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¶ … personal reflection on your own school experiences. Think about how your experiences may affect your work as a teacher. Consider aspects of education that you value, appreciate, want to emulate, or avoid

The term reports that I obtained in high school are, in retrospect, a source of immense joy not only for me but also for my family. Even though in majority of the subjects I appeared to perform at an average level, the remarks on my report concerning sports always mentioned that I, Meira, display no interest at all in sporting ventures. up-to-date, it still baffles me that my gym instructor actually never knew my name. This could be attributed to the fact that the number of instances that I actually turned up for the weekly ordeal was not more than ten times. All this perhaps could be no reason for more than a casual giggle at the recollection of the time that I spent in high school, if it were actually not for the fact that I am now in control of a successful gym and earn part-time revenue from it. In my ability as a gym instructor, I train an average of 13 classes in one week, along with my personal workouts that engage me for an extra 5 hours. According to me, this is just one of the regions in my


On the contrary, it might in some instances suppress it (Spa, n.d.).

I was blessed with a curious mind even as a kid, and was keen to find out reasons for almost everything. My father, a physicist, possessed a strong belief for self-education. According to him, learning did not commence at 08.30 and conclude at 15.00; learning was instead a continuous process. This was well demonstrated by one of my most fond memories: at the about the age of 10 or 9 during a relaxing after dinner chat at the table, I enquired from my father the reasoning behind the different looks given by objects under water. Instead of expecting me to just agree to his explanation regarding the refraction of light, the dirty cutlery were instantly tossed aside, the curtains closed and lights turned off. So as to make the light well visible, a cigar was lit up and I was capable of seeing, right in front of me, what actually happened to light when it travelled through water. After that, I never looked at things in the swimming pool in the same manner, and I also stopped looking at the teachers in my school in the same manner. I then started categorizing teachers into two types: those who offer motivation to learners and those who just teach. In my school, the first group encouraged us to find out information by…

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