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Business Division Faculty Members

FROM: The Dean, Business Division

New Trash-Emptying Program

As you may all know, the University is currently in the midst of a 25-percent budget cut initiative across all divisions. In that regard, there exists a need for individual divisions to come up with ways of saving money in the face of the said budget cuts. Our division has been singled out for the first phase of a proposed cost-cutting strategy dubbed 'the new trash-emptying program,' whose feasibility may eventually see it extended to other divisions. In an attempt to save money, members of the aforementioned division are thereby requested to empty their own desk trash cans into the basement dumpsters.

From time to time, we as responsible individuals are called upon to help in the further advancement of a noble cause. For instance, at home, we could be called upon to lend our hand in the repair of a leaking roof. Our participation in such an undertaking benefits the entire family -- we included. If successful, the new trash-emptying...
...This is more so the case as the University embarks on campus-wide budget cuts. It is important to note that the said budget cuts will enable the University to be more effective especially given that funds will in this case be allocated to the most important tasks. In the long-run, this will make the University a better place to work in. It should also be noted that the successful implementation of this pilot program in our division will raise our profile across the entire organization. Indeed, depending on our performance, the University could in future consider our division for other beneficial and prestigious pilot programs which could end up benefiting not only individual…

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