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Values Conflict Universities Provide an Amazing Opportunity

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Values Conflict

Universities provide an amazing opportunity for both growth and development in regards to academic development. Universities in particular provide a means of providing a stable and more robust income for individuals seeking a particular specialization. The University of Phoenix, in particular, has a unique method of teaching and providing a quality educational experience. Small class sizes, online specialization, and knowledgeable professors all make the university experience all the more manageable. However, I personally have experienced conflict of values that undermine the overall university experience. This conflict pertains mainly to the notion of academic honesty. I have encountered instances where many of the university values would be compromised by actions. Cheating is particularly important in a university setting. As such, having strong values and convictions regarding cheating is important within the overall university setting (Stuart, 2006).

The experience, looking back, was not unique to me. In fact, many students undergo similar instances in their own academic career. The concept of cheating is primarily prevalent within the younger student population. This occurs to the fact that many young students are often unprepared for the university work load that often accompanies a college career. As such, many of these students resort…… [Read More]

1) Stuart P. Green. (2006). Lying, Cheating, and Stealing: A Moral Theory of White Collar Crime. Oxford University Press.
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Values Often a Company's Mission

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The "Safety First" scenario is even less cut-and-dry for me. If a company wants to increase its profit margin and include a high-end line of clothing, then it has the right to do so. I do not believe that a company can prevent or control crime through its pricing strategies. Shoplifting is not necessarily related to the presence of luxury goods. I feel that crime is a reflection of overarching social, economic, and political problems. As long as the company is acting ethically in other respects, then I don't see the problem with offering the high-end jacket. Offering a low-cost alternative to the high-end jacket in my opinion is not the best solution in this case either, because it undervalues the more expensive article of clothing and could prevent people from buying it. Instead, a win-win situation might be to firmly decide that the Daze line would become high-end and that Shout could start marketing that line of clothing differently. My personal values did not change cased on this simulation but I am now more aware of how I feel about a company's right to create different pricing strategies to maximize profits.

Dealing with cultural differences regarding ethics can be…… [Read More]

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Values and Ethics Values Morals

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Therefore, our company's mission is to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products, with similar services, while ensuring that our employees are satisfied and motivated on personal and financial levels. Our company is also determined to significantly engage in the life of the community of which we are part of.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In today's competitive market environment it does not suffice to provide high quality products and services. A company that intends to develop a sustainable position on the market must ensure that CSR actions are being taken.

As a consequence, our company intends to make a difference in the eating style of people. Therefore, the company organizes seminars on this subject. People are invited to attend to these seminars held by authorities in the field that explain people the importance of a healthy eating style and the benefits of organic foods.

Also, the company is interested in the welfare of children. In order to support this category, the company collaborates with other companies for building playgrounds where children can play and enjoy sports together.

Given the fact that our company is a rather small and new one on the market, our CSR possibilities are limited. But…… [Read More]

5. Schein, E.H. (2004). Organizational Culture and Leadership. Jossey-Bass. Retrieved April 26, 2010 from

6. Martin, J. (2002). Organizational Culture: Mapping the Terrain. Sage Publications, Inc. Retrieved April 26, 2010 from
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Values Which of Your Regular

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Which of your regular activities outside the classroom (group or individual) best reflect your most important personal values? How?

Another activity that I enjoy, and which also reflects my basic values, is planning my spending activities during the month. The value that is involved here is to carefully plan my finances in a way that helps me to not only survive, but also to have money left over to save towards my longer-term goals.

If the recent recession taught me anything, it is that the value of money and the stability of income are by no means guaranteed. It is therefore important to create a strong basis of wealth in terms of savings and investments in order to secure a future for oneself and those who might rely on one's resources.

Learning to work carefully with my money now will also help me in my financial future, when I may have new responsibilities. If I succeed in creating a sound basis of savings, I will also be able to give more to charitable and non-profit organizations.

The two values of careful saving and caring for others therefore integrate with each other. I would not be able to give my time…… [Read More]

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Values and Ethics in the Workplace Values

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Values and Ethics

in the Workplace

Values and Ethics in the Workplace

Values and ethics in the workplace can be extremely different among various jobs, careers, companies and organizations, ages, races, and ethnic groups, cultures and parts of the world, office environments, and the individual employees themselves. For example, a secretary in the administrative office of a Catholic church, a poor and illiterate factory worker in India, and a stockbroker who works as a managing partner in a prestigious firm would all hold different and maybe even opposing morals. The secretary would probably be opposed to working on a Sunday so that she had the time to attend church, while the stockbroker would feel compelled to work even on Sunday so that he did not feel lazy and unmotivated, and the factory worker would not have the option of making such a decision as he would have to work every available hour that he could to try and make enough to buy food and avoid starvation.

As a woman in my mid-thirties, working as a legal secretary in a mid-level criminal defense firm, I have the option of formulating and adhering to my own values and ethics based on my…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
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Loptson, Peter. (2006) Theories of Human Nature. Peterborough, ON: Broadview.
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Values and Beliefs Transformation and Change Perhaps

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Values and Beliefs:

Transformation and Change

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the human psyche is how one's personal values and beliefs can transform and change. Whereas, one previously might have imagined that one's value systems and beliefs were "set in stone," events, circumstances, relationships, and changing community membership can either slowly or suddenly work to change one's central beliefs quite unexpectedly. Although many individuals can experience a real sense of personal internal resistance or struggle to changing beliefs and values (perhaps akin to the stereotypical "midlife crisis"), some respond to value change quite readily and without emotional crisis. However, regardless of how one responds, belief and value change is a normal and typically inevitable for those who function in a wide variety of relationships, communities, and situations.

Relationships and Communities:

Their Central Function

Cultural anthropologists have long known the important role that community, and the relationships within community have in transmitting, and perpetuating beliefs and values in the individual. On a broad level, one's culture of origin can represent the most significant "community" for the individual. Not only does this community have important implications with regard to one's eventual belief and value outlook, but each community can…… [Read More]

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Personal Ethics and Values I Believe That

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Personal Ethics and Values

I believe that strong personal values more than anything else hold the key to happiness and success. The top three values that are the most important to me include caring about others, family unity and a good work ethic. As a wife, mother and a grandmother, my time spent with my family means more to me than anything else in the world. I consider my family to be my greatest achievement. I value caring about others because throughout my life I have a great deal of mentoring from others that has motivated me to be the best person I can possibly be. Encouragement from my own family, friends and educators had contributed to my work and personal success and happiness and I would like to return this debt to society. I also believe that hard work is necessary to be a good provider to one's family and to achieve personal fulfillment in an activity that consumes a great deal of my time. Work provides me with a strong sense of my own competence and worth.

My mission is to work hard to provide for my family and to be fully available for my family, friends and…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement for Many People

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To contribute to this kind of objective requires: taking consistent actions through community service and a deep passion for helping people as much as possible. In this aspect, my goals and faith are intersecting, which is another reason why I believe I am good fit for the university. As Pepperdine's mission statement encourages everyone to engage in community service, to help address various social issues. This is important, because as a Christian, having a sense of duty and service to humankind are what the teachings of Christ are instilling upon us. Serving the community in a positive way; is helping to support my belief in Christ, by following the same selfless example that was set. In this aspect, I think that the mission of the university is aligned with my beliefs of self-service for humankind.

When you put the different elements together, they are highlighting how Pepperdine is an ideal learning environment. This is because the views of the university are aligned to my personal beliefs in Christ and self-service. The fact that the mission statement supports these views means that I can be able to receive a better education (through the enlightenment of attending). As the diversified student body,…… [Read More]

About Pepperdine. Pepperdine University, 2010. Web. 10 Dec. 2010
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Personal Ethics Development for an Individual Group

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Personal Ethics Development

For an individual, group of individuals or even a business organization to succeed; it is necessary to come up with or develop well defined rules of engagement and behavior or set of ethics which are adhered to by each and every individual across the board. In most places all over the world, acts like making other people suffer (on purpose), stealing or even dishonesty are taken to be unethical. It is this view that informs the development of codes of conduct which are in some cases tailored to conform to specific cultural setups.

The Development of Ethics

According to Trevino and Nelson (2007), ethics can be taken to be those standards as well as norms and principles which govern the very conduct of an individual or several individuals. It therefore follows that well developed ethical standards play a critical role in group cohesion in addition to facilitating a harmonious working environment between individuals. As a matter of fact, proper development of ethical standards as well as the ability and willingness of people to be bound by these standards is the very foundation of human civilization. According to Josephson Institute (2009), ethical behavior is brought out by basic…… [Read More]

Josephson Institute (2009). Six Pillars of Character. Retrieved July 2nd, 2011, from Josephson Institute Web site:

Mandal, S.K. (2010). Ethics in Business & Corp Governance. Tata McGraw-Hill Education.
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Values and the Automobile Market in the

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Values and the Automobile Market

In the last decade, the luxury car segment became one of the most competitive in the automobile market. Many American consumers who purchase luxury cars prefer imports from Germany and Japan.

A marketing vice president with General Motors once commented, "Import-committed buyers have been frustrating to us." This type of thinking has led industry analysts to argue that to successfully compete in the luxury car segment, U, S, carmakers need to develop better understanding of the consumers so that they can better segment the market and better position their products via more effective advertising. Insight into the foreign-domestic luxury car choice may result from examining owners' personal values in addition to their evaluations of car attributes, because luxury cars, like many other conspicuously consumed luxury products, may be purchased mainly for value-expressive reasons.

Industry analysts believe it would be important to assess whether personal values of consumers could be used to explain ownership of American, German, and Japanese luxury cars. Further, they believe they should also assess whether knowledge of owners' personal values provides any additional information useful in explaining ownership of American, German, and Japanese luxury cars beyond that obtained from their evaluations of…… [Read More]

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Personal Ethics and Its Analysis

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Personal Ethics

A professional moral sense is an inward instrument for instance intuition and consciousness that offers guidance to individuals with regard to how they ought to behave and act in a professional environment. When the individual's moral or ethics clash with responsibilities of his or her practice, an ethical dilemma comes about. Ethical predicaments are often perceived in the nursing profession. Contemplation of personal ethics that are compelled by passion, inspiration, motivation and devotion gives direction to one's professional moral sense.

Personal, Spiritual and Cultural Values that add to my philosophy and world-perception of Nursing. How such values affect my nursing Practice

One of the key aspects that ought to be known and taken into consideration is that nurses are of great significance to an individual's life. The reason for this is that nurses are there at vital periods in people's lives such as during birth, at times of sickness, the process of healing and even during the time of demise. Considering this, there are a number of values that ought to guide nurses in their work duties. The ethical dimension in the nursing practices has to come up, along with health care services, as they are of importance…… [Read More]

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Personal Beliefs -- Philosophy of

Words: 1692 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89135536

" In all likelihood, theistic religions will eventually be replaced with more inclusive and real world-oriented social and moral values and thereby eliminate the most pervasive source of international war and societal conflicts.

Nevertheless, especially in the short-term, it could be very difficult to overcome the degree to which religion has become entrenched within societies and the minds of individuals. By the time children are indoctrinated with religious beliefs and the psychological orientation involving a connection between human morality and "gods," it can be impossible to overcome that orientation later by introducing contradictory perspectives. Then again, that is largely true about other forms of intellectual prejudices, such as those that account for beliefs and attitudes about the respective races and others that have been successfully overcome over time.

Personal Values and Significant Influences

Given our understanding of the reality of the universe and human existence, it would seem that the most important value for the individual is empathy for others. In principle, emphasizing this one concept universally by cultivating its potential in young children and promoting it in society (in some of the same ways we currently establish and maintain religious values) would go a long way to elevating human…… [Read More]

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Personal Value Empathy

Words: 575 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34324040

Department or Degree of Admission


Empathy is not an easily skill or feeling to come back. In order to be empathetic to others, one must have had some joyful and traumatic experiences. Often the people who are the most empathetic are those who have experienced situations with similar intensity and context. In fact, that is a requirement for empathy -- one must have been there, through that or a comparable experience him/herself in order to exude and feel empathy for others. Life can be thrilling and exciting, but also scary and depressing. It is important to live a life without fear and without regrets to have a fulfilling life with intense memories and experiences. These experiences, good and bad, lend themselves to empathy. Without empathy, the world would feel much lonelier than it already does at times. Empathy can save a person from desperation and bring someone back from despair. Empathy is something just about anyone can offer. It is free and at the same time it is priceless.

Empathy was not a trait that came easy to me. I lived a fairly sheltered life. I had my share of ups and downs, but I had never experience real…… [Read More]

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Values for Your Work as Human Services

Words: 834 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42998160

Values for Your Work as Human Services Professional

As human service professional, I interact in various ways. These include caregiver, case manager, teacher, counselor, behavior changer, consultant, mobilizer, advocate, community planner, community change organizer and implementer, administrator, and evaluator (*). In order to most effectively and successfully carry out these responsible and diverse roles, I am recommended to adhere to a set of values and ethics particularly prescribed for human service professionals.

The values not only make me do the work that I love in the most effective way but it also helps me better help people and avoid conflict. I may, for instance, have my own ideas about how to best help people and in my fervor and ardor commit indiscretions. The values advise me to respect confidentiality of client at all times. They also tell me to place client foremost and to treat him or her with respect and dignity.

Social work provides one with countless tricky and complex situations. The values help me to negotiate these situations so that I am able to maneuver them successfully and in this way best help the client when he/she most needs it. There is time, for instance, when my promise…… [Read More]

Alder, Ken (2007). The Lie Detectors. New York: Free Press.

National Organization for Human Services. Ethical Standards for HS Professionals
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Personal Organizational and Cultural Values

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In instances such as this, an employee may make decisions that are totally foreign to their normal character.

It is these corporate ethical values that typically have the most impact on the decision-making process. Organizational ethical contexts are comprised of the moral ideologies adopted by the members of the organization, as well as the institutionalized philosophies regarding the principled conduct and the ethics codes that shape corporate strategy and action. When organizational ethical values are positively aligned with personal values, a more positive person-organization fit is acquired. Again, this fit is central in effective and efficient decision-making (Valentine, Godkin & Lucero, 2002).

The development of ethical codes, which are merely a formalized statement of the corporate ethical values, have a positive effect on reducing the number of unethical decisions that are made by employees. Employees that are members of an organization with an imposed code of ethics were found to be more ethical than those who that were members of organizations without such guidelines (as cited in Valentine et al., 2002). This is a significant piece of proof regarding the power organizational values, especially when they are clearly mandated, has on personal and professional decision-making.

The U.S.A.F.: An Example of…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
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Personal Leadership Beliefs Overview Leadership

Words: 1158 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64845378

Key ethical beliefs and values about one's self and others

I am known as a socially aware leader, one who believes that the needs of society transcend the needs of any one person -- including myself. My idealism is also manifest in my style as a socially aware leader in that I believe the welfare of others, even when that may conflict with my own personal and economic self-interest, is more important. Of course, the greatest test of an idealistic, socially aware leader is when the leader's business or organizational goal conflicts with that of society. How to cope, for example, with working for an organization that causes environmental harm when one is an environmentalist?

Fortunately, I have never had to work with a company that placed me in such an uncomfortable ethical bind. I have tried to select organizations with whom I agree with, in terms of their overall philosophy. Because the values of the organization, and how it treats people and the world, are so important to me, selecting ethical organizations for which to work is a critical part of how I plan my career path. A socially aware leader cannot go to work and say one thing,…… [Read More]

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Values Influence Decision-making While No

Words: 1422 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89203125

Whether in business or other settings, Chinese people will often demonstrate a notable lack of contentiousness, preferring to say indirectly what an American would not hesitate to say frankly.

If one's professional or social senior in China errs in some way, the junior will seldom correct or criticize him. This is in part because doing so would cause the senior to lose face, which is undesirable. One does not want to be the reason another loses face. Others take a dim view of someone who caused another to lose face in this way.

When constructive criticism is invoked by a senior, or even by an equal, the response from a Chinese person will probably not be very candid. An articulate Chinese person will attempt to use polite conversation to lead the person requesting the criticism to arrive at the same opinion as is felt by the person of whom the criticism is being asked. This is a roundabout way of saying, "I will gently talk you into developing the same opinion, criticism, suggestion, or conclusion as I have on this issue without explicitly stating what that actually is." Although I have observed this often enough, it is far from anecdotal;…… [Read More]

Barker, Thomas S., Cobb, Steven L. (2000). Survey of Ethics and Cultural Dimensions of MNCs. Competitiveness Review, 10(2), 123-129.

Chen, Charles P. (2004). Transforming Career in Cross-Cultural Transition: The Experience of Non-Western Culture. Counsellor Trainees. Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 17(2), 137-144.
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Personal Organizational and Cultural Values Play in

Words: 1580 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91168299

Personal, Organizational, and Cultural Values play in Personal and Professional Decision-Making

In today's increasingly high-powered, competitive workplaces, employees at all levels, occasionally (or even frequently) find themselves having to make difficult ethical decisions at work, such as rather or not to do the right thing ethically, or instead to do something else, less ethical but more self-protective. Often, that "something else" flies in the face of one's self-image and personal values. Such decisions, that go against what one believes in are made, often reluctantly, every day: to please a boss; to help a boss please top management; to keep one's job, to avoid being demoted, to "go with the flow," etc. There is no genuinely "good" way for either bosses or employees to handle such workplace dilemmas, except (if one is a boss) to try to avoid creating them for employees or other stakeholders, if one can, and to encourage one's professional peers to do the same.

Badaracco & Webb (1995) researched the subject of ethical dilemmas typically faced at work, in particular those that had been faced by 30 recent Harvard MBA lower management employees, whom they interviewed. Examples of ethical dilemmas those interviewees either observed, heard about, or…… [Read More]

Badaracco, J.L., & Webb, A.P. (Winter1995). Business ethics: A view from the trenches. California management review, 37(2). 9

Layne, J. (2000,). Forging new families: an overview of mergers and acquisitions
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Values Attitudes and Beliefs How

Words: 398 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60246133

Our belief in world communication means that all workers strive to ensure that our workplace communication is effective. This free and easy access of information is made possible not simply through workplace rhetoric, but also through practical institutions such as the use of 'live' weekly centralized meetings and regular email notifications and communications when face-to-face communication is not feasible. There is also a regular company newsletter and company intranet web access to create a constant and common sense of an organizational culture.

Whenever the organization enacts a change in policy, which often necessitates a change in the handing of individual client's information, all affected employees are immediately updated immediately of changes through email. To ensure no miscommunication has taken place, the changes are reiterated during the weekly meeting.

The reiteration of messages ensures that the occasional intermittent pitfalls of miscommunication or deleted electronic communication are minimized. But although at times, wires do get crossed, tempers get frayed, and perhaps and only half or few employees are sent update email merely by mistake, usually personal communication quickly steps in to mitigate any problems. Thus, for the most, part, communication is very effective on an…… [Read More]

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Personal and Professional Change Over

Words: 4318 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65225455

These authors add that with respect to this exemplary leadership quality, "Although a significant difference existed by gender, both men and women rated challenging the process as their least developed leadership skill" (p. 259). This also means that people must be willing to take personal and professional risks, including speaking up for what they believe in the workplace, but the cost-benefit analyses that are routinely used by winners can help establish the framework in which such pursuits are achievable.

Such intuitive decisions may be valuable in the workplace when someone's experience and intellect combine to produce consistently positive outcomes, but it is reasonable to suggest that many successful business leaders take their time in formulating decisions about many of the complex issues they encounter on a day-to-day basis, but in some cases, time is of the essence and what "seems more right" will have to do. People with fine-tuned senses of empathy, Goleman argues, can exploit this advantage if they want to, and the case of poker players readily comes to mind here. As essential element in using intuitive reasoning to achieve long-term personal and professional goals, then, also requires the ability as well as the wherewithal to "use these…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Adams, T.C. & Keim, M.C. (2000). Leadership practices and effectiveness among Greek student leaders. College Student Journal, 34(2), 259.

Goleman, D. (2000). Working with emotional intelligence. New York: Bantam Books.
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Personal Leadership Communication Platform

Words: 1656 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44981797

Leadership solid understanding of the concepts and framework of leadership are essential for anyone in a position of leadership who hopes to develop as an effective and successful leader. In this paper, I will thoroughly investigate the concepts of leadership from a number of sources, including Terry Pearce's book, Leading Out Loud: The Authentic Speaker, the Credible Leader. Based on my understanding of these concepts, I will create a personal leadership communication platform for my position as an assistant principal.

Terry Pearce describes a framework for developing an effective platform for communication in leadership in Leading Out Loud: The Authentic Speaker, the Credible Leader. This platform includes five main components that Pearce feels are essential for success. These components are: 1) establishing competence, 2) building trust, 3) creating shared context, 4) declaring and describing a compelling future, and 5) committing.

First in the process of a framework for effective leadership is establishing competence. This can be profoundly difficult in a world that is entirely cynical about managers and effective leadership. Today's employees are often informed and educated world citizens whose respect must be earned by leaders. As such, Pearce argues that establishing competence as a leader is a crucial first…… [Read More]

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Personal Awareness of Cultural Bias in Social and Cultural Diversity

Words: 2763 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49030133

Cultural bias implies an emphasized distinction or preferential status that indicates a predilection for one culture, over another. It is often discriminative, and is characterized by an absence of integration in a group, in terms of social principles, codes of conduct, and beliefs. Cultural partisanship introduces the accepted behaviors of one group as superior, and more valued, than those of another lesser-respected cultural group. In my surroundings, most of the residents, and hence, patients are white, making us (Afro-Americans and Asians) minorities, feel different if not isolated. Such deferential factors are responsible for establishing where specific individuals live, and what opportunities are available to them, in the healthcare and educational context (Sue et al., 2009)

Question 2

The presence of cultural bias within the context of healthcare-related recommendations and decision-making gives rise to significant challenges. Well-documented inequalities in health status of different racial and ethnic communities, in addition to nationally-publicized research works on the topic disclose that services in mental health were not available, accessible, or delivered adequately to racial/ethnic minorities. Cultural bias also results in challenges relating to ethnic/racial minorities being delivered inferior quality healthcare in comparison to non-minorities, lesser care access, and lesser likelihood of receiving advanced, effective…… [Read More]

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Value of Feedback and Student-Teacher Relationship to Learning

Words: 1333 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82079567

teacher perceives a student has strong impact on the latter's learning, interest and accomplishment (Hattie & Timperley, 2007 as qtd in Thomas et al., 2012). A social cognitive theory framework demonstrates this strong influence. Psychologist Albert Bandura identified social persuasions as one of the major sources of self-efficacy, or one's self-confidence to accomplish a task. Students with higher self-efficacy have been observed to achieve more than others academically and persistently. Positive perception or feedback from the teacher, therefore, raises a student's level of self-efficacy while a negative or critical perception discourages it. Teacher feedback of positive, ability-focused and effort-focused are associated with higher academic accomplishment in Mathematics. Studies also show that positive feedback from the teacher is evenly distributed between boys and girls in the area of Mathematics. But, in general, boys receive more negative feedback than girls (Burnett, 2002 as qtd in Thomas et al.).


Perceived Teacher Caring

A study linked the construct of "perceived caring" in a teacher to a sense of goodwill by the student (Teves & McCroskey, 1996). It is also interpreted as a perception of credibility. It all means that a student who perceives his teacher as caring of him will perceive her and…… [Read More]

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Value of Educating Police Officers

Words: 1077 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85552772



Police Officers, Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, and Other Qualifications

Police Officers, Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, and Other Qualifications

Police officers are individuals empowered by the government to limit civil disorder, protect property, and enforce the law. They are normally charged with the detection and prevention of crime, apprehension of criminals and maintenance of law and order. The minimum training and education required in order to become a police officer mainly varies among individual agencies, departments, and states. The education requirements largely depend on the position or rank that the individual is seeking. This report endeavors to explain whether the police officer is required to have at least an Associates' degree in Criminal Justice or any other close related field. It also explains whether police officers' education level plays a role in their ability to understand and protect the defendant's rights.

Are police officers required to have a degree in criminal Justice?

In general, the police officers are required to have a minimum high school diploma and undergone widespread training and education in the police academy that prepares new changes…… [Read More]

Bottoms, A.E., & McClean, J.D. (2013). "Defendants in the criminal process." Hoboken: Taylor and Francis

Carter, D.L., & Jamieson, J.D. (1978). "Issues and trends in criminal justice education." Huntsville, Tex.: Institute of Contemporary Corrections and the Behavioral Sciences, Sam Houston State University
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Religion's Role in Personal Identity Formation

Words: 1372 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8345420

Personal identity is defined as individual characteristics or traits that contribute to who you are. In some cases, identity is described as the unique attributes or characteristics that belong to any given individual or shared by members of a certain social group or category. This implies that personal identity is also a label that can be effectively regarded as relational and contextual. An individual's identity is made of various aspects that are commonly known as identity markers i.e. race, religion, values, and beliefs. Moreover, personal identity includes other elements like a person interests, personal choices, hobbies, and experiences. The existence of various aspects of personal identity is attributed to the fact that the formation of identity takes place through identification with others.

My Personal Identity

I have chose religion as one of my identity markers since it is very important to me. I chose this identity because I am a Muslim that grew up in America and has a different view of things. At home it was a complete different world where I was taught to respect everyone and to love what I have. As part of following my religion at home, I couldn't eat pork and don't drink or…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
"Many Factors Affect Identity." (n.d.). The A-Blast: The Online Edition of Annandale High

School's Newspaper. Retrieved September 30, 2014, from
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Values and Morals in the Accounting Industry

Words: 2381 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32503022

Values and Morals in the Accounting Industry

The important questions to be addressed are taken from the "…business ethics/corporate social responsibility literature, oriented towards business enterprises but also of relevance to professional bodies: whether being ethical 'pays' in financial terms; and whether formal codes are useful in promoting ethical behavior…" (Cowton, 2009, p. 177).

Accountants are charged with carrying out ethical and moral decisions in their everyday work, but judging from some of the scandals in recent years (Enron, WorldCom, the Anderson Accountancy, etc.) not all accountants are up to speed with those ethical and moral decisions. This paper reviews the judgments that accountants should be making based on morality and ethical values, whether the accountant is working for a multinational corporation or for a small business with only half a dozen employees.

Accounting Students and Moral Decision-Making

Deborah Leitsch writes in the Journal of Business Ethics that auditors are being "turned into (financial) enablers," simply because there is "enormous pressure" placed on those accountants doing auditing work to "produce earnings growth" (Leitsch, 2004, p. 313). That situation is not acceptable from a moral or ethical standpoint, Leitsch explains. And notwithstanding numerous studies of ethics vis-a-vis accountants that examined "moral…… [Read More]

Brown-Liburd, Helen L., and Porco, Barbara M. (2011). It's What's Outside that Counts:

Do Extracurricular Experiences Affect the Cognitive Moral Development of Undergraduate Accounting Students? Issues in Accounting Education, 26(2), 439-454.
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Personal & Organizational Ethics Personal and Organizational

Words: 2664 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88810160


Personal and Organizational Ethics Values for, for-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations

Ethics is a requirement of the society to both individuals and organizations. Ethics are applied to business and personal behaviors, and are used to determine how companies and individuals abide to policies. To indicate the application of ethical principles in organizations, an analysis is carried out of For-Profit and Non-For-Profit organizations, in this case Bank of America and Boys Club of America. This is by analyzing an ethical dilemma they are experiencing, their approach to the problem, and the legal, political, and social outcomes emerging from this cause of action.

Part One

The Boys Clubs of America is a non-for-profit organization founded in 1860s in Harford, Connecticut Formed with the aim of giving boys who roamed the streets a positive alternative. The club has undergone major changes beginning in 191 when several boys' clubs affiliated to form the federated boys clubs and later the Boys Club of America (BCOA, 2011). It later changed to the Boys and Girls Club of America in 1990 after incorporating girls to fulfill the mission that enables young people, especially those with needs to reach their full potential as caring, responsible,…… [Read More]

Anonymous. (2009, Dec 16). Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Lowe's Announces $1 Million

Bach, R. (2010, March). A Letter from our Chairman Emeritus: March 2010. Retrieved from Boys and Girls Club of America: 
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Personal Education Platform

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Personal Education Platform the Internship

The key components of a successful internship experience include the following: that you learn necessary skills to help your future career, that you meet people who will be able to help you both in the present and in your future career, that you gain experience which you can use later on in life, and that you have the ability and opportunity to ask whatever questions are necessary to help you understand the job, the environment, and your role within the field. The only way to truly gain something from an internship is to feel that you are contributing by being there and also that you are learning from the experience. If you only show up and do the assigned tasks without really investing yourself then it will be unlikely others will invest in you and you will leave the internship without having learned very much.

Personal Education Platform: Views on Education

The three primary goals for education for students in my school district are to teach students to be lifelong learners, that the students are able to problem solve and to think critically, and to provide the basic tools which will allow students to progress…… [Read More]

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Personal Model of Ethical Leadership Has Been

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Personal Model of Ethical Leadership

Leadership has been defined as the "procedure of social influence where a person is able to enlist the aid and support of others in the achievement of a common task" (Jam, 2012). Leadership is something that remains as one of the most appropriate features of the organizational context. A leader is an individual who influences a group of people in the direction of a specific result. It is not really dependent on title or official authority. Leaders are normally recognized by their volume for caring for others, clear communication, and a commitment to persevere. Some experts believe that good leaders are made not born and others say the opposite. Some leaders have the belief that when people have the willpower and desire, then they can become an effective leader. Some managers even mention that a good leader develops through a never ending procedure of self-study, experience education, and training. With that said, this paper will discuss ethical leadership.

Ethics, Morals and laws

When it comes to ethics, morals and principles in leadership, it gives the foundations for different types of modern concepts for business work, and organizations, which actually broaden individual and corporate significances far…… [Read More]

Jam, J.I. (2012). IMPACT OF CORPORATE ETHICAL VAULUES ON ETHICAL LEADERSHIP AND EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE. International Journal of Business and Social Science,, 23(9), 23-56.

Kacmar, K.M. (2013). Ethical leadership and subordinate outcomes: The mediating role of organizational politics and the moderating role of political skill. Journal of Business Ethics,, 23(11), 33-44.
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Personal Agency The Importance of

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Bernie Krisher of American Assistance for Cambodia set her up in Phnom Penh twice more, but each time she ran away after a few days, desperate to get back to her meth supply" (Kristof and WuDonn, p.39). While I have not returned to Mexico and the carefree lifestyle I led there, I cannot deny having the desire to do so, on occasion. While I know that the life I lived there was not the right life for me, I still long to return to it on occasion.

Of course, the differences in countries and cultures are, in many ways, becoming less apparent as the world becomes more global. This globalization has challenged the existing social structures in many countries, including those countries with castes or caste-like socioeconomic divisions. Discussing India, Kapur stated that, "ancient social structures are collapsing under the weight of new money. Bonds of caste and religion and family have frayed; the panchayats, village assemblies made up of elders, have lost their traditional authority" (Kapur, p.2). While India and Mexico are not identical, the two countries share a tradition of having a caste-like structure that can trace its roots to European influence in an imperialist-occupied nation. Therefore, if…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Barber, Benjamin. "Jihad vs. McWorld." The Atlantic. N.p. 1 Mar. 1992. Web. 6 May 2013.

Kapur, Akash. "How India became America." The New York Times. 1-2. 9 Mar. 2012. Web.
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Personal Responsibility Generally Personal Responsibility

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As a member of the college community, my plan for personal responsibility is to always comply with formal rules and codes of conduct and be sensitive to the rights and welfare of others and to act in ways that respect those rights even when it might be more convenient for me not to.


Personal responsibility means recognizing obligations and meeting all of the burdens of those obligations. Circumstances calling for personal responsibility arise in many different contexts, including in relation to our obligations as students. While there are many different specific duties that correspond to different types of obligations, in principle, personal responsibility simply means recognizing our obligations honestly and doing what is reasonably necessary for us to fulfill those obligations in good faith. In the case of responsibilities as students, the greatest challenge is probably sticking to our initial plans when circumstances tempt us to do otherwise.

How might factors such as diversity, attitude, learning, and work styles affect team building?

In general, effective team building requires the establishment of a collaborative working environment within a group of multiple individuals. Because different people bring different skills and may bring very different perceptions, beliefs, values, and expectations to the…… [Read More]

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Values and Virtues All of Us Have

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Values and Virtues

All of us have been sent to this world for a purpose; the invariable purpose of life on earth is doing good to each other. What defines the behavior of a person is his character and what shape the character of a person are his values and virtues. The perception of many people is that virtues and values are more or less the same things; however, in this paper we shall see how the two differ and see what the character of a person is in fact. Moreover, we shall also consider an ethical dilemma in clinical practice and see how the values and virtues are used to solve that dilemma.


There are basically six pillars that form the character of the person. These six pillars are the set of ethical values that a person must in order for him to become a man of good character and lead a life that would be remembered in good words. These six pillars include trustworthiness, respect, citizenship, fairness, responsibility and a caring attitude. Although, these terms have a very vague, they cover a lot of other things that must be present in a good character (Ethics Scoreboard, 2007).…… [Read More]

Ethics, Virtues, and Values: Knowing What Matters Most. U.S. Department of State.

Gray, Tim. (2000). "Real Men Choose Virtues." Lay Witness Magazine.
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Personal Perspective on Changes That Occur Throughout

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Personal Perspective on Changes That Occur Throughout Early, Middle, And Late Adulthood

One of the more interesting things about aging is just how differently people go about the process. In my experience, many people seem to grow older and change very little from their early to late adulthoods as a result, keeping the same interests, friends, spouse, home and job for years and years. For instance, I know one elderly widower, "Mark," who has conducted petroleum engineering seminars in several states nine months a year for more than 30 years. Besides some minor administrative work and continuing education, Mark has the rest of the year to himself and he participates in a number of leisure and recreational activities, some of which he takes seriously. For instance, Mark is still an accomplished ballroom dancer despite his somewhat advanced age (73 years), and he has played tournament bridge games in Las Vegas with the same people every year for almost 35 years now. When I saw him last, Mark told me he intends to keep up his current schedule for as long as he is physically and mentally able to travel, dance and play and from his looks, this will likely be…… [Read More]

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Personal Health Plan

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Personal Health Plan

How would I go about creating a mentally healthy classroom?

Being an important setting within communities, educational institutions have almost widespread accessibility to youngsters and have been consequently in a special place to encourage emotional and mental wellness. This requires, in my opinion, the following elements:

• endorsing resilience

• improving connectedness to school

• cultivating individual identification and self-worth

• applying psychological health teaching programs for example Psychological Well being Matters

• offering supportive pastoral health care and assistance systems

• endorsing means for seeking support

• providing a secure as well as supportive learning and also social atmosphere

• offering programs to boost defensive elements

• creating clear procedures for the recognition, assistance and recommendation of scholars at an increased risk

• assisting young adults in stress

• applying school processes for offering instant crisis assistance, distressing incident management, as well as postvention assistance for all those impacted right after a suicide (Nastasi et al., 2002)

2) Identify and briefly discuss teaching strategies and activities that can be used to integrate health into the classroom.

Improve possibilities for pupils to take part in physical exercise beyond sports and physical education sessions as well as interscholastic…… [Read More]

Nastasi, B.K., Pluymert, K., Varjas, K., & Moore, R.B. (2002). Exemplary mental health programs: School psychologists as mental health service providers. Bethesda, MD: National Association of School Psychologists.

National Association of School Psychologists. (2002). School psychologists: Providing mental health services to improve the lives and learning of children and youth. [Brochure]. Bethesda, MD: Author. Retrieved from
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Personal Leadership Journal Enter 1-2

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The chances of success of the survey are even higher if the survey is anonymous and respondents do not fear any repercussions.

Name of assessment instrument

Survey of Influence Tactics

Enter a summary of your reactions to the assessment instrument

Also a good tool, but most effective if anonymous to identify who has the power to influence others and how do they use this influence

Name of assessment instrument

Measure of Ingratiating Behavior in Organizational Settings

Enter a summary of your reactions to the assessment instrument

This is also related to the power of influence certain individuals might have within the organization

Name of assessment instrument

Identifying Influence Tactics

Enter a summary of your reactions to the assessment instrument

The tool is good for the overall interest of the organization and it will resolve conflicts and complaints

Reflect on other assignments from the week including the Leader of Choice Carly Fiorina research activity Does her application/description distribute, or hold power? And on Leadership Tactics and Strategies.

What did you learn about yourself and others that would help you as a leader?

Carly Fiorina had seldom delegated power and responsibilities to others. While CEO and chairman of Hewlett Packard Company, Carly…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Kanellos, M., February 9, 2005, Perspective: Fiorina's fuzzy vision,, last accessed on February 5, 2008

Senge, P., 1994, the Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization, Doubleday Publishing
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Personal Leadership Plan Personal Leadership Development Plan

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Personal Leadership Plan

Personal Leadership Development Plan

The nursing profession is about helping people. The nurse has an innate sense of caring for others and wanting to ease their suffering. This is the central reason why anyone wishes to become a nurse. Currently, a nursing shortage means that nurses can have a steady supply of places to work and currently some of the highest wages of any profession in the country. However, that is not a good reason to become a nurse. At the end of the day, with aching feet and an aching back, the nurse has to have another reason for doing what they do. The following will explore my personal vision and plan for developing my own leadership skills within the nursing profession.

Personal Vision Statement

A vision statement consists of the guiding principles that drive a nurse to pursue their career and endure grueling hours and the stress that can sometimes come along with the profession. My personal vision statement includes a focus on both myself and on others. I plan to use Florence Wald as my model in building leadership and in mentoring others (Adams, 2010). My personal vision is:

"To develop my personal leadership…… [Read More]

Adams, C. (2010). Dying with Dignity in America: the transformational leadership of Florence Wald. J Prof. Nurs. 26 (2), 125-132.

Lu, H., While, A. & Barnball, K. (2007). Job satisfaction and its related factors: A questionnaire survey of hospital nurses in Mainland China. Int J. Nurs Stud. 44(4), 574-88.
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Personal Model of Leadership the Modern Business

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Personal Model of Leadership

The modern business environment has significantly diversified, in order to adapt to the changes determined by globalization. Given the situation, the importance of the role of leaders has also increased. This determined theorists' and practitioners' interest in leadership studies that are able to provide some guidelines regarding the manner in which leaders should behave.

The challenge is represented by the fact that the leadership models presented by the literature in the field and by the business practice lead to the assumption that these leadership models are unable to respond to the changing business environment (Clawson, 2010). In other words, leaders must trust their instincts and knowledge when establishing the leadership model they should follow. Such leaders should also take into consideration successful leadership models, no matter the field the leaders in case addressed. This is because the values encouraged by a leader in politics can be successfully applied in the field of business. It is recommended to combine the characteristics of different leadership models that individuals consider to be suitable to their situation and to the objectives they intend to reach.

Personal Model of Leadership Level 1

The first level of the human activity is represented…… [Read More]

2. Dunaway, D. (2007). Eight Leader Behaviors that Increase Motivation, Morale, and Performance, and One that Won't. Retrieved January 22, 2011 from

3. Clark, D. (2010). Concepts of Leadership. Retrieved January 22, 2011 from .

4. Cunningham, C. (1966). Dimensions of Leader Behavior. Journal of Cooperative Extension. Retrieved January 22, 2011 from
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Personal Philosophy What Is Nursing to Me

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Personal Philosophy

What is nursing to me?

Nursing is all about caring for and knowing how to take care of patients in illness to help them heal and take care of patients in birth and death. This is just a brief introduction of nursing where we further illustrate that nursing is much more than only caring for patients. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, nursing was attributed with values like benevolence, self-sacrifice, obedience, serious-mindedness, faithfulness, compassion, patriotism and love for humanity. However this was further modified by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (1995) as being a blend of the following personal characteristics; aesthetics which is attributable to the personal characteristics generating deep satisfaction like sensitivity, creativity and imagination; altruism which is an active effort for other people's benefit embodied by characteristics like caring, compassion and generosity; equality which is all about nurse's nondiscriminatory treatment of patients combined with characteristics like fairness, tolerance and self-esteem; freedom which is all about the ability to make decisions himself/herself with characteristics like confidence, hope, independence and openness; human dignity which is about having belief in an individual's values and innovativeness with characteristics like consideration, empathy, humaneness, kindness, respectfulness and trust; justice…… [Read More]

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Personal Strengths O Would Some Power the

Words: 1373 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35344300

Personal Strengths

"O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us," wrote the Scottish poet Robert Burns. He meant it in a cautionary sense: We should govern ourselves so that if we were standing outside of ourselves watching our actions we would not shame ourselves. But a corollary to this is also true: We are not always aware of our own strengths. This paper examines the differences between my own assessment of personal strengths and those that a survey of these strengths showed up. There is a temptation to designate those strengths that are assigned by an outside source (in this case, a well-tested social-psychological instrument) as being more legitimate than those one has thought up on one's own in an extemporaneous way. However, central to the value of this process for me has been my exploration of the ways in which these two assessments differ from each other as well as the ways in which they dovetail.

My own (that is, self-assessed) strengths were as follows: Leadership, Teamwork, Fairness, Honesty, and Perseverance. The positive traits that were suggested by the survey had a high degree of overlap: Leadership, Fairness, and Perseverance also appeared.…… [Read More]

Green, L.S., Oades, L.G. & Grant, A.M. (2006). Cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused life coaching: Enhancing goal striving, well-being, and hope. The Journal of Positive Psychology1(3): 142 -- 149.

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