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Furthermore, the customer is most likely not to be biased hence the credibility of the feedback. The sources of information will be integrated by analyzing the data and comparing the feedbacks to determine if they show consistency; before drafting the final report.


The performance appraisal method of evaluating the behavior for rating has a critical technique of analyzing information incorporated. Therefore, in developing the tool, the first approach is to establish the information that is required (Flynn, 2010). Once determined, the questioned are phrased and documented into questionnaires and interviews, which will then be administered to the supervisors, the co-workers and customers for feedback purposes. Additionally, the previous reports on the company's trends will be incorporated to show how the behavioral changes in the department affect the returns of the company. The information gathered is then consolidated into a report for the final scaling which is the report of the performance management system team. The appraisal tool is complete when the whole procedure, from gathering information to the final report production is established and outlined completely.

Cost benefit analysis

The employee performance levels impact the overall expenditure of a company. General Motors is not exceptional as it is evident from the objectives it wishes to attain, that one of the objectives is about reducing the recurrent expenditures to minimum possible value. This proposed performance evaluation system will help identify the area where the company is losing its inputs; by establishing the employee performance levels (Maurer, 2002). To execute the plan, the initial preparation cost for the plan, to acquire the necessary equipment for evaluation, the company needs $15,000. This will be spent on acquiring the materials. Additionally, a sum of $25,000 is needed to cater for the execution of the plan for the first time, these constitute the fixed costs. The variable costs depend on the period and locality of the place where the plan will be executed....


The chosen scale is intensive, as it requires the sources of information to get ample time to respond to questions. Therefore, the process will take some time, ranging between three and four weeks for gathering information. The intervals for conducting the appraisal can be as the company decides, and the most appropriate interval is annual. The costs for the whole appraisal process are about $30,000. The process of evaluating the employees will take a short period, depending on how the management reacts to the resultant recommendations of the appraisal findings. Weeding out the undesired characters of employees, and ensuring that the performance levels of the employees remain at peak level will see the benefits of the returns to the company raise in short length of time. The huge losses witnessed from low sales and law suits by clients due to incompetence of the employees; for instance the law case that saw General Motors pay a total of $49 million when a car exploded after being hit from behind by another car will be minimized if not fully eliminated. In a year's time, the company can hit the $1 million mark from the sales. The performance appraisal technique will ensure that the company's growth in sales remains steady, and the quality of vehicles manufactured is beyond reproach. The customers will also equally be satisfied and thus more for the company.


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