares, as the Maidan-i-Shah in the early seventeenth century and the Place de Louis XV in the mid-eighteenth century. The architecture and intended use of the two squares proves to be radically different. Unlike the Maidan-i-Shah, the Place de la Concorde serves no religious function. The lack of places of worship as part of the city square speaks directly to the…


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Green Roofs Living Walls Green
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However incentives such as cleaner air, less pollution in areas where there is little greenery, natural beauty, and a healthy food source are attractive blogs Kevin Songer on 'Living Green oofs (2010).

What are "Living Walls"

Living Walls are similar to Green oofs providing benefits of insulation, natural beauty, longevity, and recycling advantages according to ELT Living Walls an article that avidly supports environmentally friendly living (2010). Plants can also be grown on the walls of homes. Many countries have already adopted this eco-friendly solution in countries such as Tanzania, and Nova Scotia, for example, where there are extremely hot and cold temperatures comments Chicago Green oofs (2011). Combining 'Green oofs' with 'Living Walls', a YouTube video demonstration presentation by showing how panels can be added to the home (YouTube, 2011).

Economic Advantages

So far the case for "Green oofs and Living Walls" has incorporated the societal, historical, and cultural…

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Stress of Living in an
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Organismic-holistic: The plant makes the cells, not the other way around. or, an organism must be seen as more than just the sum of its parts. This organism seeks environments somewhere between overload and understimulation.

Sociopetal and sociofugal: Two kinds of space defined by Osmond 1957, to describe environments that inhibit or encourage conversation. (environmental cause of behavior). Sociopetal (high ceilings, large volume, high lighting) led to less conversation. Sociofugal (low lighting, low ceilings, etc.) led to more conversation.

Theories originating within the person: Seeing human behavior as a result of what each individual brings to a situation is known as trait theory. The opposite is situational determinism which states that the individual is unimportant, only the environment is important.

Stress: (Seyle 1956). Environments can be stressful. Individuals deal with stress through belief systems.

Belief systems: All people have them. They give people the illusion of control and cause discord…

Control: (Langer 1983). Control is only helpful when the individual wants it, believes he or she is capable of taking control, and is actually capable of taking control.

Ecological Psychology: (Barker, 1986). Mix of organism and environment theories. Humans and environments are inseparable.

Conclusion: The aforementioned theories all have predictive value, provide understanding, summarize data well, and are heuristic, which are requirements of good theory.

Life Is Worth Living People Are Living
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Life Is Worth Living

People are living longer than ever before. With the advances of medical science, longer and higher quality of lives are more possible than they were a few decades ago. With the ability to live longer than previously enjoyed how does one decide a life is worth living? I believe it has to do with the heart and the mind.

I have a friend who recently lost the ability to walk. Before this happened to my friend I had a much different idea about what makes life worthwhile. Watching my friend rise above the challenge and find many things to live for made me think about the true value and meaning of life. I realize now it is not what one cannot accomplish, but what one can accomplish that defines the value of a life.

I believe that a life is worth living if a person can…

American Mothers Living in Poverty
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American Mother's Living In Poverty

Welfare reform in the United States has been hailed as a great success, reducing the number of people on the welfare rolls from 4.4 million in 1996 to 2.1 million in 2001. But these figures hide the suffering of the multitude of American women who are living on or below the national poverty line. In this paper we will challenge the argument that the welfare reform initiative is 'working' and suggest instead that according to credible sources women are in fact penalized by the very system that has been put in place to 'help' them.

The United States Census bureau shows how the 'poverty threshold" is calculated each year. This figure is a dollar amount that the department has determined is what is required for a number of people living together. The two main characteristics of the threshold formula are the size of a family…


For Crying Out Loud: Women's Poverty in the United States. Eds. Diane Dujon and Ann Withorn. Boston: South End Press, 1996.

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Katz, Michael. The Undeserving Poor: From the War on Poverty to the War on Welfare. New York: Pantheon Books, 1989.

American West as Living Space
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It may have seemed to many that Stegner was simply expressing a bitter lament or was being a naysayer, but in fact, what he predicted is actually quite close to the truth. The West is being settled as an insane rate, and there is simply not enough water to continue this growth. Certainly, there are other issues that make up the West, from its complex history to its varied ecosystems, peoples, and cities and towns. The fabric of the West is a patchwork, but if people do not evaluate it as "living space" above all else, and change their basic view of the West as never ending and always available, the West is going to undergo such a drastic and permanent change that it may not be inhabitable for a majority of those who live their now. Stegner, instead of being a negative doomsday predictor was a prophet who should…

Old Living Away From Home for the
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old, living away from home for the first time in an apartment in San Diego when I decided to attend college and maintain myself in an apartment without taking any financial assistance from my parents. Since I was not a California resident I had the additional expense of paying out-of-state tuition. I had a football scholarship that would pay fifty-percent of my tuition but I needed a job to pay my living expenses and the remaining tuition.

Although the time required for school and football was a fulltime job in itself, my financial needs said I needed to work between thirty and thirty five hours per week to make ends meet. With that as my motivation, I took a job at Federal Express as a package handler on the graveyard shift.

The summer before starting my sophomore year of college, just two weeks before the beginning of football camp in…

Using my newfound knowledge I spent three months doing intensive rehab in the swimming pool and in lifting soup cans for weights. At the end of that time, I gained enough use of my arm to be able to work in a restaurant. Meanwhile I continued my rehabilitation for an additional eight months.

During that time of rehab and unemployment, I resided in the comfort of my 1966 VW Bug. I lived off my savings, ate canned goods, and showered at the pool after two workouts a day. Living in my VW Bug for eleven weeks and two days was an experience that will shape my life forever. It taught me the importance of resilience, humility, diligence, and the power of optimism. I know now that life gives us many obstacles we do not expect or want, but it is not what is dealt to us that is important. It is how we deal with what we are given.

I learned how to handle many obstacles at the same time and perform all to the best of my ability. I found I can handle and even appreciate adversity at different times, and sometimes at the same time, while maintaining the tenacity and vision to accomplish daily responsibilities and pursue future goals. Having learned those things will serve me well in a career with the FAA.

Time and the Art of Living by Robert Grudin
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Art of Living" by Robert Grudin. Specifically, it will contain a critical, philosophical essay on a major theme or idea from the book. Robert Grudin's book expands on time as a way for us to make our lives more meaningful. e tend to become "impoverished in time" as we run helter skelter through our lives, and Grudin's book encourages the reader to think more about their goals and aspirations, rather than their day-to-day existence.


The author states his premise early in this book, in the Preface in fact, and he carries it throughout the text. "My premise, which is quite traditional, is that the acceptance and appreciation of nature are the only channels to its elusive bounty, the only valid foundations of boldness and achievement" (Grudin Preface). This is not a book about how to organize your time, or how to make more time…

Works Cited

Grudin, Robert. Time and the Art of Living. New York: Harper & Row, 1982.

Young Diverse Children Living in Big City
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Young Diverse Children Living in ig Cities

This paper will focus on the lives and challenges minority and culturally diverse youths face growing up in major urban city environments, such as Newark, New York, altimore or Seattle. The advent of major metropolitan areas has stimulated a rapidly increasing population of disadvantaged and volatile youths. In today's America, it seems that more and more young people growing up in major cities are subjected to poor socio-economic conditions, which anymore lead to an increased likelihood for violence and life disruption.

Today's youths growing up in major urban cities are often disadvantaged; they lack the self-esteem, confidence and tools necessary to succeed in their later adulthood. I hope through my research to uncover facts related to urban distress among youths. I hope to also explore community organizations that have focused their efforts on improving the conditions prevalent among urban youths. I propose that…


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Intergenerational Living Crossing Boundaries the
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A useful analogy that has occurred to me in terms of understanding the ways in which Covey's advice can be applied to my own life is to look at his concept of intergenerational living in terms of living in a neighborhood that is literally the home to essentially one generation vs. A neighborhood that is home to a demographically versatile group of families.

Covey stresses again and again the importance of living all aspects of one's life in the manner that one was taught within the family unit. For example, he writes a great deal about the importance of being interdependent with others rather than fully dependent on them so that one can retain one's sense of autonomy while at the same time also being able to rely on the strengths of others meshed to one's own. This is a model that tends to work well within a family, but…

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Superior Living for the Plant Construction Project
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Superior Living

For the plant construction project, we need to have a way to determine if this project is something we should do or not. There are a number of different ways the firms evaluate such projects, but the most common are the net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR) and the modified internal rate of return (MIRR). Each of these is based on the concept of discounted cash flow. The incremental cash flows of the project are evaluated to determine whether or not there is a positive cash flow, on a time-adjusted (discounted) basis (Investopedia, 2012). In theory, if the project makes a positive contribution to the company, it should be accepted. In practice, companies face decisions between mutually exclusive options. Given our tight financing, that might be the case here. So the different projects that people want to have financed will need to be evaluated against…

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Joyce's the Dead the Living Dead in
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Joyce's The Dead

The Living Dead in Joyce's "The Dead"

James Joyce is one of the most well-known Irish writers of the twentieth century. Many of his works draw upon his personal thoughts and experiences and are rich in symbolism and allusion. Joyce's "The Dead," the last short story in Dubliners, follows Gabriel Conroy as he attends his aunts' annual holiday party. Throughout the short story, the theme of death is constantly present in the characters, the party, and recollections of the past and the future. In "The Dead," Gabriel and Gretta Conroy, Freddy Malins, and Mr. Browne are depicted as dying, emotionally dying, or being emotionally dead in several instances.

Gabriel Conroy, on whom the short story centers, is constantly interacting with death on multiple levels. Symbolically, Gabriel's name can be associated with the archangel Gabriel, who is often referred to as God's messenger and associated with revelations (Hopler,…

Works Cited

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2013, from .

Joyce, J. (1914). The Dead. Dubliners. Accessed 12 January 2013, from

Light the INCENSE& 8230 Who Will Light the
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light the incense…

Who Will Light the Incense When I'm Gone?

Andrew Lam is a Vietnamese-Born American writer who immigrated to the United States at the age of 11. Now a fully integrated American, he visited his mother on her 70th birthday and in the course of the party asked the question "Who will light the incense to the dead when I'm gone?" (Lam) Lam's aunt stoically answered her question with what can be condensed to "I guess when we're gone, the ritual ends." (Lam) Andrew Lam wrote the essay "Who will light the incense when mother's gone?" In an attempt to reflect on the cultural changes which take place in people's lives when they immigrate to the United States.

The essay opens at Andrew Lam's mother's 70th birthday party surrounded by her family, when his mother laments on the question of who will light the incense for their dead…


Lam, Andrew. (2003) "Who Will Light The Incense When Mother's Gone?" Pacific

News Service, New American Media. Retrieved from

Superior Living Final CEO CFO Superior Living
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Superior Living Final

CEO, CFO, Superior Living

New Production Facility Proposal and Initial Public Offering (IPO)

This report will address a few of the different strategic issues that the company faces going forward. e know that the company is proposing to build a new production facility, and there are a lot of concerns internally about that proposal. This proposal must be considered from a financial and strategic perspective. From a financial perspective, there are a number of metrics that can be used to help evaluate this project. A common metric is payback period, and I know that some on the Board want to see the payback period for this project. However, if we are taking the firm public, our investors will want to see that we are undertaking the strategies that will increase firm value. Thus, we have to base our decisions on the metrics that actually measure the impact…

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Diversity Therapist Living in Both China and
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Diversity Therapist

Living in both China and the U.S. has been a transformative experience not least in experiencing different kinds and levels of diversity across cultures. This experience will enhance my understanding of patients I see in my professional work, and as a citizen of both my nations on either side of the Pacific. Working as an intern at Weifang Hospital, then at Blanchard Valley Hospital Rehabilitation Findlay Campus, and participating in social organizations outside of school and work have convinced me that despite differences across and within my own multinational experience, we are all more alike than different in the majority of ways. Regardless of demographic characteristics, if the job of therapist is to heal, reduce and prevent pain and disability, then since all peoples share the capacity to experience pain and disability, the therapist has to treat the person, not the class or the gender or ethnicity, even…