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As a unit, we are a close family, but that dynamic changes when there is friction between my mother and myself. I see that our arguing is driving the rest of the family away from us, because it is unpleasant and stressful to be around.

I see that our arguing is truly a chain reaction. I assert my independence by staying out late, knowing my mother will be waiting up for me in an attempt to control me and make me feel guilty. She wants to control me and my actions, and I do things to annoy her to show her I do not want her meddling in my affairs. It is a systemic approach to conflict, and I see that I need to change my behavior to help end the conflict. I have to stop doing things to annoy my mother, and if I do, then perhaps she will begin to have faith in me and give me more freedom and independence. Then, the chain reaction can end, and a new pattern can begin.


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