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Better leadership skills from the general manager will also mean employees who not only perform better, but are also more capable and more productive at work.

Job factors

There are several job factors that I usually take into consideration and this is also shown in my current job as general manager. First of all, in terms of the environmental context, I tend to appreciate those types of jobs with a high level of communication to those where the individual activity is more relevant than a collective approach. For me, communication means being able to work in a team, consulting with the other members and determining what the best solutions are, as well as how to implement these. As a general manager, I have the opportunity to be able to communicate quite a lot with other employees, both in terms of coordinating with them and in what passing on instructions is concerned.

This job factor implies the next one: a high degree of contact with both peers and clients. As a general manager, the high degree of contact with these categories of individuals is necessary both because it is important to be able to properly coordinate with the employees and because the clients need to understand the philosophy and the direction in which our business is developing.

Finally, in terms of the functional context, the pay and benefits is certainly important, but this type of factor often takes a secondary position and the degree of challenge in work sometimes becomes the more important factor. The reason for this is that the number and degree of challenges at work determine eventually determine the degree to which you are involved in an activity and the enthusiasm you put in the work activities. In this sense, as a general manager, I always find that the necessity to find new opportunities and means to motivate people keeps the job exciting and challenging, which is very important.

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