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It enables me to achieve my goals. During my final year while I was pursuing my bachelor's degree in Biology, I passionately taught the elementary students.

Being workaholic is also a value that I greatly cherish. I studied hard while pursuing my undergraduate degree course in Biology. After completing, my hard work enabled me to secure employment at the telecommunications company. I received several awards while working at the firm because of my hard work.

Given the fact that I am a devoted Muslim, I value all the Islamic principles. Similarly, I value family and education. That is what has prompted me to work hard in my studies.

Leadership styles and traits

It is often said that good leaders are born not made. If one has both the desire and the willpower, then they can become a good leader. Jago (1982) points out that a good leader does develop through a process that is never ending of self-study, training, education and experience. Leadership in itself is however defined as a process through which an individual influences other persons in order to accomplish certain objectives as well as direct a certain organization in a manner that makes them more coherent and cohesive (Northouse,2007,p3)

Discipline is one of the leadership traits that I posses. My sheer hard work is as a result of my disciplined nature. It is indeed one of the core values that I have lived with from my childhood.

I am focused towards achieving my goals. This is a trait which has also enabled me to not only impact on my own life but also other peoples lives.

I am proactive and committed to excellence. Besides, I always maintain high standards. This is what made me to constantly be rewarded while I was working at the telecommunications firm.

I am a person of integrity, honest and a trustworthy. My honesty played a very big role in my success at the telecommunications firm.

I am confident. It is my confidence that made me to leave the job that I was doing to proceed to the United Kingdom to pursue my master's degree in management.

I am inspiring. My achievements are capable of inspiring other people. My hard work in the telecommunications firm is capable of inspiring other people.


The course I took in the university is Biology and currently am Pursuing my masters in Management


Sometime back, I took my time in mentoring children on how to become professional biologist. I hope to use the outcome of the learning in teaching other people in the organization I will work for or manage and also to enhance my communication skills


I have participated in the coaching of new colleagues when I worked at Mobily in Saudi Arabia. The outcome of this experience is to assist me become a better coach when teaching my future team as a manager.

Coaching (Informal )

I took my time in Saudi Arabia in informally coaching peers and other colleagues on various issues such as effects of immorality on their personal life, HIV AIDS and the Quran. I actually taught little kids Islamic theology and religious law at the Madrasa (Mosque)


I am a well read person in Biology and Islamic religion, world politics and technology. Currently I seek to expand my knowledge on management and this has means that a majority of my reads are management oriented


I have carried out a lot of biological research and currently I am researching on managerial subjects.


I have had extensive training in Biology and customer service. The outcome of this has been patience and an improvement of my inter-personal skills.


I have experience in conflict resolution and handling people. These I gained hands on as I worked as a customer care representative and as I lived amongst my Saudi people.


From my analysis I can achieve greater things than I have done in the past. If I continue to embrace the spirit of team work, hard work, being aggressive, if I can identify my style of learning and of doing things, I can achieve greater things than I have always done in the past.

If I focus on my goals and other personal objectives more than I have done in the past, I will be capable of attaining my dreams. Besides, I will successfully complete my master's degree in management. I believe I was born to make a difference; to manage people and property.


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