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Making a point is important in persuasive essays, and that point should be clearly articulated in persuasive essay titles.  The title of the paper will essentially be where you the author state clearly and emphatically the position you will be taking.  Often, the easiest way to write a title for this kind of essay is to use the colon approach:  in the first half of the essay title, state the problem; and in the second half of the essay title after the colon, state your position.  Your essay will then focus on persuading the reader that your position is correct.  The title should be enough to let the reader know at least what your position is.  Here are some examples of how to do this.

Persuasive Essay Titles

1. Protected CEOs:  Why Heads of Firms Often Get Away with Fraud for So Long

2. It’s All One Big Company:  How Overlapping Boards of Directors Have Led Businesses to Adopting the Same Policies and Approaches the World Over and Why This is Bad for the Free World

3. America is Not a Country, It’s Just a Business:  Andrew Dominik Echoes Paddy Chayefsky in Killing Them Softly

4. Christian Zionism:  The Role of James Dobson as “Conservative” Christian Zionist Gatekeeper in the Republican Party

5. Are Masks Helpful?  In Psych-Warfare, Yes; in Reducing Viral Infection, No

6. The COVID 19 Hoax:  Why the Virus Pandemic was a Much Needed Pretext for Reshuffling the Economy

7. Dealing with the Federal Debt:  How the Central Bank Aims to Erase the National Debt through Inflation and What the Coronavirus Scam Has to Do with That

8. Get Woke, Go Broke:  Why Companies That Pander to the Left are Being Dropped by Right-Wing Consumers

9. The Lockdown on Personal Freedom:  America Has Already Destroyed Its Cultural Sense of Liberty—Now Comes the Gulag

10. Too Much Relativism:  What Ancient Rome and Modern America Have in Common

11. Forget Defunding the Police:  It is…

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19. The Pension Promise is Now a Lie:  Why Pensions are Being Cut and Why the Economy Will No Longer Support Them

20. Doctors Don’t Always Know Best:  If the Health Care Industry Cared about Health, It Would Focus on Prevention Rather than Treatment

21. Mission Creep:  How One War in the Middle East Has Led to Unending Occupation

22. China vs. the West:  Why the US Insists on Stopping the New Silk Road

23. Home School vs. Public School:  What’s Needed and Why

24. Closing Churches:  Why the Government Wants to Kill Religious Worship

25. Occupying Mars is a Pointless Exercise in American Wastefulness


Persuasive essay titles should tell the reader straightaway what the essay will be about and what the author’s argument will be.  The essay is meant to convince the reader of a specific point.  The title should clearly show what the author’s position on the matter is. Let the essay title tell it in no uncertain terms!

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