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Persuasive Letter from a Brother to a Sister

To My Only and Cherished Sister Anne,

The first thing I want you to know or to remind you of is that I love you. I respect your decisions as an adult, but that does not mean that I always agree with them. I know that things have never been easy for us. Life is not easy for any one. I want you to remember that you always have options; you always have choices, and you always have me. I am not sure how you feel about me these days, but I am telling you now that no matter what, you can rely on me. We relied on each other growing up and we can rely on each other now. I miss you. I miss my sister. Do you remember making one loaf of bread last a month? Do you remember how tough it was to leave our friends while they finished high school and went on to jobs, college, and other "normal" parts of life? I remember. What I remember most clearly is knowing and feeling that I could not have gotten...
...Our lives are in different places these days, but I am available to talk to and to help you. I want to help you have a good, happy, and healthy life.

We are both adults. We are both well aware of what kind of world we live in. We are both too old and have gone through too much to be naive or innocent about the world. I will be blunt: I am not totally happy with you working as a sex worker. I know that society is screwed up and imbalanced. The sex industry as a whole is not your fault. What I am worried about is your safety. If you are going to be a sex worker, at least work at an agency or a service where there is security and staff to keep you safe, weed out the crazies, and have a general investment in your welfare, even if it is only because…

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