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Responsibility Project Table Guardian -- Short Film

Words: 688 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40196481

Responsibility Project

Table Guardian -- Short Film Analysis

The short film chosen from the Responsible Project is called the Table Guardian and was originally posted on February 14, 2008 (The Responsibility Project, 2008). The short film was produced by a company known as RSA who were retained to produce a series of short films that are focused on personal responsibility and Table Guardians was one of the first films the company produced for Liberty Mutual ( Liberty Mutual via Business Wire News Releases, 2008). The setting for the film takes place in an urban coffee shop that is bustling with morning activity.

The film centers on Michael who is pictured sitting at a coffee house with his laptop and personal materials, while looks busy doing some kind of work. Shortly after this character is introduced, Michael asks a woman who is sitting at a nearby table to watch his laptop and save his table while he runs to make copies. The woman initially declines the responsibility however after a bit of persuasion from Michael she eventually gives in.

Michael tells her that he will be back in 10 minutes, 12 minutes tops. However, ten minutes go by and Michael has…… [Read More]

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Personal Philosophy

Words: 1164 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35994951

Personal Philosophy - Tourism

Which philosophical school of thought (Idealism, Realism, Pragmatism, Naturalism, Existentialism, Humanism) best presents your own set of beliefs at this time of your professional preparation and why?

I consider myself to be predominantly a humanist. I am interested in helping people use their personal agency for the best overall outcomes. My knowledge of history is limited but it does include some exposure to the major religions in the world. I am mostly discouraged by what I have learned. Empowered by their religious beliefs, people engage in horrific acts against one another and assert that they are compelled and even sanctified by their religions to behave in those ways. Humanism is based on reason, ethics, and justice that do not originate from religious doctrine. But it seems to me that as the various religions were formed, that faith was developed from logical human reasoning as much as from supernatural events. The basic tenets of the main religions are logical and based in earthly reality. Take, for instance, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This is a reasoned directive that has clear implications for civic order and the public good. There is nothing…… [Read More]

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Personal Philosophy My Life Is No Doubt

Words: 1105 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20007119

Personal Philosophy

My life is no doubt different from 99.9% of the rest of the American nation, and I'm not talking about the "occupy" movement. The occupy people are saying that only 1% of the population has the money and the power and the rest of us -- 99% of America -- are left with the crumbs. They have their point but my philosophy isn't directed against Wall Street per se. My theme embraces the big picture; that is America consists of millions of pathetic little powerless worker bees banging against superficial goals that they are attracted like so many summer moths being drawn to (and slamming into) a porch light on a steamy August night. This essay should be very clear as far as theme and purpose, because I am blunt spoken, honest in my statements, and never shy about letting others know how I feel about life, the world, the U.S., politicians, phonies pretending to be important, organized religion and preachers.

Who Am I? Why Do I Believe What I Believe?

Fasten your seat belt because this might be a rough ride. What I have to say is not going to be pretty but this assignment is not…… [Read More]

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Responsibility Gun Control

Words: 1121 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41457244

regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be in fringed. (Amendment II to the Constitution of the United States)

The preceding sentence has inspired a great deal of controversy over the years. Gun control is a heated topic in both American politics and in civil discourse throughout the nation. The issue has had a profound effect on lobbyists and on the general public. Issues revolving around gun control and the constitutionality of both new and old laws constantly see media attention. Every time there is a school shooting or a justifiable homicide, large numbers of advocates for gun control and opponents against the issue arise. Indeed, the politics of gun control and the rights of gun ownership inspire heated and emotional debates throughout the nation.

The concept of gun control is ultimately flawed. The vast majority of those who use weapons in violent offenses have not attained them through legal means. In other words, it is common for stolen guns to be used for criminal acts. The result is that one's own personal responsibility with firearms is far more important than gun control legislation.…… [Read More]

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Personal & Organizational Ethics Personal and Organizational

Words: 2664 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88810160


Personal and Organizational Ethics Values for, for-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations

Ethics is a requirement of the society to both individuals and organizations. Ethics are applied to business and personal behaviors, and are used to determine how companies and individuals abide to policies. To indicate the application of ethical principles in organizations, an analysis is carried out of For-Profit and Non-For-Profit organizations, in this case Bank of America and Boys Club of America. This is by analyzing an ethical dilemma they are experiencing, their approach to the problem, and the legal, political, and social outcomes emerging from this cause of action.

Part One

The Boys Clubs of America is a non-for-profit organization founded in 1860s in Harford, Connecticut Formed with the aim of giving boys who roamed the streets a positive alternative. The club has undergone major changes beginning in 191 when several boys' clubs affiliated to form the federated boys clubs and later the Boys Club of America (BCOA, 2011). It later changed to the Boys and Girls Club of America in 1990 after incorporating girls to fulfill the mission that enables young people, especially those with needs to reach their full potential as caring, responsible,…… [Read More]


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Responsibility Project for the Completion of the

Words: 1149 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22603749

Responsibility Project

For the completion of the task pertaining to the organizational ethics, the responsibility project website is nominated and short film selected is "Hot Seat." The following paper caters to the specification of the movie in full details.

The Responsibility Project

The Situation Highlighted in the Short Film

The short film presents the scenario of a workplace. It is an animated movie that sheds light on the deviant workplace behaviors. With the lack of resources and inter-employee bonding the movie presents a situation where after losing the resource (chair) the employees start an exchange sequence to suffice their needs but leaving the other employee troubled. For a long period of time the similar exchange program was executed and at last a responsible employee finally takes charge and sort out the problem. The last employee fixes the chair for himself and sets back to work. In the five minutes episode presented in the video many organizational related topics were highlighted (Seat, 2008).

Reason of the Issue Being Important

Taken together the findings reveal that there are various factors that contribute to employee behavior in the workplace and individual and organizational characteristics should both be considered when studying employee behavior. The…… [Read More]


Bennett, A. (2013, January 30). Risking Your Job to Do the Right Thing. Retrieved from Liberty Mutual:

Seat, H. (2008, August 28). Workplace. Retrieved from The Responsibility Project:
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Responsibility Project Responsibility in Business No Bad

Words: 817 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87396106

Responsibility Project

Responsibility in Business: No Bad Brownie

The importance of business ethics has been sharply and repeatedly highlighted by many event s over the past decade or so, from the series of scandals at the turn of the century (Enron, WorldCom, etc.) to the more recent financial meltdown precipitated by nefarious lending practices and trick bookkeeping. While negative outcomes from unethical behaviors seem to be the most headline-grabbing means of encountering ethical dilemmas and decisions in business today, they are far from the only means of investigating such issues. A video on Liberty Mutual's ethics-dedicated website, The Responsibility Project, highlights many different instances of positive ethical outcomes, and of ethical struggles that companies have had to contend with. The brief video of Gresyton Bakery, a commercial brownie manufacturer that is involved in both wholesale and retail distribution, shows how positive ethical choices can also have profound impacts on business and the community n which a business operates.

The Benefits of Ethical Brownies

As the head of Greyston Bakery notes in the film, not only do the company's brownies taste good, but they also provide a means for community improvement. Providing jobs for those with difficulties finding employment, wholesome products…… [Read More]


French, W. & Granrose, J. (1994). Practical Business Ethics. New York: Prentice Hall.

Kokemuller, N. (2012). How Can External Social Pressure Influence Business Ethics? Accessed 30 April 2012. 

Liberty Mutual. (2010). Greyston Bakery. Accessed 30 April 2012.
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Personal Education Platform

Words: 1788 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27470935

Personal Education Platform the Internship

The key components of a successful internship experience include the following: that you learn necessary skills to help your future career, that you meet people who will be able to help you both in the present and in your future career, that you gain experience which you can use later on in life, and that you have the ability and opportunity to ask whatever questions are necessary to help you understand the job, the environment, and your role within the field. The only way to truly gain something from an internship is to feel that you are contributing by being there and also that you are learning from the experience. If you only show up and do the assigned tasks without really investing yourself then it will be unlikely others will invest in you and you will leave the internship without having learned very much.

Personal Education Platform: Views on Education

The three primary goals for education for students in my school district are to teach students to be lifelong learners, that the students are able to problem solve and to think critically, and to provide the basic tools which will allow students to progress…… [Read More]

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Personal Model of Leadership the Modern Business

Words: 1260 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11885706

Personal Model of Leadership

The modern business environment has significantly diversified, in order to adapt to the changes determined by globalization. Given the situation, the importance of the role of leaders has also increased. This determined theorists' and practitioners' interest in leadership studies that are able to provide some guidelines regarding the manner in which leaders should behave.

The challenge is represented by the fact that the leadership models presented by the literature in the field and by the business practice lead to the assumption that these leadership models are unable to respond to the changing business environment (Clawson, 2010). In other words, leaders must trust their instincts and knowledge when establishing the leadership model they should follow. Such leaders should also take into consideration successful leadership models, no matter the field the leaders in case addressed. This is because the values encouraged by a leader in politics can be successfully applied in the field of business. It is recommended to combine the characteristics of different leadership models that individuals consider to be suitable to their situation and to the objectives they intend to reach.

Personal Model of Leadership Level 1

The first level of the human activity is represented…… [Read More]

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1. Clawson, J. (2010). Level Three Leadership. Retrieved January 21, 2011 from

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Personal Leadership Journal Enter 1-2

Words: 3581 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16367057

The chances of success of the survey are even higher if the survey is anonymous and respondents do not fear any repercussions.

Name of assessment instrument

Survey of Influence Tactics

Enter a summary of your reactions to the assessment instrument

Also a good tool, but most effective if anonymous to identify who has the power to influence others and how do they use this influence

Name of assessment instrument

Measure of Ingratiating Behavior in Organizational Settings

Enter a summary of your reactions to the assessment instrument

This is also related to the power of influence certain individuals might have within the organization

Name of assessment instrument

Identifying Influence Tactics

Enter a summary of your reactions to the assessment instrument

The tool is good for the overall interest of the organization and it will resolve conflicts and complaints

Reflect on other assignments from the week including the Leader of Choice Carly Fiorina research activity Does her application/description distribute, or hold power? And on Leadership Tactics and Strategies.

What did you learn about yourself and others that would help you as a leader?

Carly Fiorina had seldom delegated power and responsibilities to others. While CEO and chairman of Hewlett Packard Company, Carly…… [Read More]


Kanellos, M., February 9, 2005, Perspective: Fiorina's fuzzy vision,, last accessed on February 5, 2008

Senge, P., 1994, the Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization, Doubleday Publishing

The Organizational Politics Questionnaire, Delta College, Retrieved at On February 5, 2008

Kanellos, M., February 9, 2005, Perspective: Fiorina's fuzzy vision
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Personal Definition of Nursing Theory Like Most

Words: 710 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53568977

Personal Definition of Nursing

Nursing Theory

Like most facilities, my institution stresses that it cares for its patients. Its belief in the value of caring and the place of caring at the center of nursing practice has caused it to make Jean Watson's Human Caring Theory the core of its philosophy. Watson's theory states that caring is an interpersonal science and a "caring environment is one that offers the development of potential while allowing the person to choose the best action for himself or herself at a given point in time" (Jean Watson's theory of nursing, 2012, Current Nursing). One critical assumption that I see implemented in my practice is the idea that "caring is more 'healthogenic' than is curing. A science of caring is complementary to the science of curing" (Jean Watson's theory of nursing, 2012, Current Nursing). Nursing may be a science, but nurses must always remember that the science of caring is at the forefront of their practice (Nursing models of care, 2013, Highland Hospital)

For example, even in the case of a terminally ill patient, a nurse can still provide assistance to improve the mental health and state of well-being of that individual. For persons who…… [Read More]


Jean Watson's theory of nursing. (2012). Current Nursing. Retrieved:

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Personal Philosophy Society Tells Us What Is

Words: 1468 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64786293

Personal Philosophy

Society tells us what is right and what is wrong. In America, there are laws that make things legal or illegal. In addition to this, there are social regulations which determine what, though not illegal, is immoral and thus equally inappropriate behavior. Besides these two factors, there are the peer pressures of our individual dialogue groups which have influence on society as well. For example, religious groups determine what is appropriate for their followers. As teachers, it is important to understand the events and experiences which have shaped our own personalities and thus try to ensure that our students have the most positive experiences possible. Equally important is for a teacher to know the traumas we have faced and how they have affected us, thus allowing us to understand that similar traumas may have affected out students.

I was raised in a neighborhood where we were the only family of a different faith from the majority. When the uniqueness of the situation was discovered by fellow students, it caused many to ostracize me. In a predominantly same-minded environment, this difference was unacceptable to some. Several of my classmates would tell me that their parents would no longer allow…… [Read More]


Berger, K.S. (2010). The Developing Person Through Childhood and Adolescence.8th Ed. New

York: Worth Publishers.

"Responsive Classroom." (2010). Retrieved from
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Personal Strategic Leadership Plan Background of the

Words: 1169 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63788983

Personal Strategic Leadership Plan

Background of the Situation Requiring Change

In my current organization, there is a need to improve the communication efficiency of many employees. We have encountered problems because of poor communication, especially in written form. Some of our personnel perform their other job functions well but when it comes to written communication, they lack professionalism and precision. On several occasions, clients have expressed frustration because they were unable to understand the meaning of emails sent to them in the ordinary course of business.

For example, one client complained and asked to be re-assigned to different account managers because he believed that the export manager who had been handling his account was inexperienced. Meanwhile, she has more than a decade of experience doing her job and she is one of our new employee trainers. Our internal audit of her communications with clients revealed that the problem is strictly one of poor communication. She routinely uses unprofessional language that gives the impression that she is incompetent or inexperienced. Another similar situation occurred with other employees in connection with their use of inappropriate slang, colloquialisms, abbreviations, and even emoticons in professional emails.

Therefore, this leadership plan is intended to address…… [Read More]

Sources Consulted

Avolio, B.J., Walumbwa, F.O., and Weber, T.J. "Leadership: Current Theories,

Research, and Future Directions." Annual Review of Psychology, Vol. 60 (2009):

421 -- 449.

Bennis, W. "The Challenges of Leadership in the Modern World: Introduction to the Special Issue." American Psychology, Vol. 62, No. 1 (2007): 2-5.
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Personal Security and the Internet

Words: 2573 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58176171

The responsibility to seek out and use the most appropriate form of protection for a particular system lies with its user. If a user does not regard these duties with the appropriate seriousness, the consequences could be dire indeed. Another very threatening form of computer crime is the phishing scam.


Phishing involves email from an apparently legitimate source such as a bank or other place of business that requires the user to respond with personal information. Most commonly, banks are used as a front for these scams. The most common messages of this type is that a user's account has been disabled and will only be reinstated once the apparent company has received the specific requested data. When a user sends this data, the criminal can then use it for his or her own purposes, such as identity theft or credit card fraud.

According to (2011), phishing criminals target a very large amount of users with these types of e-mail, including a link to visit where the user must enter his or her personal data. Often, this will include a password. The Web site the user is required to visit is then also often created to appear legitimate,…… [Read More]


AllAboutCookies (2011). What other steps can I take to protect my privacy online? Retrieved from: 

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Personal Leadership in Medieval and

Words: 2148 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37944910

3). He praises the common soldiers of England for their prowess, and rather than talking to the generals and leaders of the field, almost all of his speeches are addressed to ground-level soldiers. He speaks the language of everyday Englishmen and has a sense of humor and popular appeal, as he notes that the men who fight will remember what their feats "with advantages" (4.3). "For he to-day that sheds his blood with me/

Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, / This day shall gentle his condition" (4.3).

Henry may not have a legitimate claim upon the throne through his usurper father, but he does understand the mentality of the English soldier, and provides a unifying force for the soldiers in a way that is unique and unlike other English kings before him. This is greater legitimacy than any title, and more meaningful than the prayers for Richard II which he has bought. Henry is able to use his disadvantages and make them into a new style of leadership for an English king. He finds his source of legitimacy in the support of the common people.

Henry also has problems of justifying his legitimacy because of his…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Shakespeare, William. Henry V. December 5, 2009.
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Responsibility Project the Short Film Selected by

Words: 714 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9730539

Responsibility Project

The short film selected by the author of this paper for this report was the civility in politics video. While this may seem to some to be limited to governmental institutions and situations, there is a lot of creep with politics into business and non-profit organizational situations and dynamics all of the time. Some of those are customary and normal while others are abnormal and potentially explosive. The author of this report will touch on all of those as the author answers the questions. The author of this report is asked to explain why the issues in the film are important, what role do external social pressures have in influencing the organizational ethics of a company/organization, how might these issues be important to the personal and organizational decisions of an organization and its people and what the relationship is between legal and ethical issues in the film.


The issues in the film mentioned above are important because politics and the increasing incivility that pervades politics in the modern context is also starting to pervade into the inner reaches of organizations, how people do (or do not) talk to each other and the decisions that are made due…… [Read More]


LibertyMutual. (2012, October 10). Film: RP Film | Government | RP Roundtable: Civility & Politics | The Responsibility Project by Liberty Mutual. Welcome to The Responsibility Project by Liberty Mutual. Retrieved April 7, 2013, from
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Personal Leadership Statement Leadership Is One of

Words: 1937 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44585381

Personal Leadership Statement

Leadership is one of the most needed qualities and skills in today's world. Because of globalization, more and more diverse interests and cultures are coming into greater contact with one another. To reconcile these differences is the task of leadership (Rondinelli & Heffron, 2009). Effective leadership can help society to realize the promises of such interactions while ineffective leadership is more likely to stoke such differences and amass power from the differences within society. This holds true for society as a whole as well as for different institutions within society such as religion, education, business and economy.

My personal leadership approach has been shaped by a variety of factors. My parental upbringing, socialization, inborn traits, formal education, interpersonal relationships, religion and exposure to the media have all contributed to shaping my perceptions of human beings, the relationships they share with one another, their interests and the potential for achieving the common good by harnessing the power of these interests. Being of Jordanian origin, the Arab culture and Islamic teachings have greatly shaped my outlook towards life and my view of the relationships between people. Islamic teachings stress the precedence of upright character and moral qualities over wealth,…… [Read More]


Abbasi, A.S. (2010). Role of Islamic Leadership in Value-Based Corporate Management. Lambert Academic Publications.

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Obolensky, N. (2010). Complex Adaptive Leadership: Embracing Paradox and Uncertainty. Gower Publishing Limited.
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Personal Ethics Should Be One

Words: 628 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75246445

One of these exceptionally successful organizations is Starbucks.

Just about everyone in the world knows Starbucks Coffee. Starbucks, since its inception in 1971, has spread around the globe. It is probably the most successful coffee company in the world, and yet it maintains high ethical and moral standards, and operates with a very public Social Responsibility agenda. For example, they actively support the communities where they do business with organizational and fund-raising support for local charities and social organizations. They also support the communities where they do business, and require a sustainability growing process from their coffee growers to ensure the best product will continue to thrive in the unique environments that produce it. They pay their coffee producers living wages, and call their employees "partners." This helps create a happier, healthier work environment that is more productive, but also more proactive and positive. Starbucks operates effectively and ethically, believes in strong social responsibility, and does not keep their beliefs a secret. Most people know Starbucks creates a seriously responsible business culture, and promotes wellness and happiness in all its business partners. The more they show it works, the more others may want to emulate their model. Starbucks proves a…… [Read More]

There is no question organizations will need to modify their behavior to attain both ethical and fiscal excellence. Many will need to change just about every aspect of their organization, from how they treat vendors and suppliers to how they compensate their employees. While this may seem like a daunting, or even impossible task, some ethically sound organizations have proven it can be done, and in fact, it can be the business model of the future. One of these exceptionally successful organizations is Starbucks.

Just about everyone in the world knows Starbucks Coffee. Starbucks, since its inception in 1971, has spread around the globe. It is probably the most successful coffee company in the world, and yet it maintains high ethical and moral standards, and operates with a very public Social Responsibility agenda. For example, they actively support the communities where they do business with organizational and fund-raising support for local charities and social organizations. They also support the communities where they do business, and require a sustainability growing process from their coffee growers to ensure the best product will continue to thrive in the unique environments that produce it. They pay their coffee producers living wages, and call their employees "partners." This helps create a happier, healthier work environment that is more productive, but also more proactive and positive. Starbucks operates effectively and ethically, believes in strong social responsibility, and does not keep their beliefs a secret. Most people know Starbucks creates a seriously responsible business culture, and promotes wellness and happiness in all its business partners. The more they show it works, the more others may want to emulate their model. Starbucks proves a business can be ethically aware and still be wildly successful. Thus, more businesses should emulate Starbucks' example for all the right reasons - profitability, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Starbucks has proved that an ethical business model can be profitable as well. Today, ethical challenges seem to greet Americans every day. Politicians are corrupt, corporations are ravenous and dishonest, and people no longer trust the media or even many of their neighbors. It is time to create ethics in the community and in business. It can be done, and it should be done to ensure the future is not a nightmare, but a better place for our children, grandchildren, and those who come after.
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Personal Statement My Intended Major

Words: 963 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65582064

Given my experiences at Chinatown Teen Post and Blue Phone Wireless, I am very excited about my future prospects in management. Academic skills are valuable for learning business operations, but real-world experience adds missing ingredients needed to fully understand success such as knowing how valuable personal happiness, social responsibility and customer satisfaction really are. I am eager to contribute my wisdom and leadership to the business community after receiving formal business training at the University of California.

I believe that the most important contribution I can bring to the University of California is my great respect for all individuals. Many people assume characteristics and create an image of a person they don't even know. As humans we tend to judge people very quickly based on their sex, race, ethnicity or social class. And, we love to judge people according to their image because it means so much in our society now-a-days. So, we make immediate assumptions based on what a person is wearing or what kind of car they drive.

I know that just because someone is of a different race or ethnicity or from a different culture doesn't mean they are drastically different. As a person of Chinese decent,…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement it Is Often Said When

Words: 776 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13987116

Personal Statement

It is often said, when discussing the importance of volunteering, that if an individual can only save one person, than he or she has lived a worthwhile life. In my case, I have volunteered for the past two years at UMASS Memorial hospital, a commitment that was preceded by my work at Santa Teresa Hospital, also as a volunteer. Of course, as a high school student, I cannot brag that I have saved many lives, or found the cure for any number of infectious diseases. Someday, I can say, I hope to do such things, but as yet I can only dream. If I have 'saved' even one individual through my current medical efforts, this 'salvation' has only come through my combined efforts with the doctors and nurses whose efforts I serve. But truthfully, I know that my volunteering has saved at least one person -- it has saved myself. Volunteering has given me a source of sanity and self-worth over the course of many difficult periods in my life.

To understand why this is so, let me take you on a flashback, back in time, to when my parents decided to move from snowy Massachusetts to sunny…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement Pathology Has Been

Words: 594 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20300564

Pathologists are often called 'the doctor's doctor ' -- when other doctors are experiencing an impasse, they go to a pathologist for advice, to provide clarity. As someone who has always enjoyed working as a teacher and preparing teaching materials, I look forward to this role in relation to my fellow physicians.

Upon arriving in the United States to practice medicine, I gained experience in the field of pathology-related research, collecting data about survival rates of patients with colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. I came to learn how pathology touches all fields of medicine. Even in my work with patients suffering substance abuse and psychiatric problems, I saw how the progression of the addiction created a pathology in terms of the way that the body responded to the patient's negative behaviors. I hope that this residency program will expose me to the laboratory and clinical aspects of the field, and give me the ability to learn from -- and perhaps to teach -- others who are grappling with issues spanning from cancer to nephrology to infertility to lifestyle-related illnesses.

From birth to death, I have seen the many varied states the human body can take in health and illness.…… [Read More]

Upon arriving in the United States to practice medicine, I gained experience in the field of pathology-related research, collecting data about survival rates of patients with colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. I came to learn how pathology touches all fields of medicine. Even in my work with patients suffering substance abuse and psychiatric problems, I saw how the progression of the addiction created a pathology in terms of the way that the body responded to the patient's negative behaviors. I hope that this residency program will expose me to the laboratory and clinical aspects of the field, and give me the ability to learn from -- and perhaps to teach -- others who are grappling with issues spanning from cancer to nephrology to infertility to lifestyle-related illnesses.

From birth to death, I have seen the many varied states the human body can take in health and illness. My desire to engage in a pathology rotation is based upon these past, formative experiences and my desire to place this diversity within the uniquely helpful paradigms particular the discipline. By the end of the residency I know I shall not have realized my goal of becoming a 'doctor's doctor' but I am eager to enter upon the path and begin this lifelong journey.

J. Carlos Manivel, "Choosing pathology as a specialty," the University of Minnesota, May 2, 2010, [August 21, 2010]
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Personal Thoughts Dear Sirs Attached

Words: 764 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37824746

Positions such as Administrative Assistant and Front Office Manager for Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International consequently strengthened my job qualifications and established me as an effective communicator.

My main goal as a Front Office Manager and Customer Representative was to establish credibility. Due to my people-orientation skills I was able to effectively measure - with maturity - those circumstances surrounding my communications, including situational and cultural context. Through hard effort, patience, and serious consideration of the multi-national environment in which I was required to operate and engage, I consequently adopted an individual style of communicating.

My daily tasks included messages conveyed through channels; verbal face-to-face meetings, telephone, written letters, e-mails, memos, and reports were but a few of the communication opportunities encountered.

Clearly recognizing the actions or reactions influenced by my message, I worked to ensure that my communication was always unambiguous and clear. Keeping in mind that people receiving my messages also entered into the communication process with feelings that would undoubtedly influence their understanding of my messages and their response, I'd considered all these factors before delivering my message and acted appropriately. Paying close attention to feedback was crucial, affording me a measure by which I could…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement My Qualifications for

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On this front, I was instrumental in the identification of an existing opportunity for the company to further enhance its revenues through the sale of Bath Products. Today, thanks to my efforts and those of my colleagues, our company is regarded a model for all other distributors of bath products. Like it has been the case with my previous accomplishments, this particular event also presented me with a valuable learning opportunity. Amongst other things, I learnt that for a company to remain relevant in a highly competitive marketplace, it has to embrace innovation and continuous improvement.

In campus, I also had an opportunity to serve as a Peaceful Multicultural World Ambassador. As an Ambassador, I was part of a group that was offered training on how to formulate and develop strategies for enhancing not only the understanding but also the respect for various diverse groups on campus and in the world. I made use of the skills I acquired during the said training to facilitate group discussions on diversity issues within the university. This experience made me appreciate the need for diversity in a world that is increasingly becoming borderless.

My Career Goal for the Next 3-5 Years

There are…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement the Art of Governance Has

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Personal Statement

The art of governance has been in existence since the Declaration of Independence but in my opinion, it has been the efforts and struggles of the legal bodies without political affiliation that have perfected the American Justice Department. These bodies effectively framed our Bill of Rights and our Articles of Confederation for governance and most of all they secured the general public's trust by setting up the American Constitution. Throughout history professionals from the field of law have demonstrated great dedication to public services causing various others and I, to admire their zealous efforts. Even today, despite leaving behind much of the idealism of my youth, I feel they are the ones who coalesce between society and the law.

It is schools like John Marshall Law with a century and more of academic history that have presented to society pioneers in the field of law who have the ability, talent and desire to rise above petty human ambition to change the heritage of America and "to earn the public's trust by acquiring the learning, skills and the values essential to [fulfill] responsibilities to the justice system and to those whom the profession serves."

Admiring the efforts and the…… [Read More]

My endeavor throughout my academic and professional experience has been to create awareness of civil rights violation. In March 2002 I was promoted to project coordinator and thus, further able to explore and cater to community outreach by encouraging people to take part in community activism.

While studying at... I am still a member of the ACLU club on campus, regularly planing group activism events for the students albeit on a restricted scale because of my busy schedules. In my quest to combine academics and my mission towards public service, I have discovered John Marshall Law School's Fair Housing Clinic - an ideal program.

In my opinion, by participating in Federal and State court litigation, administrative proceedings and through the acquisition of knowledge in fair housing law, I would be more equipped in preparing cases for my clients. Thus, I feel a degree from John Marshall Law School would ideally enable me to achieve my career goals as well as fulfill my aspiration to become part of a monumental institution of American heritage that serves the public.
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Personal and Professional Goals Higher

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Despite the fact I was preparing students for a standardized exam, I take pride in the fact that I tried to grasp what unique pedagogical strategies were required to enable them to master the material.

A seek further education in developmental psychology and general educational theory to build upon my natural strengths as an educator and communicator. My experiences have been diverse, spanning all grades as a substitute teacher in a variety of areas as well as my preparatory work with adult GED students. This exposure to students in a wide range of developmental stages has helped me see how the learning process develops over time, as basic skills make a foundation for students to learn new concepts. But sometimes, if these core concepts are lacking, a teacher can learn to help the student remedy past academic deficits. I have also worked as a tutor on a one-on-one basis with young adults in reading and math, which has proven an invaluable education in different learning strategies and temperaments.

My undergraduate and graduate experience were in Justice Administration and Administrative Law and Management which honed my communication skills as well as gave me valuable legal knowledge about the nature of bureaucracy,…… [Read More]

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Personal Marketing Plan

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Personal Marketing Plan

Current Marketing Situation: I am graduating school and entering the workforce. My previous work experience is somewhat limited, mainly to retail work, but I have a solid education from a great school. I have a degree in marketing and this has prepared me for a career in marketing, advertising or possibly sales management. My present job is inadequate for my new education level. I like the people I work with, but the pay and the nature of the tasks are more suitable for someone with less experience and education. I believe that with a better education, I am prepared to take on positions of responsibility and to begin a progressive career path.

SWOT Analysis: I have a lot of different strengths upon which I draw to succeed. I am organized and intelligent, and this allows me to accomplish the things that I need to accomplish, on time and to a high standard. I work hard, and take my responsibilities seriously. This means I do not let people down very often. In addition, I have a creative mind and a good set of communication skills, both written and oral. As such, I have the ability to convey messages…… [Read More]

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Personal Ethics Development for an Individual Group

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Personal Ethics Development

For an individual, group of individuals or even a business organization to succeed; it is necessary to come up with or develop well defined rules of engagement and behavior or set of ethics which are adhered to by each and every individual across the board. In most places all over the world, acts like making other people suffer (on purpose), stealing or even dishonesty are taken to be unethical. It is this view that informs the development of codes of conduct which are in some cases tailored to conform to specific cultural setups.

The Development of Ethics

According to Trevino and Nelson (2007), ethics can be taken to be those standards as well as norms and principles which govern the very conduct of an individual or several individuals. It therefore follows that well developed ethical standards play a critical role in group cohesion in addition to facilitating a harmonious working environment between individuals. As a matter of fact, proper development of ethical standards as well as the ability and willingness of people to be bound by these standards is the very foundation of human civilization. According to Josephson Institute (2009), ethical behavior is brought out by basic…… [Read More]


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Personal Philosophy of Supervision What

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Every school supervisor knows that improving teaching and learning is always the goal of every school, and finding the right applications for progress toward better outcomes should be a collaborative and constant strategy unique to each school environment.

In conclusion, collaboration is not a concept unique to the educational setting; indeed, any organization should embrace the idea of collaboration rather than strict hierarchal strategies. But when it comes to educational settings, an administrator working in collaboration with teachers to develop curricula, to solve problems, to create stronger formulas for learning, is a far better tactic than top-down leadership where demands and orders are the rule of the day.… [Read More]

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Personal Ethical Questionnaire Do My

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As Spoor (2007) points out, it can be fruitful to examine alternative ethical and moral codes.

Am I taking a consequentialist approach (the ends justify the means)?

Banks (2008) delineates the ways law enforcement officers often use a consequentialist approach in their practice, which does allow for a broad interpretation of roles, duties, and goals. It is important, however, to keep in mind that consequentialism is not the only measure of morality.

Are my intentions and my actions different? What does my decision say about my character?

Aristotle was the first recorded European to discuss the notion of virtue ethics -- that the primary ethical inquiry is one related to the creation of strong moral fiber ("A Framework for Thinking Ethically," 1998). Therefore, it is important to think about how my actions reflect on my character as I seek to be a leader in my field.

Other Questions:

Will my actions lead to the oppression of a minority, in favor of pleasing or helping the majority?

Are my actions potentially leading to a slippery slope? If I accept a free coffee, will I also accept a bribe?… [Read More]


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Personal Portrait First This Is

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Death anxiety was given a broad definition and seemed to point to how one dealt with the death of others also. I found that I did not deal with death very well. Mainly because I was not able to know my real father, and I felt betrayed by the man who was my actual father when I had to experience the abuse that my family went through. It was an ordeal because my father died, but it was a bigger ordeal because of the revelations that came afterwards. I found that one can regress from a level of maturity when a major negative event occurs.

I look back at my life through the prism of these two theories and there is not much that I regret, even though there were some significant bumps along the way. I agree with the precepts because I can see a lot of what both men were talking about. I am a caring individual now because of the moral code I have developed. The death of the man I thought of as my father actually made me more caring and understanding of other people. Although I can also see that my maturation was stunted in…… [Read More]


Boeree, G.C. (2005). Erik Erikson. Retrieved from

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reasoning as defined by Kohlberg? College Student Affairs Journal, 21(2),

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Personal Statement -- Advanced Generalist

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Insomuch, I have worked closely with customers on a myriad of issues to ensure their needs were met. Such concern for my constituents has transcended to an elevated level of service for individuals in the healthcare field.

Additional Information for Consideration

Although I may not be a traditional candidate, I have always worked hard to attain my goals. Regardless if goals seemed to be unreachable, I have always persevered in the most trying of conditions. Pierce (2003) defines nursing quite well, "Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, the prevention of illness and injury, and the alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response and advocacy in the care of individuals families, communities, and populations. Moreover, nursing addresses the organizational, social, economic, legal, and political factors within the healthcare system and society. These and other factors affect the cost, access, and quality of health care and the vitality of the nursing profession." Hence, my desire is to become part of the cadre of esteemed nurses who are deemed of critical importance in our society ~ past, present, and future.… [Read More]


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Personal Leadership Experience

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Personal Leadership Experience

What is my job?

Apart from my position as an owner of a large amount of stock in ATM-E-Trade organization, CCS Express ATM, I am also responsible for the total of its operational management for ATMs. What the organization does is to maintain ATMs. That makes me responsible for developing, maintaining and supervising a professional employee centered culture, a safe and secure operation, a proper delivery of its service and general cost effective and productive operations. A summary of my responsibilities has been made of my responsibilities and this is noted down below:

Provide leadership that is totally professional, arrange continued improvement and exceed the goals and objectives which are challenging in themselves.

Recruit, interview, test, select and supervise all personnel involved in operations.

Control the costs and efficiency of operations.

Develop and maintain the needed spirit for adequate customer service among all staff involved in operations.

5) Respond to all enquiries from customers and complaints from them and also solve any logistical issues.

6) Co-ordinate with sales in the creation and implementation of viable operations issues for new customers.

7) Control the hours that individual employees have to serve and for this purpose create and monitor…… [Read More]


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Accessed 25 August, 2005
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Responsibilities of a Multi-Disciplinary Team Summative Assessment

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Responsibilities of a Multi-Disciplinary Team

Summative Assessment

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Melody a thirty-four-year-old female he was born on March 12th 1989 She is a single woman with no children and lives in Aaron's Hall District in Brooklyn. She gave her next of kin as Judith who is her mother. She use to work has a banker and is linked with the church of Jesus Christ faith.

PRESENT COMPLAINT: Client was transported to the Accident and Emergence department by her brother because of some strange behavior, tossing rocks all in the street and talking to her. Melody protests of hearing voices and wanting to even kill herself, also difficulty being able to sleep. Melody mentions "father and mother do not take care of me and the they don't care although we all live in the same house, I am very stressed out." Forceful behavior and not doing hygienic needs. Past medical history: Asthma Past Surgical history: she had no surgery done. She also has slight diabetes. Past Psychiatric history: Patient has a history of drug stimulate psychosis since 2007 and was treated with modecate, clopixol 50mg, DPH 50mg and haldol mg. Allergies: patient is allergic to fish. Social history: He drinks alcohol…… [Read More]


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Personal Ethics Development Personal Ethics Are Something

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Personal Ethics Development

Personal ethics are something that develop over time. According to Corey, Corey, & Callanan (2007) ethics originate or emerge "from what has occurred rather than from anticipating what may occur" (p.10). Ethics result from the desire to achieve and strive for what is in the better welfare and interest of the self and others. Ethical development stems from the standards and behaviors that develop when a person acts, reacts and grows based on the situations they experience as a part of their life. Ethics are the norm for the correct actions and moral behaviors a person takes in any situation, which form one's character, virtues and formulate one's sense of duty.

My underlying ethical system stems from my core values, which were shaped by my family and upbringing. I grew up believing that it was critical to obey your mother and father. These were ideals presented to me based on my strict Orthodox religious upbringing. As a family we were taught never to question our Father, and to treat our mother with respect. Loyalty, Hard-work, Responsibility for our actions, and Honesty were among the most important ideals as were Integrity and the ability to maintain an independent…… [Read More]


Corey, G., Corey, M.S. & Callanan, P. (2007). Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions.

Cengage Learning.

Jensen, D.G. (2007). Can your personal life pollute your professional life? The Therapist, 19(2),

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Personal Leadership Platform

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Personal Leadership Platform

Henry Fayol, Mary Parker among other scholars in the field of management have described leadership as the act of getting thing done through others, this definition is consistent with the definition given by Carter et al. (2008, 3-4) who described leadership as the process of attaining organizational goals, of which these organizational goals are attained effectively and efficiently through the performance of certain tasks that includes planning, organizing staffing, directing and controlling. From a functional perspective leadership can be defined as the process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling organizational resources and activities so that goals can be accomplished effectively and efficiently.

This research paper is based on leadership development from a personal perspective i.e. It aims at enlisting my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and the corrective measures I plan to undertake in order to become the future leader that I would admire.- Besides the positive qualities of a leader that were documented by Robbins et al. (2009,8-9) that comprise of the willingness to decide and capacity to do so, persuasiveness, responsibility, intellectual capacity and vitality and endurance; I would also like to develop other qualities to address my current organizational needs and objectives.…… [Read More]

Work cited

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Personal Statement This Is a

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The feeling that I was cut out for this role of a pharmacist came when I was fascinated in the chemistry classes about the medications, and the origin of bio-medicals. My fascination and the interaction with the patients where I work have made me known and liked in the current place of work. That would take this argument to the work experience and qualifications.

3. I am now a student for the masters in biomedical science at Midwestern University. Earlier qualifications include a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Iraq in 2004. I also have completed the pre-pharmacy courses. Thus I have had a strong academic background. Further along with my academic background, I have had working experience as a pharmacy technician. I have found pleasure in working for the Walgreen's Pharmacy for three years as a pharmacy technician. Working with the employer namely Walgreen's allowed me to develop skills and capabilities as a Pharmacy Technician and also has helped me retain the high standard of professionalism required. With the roles and responsibilities that I did in the Walgreen's Pharmacy including inventory, dealing with the suppliers, organizing the pharmacy, doing the schedule, plus the pharmacy degree would help me pursue…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement for Application to

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As rewarding as that experience was, not all of my work at the adoption agency was as satisfying. Most people understand that any adoption process -- especially when it occurs internationally -- is a long and complicated process that must deal with significant layers of bureaucracy. Success is, unfortunately, not necessarily guaranteed. But when adopting families are only a few weeks away from receiving their new children, we all begin to assume that adoptions will go through and we will have helped create many new families. Thus, it was especially devastating for all of us at the agency, not to mention the families involved, when two weeks before a new batch of Chinese children was meant to arrive, the Chinese government decided against letting the children leave the country. In hindsight, the reasons are unimportant; no rational explanation could have assuaged the grief of the families who had expectantly and lovingly prepared their homes for the arrival of their children. The consequences of this bureaucratic decision stymied the creation of new and happy families and destroyed months of work that I had participated in to carefully match prospective families with Chinese children who needed to be adopted.

While technically my…… [Read More]