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Pharmacy School

There are several reasons that motivate me to become a pharmacist. One of them centers around my keen interest in the field of Chemistry and the other revolves around my interest in understanding the chemical composition of drugs. Throughout my education, I have become aware of the key roles that chemical molecules and components play in the formation of pharmaceutical drugs.

From the very beginning during my studies, I had shown keen curiosity in the area of Chemistry and Pharmacy. Since I moved from Tanzania, East Africa to Florida, USA, I showed my interests in the field of Chemistry. Later, when I was a student at Palm Beach Community High School, I was admitted in the pre-medicine magnet program. In subsequent years, I attended County Home and did internship with Palm Beach Medical Center. All of these activities were closely related to the disciplines of chemistry and pharmacy, which, in turn, raised my motivation to obtain a degree in one of the fields, especially Pharmacy.

My motivation to become a pharmacist also stems from my family background -- when I was growing up, I loved playing with logos, assembling hardware parts, and working with chemical molecules. When I enrolled into an organic chemistry class, I began to understand the excitement behind working with chemical molecules. I began to find the meaning of my working with molecules -- especially the roles that chemical compounds play in the formation of the prescription drugs.

This interests that emerged with Chemistry finally took me to the field of Pharmacy, because now I was able to see the intricate relationship between them. For example, each drug comes with its own chemical formation and behavior, but each of these drugs could be used to treat various types of illness in people, animals,…

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