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I studied there for two years and then again relocated to complete three years of college at California State Northridge.

My five years of education at these two universities, as well as my education in Australia have exposed me to many varied international peoples and has further broadened my understanding of the diversity of language and culture. As a student I am clearly focused on group work as an essential element of success in education and demonstration of knowledge and this has been greatly influenced by my exposure to many cultures and friendships with many diverse individuals. Group work is also essential in business and I hope that my focuses as a business/finance major in group work success will aide me extensively in my career.

Within the development of my personal and educational life I was drawn to Finance as a professional and degree goal. I have extended this commitment by obtaining and succeeding in a job with an accounting firm where I did mainly the work of an apprentice, answering phones, data entry, and selling accounting books and DVDs for the continuing education accounting classes offered by the firm.

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